Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa Rain began to fall as the clouds darken overhead and thicken. Cabimas would soon be drench with heavier rain as the storm continued across the small city and the land surrounding it.

The boxtruck hit pavement as it exited from the dirt turned mud road with a heavy jolt as it turns to head away from the Cabimas. The rain beats against the windshield causing poorer vision, but the wiper blades wiped in attempt to allow the driver to see.

A few minutes later, the black escalade hit the pavement as well, turning with some precision ease as it heads after the box truck. The engine roars to life as the driver presses his foot down on the gas pedal to catch up with the truck.

Esa grabs his cellphone, and dials in "Yes, FBC Command Operations this is Agent Esa Collins. I require a bird ready with a fire team. Coordinates is near Cabimas." A beat and frown "Yes I know it's raining." A beat "Alright, alright. At least have them ready to go up."
Benny David switches off the radio and searches for any equipment that looks like it might be a GPS transmitter or transponder in the cabin of the box truck. He keeps his eyes on the road as much as possible, used to mutli-tasking from his previous career, well Benny's previous career not David's.

He hopes the truck driver is alright but then quickly pushes those thoughts aside. It was his decision to steal this truck, there is a long term play at hand and he's got more pressing concerns. He has to make sure that nobody is following him and that he can't be tracked. So he begins to accelerate, pushing the box-trucks engine and seeing how difficult it will be to control this beast while still maintaining a good clip of speed in these rainy conditions.
Esa The rain fell quickly now, pounding against both vehicles windshield and creating puddles on the road.

Esa slows down a little as the conditions strengthen in intensity, a frown creasing his lips.
Benny David seems to be getting used to driving the box truck, not finding anything in the cabin that looks like a GPS or tracker he now focuses on his driving and checks the fuel gauge to make sure he has enough gas to get him to his destination. He has to get these supplies to BLF territory and into a garage or area where they can properly inspect what he's got, not to mention triple check the vehicle for a tracking device of some sort. They can also reuse this truck for their own purposes and hopes he will gain favor with his new group, since he is a new mercenary.
Esa Esa presses down on the gas pedal as the rain lets up slightly. The vehicle speeds up, however doesn't appear to gain on the truck.
Benny David keeps his foot on the accelerator, looking into his rear view mirror to see who is behind him. In his mind he's going through the route he is going to be taking and some contingency plans.
Esa The vehicles break through the storms back line, crossing over from the heavier ran to lighter rain. As they continue to drive, the rain lets up completely leaving only the water on the road.

As the rain lightens up, Esa accelerates the Escalade again. With the raining letting up he was able to reach speeds of seventy-eighty miles an hour.
Benny David curses at the box truck's lack of guts, but then again it isn't really designed for motor sports. When the rain lets up, he stomps on the accelerator, hoping to get it up to a good speed so that he can put more distance between him and the Terrasave encampment that he stole this thing from. He's sure that they will send people to try to recover what he stole once the truck driver makes it back.
Esa Esa swears as the box truck continues to keep the distance going. His speed keeps steady around 75 miles an hour as he zooms down the highway.
Benny David is pushing the Box Truck to it's limits but if he's going to be successful he's going to have to put his driving skills to the test. One doesn't just steal a whole supply truck and expect it to be that easy after all. He continues down the highway, noting every exit he passes and caculating in his mind when he will have to start slowing down to make his exit safely. BLF territory shouldn't be too far away now.
Esa Matching and maintaining the speed of the box truck. A frown creases his lips as he continues to chase the supplies.

Then, his phone rings. Pressing a button, the phone connects to the blutooth. "Agent Collins, Command Operations. Bird is in the area, ETA 5 minutes. Fire Team squad leader is Major Stadler."
Benny David has no idea what kind of resources Terrasave had in terms of support from the FBC. He's just focused on driving and seeing that his exit is coming up fast on the highway, he eases up on the gas pedal and starts pumping the brakes a bit to slow down, so he can safely make it. But as soon as he's out of the turn, he will shoulder check, then accelerate onto the street once he's got a clear lane. The garage he's supposed to bring this stolen truck too is a bit deeper in the city, in the slum areas where the BLF have tight control over and would be difficult for any outsiders to get around without drawing undue attention.

Breaking his radio silence, he keys his mike on his helmet comm, "This is viper to nest. I've got the goods and close to the drop point. ETA about 15 minutes and I need to be cleaned. May have a tail." He says in a modulated voice on an encrypted channel.
Bob When he's given the word to get ready, Bob responds immediately by jumping on the Blackhawk that's been called in. The prep time for the quick reaction force was barely long enough for him to grab his gear and get on the bird so he knows that the mission is quite urgent. As he gets aboard the chopper and buckles himself in, handing off his aid bag to the crew chief to strap down for him. Bob checks over his equipment one last time as the bird lifts off, making sure there's a round chambered in his MP7.
Richard Stadler One of these days, Stadler was going to admit that perhaps being behind a desk with a phone would would a more comfortable life for someone pushing into 40. Still, the occassional excitement would be welcome, so he's not too annoyed at the fact that he had to sprint across a tarmac from a vehicle, getting into the UH-60 as it's rotor's spinned, and checked the chamber of his M4. Hopefully, this would be a quick little mission that was worth the gas and ammo they were about to waste on it.

Once the helicopter's in the air, he's plugged into the comm system, and attempting to get in contact with their man on the ground. "Collins, this is Raptor 6-1 actual. Mind briefing me on the situation?"
Thomas Thomas makes sure his fbc paches are all removed on his fatiuges and combat vest as he sawns a balkava mask to hide his face while hes in the blf compound, however once he heard his radio crackle to life alerting those in the compound of delivery of goods with a possible follower he grabed his carbine and moved to a vantage point to do overwatch for his buddy                                                 "10-4 viper ill cover your intrace " Thomas says
Esa Watching the box truck, Esa eases back a bit but continues to follow knowing now that a bird was coming and activates the radio. "Sit rep is that a person stole medical and food supplies from UN back aid for Terrasave. This person is a professional, so I'm assuming he belongs to one of the local factions. We appear to be arriving to a place."

The bird is about 2 minutes out now.
Benny David acknowledges Thomas's reply in that modulated voice of his, "Copy that. Your my cover." He has no idea they sent a Blackhawk chopper after him and he won't have time to admire the infamy he's gained if he gets caught because that would really suck. He won't wait for red lights or stop signs to slow him down, driving a bit like a maniac to avoid any traffic congestion after he exits the highway becuase he wants to be able to see if anyone is following behind him first after he does these maneuvers. He will start driving more normally once he has shed any tail.
Thomas Thomas keeps aiming down sights watching in the direction of the road his body already prepared for the recoil of his first shot as he waits for anything to come into his scope that would be following his comrade
Richard Stadler Rick's gripping a hand hold on the helicopter, looking out the open door as the helicopter quickly approches the site of the GPS tracker. "Copy. I assume the supplies will be easier to recover if that truck's not moving. We dealing with the drivers, or am I just aiming for the tires here?" He says, looking at his watch. "This a quick job. Fuel and ammo isn't cheap."
Esa "I am aiming to retrieve the truck without damage and return it to the city it belongs." Esa replies to Rick. "So let's deal with the drivers, get the truck and I can return it. Shit." He says as he swerves to chase the box truck as it makes a quick turn.

The Bird is over the town now, locking on to th Escalades GPS.
Benny David see's in his rear view mirror, that there is a vehicle that exited shortly after him that is now following. He then speaks into the mic, "I have a tail. An Escalade. I will try to loose it first but I don't want to bring it towards the drop point if he continues to chase. I may need assistance. Disable the vehicle or stop the driver." He then starts to accelerate away, weaving in and out of traffic to try to lose the escalade.

When he starts hearing a helicoptor nearby, he will look up at it, zoom in with his helmet optics and try to identify it. "What the?! They may have air support. A chopper. You might have to scare that bird away." David says in a calm voice as he takes more maneurvers through traffic.
Thomas Thomas spots the heli knowing full well thats going to be a problem he looks back to the road "you worry about driving ill get the tail off you, he who dares wins" he aims his rifle at the suv and fires
Richard Stadler And finally, the helicopter is over the site. It was easy enough to see the box truck, and the truck moving past, as Stadler curses to himself. "This /really/ should be a cause for belt fed weapons. Don't think I've ever tried hitting a goddamn truck with a door-mounted M240, and that's something I didn't know I'd want to add to the bucket list!" He says, to himself more than anything, cursing as he tries to line up a shot to the target. It's a moving vehicle, but Rick hasn't gotten much shooting in. Luck is really with him this time, it seems. And hopefully not with the glass on the driver's side of the cab.
Esa Esa is able to match with the box truck now, no entirely speeding up or slowing down as he chases. Then the unexpected happens. A bullet slams through the windshield and into his upper torso; through the upper pec on his right side. "Mother Fucker!" He shots over the open radio. "I'm hit, taking fucking fire. Repeat, I am a receiving ground fire." He slows the vehicle down, as his left hand reaches for the wound "Through and through."
Benny David, swerves around a corner and then he gets hit by a shot from the Chopper. "Taking Fire! Chopper has engaged me. I need cover. Get that bird off of me." He calmly says into the mic and swears out loud to himself after the mic is off. "Shit, I'm a sitting duck in this stupid truck if I don't do something soon." He then floors it again, weaving in and out of traffic hoping that the chopper pilot or gunner won't risk hitting civilians but he also drives towards any buildings or structures that might provide him some cover.
Thomas Thomas switches positions to target the heli driver aiming his rifle he lines up his shot before taking a breath and realeasing as he squeezes the trigger waiting for his shot to make its mark
Richard Stadler When fire heads toward the chopper, Rick grumbles, and ducks behind the metal protecting the cabin from getting shot up... and not well, he might have thought. THere was too much traffic, now, too many oppurtunities for innocent people to get shot, and the more bullets that were sent up here meant more coming down someplace else. /Waste/ of fuel. Rick switches over to the communication channel for the pilot. "We're done here! RTB!" And then back to Esa. "Collins, X-Ray 6-1 Actual. We can't risk any shots at this speed in this traffic, and the budget doesn't allow for another Blackhawk. We're disengaging. Do what you can but don't die out there."
Esa Slowing and backing of, Esa gritted his teeth. "Understood X-ray 6-1. I am disengaging as well with weapons fire and injury." He says bitterly. "God damnit." He adds.
Benny David looks in his rear view and see's that the Escalade is now turning around as well as hears the Chopper sounds are getting fainter in the distance as they both disengage. "This is viper. Good job, cover. Heading to nest now once I clean myself. See you at the drop point." He drives the box van around a bit at a regular speed, then pulls some u-turns to see if anyone else is following, but once he's satisfied he then heads to the drop point and into the garage. Hopefully his wound isn't that bad and can be easily patched up.