Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa As the Bird headed back to base, one thing was clear. Esa had been hit with a bullet. Through and through in the upper pec of his right-side chest.

The wound stung and bled. After losing the box truck, he got out of the BLF friendly town and on the highway. He treated the wound with gauze to help slow or stop the bleeding. Thirty to forty minutes later, he arrived at the base and was taken immediately inside to the treatment center.
Bob Inside the aid station Bob's already waiting, uniform top off to show his t-shirt, hands freshly washed and gloved he's all set to take incoming wounded. He's waiting by an exam table with IV fluids ready to go. Seeing Esa, Bob curses to himself and helps move him to the table, "Time to get you all fixed up, man." Bob's tone is lighthearted enough when he sees that his patient doesn't seem to be in danger of dying. The first thing he does is whip out some trauma shears to remove the clothes and bandages from around the wound to see how bad it is exactly so that he can make an informed plan for treating the injury, "Sit tight. How's the pain? Sharp, dull, tingly?"
Esa "Fucking itches." Esa said with a mild chuckle and leans back against the bed. He sighs, eyes closing as he thinks quietly while Bob prepped things to patch the wound. Left hand reaches up to pinch his eyes, a quiet sigh escapes his lips; one of agitation and annoyance.

"I had that truck.. up until... well whoever it was shot me." A pause is given as the hand lowers to look at bob. "The bullet lodged in the back passenger seat; I've sent it up for analysis. The bullet was a 5.56mm.. Sound familiar?"
Bob After ascertaining that it's he's currently bleeding, Bob goes ahead and starts an IV on his coworker, "Let me make sure you're hydrated while you here. And pump a few pain killers into you. Allergic to anything?" As he gets things squared away there, he lets out a "Huh. NATO caliber. I figured most of the bad guys down here to be packing AKs." There's a moment where he works silently before he says, "You thinking mercenary?"
Esa Esa looks to Bob, then the IV with a slight cant of his head. Glancing back to Bob, he purses his lips and gives a hmm, saying "Or FBC" Eyes focus on the man for a moment before adding, "5.56 is used by most NATO nations; including the USA. I have a hard time believing a mercenary has that type of weaponry." A beat "Although, I could be wrong too." He adds as a afterthought.
Bob "FBC does use that shit now," Bob confirms with a nod of his head as he then moves on to push some antibiotics and painkillers into the IV line to make sure Esa's squared away. "5.56 is getting a lot more common. Anybody in the states can buy a rifle that fires that caliber. If forensics can determine the type of round used we'll be able to figure out a lot more, like if it's M855 like the US uses we'll know it probably originated as a buy made for the armed forces or FBC."
Esa Listening quietly, Esa's eyes look away, toward the ceiling as the man spoke. "True. We should have answer by the end of the week. In the meantime, I should talk to Major Stadler and see how pissed he is for me calling in a bird."
Bob "Yes, that may have been excessive, but I know why you did what you did," Bob tells Esa with a little bit of a chuckle, more amused than anything else by the happenings. He gets to work cleaning the wound next, making sure there's no debris or anything of the sort in there. "Plus, you were shot, so he should understand that there was a clear and present danger."
Esa Esa brow quirks slightly "And what, pray tell, do you think the reasoning is for why I did it?" He asks calmly, eyes focus on the man. He seems eerily calm as the man tends to the wound.
Bob "They were terrorists," Bob says simply enough. "I'm pretty sure our job is to kill terrorists. Well, bioterrorists and monsters, but terrorists are terrorists." The next step is probably the worst. Once the wound is clean it's time to pack it with a dressing, "This'll let it heal from the inside out. You'll need to come back every day to get the dressing changed."
Esa "I wasn't after them because they were terrorists." Esa replies nonchalantly, eyes looking away with a sigh "That stuff was needed for Cabimas." His hands clenches and releases as another sigh escapes his lips. "I failed on that." he mutters before nodding again "I will, how many days?"
Bob "Well shit, I guess that's a pretty good reason to go after them," Bob says with a shrug as he keeps working, moving quickly while the pain killers are still doing their thing. Once he's got the wound packed he grabs some more bandaging material to wrap around Esa's torso in order to keep everything in place. "I'd have done the same thing. Maybe minus the helicopter, but I wasn't there, what the hell do I know?"
Esa "Maybe... but when he came off the highway, I knew I was going to need backup. He was either heading into the city because it belongs to a faction or he was attempting to lose me. Experience in Iraq and Afghanistan taught me to be the former; not the latter." Esa says quietly. "Am I good to go?"
Bob After looking over Esa's bandages and making sure that everything looks good Bob says, "Makes sense to not try to engage on your own." There's a nod of the head and Bob steps back, starting to pick up the trash he created, "You're good to go. Don't do any driving for a couple of hours and take it easy on the arm. If you want a sling I'll hook you up."
Esa Giving a small nod, Esa says "Yeah, sling." He replies as he rolls the arm slightly and winces. "I'm not combat support, Bob. Not since my leg injury. I wasn't going to chance it." He sits up, turning and stands.
Bob "Cool," Bob says as he ducks away for a moment, coming but with a box he tears apart to produce a nice, new sling. No second hand crap in here. Moving to Esa he helps to put the sling on him, moving surely. "I don't blame you. It doesn't ever make sense for one guy to try to engage the enemy. Your chances of survival increase exponentially just by having one other person with you and even then it's not usually a good idea. Three to one odds are what you want." He pauses, "Against humans, anyway."
Esa Esa chuckles as he nods to him. He clasps his hands on his shoulder and smiles "Thanks Bob. I'll see you tomorrow for cleanup, okay?" He says stepping back and walks toward the door.
Bob "No sweat, brother. Next time I hope I'm around for the car chase gunfight," Bob says with a chuckle of his own, more than happy to see Esa mostly functioning just fine. "Yeah, come find me tomorrow and I'll take care of you." Then it's time for Bob to clean up the exam area he used so he gets to it without preamble.