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Emma At first arrival it was warm, if not muggy and muddy. As the days went by, the sun came out and the air got hot. Almost to hot, with being so humid. But now there are clouds again, and it's like that last bit of winter suddenly wants to hang on as tight as it can. The air is cooler, and it feels like rain is going to come. That means that the need for warmth and blankets is greater.

after a long night of working, Emma comes out of one of the tents, putting her stethoscope back around her neck. She has changed into dark teal scrubs, her other pair to dirty to continue wearing. Over that she has put on a cardigan. With tired eyes, the lass takes in everyone working to prepare for the cool and the rain, before looking up to the sky herself. Shaking her head and pulling her ponytail tight, the chart that's hanging on the tent is grabbed, and examined for updates.
James Scott The sound of a small engine announces the arrival of James before he can actually be seen. Before too long the teen appears from a treeline driving a Yamaha Rhino, and he looks about as rough as everyone else, except if the vest visible underneath his coat is any indication, he's dressed for war.

Upon arrival he stops the vehicle and hops out near Emma's tent, taking the helmet that marks him as Balor to TerraSave. "Hey Boss." he greets tiredly. "Been looking for leads on the missing supplies, it's not going too well. Find anything out while I was gone?" At least he isn't visibly armed.
Eve Eve is sitting, hunkered down with Maxim and a few others discussing water filters and farm plots. The Swedish woman is covered in dust and dirt, still in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with her hair pulled into a messy bun. She makes note of Emma going back to work before she turns back to what is keeping her busy.
John Black John groans, turning in his cot and the empty bottle of whiskey that was on his chest falls onto the floor. It doesn't smash thankfully because the cot is low but it does startle him, as he sits up immediately regretting that decision and put his hands over his face, rubbing it vigorously. "Fuck me..." The blanket that was loosely wrapped around him falls to the side, revealing him just wearing a pair of boxer shorts and socks.
Emma Emma flips a few pages on the clip board and then hands it off with a nod, sticking the pen between her teeth a moment to wipe away some dirt from her legs. Removing the pen she fiddles with it in one hand and looks over to James. "'ello." Greets the Scot, but it's given with a frown and shake of her head. "So - sorry I - I don't know anythin' yet, Esa was out doin' some work." There is a shrug, a helpless one, the tired lass can't offer much information right now, and in the back of her mind it's driving her mad.

Seeing Eve, a hand comes up to give a wave in hello, but those eyes did see the look tossed her way.
James Scott "Well fuck." James swears, walking over and taking a seat. "My contact in the liberation front got in touch with me, I'm gonna have to help them out soon." he informs Emma, setting his creepy helmet beside him. "Maybe I'll run across some leads that way. Whoever keeps taking our shit better hope Esa finds them before I do, because I'm gonna pull their teeth out."
Eve Eve sees Emma wave and she gives her a nod in return, a smile on her face. She turns back to planning and speaks quietly to the people sitting with her.
John Black John, scratches his beard and finally stands, dragging his feet towards his duffel bag that he hasn't unpacked yet. He grabs a black t-shirt, throwing it on and then pulls on his camoflage cargo pants that he had on earlier when he arrived to this camp. Pulling his combat boots on and then lastly strapping on his pistol side arm and slings his submachine gun over his shoulder, then loading both weapons.

Finally, emerging from his tent, he swears and puts his hand over his eyes to shield them for the offensive sunlight that is assaulting his hungover brain. Hearing voices, he puts one foot in front of the other towards the tent that everyone is in. Glancing around, he mutters. "Morning..." then looks for a big old pot of coffee or water, both which he needs badly although as shower should be number one on that list.
Emma Emma is staring at James, did he just mention what she thinks he did? Slowly, the lass leans forward, and goes to whisper something, a question, and then stand up, looking to Eve and then back to him.

Eyes find John as he makes his way for coffee or water. "Mo - mornin'." She says to him, in her kind, sweet way.
Eve Eve finally gets to her feet and makes her way over to Emma, a box in hand. "I got some clothes and a binki or two for Daisy." She says, holding out the box to her boss. "We're also in the planning stages in getting some plots planted. We're putting together some water filters so this place will be able to sustain itself, for the most part, when we're done here."
James Scott "Sure as shit. They got to me first, back in Paris." James informs Emma quietly. "Oh fuck!" he hisses, pushing back up onto his feet and jogging over to the Rhino. From the back of it he produces a gruesome looking baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, with what appears to be bits of flesh stuck to it. "I'm getting too old for all this shit."
John Black John nods politely to the red head, glancing towards Eve who is now speaking to Emma and then eyes towards James, who has a helmet beside him. He half hears what Eve is saying to Emma, sure sounds a lot more than just talk about hair styles that is for sure. A small smirk appears on his face but he won't comment, he's too dehyrated to speak probably and fills up a glass of clean water, draining it down and then refills it once more. He sighs when he see's the pot of coffee is empty, so he starts to make a new one. "Doctor Emma O'Krammer...I think we need to chat. I didn't get a chance to last night, when your not busy that is." Yeah, he needs to know why he's been sent to this hell hole but first he really needs COFFEE!
Emma Emma is a bit frozen when James admits this, eyes wide. Slowly they close, as she curses under her breath in Gaelic. There comes a welcomed distraction in the form of Eve, who, when the lass opens her eyes, gets a look with a warm smile. "Th - thank ya. I think we've some how a - adopted tha baby as our lil' mascot, until we can - can get her officaly adopted."

Seeing James pull out the baseball bat there is a small sigh and shake of her head. But for now, there is another matter. So with her typical light graceful steps, the woman heads to John. "Ju - just call me Emma, ya - ya seem ta have an issue with my last name. "Aye we - we do need ta talk, but I'll give ya a lil' - lil' bit'o time ta get.. cleaned up, an awake, best ta talk with a clear head, hm?"
James Scott "I'm here for Spencer. Nothing else." James shouts out after Emma. He picks the helmet up off of the table and places it back over his head, completing the look. The baseball bat gets swung up onto his shoulder and he heads over to where John and the others are. "So." he says, face turned towards the other man. "Who the fuck are you?"
Eve Eve gives John a quick look and her nose wrinkles before she turns back to talk to Emma. "Is there anything else that you want us to get set up today? We've got time to devote to it."
Emma Emma nods, faintly, to James, but doesn't add anything. To Eve, she shakes her head. "We - we are getting' inta a stride now, I'd say, make sure supplies - or what we have of supplies, are here, an' people start getting' rest." Of course she does not mean herself, being the boss, who can order her?

"Mr. Black, I - I will be over in medical tent B, when ya - ya are refreshed for tha day pl - please come find me, we - we can talk then." And then, the redhead turns and leaves, for medical tent B.
John Black "John. Nice to meet you too, asshole." John replies to James with a snort. Turning to face the man now after he was getting that pot of coffee ready to brew. He glances towards Emma, nodding to her as she leaves but keeps most of his attention on James.
James Scott "Twat was that?" James asks louder than necessary, the bat on his shoulder slamming down onto the pot of coffee. "Afraid I cunt hear you. Gonna have to speak up." Underneath the helmet the teen's nostril's flare, but from their point of view a one-eyed skull stares calmly back at them.
Eve Eve hears what John says to James and she rolls her eyes, walking towards the pair, ready to try to keep the peace here. She reaches the pair and folds her arms loosely over her chest. "How about we behave like we've graduated pre school, boys?" She says quietly, glancing around to see if they are being noticed.
Elliott     Elliott is around, assisting where he can. As wanders through camp, letting his gaze trail over everything and everyone as he passes, he pauses briefly at catching sight of a couple of people. Lifting his chin as Elliott looks over toward Eve, his hand lifts to offer a wave before he turns his gaze towards John, eyes watchful. Letting out a 'hmm,' Elliott lowers his gaze and glances around near him before he turns and disappears into a tent. It takes him a few to grab a cup of coffee, and he exits with the drink, piercing eyes scanning as he slowly, with a casual smile on his face, approaches Eve. "Hi," he offers amiably, nodding. The cup is then shifted, held out to her. "Need a pick up?" He also watches James and John curiously.
John Black "Who pissed in your cornflakes?" John replies with a growl, as his pot of coffee gets smashed by a baseball bat and he is about to step forward but Eve is there with her comments. "I was doing just fine until this guy, smashed my coffee..." He then glares at James, bringing his arms up but doesn't clench his fists. "I ain't got a problem with you...yet. But first impressions aren't going so great. I'll let this be a freebie, but smash my coffee again and we are going to have problems." The veins in his neck are popping out but he's restraing himself you can tell. When Elliot comes in, he doesn't acknowledge him since he's in a bit of a tiff right now over his smashed coffee pot.
James Scott James takes the helmet from his head and tosses it aside, coming face to face with John for the first time. And he's actually young, between eighteen and twenty-three likely. But his face is covered in scars and he only has one eye. It's probably why he doesn't look too bothered. "I'd love to see you try it."

Apparently he hasn't registered Eve's comment yet. Elliot goes completely unnoticed. "Any point you think your balls are big enough to brawl, just let me know. I ain't batted around a bitch since Paris."
Eve Eve turns to Elliott and gives him a polite smile. Her slender hands reach out and take the coffee cup, taking a sip of the dark liquid inside. "You are very kind Elliott, thank you so much." She says, glancing back at the battling pair. "All right, both of ou, break it up and take a walk in different directions." She says, her voice carrying across the field. She hands her coffee out to John and shakes her head, a frown on her face.
John Black John Black laughs when James takes off his helmet, "You gotta be fucking kidding me, kid. Your ego is writting cheques that your body can't cash. But since this is a humanitarian camp site and this nice lady is asking politely for us not to throw down, I'd listen to her." He isn't intimiadted by the teenager in the least, especially since he's unarmed and unarmored compared to the rather big kid with anger angst issues. He slowly turns away from James, giving him his back and starts cleaning up the mess the kid made. If he gets sucker punched, well he will deal with that if it happens.
James Scott "That's funny." James snorts a bit. "That's real funny." The teen picks his helmet back up and turns to walk away as well. "When we aren't in the camp I'm putting hands on you. Show you how we did it in Raccoon." The bat gets slung back up onto his shoulder and the helmet placed down over his face.
Eve Eve sighs softly and glances back at Elliott. "Have any more of that coffee? It looks like I'm going to need it." She quips, turning to walk away from the men walking in two opposite directions. "Things aren't usually this lively, if you can believe that."
Elliott     Elliott dips his head in acknowledgement to Eve, smile flicking out. "My pleasure," he returns. His eyes are locked on James and John though, trying to take in what appears to be happening. His head turns a fraction, glancing out of the side of his eye at Eve as he asks quietly, "How long have you been Emma's assistant for?" He looks interested in the question, though his attention is only half there, because the other half is on James and John. Elliott shifts, about to raise the volume of his voice a tad to say something, but the breath is released as the two back off. So instead, he lifts a chin toward James in greeting. "Oi, I don't think we've met. I'm Elliott." He steps up to him to extend a hand, and if he happens to be between James and John, well... That may or may not have been planned.
John Black John lets out another snort as his only reply to James's threat about meeting outside the camp. He bites his tongue though, considering he just got here and hasn't been paid yet. No way he's going to get flown out to this hell hole and risk getting booted out over this. He continues to clean up the mess, James had made with his bat using a towel or clean rag, and finds a new coffee pot to make more coffee. As Elliot speaks to James, he just continues about his business and doesn't pay Eve much attention either unless she engaged him directly in conversation. The man needs his caffine and by golly he's going to get it!
James Scott "James Scott." James says with an annoyed sort of huff, taking the offered hand in a firm shake. "Been busy the last couple of days. A soldier's work is never done, you know how it is." His voice is slightly distorted through the helmet, but he's still coming through loud and clear.
Eve "I've been Emma's assistant for about a month now." Eve answers, nodding to Elliott. She glances back at the people working and turns to go assist. "I'm going to get busy with the farm plots, I want to get them set up before it rains." She focuses on James for a moment and adds. "Please, keep the peace here, no fights in the city."
Elliott     Elliott bobs his head in understanding to James. "Aye, always some work to do, isn't there?" He grasps the hand in a steady held briefly as he shakes. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, James. Maybe we can talk a bit more later." He's glancing back toward Eve, his striking blue eyes taking her in with a pleasant smile. "A month," he echoes, dipping his head. Before he can ask anything more, she's going off to do her task and so he simply nods and offers her a wave. The Brit glances towards John then, a curious, searching look as he studies the man. El looks to James again, offering a nod as he excuses himself, "I'm going to go offer my assistance." And then he's stepping up to John, silent a first as he eyes the coffee pot. "You getting that started all right?" A pause before Elliott adds in, "Caffeine withdrawals being tough on you?" The corner of his lips twitch at his humour.
James Scott "Yeah, I'm going Umbrella hunting. I'll be back, if I don't die." James decides, heading back over to the Rhino, starting it up, and driving back off into the distance.
John Black "I'm fine." John replies curtly to Elliot as he gets the new pot of coffee starting to brew, after he added water as well as a new filter with coffee grinds. He smells like booze, sweat and which isn't pleasant.

He still has a scowl on his face but then softens a little after his rather snappy remark. "Your welcome to a refill." He then glances towards James when he leaves the tent, listening as the Rhino gets fired up and then he leaves. The tension seemed to have drained out of him somewhat but he's still in a foul mood. At the mention of caffine withdrawls, he takes a breath and grunts. "Yeah, maybe. So how long have you known Doctor...Emma, whatever her last name is?" He asks.
Elliott     Just a simple, easy going nod in response to John's answer. Then Elliott looks back to see James heading off, wetting his lips with a flick of his tongue as he watches the vehicle drive off. Looking back to John, he nods his thanks, but waves a hand dismissively. "I hear you, mate," he says sympathetically as he bobs his head. "Feel like absolute rubbish without that first cup to start my day." His mouth twists as he smirks. He's casual, relaxed, but his gaze watches John, trying to read the man. Before he can say anything else, John asks his question and his heart skips a beat. "Blimey," he lets out as his brows wing upward. Bloody hell, that's not a question he really wants to think about. He hesitates, stomach muscles clenching, though he hopes the rise in tension isn't noticed. "How long have I known Emma O'Connall. Er-" He thinks, and then says, "We ran into each other when we met up for an interview." It isn't a lie. He's just not giving all the information the question might deserve.

    "So who are you working for?" El asks curiously, rolling his shoulders casually. "What's your story?"
Eve Eve rejoins the crowd at the coffee pot, a new spattering of mud on her boots and jeans. She makes note of the conversation going on but since nothing is being directed towards her she stays quiet. After she doctors her coffee with some cream and sugar she finds a nice shaded spot to settle down and drink.
John Black John Black is waiting patiently for the coffee to finish brewing, but he's not exactly a patient man especially in his current state. He mood soured considerably after the whole James fiasco and he hasn't had a sip of caffine yet. He runs his hand down his face and through his beard. "You have no idea...", he takes another sip from his glass of water, imagining it as coffee and gives Elliot a slight nod. "Huh, signed on for humanitarian relief? Good on you. Glad somebody has a bleeding heart and gives a damn." He snorts again and shakes his head.

"Work for? That's funny...well, I don't exactly recall all the details of the contract that I signed on for but what I do remember is that someone was going to pay me for it. So here I am." If that isn't vague enough as it is. He stares at the coffee maker, hoping that his glare is enough for it to finish the brewing cycle.

He turns his head, spotting Eve walking back in and quirks an eyebrow as she gets the first cup of coffee after he's brewed it, even though he standing like RIGHT THERE in front of it. "Damn...she's cold." He watches Eve walk over to sit down with an exasperated expression and then fetches his own coffee cup. "Well, have fun with the ice queen. I'm going to drink this in the shower. Later." He then walks out with his fresh brew of black coffee and back towards his tent first.
Elliott     The tension doesn't last, easing a way when there are no further questions about Emma. Elliott lets out a soft breath, relieved. He smirks with amusement as he watches John. A small, "Took some time to find it," is murmured quietly, even as he grins mirthfully. His eyes slide towards Eve as she steps in, and his smile is offered out to her pleasantly, and then lessens when he glances back to John. "Oh, well, we should talk later," he says by way of goodbye to John. Then Elliott is looking back to Eve. "Hiya, Eve." He takes a moment to glance around, and then flashes teeth in a winning smile. "So, Eve..." He starts, pauses to grab a seat, but in which he offers first to her. "Are you happy as Emma's assistant?"
Eve "Yes, I like my job. Why?" Eve asks, taking another sip of her coffee. She notices the mud on her jeans and boots and frowns slightly. "I'm a bloody mess." She mutters, shaking her head. She focuses on Elliott then and offers him a smile. "You're not going to try to poach me, are you? It wouldn't go well."
Elliott     Elliott scoots around the chair, and now that the coffee pot is free, moves to pour a cup of his own. "I mean, I'd see no reason why you shouldn't. Working for Emma..." His teeth flash as he sends over a smile. Then, while focused on stirring the coffee, he adds, "I'm more curious if you were training to be a doctor or a nurse of your own." He pauses to lift the cup to his mouth, sipping as he turns to look over the rim at the woman. "How many other people work for her?" he asks casually. His eyebrows rise together as he lets out a, "Crikey, no. No." He gives his head a quick shake. "She clearly needs a good assistant with the amount of work she does. A month, and you seem pretty well qualified," he compliments with a gesture of his cup.
Eve "No no, I'm not training to be a doctor or a nurse, before this job I worked in corporate security." Eve says, giving Elliott a dimpled smile, her eyes dancing. "Emma needs bubble wrap, and a hefty dose of luck, and she does need the help. Likely has needed it before I came along." She finishes her cup of coffee and sets it down, folding her hands in her lap. "I just have an eidetic memory and a good organizational mindset. If you anticipate a problem before it becomes one, you can be qualified for just about anything...honestly."

She glances over at Elliott and she leans towards him a bit, swallowing before she speaks. "I see the way you watch Emma, and if the UN hadn't have sent you, that would raise a lot of red flags for me." She shrugs a shoulder and begins to dust some of the dried dirt off her jeans and top. "You don't seem dangerous though, so's whatever."
Elliott     Elliott takes another sip from his cup, swallows, and makes a noise to show he's impressed. "Corporate security. So you know what you're doing," he offers. His belly shakes as he chuckles whole heartedly at the bubble wrap comment, and then lets out a breath as he sobers. "It's good she has people like you around her then." He takes another sip of coffee, and he grimaces into his cup. Those words bring him to silence, forgetting about his questions as he stares down at the liquid, pulled into his thought. Shame drops a heavy weight in his chest, though he tries to disguise it as he glances up to give Eve a feeble smile. "I'm not." He shakes his head. "Never was... /dangerous/. Just..." And he's said too much. "So Eve," he says, changing the topic, his light, piercing blue eyes locking on her. "Would you be able to show me around TerraSave, introduce me to folks? Once this place is thriving, of course."
Eve Eve gazes back at Elliott, a slightly amused smile still on her face. "It will probably be my job to do so. In that case I'll just go ahead and say yes, I will show you around and it will be my pleasure." She clears her throat and considers something for a moment before she adds. "Do you have a place to stay? Because we have a house in the Old District, and I'm sure we could find some room for you.." She trails off, her nose wrinkling slightly. "I mean, if Emma were okay with that."
Elliott     Elliott drinks again, and then gives Eve a warm, appreciated smile. "Thank you," he says, lowering his chin a tad. And then he's thinking again, drinking from his cup, and guzzling the rest of the coffee. "I should get out and see who needs assisting." As he stirs, beginning to make way for the entrance, he pauses with surprise and looks back to Eve. "Er, I haven't yet, no." He smiles at her appreciatively, but lets out a soft sigh. "But better check with your boss before you make any plans." Because he's pretty sure that Emma wouldn't
Eve Eve is sitting near the tent that has been housing the fresh food/coffee. A cup is cradled in her hands and she is gazing down at her knees, trying in vain to stifle a yawn. In the distance two groups of volunteers are using spades and shovels to turn dirt to begin planting some fruits and veggies.
Maxim Maxim makes his way by, after having done security type stuff. Mostly security type stuff involved being Emma adjacent, close to her to keep tabs but not enough to be under foot. After all, she's a busy woman with a lot going on, last thing he wants is to impede her work. And so he makes his way to see how Eve is doing.

And it seems they've switched from making water filters to planting. Max, like a curious child makes his way towards the work, watching to see how it's taking place, though he pauses to offer a bow to Eve as he gets closer.
Eve Eve smiles up at Maxim and she gestures towards the people digging. "Hopefully we can get enough done so that when the rain comes, it'll be helping us instead of hindering." She gets to her feet, sets down her coffee and walks towards Max. "This is going to be the fun part, I used to love playing in the dirt when I was little. I had a garden ever since I was taught how to keep one."
Maxim Maxim looks over at the people digging. He glances back at Eve, and says, "i have never played in the dirt. Only trained. I have seen gardens, but never knew how they came about." His coin slips to his hand, flipping over his fingers. He must be really curious, normally the man would've at least noticed the food.
Eve Eve gestures towards the slowly forming plots and shrugs. "You dig up the dirt, so it's ready for a seed, you plant them, water them and wait. Some people add plant foods and do a lot of unnecessary fidgeting with them, but..unless you're trying to raise something to be entered into a competition, it's not worth all of that." She rocks back on her feet briefly and sighs. "We'll plant things that will prosper without a lot of effort, things that will feed a lot of people."
Tabitha Tabitha stumbles forward from one of the tents where a tired doctor can curl up and get sleep thought the sheer force of growling at anyone who get near until they leave her alone for four hours. Now, the sonabulistic physician is in search of coffee, or, barring that, another quiet spot for a few hours. Blearing eyes gaze about as she really wishes she had brought her sunglasses. A hand over her eyes shields the horribly evil sunlight while she scans for someone to accost. Eve. No accosting. nope. Eve knows where coffee is.

Shuffling over, the not-quite-undead-Tabitha draws closer to Eve. "...Coffee. stat.. sugar.. please?" Drawing closer, knees give out and Tabitha goes down. Hopefully in a chair.. but, not really required.
Maxim Maxim hmms and nods as Eve explains what's entailed of planting. "I see. Food is important..." But then there's a Tabitha, and she's apparently the walking dead. well not literally but. As she starts to have her knees give out Max will reach out to hopefully make sure she makes it to a chair and not land in the dirt, though at least it's not mud. That's if he can even reach her depending upon when said knees give out. "Are you alright?"

The coin disappeared during this, probably back wherever he keeps the bloody thing. He looks back to Eve, a look of confusion, though whether at the coffee comment, or at the general state of Tabitha it's always tough to say when it comes to Max.
Eve Eve sees the look of slight confusion on Max's face and chuckles softly. "I think this is a Doctor thing." She explains, moving towards the coffee maker to pour Tabitha a large cup of coffee with quite a few spoonfulls of sugar. She also puts two chocolate things that resemble doughnuts on a plate and brings them over to the tired doctor. "This should get you started." She says, taking a step back to watch Tabitha come to life after a few sips of coffee.
Tabitha Tabitha makes it to a chair, thankfully.. "mprfphffnpg" is all the thanks Maxim gets, but Eve is rewarded with "sweet heaven, i owe you my first born", and takes coffee first.. blowing.. sipping.. actually starting to wake up, then grabs the small plante of whatever, taking a bite of the first ting on the plate, holdint it with thumb and forefinger, the other fingers holding the plate itself in a sorta practiced 'no where to sit an eat' maneuver. Several sips of coffee later.. "..what time is it? and .. where is everyone?", she manages... then blinks and looks for Maxim. "..thank you.."
Maxim Maxim looks at the transformation of Tabitha from zombieTabs to actual Tabitha with a look of almost disbelief. He sniffs the air, especially as Eve walks by with the coffee and food, and steps over to the food at least. The coffee, while the maker is sniffed at, is left alone though he looks at it like a man who's never experienced the joys of caffeine. Taking one of the chocolate things he has a slight nibble, then says, "The things we had the other day were...tastier." well apparently someone really likes cinnamon rolls.

He looks to Eve and then out where everyone is working and asks, "Did you want help with planting? I do not have long before I go on my rounds but I could try to help."
Eve Eve shakes her head at Maxim and points to the field. "This is training for them, if you want to learn how to plant a garden, I'll show you back at the house." She then turns to eye Tabitha, a grin on her face. "Feeling better there, darling?"
Tabitha Tabitha 's brain finally awake, he stomach is grumbling about like Tab did at maxim. Suddenly she cant get food in her mouth fast enough.. "Mmmph? Mm! Mfferffulll" she mumbles, giving Eve a thumbs up as she chases nommable morsels with coffee.
Maxim Maxim blinks as Tabitha switches to inhaling the food from being almost comatose. Apparently coffee is useful for the appetite. Still he nibbles at the food he grabbed, and nods in response to Eve explaining planting class will have to wait for later for him. Which waiting is probably for the best as he didn't have long. The coin slips back out into his unhindered hand, flipping over those fingers while he slowly eats and lets his eyes go back to scanning about like they usually do.
Eve Eve caught the mention of the cinnamon rolls and she glances between Tabitha and Max and snickers softly. "Okay, more cinnamon buns tomorrow." She chuckles, moving towards the part of the encampment where food is prepared and served. The meal for the evening was almost done and the smell of stew drifts through this part of the tent city. "If you two are interested there is also stew, it'll be served to all of the workers so get in line if you want it before it's gone." She goes to check the coffee maker and starts another pot brewing before she gives herself another glance. "I need a shower, or something."
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes widen, swallowing whatever morsel she was chewing on. _stew_ oh lordy.. "Yes.. yes.. indeed", she takes a hurried sip of her coffee and stands, now having enough energy to actually do so. "..stew sound wonderful. Want me to get you a bowl, Eve?", turning to Maxim "One for you, too?" Her stomach seems to be insistant, moving slowly towards the line, not stopping, but as stopped as her gut will allow..
Maxim "Cinnamon...bun." Max files that name away for future reference. He finishes the pastry he was nibbling on and shakes his head. "I... I should not. I need to go do my rounds. If I do not get any I will try to have some next time." He sniffs the air. Pity it does smell good. "You can have extra for me." The coin slips back away, and he takes a moment to adjust his gloves.
Eve "We'll save some for you and if necessary bring you something else when you've a break." Eve says to Maxim, nodding slowly. She watches Tabitha shamble towards the stew line and she raises a hand to wave as she calls out. "Yeah, bring me back a bowl, would you Tabitha?" She glances around after she's done being noisy, a pink flush on her cheeks.
Tabitha Tabitha navigates the line, actually letting a couple of folks go ahead of her since, in her mind, they look far hungrier than she feel. Before too long, she's coming back with two bowls, sorta moving slowly so she can sluck a bit off one of them.. the other, unslucked, is eventually set down at the table Eve was nestled at. "beat's ramen anyday.." she manages
Maxim Maxim offers a bow to Eve at her mentioning saving some for him. "Thank you." He offers a bow to Tabitha as well, and then he's off, his footsteps taking him in long strides, economy of motion in the heat as he heads off to do the things that security types usually do.
Eve Eve takes the bowl from Tabitha and tucks in, not feeling the need to converse with her mouth is full of food.
Tabitha Tabitha begins on her stew in ernest. Between panting bites of too-hot bits, she manages. "how's Emma? passed out?", chasing hot stew with hot coffee.. probably not good for cooling off the food, but is the most effective method of getting caffine and energy-providing food into her starving gut, and does help cut down on the after-food nap-attacks.