Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger The day before there has been what would under normal circumstances ammount to a break-in at TRICELL HQ. Since it were not normal circumstances no footage exists, every room in the building appears untouched and most likely nobody suspects a thing. Today Doctor Markus Berger has reserved a fancy meeting room with a table at which at least a dozen people could take place at and is busy connecting his laptop to a projector and starting to display something with the title 'Evidence' at the next best wall.
Silent Night Knowing when and who reserved the room is something the quite attentive Archene Night would, and does notice... Specially after being noted about it. Politely, he openned the meeting room's door before taking a seat by Markus, and looking at him with a smile. Yes, he is wearing his standard overly expensive office suit. As usual.
Delia Delia is wearing a red halter shirt with a black pleated skirt, armed as usual. And close to Archene's side given some of the newly developed circumstances. She sits down next to Archene, her usual routine and waits for the meeting to start as she sips upon her coffee.
Markus Berger Markus doesn't say a word as he switches to the next image, a list containing the names and portraits of every TRICELL executive of South America. "I'll get started right away. These idiots are all gone, I checked to see if anyone is still around. They aren't as they apparently went into hiding, which makes us without doubt the ones fully in charge. Also all of them were involved in attempting to develop a new bioweapon. Sounds relatively mundane considering what we are used to, but it gets far worse." With that said the Doctor immideately switches to the next image with the title 'Plaga' and some scientific text below it.
Silent Night Archene smiles briefly at Delia before focusing on Markus presentation. He gives Markus a nod before saying, "That makes my job far easier, I had already been expecting them to be coming at me to wrestle me out of my position or cause needless problems beyond even the civil war." He looks at the next image, "Please, continue."
Delia Delia quietly listens as Markus explains and nods at their words, she has nothing to input for the time being. Archene is right, that does make things easier. Her eyes studying the images on the screen.
Markus Berger With a wave of his hand... Markus shows impressive inaccuracy as he tries to point at a particular passage of the text on the screem for at least several seconds. "Anyway, they were working on a project involving the study of a prehistoric parasite similar to the parasites capable of infecting insects and altering their behaviour. They believed that that that particular parasite could 'take control' of their victims and being the idiots they are they believed, this would make it an ideal weapon if it could be controlled." He immideately points to a passage further down on the image. "Those parasites are also assumed to be responsible for the rapid demise of the Mayan Empire. That meshes with the information I gathered about Umbrella financing an archeological dig down here for a temple dedicated to some supposed god called Plaga about half a year ago. Now comes the interesting part."
Silent Night Archene nods at Markus as he attentively listens to the lecture, waiting for the full explanation on the matter instead of possibly interrupting the Doctor at such crucial point of the explanation.
Delia Delia watches the slide show with intrigue as she listens to Markus, she can save her questions for the end after all. This is all very fascinating information after all.
Markus Berger "They got the research and samples through parts Corporate Espionage of Umbrella and by sending a mercenary team to the digsite Umbrella financed right here in Bolivar. Of course the team murdered everyone present. That is about all now though since I couldn't determine where the lab is they used for the research. Yet. In fact, I do believe we need to track down both the digsite and the lab while also keeping an eye open for Umbrella considering that we inherited the whole mess here. Also we need to figure out what forced the executives to go into hiding." With that said he at a reasonably quick pace switches through the last few images he has prepared before sitting down. "Anyway, I can at least confirm that there has not been any research of the T-Virus, but considering Umbrellas involvement that still doesn't mean anything good."
Silent Night Archene nods at Markus saying, "Then our priority is to obtain information on such digsites, discover where are our executives as well as recover our research?" He prompts for comfirmation, but regardless continues, "My sources also say that at the 80s there were a number of mines being closed down due to some sort of plague," He pauses dramatically, "Or Plaga. Miners even being sealed inside to avoid its proliferation." He sighs, "Also, it seems that we will have considerable problems with local cartels in the future as my lovely bodyguard is being targetted by them, and I am targetting some of their sources of money, and one of their cities. I'm already making proper counter-measures for this and will ensure that in that matter I can get, apropriate amount of support from the government."
Delia Delia looks to Markus and signs to him "Is there anything I can do to help you? Getting things under control and knowing what we have to work with are the number one priority I do assume. And some may be lingering in for all we know. Or have you been to the site already?" Then she is looking to Archene and listening to what he has to say. She then signs to Archene "Want me to explain to him why or would you prefer to?"
Markus Berger "Seems like the whole situation is going to get even more interesting then. By the way, if someone can find a way to get a good look at the zones in the southern part of Bolivar that have been put off limits by the Government, tell me. Antonio Gonzales, the former President of TRICELL's branch down here had been pouring money into a project down there so I assume we might be able to find a lab somewhere in that area." Having nothing else to contribute after all this the doctor looks over to Delia and smirks. "Just keep your eyes and ears open. As long as we can't actually find any of the locations we are stuck since I know neither the location of any of the involved labs nor where the digsite actually is aside from my educated guesses just now. So... who is going to explain what?"
Silent Night "I'll keep the information in mind, I'll see what I can do with the Government, maybe my arrangements will make it easy to go there." Archene nods before telling Delia, "You can do the explaining, it is better that way." He smiles before looking at Markus.
Delia Delia silently says and nods before she begins to sign "Papa wants me dead because I was arranged to marry his abusive nephew but I betray him and ran off. He sent me a note last night and he knows I am back. And he wants me dead. Or he will kill the two of you to hurt me. So you need to be careful as well Markus."
Markus Berger A blank stare is the first response Markus has to that information. Followed by a second response in form of the man opening his everpresent, oversized trenchcoat and displaying a bunch of medical supplies on the one side, and a chinese pistol plus a complete chinese assault rifle on the other one. "Is THAT careful enough? My clothes are also reinforced with kevlar and I'm wearing an armored bodysuit below my clothes."
Silent Night Archene chuckles at Delia's last words as well as Markus display, "Delia, like I said, there is no one here more careful than Markus." He chuckles, "If by any chance there is a chance of something bad happening, he probably has a plan, a countermeassure and a backup just in case. He will be safe enough."
Delia Delia silently giggles at Markus words and signs "That is careful yes." Then she looks to Archene as she signs "It is better to be safe than sorry. I just want to kill the asshole and his nephew."
Markus Berger "My plan is to shoot someones head off to make a point and bailing at the same time should I run into trouble, my countermeassure is dragging you and any support along to kill them before they even get the chance to do anything and my backup is doing the later after the former happened. In addition we both are essentially Khan and we also know what is likely the best medical doctor in the country." With that said the doctor readjusts the straps and holsters inside his trenchcoat before closing it again.
Silent Night "Those are very effective effective meassure, and of course we will be along with you in situations like that, don't worry." Archene then grins slightly, "Good thing we are all in the same side in the end." He smiles.
Delia Delia grins at Markus's words, she loves the idea of shooting someone's head off, the red mist spraying up from there neck as their body slowly collaspes to the ground like a jenga tower when the wrong block is removed. She signs "I am fine with this countermeasure." She nods and then signs "Indeed we are, I won't let anything happen to either of you."
Markus Berger With everything important having been said Markus closes his laptop and disconnects the projector from it, taking both with him. "Well, this concludes todays... everything, really. I'll just lock myself into my office and sleep since I spent the entire last night searching for all this. By the way, all data and documents are in your office Arch. Locked, secured and encrypted. Original data has consistently been deleted wherever found and the paperwork consists solely of the originals I found so I do hope there is nothing left to be found by someone who would like to try to ruin TRICELL's reputation... aside from the missing lab and research of course. The sooner we find the Las Plagas research, the better. Yes, I'm going to officialy designate the parasites Las Plagas."
Silent Night Archene nods at Markus as he stands up, "Be well, if anything new comes up. Let me know, I'll be contacting you with the time and location of our incursion into Caroara soon. I'll be reviewing the documents today in case I manage to find a connection that you missed or have any ideas unspoken. Tricell's reputation shall be pristine in this nation, furthermore pristine in the half of the continent." He nods firmly, "As for the parasite designation, Las Plagas seem very appropriate given that there may be even more than a single kind of it. Add it to the Project OAE just in case you have not yet, even if as a blank entry." He then turns, "I'll be at my office now." He gives Delia a nod and a smile before slowly walking off.
Delia Delia nods softly and signs to Markus "Text me if you need anything. I am going to resarch what I can in my office. Let me know if you find anything. I will text Archene and tell him then same." And then she is off to her own office.