Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Eve is sitting in a clearing with a few volunteers building some small water filters. They chat amicably in Spanish as they work, clearly enjoying the nice sunny day. The mud has finally dried up and while the temperature is in the high 80's, it's still pretty comfortable.

People are milling around the volunteers where the food is being distributed along with security from TerraSave and the UN.
Maxim hot can be a relative thing. Some people can handle it, some can't. Humidity makes it worse, so being a little more dry and not having to be careful walking through mud definitely is an improvement true. Max, while not having complained much regardless of the bad compared to the good, walks with a bit more grace now that he doesn't have to worry about slipping through said mud. He must be giving watching Emma a break for the moment as he makes his way to where people are making filters, and spotting Eve makes his way toward her. While some sweat beads at his brow one has to wonder how he can handle the heat dressed with a coat still, even if it's a lighter material.
Eve Eve spots Maxim walking towards her and she turns, smiling up at the man, dimples showing on both of her cheeks. "Hey, how are you enjoying Cabimas?" She says, getting to her feet and dusting off her hands briefly. She turns to speak briefly to her companions in Spanish and then turns back to Maxim. She moves closer to Maxim and lowers her voice slightly. "We've had several reports of items going missing. James has his hands full, and I was hoping I could count on you to keep a vigilant eye out on our arriving supplies." She smiles up at Maxim, and gestures to where the volunteers are handing out food. "It would be a shame if we kept losing supplies that are needed here."
Maxim "I am well. It is warm, but endurable for now. It is certainly better than it was." His face forms a frown as she explains that rampant theft is taking place. "That sounds...Unfortunate. I will do what I can." He looks at what she was, and the others are presently working on and asks, "What are you working on?" His coin slips out into his hand, the right one today and starts to flip over his fingers as he looks about, eyes scanning the group but also beyond in case any problems arise.
Eve Eve glances back at her companions and she takes hold of Maxim's arm, towing him closer to the women sitting in a circle. "Well one of our goals, of course, is to make this place at least semi-sustainable when we leave." She points at the small plasic contraption that they're building. "These are water filters, they'll clean the worst out of water. It's not perfect, but it's better than what they've got." She glances up at him and then adds. "We're also going to be digging out some plots later to see if we can get some things growing here. We'll work with them to get things planted and started." She folds her arms over her chest and purses her lips slightly. "Then I suppose we have to figure out a way to keep the government from coming in and tearing it all apart."
Maxim While eyes keep moving, they do follow when she pulls him over to where they work, blinking at the action, but not complaining. Max nods as she explains what is trying to be accomplished, and then frowns as she mentions the last part.

Why would they do such a thing? Why remove everything for the people?" The coin pauses its movement, then starts to reverse direction over his fingers as his attention focuses more upon Eve, his gaze moving down to regard her as he asks the question.
Eve Eve glances at Maxim and after a moment she sighs. "How do you control someone best?" She asks, her voice slightly bitter. "You take away the most basic things you need to live and you make it absolutely impossible to get." A beat. "Who do you depend on? Who do you turn to?" She shrugs a shoulder and stares out into the broken down buldings. "You depend on the person with the power, the food, the water..that is usually the person in control."
Maxim Maxim hmms and nods as she starts to explain. "When I was raised by... where I was raised... We only had basic needs met. I slept in a..." He pauses as he tries to think of the word. "Cubicle? It was very small, enough for a thin mat and heating element. Food was very basic as well..." Explains why he asked what a cinnamon roll was the other day perhaps.

Still Max starts looking about again and adds, "Hopefully these people can keep what they have. People should be able to do things for themselves." He tucks the coin away and lets his hand rest on his belt by looping the thumb on it.
Eve Eve's eyes widen as Maxim recounts his living conditions, and in her mind she privately wonders why someone would treat a child that way. She schools her expression into neutrality and she simply places a hand on Maxim's arm and quietly says. "I hope that Cabimas can maintain what we're trying to do for them as well. Nobody should have to depend on the powers that be to have a decent life." She sighs softly and continues. "So we'll hope that when we walk away from this place, they won't be forced back into what we found when we first arrived."
Maxim Maxim tilts his head slightly to regard her hand placed upon him. He smiles softly, slightly appreciative and perhaps something else, a touch of sadness. Still as he looks back out among the people working he replies, "It would be good for Emma as well if they can keep what they have. She seems..."

His brow furrows and he looks back to Eve. "Is... Is Emma normally like, how she has been? I only recently have started to get to know her, so I can not tell, but she seems... different than Paris. I... I do not know what to say or do to help though." He looks away slightly, a brief pained or frustrated look crossing his features as his coin makes it's way back out.
Eve "She has a lot on her mind." Eve says quietly, glancing towards the tent that Emma went towards. "She ..well she's used to people underestimating her, and treating her like a fragile .." She trails off and glances up at Maxim. "I think she is just reacting to the stress of the last few weeks, and I imagine when things calm down a bit she'll not be quite so severe." A slight lifting of her shoulder might be a shrug. "Just keep an eye on her like we discussed, keeping her safe is one of our top priorities."
Maxim Eyes focus back upon Eve, and Maxim bows his head slightly to her. "I will protect her with my life. What happened in Paris shall not happen again." His jaw tenses slightly at that, determination behind his words. The coin is flipped over to his other hand, to continue to move over those fingers, carefully if her hand is still on his arm at all. "As well as the rest of you if possible. Good people like you do not deserve..." He lets whatever thought that was trail off as he looks back out among the workers again.
Eve "Unfortunately what is deserved and what happens are usually pretty different." Eve murmurs, her arms folding loosely over her chest. "But in this kind of world and this kind of life, we take what we can get and do what we can." She smiles up at Maxim, shifting on her feet slightly. "I think we all are appreciative of what you and the rest of the security team do. This is a dangerous job, and ...well not too many people would be willing to do that. So thank you, again. Make sure you let me know if you need anything to help you with said job."
Maxim A nod as she speaks, and Max looks almost bashful at the thanks. Perhaps he's not used to it. His gaze settles back upon Eve and he says finally, "Thank you. It is not as dangerous as my last job, and far more rewarding. I... I am not sure what I will need to do different yet, but I will let you know if I need something."
Eve "Well I do know that it's not easy to do your job in an open area like this, so I'm glad that nothing bad has happened as of yet." Eve says, moving to settle back down near the group of women building the filters. "What was your last job?" She asks, squinting up against the sunlight as she grins at Max. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to though."
Maxim There's that look of conflict again. Max looks about, the look on his face as his lips wrinkle up, the coin flipping over his fingers pausing movement caught between two for a few moments. Eventually there's a soft sigh.

"I... I used to do things that were not very nice. They were very bad things, as I was raised to do. I did not want to do them, but... But as you said with the people here, when you are put in a place where there is no choice to live..."

His hands ball into fists briefly, and he worries his bottom lip with his teeth some as he looks about. "I should not say more. I... I do not know if... I do not know if I can forgive myself."
Eve Eve prudently looks away from Max when he plainly looks uncomfortable and after a few minutes of silence she speaks up. "If you don't forgive yourself, other people can't forgive you either." She shoves a part into the makeshift water filter that she's building, emitting a grunt of effort. "All I can say is this, look as if you're trying to make a difference, be someone you can be proud of. That is a great first step." She glances up at Max then, offering him a kind smile. "You might have been raised and taught to do things, but look where you are and what you're doing now." Her eyes move back to her hands and her work. "Some people take the skills that they're taught and say ..fuck it.. and just do whatever feels good. You didn't do that, give yourself that credit at least."
Maxim At Eve's words, Max focuses back down upon her. He bows his head slightly. "Thank you. I will do my best." He looks down at what she's working on, especially since she was having trouble with a part and then asks, "Are they difficult to assemble?" The coin slips away and he studies the device as she works on it.
Eve Eve holds up the small box and shakes her head slowly. "No, putting them together is pretty easy, I'm just not quite used to them yet." She gestures to the woman next to her who seems to have a system down, her fingers working nimbly at what she's doing.
Maxim Maxim hmms and nods as he looks at the other woman as she assembles them more easily. His eyes take in the steps attentively and he asks, "How many will you try to make today?" Now that his coin is tucked away his fingers seem to move still. If one is attentive enough to it they seem to be moving as the woman's move, almost like he's trying to memorize the movement.
Eve "As many as we can make with the supplies we have. We can give them to other aid workers to copy and hopefully other cities will benefit from them as well." Eve murmurs, setting hers aside for a moment. She gets to her feet and gently steers Maxim to a place he can take a seat with supplies nearby. "Here, try making one." She says, kneeling beside him, her eyes on his movements. "Then eventually I'll get you to help with the planting, digging is the most fun part." She jokes.
Maxim A blink as Max is taken and moved to a spot to try his own. Then again the man can disassemble and assemble various firearms, so how hard could it be? He looks at the items before him and closes his eyes a moment, trying to remember the steps he's seen. Opening them he grabs pieces and looks them over, making sure they don't need to be in a certain direction as he starts to add them, though he slows up in some spots, looking up to Eve perhaps to make sure he's not missing a step. He does ask though, "Planting? If you need help with it... I could try.'