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Silent Night Olde Cobble Pub and Restaurant
Maracaibo, Bolivar

Archene is wearing his formal outting suit. His hair well-combed and surprisingly, he is not wearing his shades as he waits at a pretty central table at the restaurant. Earlier, around the time of his arrival at Maracaibo and given the success of his cosmetic line in the second semester of the previous year, Archene made a raffle for a date with himself. Mostly to keep the looks of pleasant public persona and to let any fans and admirers he may have in South America that he was there, but given that it was mentioned that all funds would be used to help those in need in Bolivar. Everything for a better world.

Given the nature of the event, he'd not know the winner until personally meeting them in this very restaurant in merely a few minutes.
Delia Delia smiles as she walks over towards Archene, an ice blue halter and backless dress upon her from that falls to her knees, short heeled black flats on her feet and of course she is armed as usual. As she draws closer she signs "Hey Archene. Surprise."
Silent Night Once Archene has a look at Delia, he gets a vague idea about the situation, once she draws closer... and signing to him, he finally understands the situation he is in. He gives her a warm smile. So many lines thought for nothing. "Hello, Delia. What a coincindence?" He stands having a look at her dress, "Regardless, you look incredibly pretty today." He smiles pulling a chair for her, "Would you like to have a seat?"
Delia Delia slips into the pulled out chair, once he is seated she is signing to him "Indeed it is, didnt think I would actually win it. And thank you for the compliment." She pauses for a bit before she signs "You remember how picky I am. What would you suggest from here?"
Silent Night As soon as Delia sits down, he moves to the other side of the table returning to his seat. He smiles softly at her as she signs, "Only giving words worth of yourself." He smiles, "I'll ask for something with lighter flavors. Nothing spicy, but certainly tasty."

Soon enough a waiter comes to their table, Archene briefly makes an order with a jar of sangria, a local alcoholic cocnotion with fruits as well as some fancy sounding local fish. He then looks at Delia, "I've ordered everything, it should all be getting here in a few minutes." He chuckles quietly, "I'd have used this time to ask the winner a bit more about themselves, but since you've won, I'll skip the first bit." He gives her a smile, "Well, how'd you like to spend this evenning?" He smiles.
Delia Delia smiles and she signs "I trust you on the food. You know that." She lets him do the ordering and a silent giggle escapes her lips. She then signs "I was thinking a movie after this. Maybe a comedy?"
Silent Night "I'm glad you do, and I hope you will enjoy. Though I haven't had this specific fish, it doesn't have much spine and is incredibly tasty." Archene smiles, "And I've made sure that they will not be adding many spicies to it, so don't worry." He winks even, "A movie would be perfect, I'm sure the theater must have one running this evenning." He nods at her, "We can go there once we are done here."
Delia Delia continues smiling as she signs "I am quite glad to hear it. You are slightly repeating yourself you know Archene? Upon the spicy part at least. And I like that idea. Is it walking distance or will we need the car?"
Silent Night Archene scratches the back of his head, "I might still be taken back for the date being with you, I spent a few hours almost making a script for this." He chuckles quietly, "It might take a few too many minutes, unless you'd also want to enjoy a walk with me. I'd be glad to accompany you in that case."
Delia Delia signs as she says "I like the idea of a walk with you. Can see how the city has changed since the lasy time I was here after all."
Silent Night "Then, after this, we can enjoy a lovely walk together." With that a waiter came with a jar of iced water, a jar with... a reddish but strangely wine colored drink as well with two plates containing some salad, rice and a white fish fillet. The waiter then pours some sangria to Delia and Archene. Immediatelly after, Archene politely thanks the waiter before facing Delia and saying, "I hope that the dish is to your liking." He smiles before beginning to eat the fish along with the rice.
Delia Delia smiles as the food arrives and picks up her sangria, sipping upon her drink. She begins to eat upon her food and since she isn't spitting it out into a napkin, that means she likes it. She signs to him "I have no compliants."