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Tabitha Activity around the tents is steady, but for now seems to have slowed to a dull roar. People move from one tent to another, off on various errands, but they don't seem to be in a hurry. Except one guy.

A southern voice yells one from of the tents after the hurrying poor soul. Dr. Tabitha Marshall stomps out after him, stopping just outside, she calls after him "An' Tell 'em I'll use is Gizzard for Garters! All of them, You hear me?" Tab sighs, raking her hand back out of her hair. "..I dont need this shit.. why haul supplies then sit on them..", she grumble to no one in particular.
Eve Eve walks out of a tent looking completely unlike herself. She's mud spattered, dirty, and her hair has a fine layer of dust over it. She snatches up a bottle of water as she walks out to where the relief group has gathered to socialize and she eyes Tabitha, hearing most of her outburst.

"Is everything all right Doctor Marshall?" She asks, amusement curving her lips slightly upward. "Or do you need me to..handle anything for you?" She takes a good guzzle of her water and then sets it aside.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles "Oh, sweet Jesus, Eve!"

Tabitha rakes her hands through her hair. She doesn't bear the muddiness of Eve. Instead she's wearing scrubs, and over that, blue thin paper apron. Tab begins ripping that off with a bit of zeal. Once the blue paper gown is wadded up in a tightly rolled ball and then sealed inside via her gloves in some praticed sorta method, it gets tossed easily into the nearest trashcan.

"Here", she says, tugging a folded slip of paper out of her top pocket. "Guy at the top is the one who's organizing the supplies over there. Now he's got the idea he should ration them too. Only giving out small bundles. He swears stuff is missing and he's afraid some of use are taking it!" Tabitha pauses, nibbling her bottom lip. "but. he isn't really saying that. Instead, he says he has to find it, so he had to find small batches. That's his excuse."
Tabitha Tabitha gets pulled away as an nurse comes and begins to accost Tabitha for her writing skills on the orders she wrote while half asleep
Eve Eve gazes at Tabitha, both eyebrows slightly raised. She takes the paper and gazes at it for a moment and then walks to the man in question. "Excuse me?" She asks politely, I hear that we're rationing supplies?" She glances back at Tabitha and then back to the man. "Dr. Marshall is trying to work, and I would appreciate it if you fully cooperated with her, because if you don't then I'll have to come speak with you again and neither of us want that.
Emma Emma had been in a tent, having finally taken a bit of a break. She appears tired, and even yawns, masking it with the back of her hand. Wearing some scrubs - that are a bit stained and dirty, the lass begins to walk through the people, looking around.
Tabitha Tabitha returns after vowing to do better in her writing, looking a bit sheepish and spots Emma emerging like a dirty stained tired butterfly from a silken cocoon. She gives a smile to Eve, approvingly, knowing 'shits gonna get handled'. Tabitha closes the distance to Emma quickly. "Please, for the love of of Pratchett's Beard, Tell me you have some coffee.."
Eve Eve walks back towards Tabitha and she points both women towards a small red tent. "I brought coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls, you two really should get something to eat." She says, offering both a muddy smile. She turns then and walks off to do something at a house about a block down the road.
Elliott     Elliott is working hard, assisting where ever he is needed. He gives a heavy shake of his head, causing his hair to shift out of his eyes. He grimaces a little as water, or sweat, drips from his bangs. He flicks his fingers at through his hair once he frees up his hands, ridding himself of the load he had been carrying. As he walks through the camp, his captivating, blue eyes scan his surroundings thoroughly, studying everyone moving about. He slows when he catches sight of Tabitha, offering her a down-tilt of his head in greeting, smiling at her warmly. "Hello, Doc." His gaze passes over Eve inquiringly, offering a little nod, but he doesn't interrupt. "Have all the supplies been unloaded from the lorry?" When he catches sight of Emma, he studies her thoroughly with an arched brow, stiffening just a little bit as he breathes in. "How are you feeling?"
Emma Light footfalls came to a halt when Tabitha approaches her. Those tired grey-green eyes regard her fellow doctor with a almost walled expression. She frowns, shaking her head a little, some of that red hair dancing around her. "No n," But then Eve speaks up. "Se - seems she has, Eve is - is always on tha ball." Briefly there is a smile and a nod of her head for Tabitha to follow. Right then, Elliott makes his way near. Eyes are fixed on him in a studying sort of way. "We - well." Her reply is simple.
Tabitha Tabitha beams, almost drifting over to the tent with coffee on tiptoes, an arm hooking in Emma's as she does, dragging the woman along with her. "Hiii. Ellliot...", she calls out as she falls upon confections and coffee like a beast on a fresh kill.

Folding chairs are shuffled around from somewhere, offering folks a place to sit for a bit. Tabitha takes one an before long, there's a chair provided for each.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler appears a short while after the high pitched roar of an ATV's motor is heard. Her gaze flits around quickly, appearing to trying to locate a familiar face. Slowing a bit, she follows the signs of organization.
Tabitha Most of the crowd seems to have migrated over to a tent to the side. Most of the workers seem to be taking a break. The smell of coffee and warm confections dances atop the normal breeze of things you normally wouldn't want delicious smells dancing on. Or, at least, wipe it's feet first.

Tabitha and Emma can be seen through the lifted flaps of the tent, with others nearby.
Elliott     Elliott watches Emma for a second longer, noting her tired eyes. Looking between Tabitha and Emma, his smile twitches faintly as he nods. "Have the two of you eaten?" he asks. He doesn't move any closer to the women, an uncertainty squirming in his gut as he glances at Emma. "Is there anything I, um, can help you with?" His head turns when Sienna arrives. His eyes fall on the woman, and fall a little lower... He blinks and gives a shake of his head when he realises what he was doing, blowing out a breath and clearing his throat, forcing his eyes to lift to the woman's face and offer her a nod along with a charming smile. "Hello."
Emma Emma had walked in, arm linked with Tabitha. Though she is quite the opposite when it comes to food. Instead of coffee, the Scot goes for some tea, and with that a scone. Then she'd go to sit, sip her tea and brush some messy red hair from her face. If she napped, it was brief and left some serious bed head. As Tab devours food, this doctor just picks at hers while looking at Elliott. Her scone is lifted to show she is eating. "Ya - ya have done well, thus far. Th - thank ya, Elliott." Did she just do that? She has either gone mad, is so sleep deprived she is going mad. Or, she means it.

Looking up from her food, those tired eyes befall Sienna, watching her, vaguely recalling her. So, what's given is a small kind, if not shy smile and nod of her head in greeting.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler lets her ATV coast the rest of the way, letting it stall outside the tent. She deactivates the electronics and pulls out the key, which is strapped to a bracelet around her wrist. She glances around noting the improved look of the place before stepping slowly inside. She flashes a warm smile to Emma and then over to Elliott. She looks around the tent for others and asks, "Is this the usual crew?".
Elliott     Elliott is busy taking in Sienna when he catches Emma speaking to him. His eyes are torn away from the woman in his surprise, blinking as he brings his gaze to meet Emma's. His lips curve pleasantly, dipping his head in quick nod. "Of course." The shame he feels when gazing at her is still there, but it does encourage him to try and get more out of her. So he dips as he steps into the tent, letting out a hum. "Er- Do you mind-" He pauses, gesturing. "...If I grab a biscuit and have seat?" The question is, obviously, toward Emma, but he does look to Tabitha with a smile.
Tabitha Tabitha takes a cinnamon roll in a gloved hand, then pulld the glove up, and turns it inside-out over small roll in a practiced maneuver and shoves it in a side pocket. she then takes another one and settles back into her chair. A confection is waved, coffee mug lifted towards Sienna. "Gef yurf sfnack onf", Tabitha mumbles around a mouthfull of heaven and a mug full of bliss.
Emma Emma sits back and brushes some crumbs off of her pants, head bobbing just a little, which tells just how tired she may be. Her tea is abonded, as the lass stands a hand motions to Elliott offering for him to join them.

"Th - there are more but we - we're all busy." She watches Tabitha a moment, smirking, maybe wishing she were as hungry before turning to get some coffee
Elliott     "Thank you," Elliott returns with a small nod. He moves further in, scooting around to eagerly pick up the cookie. He remains standing for a little, tearing off a bite of the cookie with his teeth. Even now he's scanning Tabitha's and Emma's expressions, also casting a glance toward Sienna. After a moment or so, Elliott speaks up socially with a warm curve of his lips. "So what is everyone's favourite activity when they aren't tired, working hard, and have more spare time on their hands?"
Eve Eve walks back from where she walked off to, and now there is a fresh smattering of mud all over her. She walks up to the coffee maker and pours a large mug of the drink and adds a decent amount of cream and sugar. She gives Elliott a wave with a slender hand and smiles, dimples showing on both cheeks. "How are you all doing this evening?"
Tabitha Tabitha manages to swallow a mouthful of cinnamon bun. "Wonderful, oh Saint and Savior. who made the cinnamon buns?" Tabitha looks to Emma, glancing a bit at Elliot then away quickly. She settles into her chair with another roll in her hand.
Eve Eve raises a hand and grins over at Tabitha. "Guilty, and I had the coffee brought out for us as well, you all are working so hard that you deserve a little treat." She murmurs, offering a smile at everyone gathered around.
Maxim Cinnamon. Sugary treats. There's a sniffing of the nose belonging to one Maxim as he starts moving toward where the others are situated. More accurately he's moving toward the source of such a delicious smell. Lightest and quietest of footsteps make their way toward the group, a hard accomplishment in the muddy area. He slowly approaches as he spots the familiar faces, and offers a bow. "Greetings."
Emma It's almost a sin to a Scot to deny tea, and thus this is how she feels, a brief moment of sin as her cup is tossed. The need for coffee is greater right now. A delicate hand comes to smooth out some of her red hair idly, once the coffee is poured she thens, adding nothing to it. Her light graceful step bring her back to the table as Eve and Maxim join, a hand again trying to dust off her dirty scrubs, but it's useless.
    "I - I do not have time ta - ta cook." The lass says, in her thick Scottish accent. There is a thankful smile to Eve, and a smile in greeting to Maxim. The others are regarded with a tired if not observant glance, as the coffee is sipped at.
Tabitha Tabitha eyes beam at Eve. "Sugar, coffee, I dont survive without a steady supply of both." She watches Maxim approach while she enjoys an alternating coffee and confection bolus. "Come share out bounty, as Eve has rescuded us once more!"
John Black An old beat up Jeep Cherokee rolls up from the road, the dust trail was enough to announce it's presence but the busted muffler and loud exhaust from this piece o'crap can be heard quite clearly. It comes to a stop near the tents, jerking to stop and the engine is mercifully turned off. The driver's side door opens and a man steps out, a rather imposing fellow although not tall he is broad. John curses and then slams the door. "Piece of shit." then glances around at his surroundings, not caring if offended anyone and kicks the tire for good measure. The man's black t-shirt seems a size too small and his camoflage military cargo pants with his dirty black combat boots, marks him as either an ex-soldier or an asshole wannabe at the very least.

He walks to the back of the Cherokee, opens the trunk and grabs a duffel bag. Oh and he's armed as well, a pistol is strapped to his hip and there is a submachine gun slung over one shoulder. Hoisting the duffel bag over his shoulder with one hand, he reaches in to grab a large pelican case and puts that down on the ground while he shuts the trunk. "What kind of shit hole did I get myself into now..." Shaking his head and mutters to himself out loud.
Maxim Another sniff to the air as the invitation is made to join in the food. Max approaches, though he pauses as he hears the beat up jeep. He actually starts to crouch ever so slightly, but seems to catch himself. Jumpy a touch perhaps. Still he makes his way up to the table. A rare smile is given to those present, and then he looks at the rolls and asks, "What are those?"

His bronze coin makes it's way out to his right hand meanwhile, flipping over the fingers of his gloved hand while he looks at what food and drink are present. He eyes the cinnamon rolls curiously, almost as if he'd never seen them before.
Elliott     Elliott watches Tabitha with amusement, a mirthful chuckle low in his throat. "You have a good appetite," he remarks lightly. He gives a nod as Eve comes in, teeth flashing as he offers a smile toward her. Then his gaze shifts as Maxim enters, looking between the two new faces, he offers, "Hello. " His light, alluring eyes slide back onto Eve, scanning, his smile flashing brilliantly. "The treats, brilliant," he says. He moves closer to her so he can extend a hand. "I'm Elliott." The noise outside pulls at his attention, head turning to look out. He's suddenly moving out, casual, his gaze finding John and studying the man thoughtfully. "Crikey," he murmurs. "Having a bit of trouble, mate?"
Eve "Nice to meet you Elliott, I'm Eve Magnusson. I am Emma's assistant." She murmurs, taking the hand and shaking it, her grip firm. "You're welcome to any of the treats that you might want, I'm having some more brought in tomorrow as well." Her gaze slides to Emma and she grins. "Including some tea for you, and some baby stuff for little Daisy." She finishes, moving to grab a cinnamon roll herself.
Emma "Oh - oh, really?" Emma perks a little, Eve knows the tea she likes. "I - I will get some after my coffee, an' some lil' outfits an' all?" She asks, grinning more. "Ha - have ya watched her yawn? I think I filled my phone wi - with videos of that alone!" Daisy seems to add a spark to her.

Taking this time to rest, the lass is looking to the group around her, as they talk and mingle, her scone all but forgotten. That's when John enters, her tired grey-green eyes move to him, curiously. But Elliott asked the question on her mind, so the shy doctor sits im her dirty scrubs at this moment, and listens.    
Tabitha Tabitha sips her coffee, pausing to lick icing off her finger, then bit off the handle of the coffee mug. Tabitha sorta crawls into her own little joyous world for a moment. Tabitha seems to be a weather-vane of some kind.. Beaming as Emma thinks of Daisy.. then perking up at the new arival, seeming to let Emma's change in behavior pull our out of some little private reverie.
John Black "Did you say rickets? Fuck off man, I'm not bow-legged or have a vitamin deficiency as you can plainly see." John retorts with a scowl towards Elliot, obviously not hearing what the man said correctly. Elliot can smell the booze off of him from where he's standing. John is hefting the duffel bag and pelican case with little effort as he stares down Elliot. "Not a very nice thing to say, especially with kids around." He glances over toward the assembled group inside the tent that Elliot just walked out of, hearing someone say something about a baby. "I'm looking for Doctor O'Connor or O'Shamrock, something like that." He then squints as he peers into the Tent, seeing if he can spot someone that looks like a doctor.
Maxim When no one answers him about what they are, Max simply reaches out to grab one and at least figure out how they taste. He brings it toward his nose and sniffs it, then has a tentative bite. Smiling after a few moments of chewing, he swallows, and wipes the icing from his facial hair. "Very good." The coin slips away and he looks about a moment. He's confused a bit about Daisy, until he puts together who Daisy might be.

A bow to everyone and Maxim softly mentions, "Excuse me. I hope everyone's day will be good." As for his, well he's got the cinnamon roll at least. As the man with the large duffel comes in asking about Emma he frowns a moment. Looking at the number of people in the room though, he slips behind the man to exit, though he'll try to stay nearby, just in case something horrible happens...
Eve Eve blinks towards the person who just entered, visibly moved by his language. She may be muddy and even a bit bruised but she's also a lady. She folds her arms over her chest and squints towards the stranger. "Welcome to Cabimas, may we possibly be of help to you?" She moves closer to Emma and turns to speak to her quietly. "Yes, we got her some clothes and other things, toys and binkies and the like." She gestures to John. "Do we know him?"
Emma Maxim gets a quick wave before he is gone. However the lass has other matters to tend to, that being this guy that has walked in smelling of booze. Both brows lift, for a second there is a faint smirk at the 'shamrock'. Before going to stand, Eve draws her attention. "Th - thank ya, means a lot ya - ya got that all for her." Adding a shake of her head, and patting her assistant on the arm, the lass puts her cup down, moving to stand. The Scot is graceful, even in her tired state, it counters her scrubs dirtied from hours, no, days of constant work.

The smell doesn't miss her, yet it gets no reaction, the big grey-green eyes are on him, her attention kept there as a delicate hand extends in offer to shake his. And if taken, the grip is perfectly balanced. "I - I be Doctor Emma O'Connal." The introduction finishes with a kind if not shy smile.
Tabitha Tabitha watches from her perch atop her seat, eyeing the newcomer. While everyone else's attention is pulled away, Tabitha takes another roll, and returns to her seat. Tabitha leans in her seat a bit to get a bettter view of this newcomer.
John Black John Black steps past Elliot, still carrying that duffel bag over one shoulder and holding onto that pelican case of his as both Eve as well as Emma have addressed him.

To Eve he says "Thanks, I think. Like I just said, I'm looking for a Doctor O'Hagus or somefing...are you?" But then Eve turns to the red head and start whispering stuff to her, which causes him to raise an eyebrow.

Then Emma speaks to him as she approaches, so he he sets down his Pelican case on the ground and extends a meaty calloused hand towards her. "Oh, so your the Doc O'Kraken I was supposed to meet. I'm John, John Black and I was hired to offer my services but instead they told me to meet up with you apparantly." He then glances around the room, noticing Tabitha who is watching him and then the plate of cinnamon buns. "Ma'am. I'm going to have to inspect those buns." At first he sounds serious but then he breaks into a slight grin, forgetting that Emma is speaking to him and he was going to say something rather important to her, like why he's here.
Elliott     Elliott's brow arches marginally, the other knitting, the corner of his mouth twitching with amusement. "/C/rikey, mate, not rickets," he murmurs out in an easy-going manner. His gaze trails after John as he moves past, and Elliott adds in, "Though now that you mention it..." He pauses, arching a brow again. "Fortified wine isn't like fortified bread." There is humour in his tone, passing off the miscommunication. But then the Brit inclines his head to glance around at Eve again, looking interestingly over at her. "O'Connal's assistant?" A low, 'hmmm,' escapes him. "Interesting..."
Eve Eve's gaze moves towards Elliott and she spreads her arms with a sardonic grin. "Do I look like a doctor?" She asks, a lilt of amusement in her voice. She leaves Emma to her conversation with John, but her eyes remain on the two as she sidles closer to Elliott. Once she's closer to the other man she mutters quietly. "Emma is..allowed to have an assistant, right?" She turns a slightly disarming grin on the man and then studies Emma, looking for any hint that the woman is uncomfortable with their new visitor.
Tabitha Tabitha snorts just a little at the various names for Emma. O'Haggis evokes a snort as a bit of coffee goes up Tabitha's nose.. at "inspect those buns", Tabitha just about falls out of her chair. Punchy from lack of decent sleep, she's does a wonderful job of not spilling her coffee.
Emma Emma rolls her eyes a little. "I - I don't know if yer sober or not, but, if ya came ta - ta talk ta me, do so." Even a shy, sweet person can reach their limit after days of non stop working. Arms cross some, yet her expression is neutral. "When - when yer ready ta talk, ya can find me, I - I got more important things ta do than stand here an be ignored. Lives ta - ta save an' all." Without a further word she goes to step around him and leave.
John Black "Crickets? No, thanks...nasty critters and kept me up at night. The little shits." John mutters when he hears Elliots comments and then can't help but be amused by Tabitha's reaction.

But then Eve pipes up with her question and he regards her with his steely grey eyes, "Doctor? Nope...a nurse, maybe but more like one of stylist hippie types." If you ask, he's going to give his honest opinion it seems, no matter how outlandish they may be.

He walks over to grab a cinnamon roll, squeezing it first and then takes a small bit and gives Tabitha a wink, "Those are mighty fine buns, ma'am." But there he goes, pissing off the person he's supposed to touch base with in the first place.

Walking back over towards Emma, he takes long and quick steps to move in front of the red headed doctor. In between bites of the tight buns he says, "Woah, hold on there missy doctor Emily O'whateves. I didn't mean to offend...I can talk now." He takes more bites of that cinnamon bun, while crumbs fall onto his shirt. "And being sober is more of a state of mind..."
Elliott     Elliott's gaze surveys each individual meticulously, his piercing blue eyes quite focused on picking up people's expressions. But while he's taking the scan seriously, his own expression is relaxed, a lips curved faintly. Turning his head fractionally to Eve as she speaks to him, his smile grows with warmth even as he studies the woman quizzically. "I- Hrm-" His eyes drop from her face again, an approving little flick of his lips when he his gaze flicks back up to look at her face. "Oh, yea, um..." He runs fingers through his hair, pushing it back his teeth flash at Eve. "I see no reason why you couldn't look like a doctor." His smile fades just a little, taking on a pensive look as he nods to Eve. "Oh, O'Connal /should/ have an assistant, for sure."

    His gaze slides towards John again, and both shoulders raise in a small shrug. "Blimey, close enough." And a soft hum escapes Elliott as his pale blue eyes trail towards Emma, watching her closely with an arching brow, curious.
Eve Eve makes a quiet noise, a muffled laugh that she turns into a cough to be polite. The amused look is gone in a flash when John speaks to her though and she clearly bristles, looking as if she's about to move in to give him a peace of her mind. She realizes where she's at though, and remembers that she has a job to do, and deliveries to corral. She subtly makes eye contact with two of the private security that TerraSave has brought with them and gives a nod towards Emma before she turns and starts to walk towards a truck that's pulling up. She chats amicably with the driver in fluid Spanish, leaning against the door. About ten boxes are carried toward the tent that Eve has been staying in and she waves the gentlemen unloading inside. She turns briefly and calls out to Emma, "Boss, I'm going to check on the supplies and then catch a few hours of sleep. I've got some things in here for Daisy, I'll find you or Esa with them." Giving the rest of the crew that's still awake a wave with her slender hand she yanks on zipper and closes her tent.
Tabitha Tabitha 's cheeks flush slightly at the more direct pastry compliment. She shoves a bun in her mouth just to give her something other than a salty comment to chew on. She watches John curiously.
Emma Right as Emma was walking away, her phone had beeped. Grabbing her phone from a pocket she reads the text and grins widely to herself.

With her head being down the lass would bump into John, and thus cheeks flair red, hands and phone tucked behind her back in lightening speed. Quickly, she puts on a neutral expression, as that text brought on a spot of good news. "E - Emma is fine." The redhead replies. "Ho - how 'bout ya - ya sit an' eat, then when yer feelin' more clear minded we can. I - I gotta go see a man 'bout a thing." She blinks, ducks her head down and would go to head out. "So - sounds good Eve." The lass then goes back to what she does most, work.
Elliott     A smile grows pleasantly on Elliott's face again as Eve grabs his attention with the quiet laugh. His eyes lock on her, studying the woman silently before, after a second, a low chuckle rumbles from his throat. He angles his head as he turns, gaze trailing after Eve as she heads out, before he turns back to look at the others. "I should go find what else I can do to assist," he announces, dipping his head once before he ducks out of the tent.
John Black "Emma. Got it. A man...about a thing? Rriigghhhtt. So that's what kids call it these days." John smirks as he replies to Emma as she bumps into him and yeah he's a pretty solid wall of muscle, but the smell of booze is stronger the closer one gets. "Sure thing, we'll chat later then."

Whether he heard Elliot or is just ignoring the man is inconsequential to him as he turns his attention back towards Tabitha. Eve's seething look towards him isn't caught either as she walks past him towards her tent with two security goons in tow.

"You really shouldn't eat those buns so fast. Thank goodness their are doctors around and believe me, you don't want me to give you the heimlick maneuver." John says to Tabitha as she stuffs that cinnamonbun down her mouth while she's blushing. Suddenly, he grimaces and puts a hand to his head as if he just got some sort of piercing headache. "Fuck..." After a few moments whatever happened seemed to have past, but he shakes his head and sweat starts to bead his brow. "Shit. Well, I better get going and pitch a tent. Got lots of gear I have to stowaway. I'll catch you all later." He picks up his pelican case and quickly exits the tent. Yeah there might be some muttering and cussing under his breath as he leaves.