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Rebecca Chambers Career Fair Day.

Although most students tended to avoid such things, the dutiful ones knew that the best way to actually use their degree was to get involved in the business of the recruiters here - apply for internships, and the like. Becca, for the most part, could be considered a dutiful student.

For the most part. She always kinda assumed she would go into something in the Umbrella corporation, so she never quite... looked at other things.

But here she was, with swag bags filled with... swag and brouchures, the young woman chatting animatedly with a person from the water company. A basketball player for the college team, her hair was cut short, and she was wearing her jacket, over a blouse and slacks.
Isabel Amidst the crowds and bustle of the RCU Career Fair walks another dutiful student, though not yet one of the U's members. Here to sign paperwork necessary to get her into college, Isabel Welsh has stopped to look in on the doings that are causing this crowd.

She hasn't had a chance to start a bag yet, so her hands are empty. She /is/ wearing a green canvas bag in olive drab, which hangs at her hip like a messenger bag despite obviously not being one. While her eyes scan the tables and the like with frank curiosity, her motions are less sure. She's a little lost in this, and self-conscious in her first pair of skinny jeans, new enough to lack any fading.

She narrowly slips past a tall young man with a bulging swag bag of his own, accidentally brushing hip-to-hip with a brunette in a jacket and slacks. "Oh! Please pardon me," she says hurriedly, blushing and pausing to apologize to her.
Claire Redfield Dutiful student is rarely used to describe the oft dishevaled Claire Redfield. Point of fact, she has progressively deteriorating grades in everything is not specifically tied to journalism... and those remain afloat only because nobody can deny that her articles are selling papers.

Nothing brutal, not yet, but she's become inseperable from pushing buttons on campus.

Like now, she's forming up with a group of seniors who are there specifically to protest the Career Fair... or at least use it as a platform to push their anti-umbrella agenda. Claire is there with her dingy overalls over a white t-shirt and her brown hair tucked un beneath an equally dingy beanie.

She's not out front of this thing, not yet, mostly just milling about looking at booths waiting for the fireworks to start.
Rebecca Chambers What probably could have served as an impetus for Claire's anti-Umbrella cronies was the idea that Umbrella sponsored a lot of this career fair. Sure, there was the typical National Forest Service types, the military, the hospitals - some startups hoping to snatch the best and brightest before they could be snatched away by others...

But Umbrella dominated this thing. And their logo was /everywhere/.

In fact, Becca had an Umbrella swag bag, judging by the design, and... well... what it was full with was anyone's guess.

Looking across, she spies Claire - and worse - the people she was lingering with. Rolling her eyes, it was in that moment that she was bumped into by Isabel - and her eyes snap that way. "Oh, sure! Um... wow!" she says. "Are you here to look at the internships and things as well?" she asks.

"Although..." she gestures towards Claire. It was an obvious gesture, she was chatting with the other. "...or are you with them?"
Isabel "...Sort of?" Isabel replies, her answering smile both sheepish and apologetic as she turns; apologizing over one's shoulder is hard! "I'm not sure what I'm seeing. You mentioned internships? I'm starting here next year, and..."

At that prompt, she follows Rebecca's gesture, spying the group of potential protestors. The realization of what they're up to draws a faint frown. "Oh, no, I'm just here by myself," she replies, aware of how pathetic that might sound. But why protest /this/?" she asks, puzzled, slipping her hands into the hip pockets of her jeans to ease the pinch. "I mean, it's just a Fair, career or otherwise."
Claire Redfield There's no real plan to these things, which drives Claire right up the wall. The guy who's running the group seems to be more interested in impressing some of the young ladies than actually protesting anything at all. His idealogical inconsistancies almost make him as bad as the people they're here to rally against...

The only saving grace, as far as Claire sees it, is that he often comes off looking dumb enough that she appears a preverbial genius when her article comes out int he paper the following day. Which is why she's there. Milling about at booths, constantly glancing up to see if the organizer is organizing things into action.

Always disappointed.

It is during one of these frequent glances that she spies Rebecca, whom she vaguely remembers once Isabel bumps into her... since that is exactly how ''they'' met too...
Rebecca Chambers Isabel must be a bumper. That's fine. Becca was the 'hi' sort of person, though.

Not that she knew of Isabel's nefarious practices, having just met the other young woman. "Yeah? With Umbrella, or someone else?" says Rebecca, chewing on her lower lip a bit. Yes, she had come here for the free swag and to look at the different divisions of Umbrella, but from the sad table at one of the corners, she had drawn up a brochure from...

It had a police badge directly in the center, surrounded by smiling men and women in uniform. One of the men had a headset, so he must have been a dispatcher or something. But God did they all look happy. Waggling the brochure at Isabel, she says. "I think we should go over and talk to them. I know one of them, and while she can be a little silly sometimes, they're all... nice," she says.

She was dubious about the man leading their little group.

Clearing her throat, she kinda approaches Claire at the group, putting on a peppy smile. "Hi Claire!" she says. "Are you here to look for internships and things too?" she asks, canting her head just a bit to one side.
Isabel That's her: User of the patented Bump & Greet, though only by accident. Isabel, looking over the little group, gets distracted by the brochure-waggling, and catches the name of its subject: Raccoon City Police Department. "I'm not sure yet. I was hoping something would catch my eye," she confesses. Unfocused Girl is Unfocused.

The suggestion comes as a surprise, but it's either go along with this Knower Of Protestors or lose her only point of contact here. "All right... um, call me Isabel," she says, remembering her manners -- sort of. "What should I call you?"

And now they're face-to-face with the overalled girl Rebecca had just made a beeline for. "Hi," she says simply, lifting a hand in a wave that she hopes is casual, her greeting smile hopeful if embarrassed.
Claire Redfield Claire pushes her glasses up higher on the bridge of her nose, watching Rebecca and Isabel cross the distance to where she's standing with the small group of wouldbe protestors who all turn at the shout of Claire's name.

Jordan, because that's the dubious strangers name, scoffs a bit. No doubt he's had his fair share of arguments with the adament Umbrella supporter that is Rebecca.

Claire just ignores him, "Hey, 'Becca... uh, not exactly shopping myself out for internships, but there was someone from the city paper tossing business cards at me.." Smiling, not quite peppy, but in the peppy family. She turns a little to share the smile with Isabel, "Hey... Claire." Holding her right hand out over the top of her left forearm.
Rebecca Chambers "Okay, so... what's your degree?" asks Becca lightly, her patented short haircut even shorter than it would be in S.T.A.R.S. later. It kept her hair out of her eyes for games, you see. "I mean, if you like science at /all/, there's Umbrella, of course - but there's foresty stuff, and the military is a good catchall..." she kinda bites her lower lip a bit.

"Oh. I'm Rebecca. Friends call be Becca, though," she says, with a grin. "Nice to meet you, Isabel," she says.

Glancing up towards Jordan briefly, Becca gives him the prettiest smile in the universe. One imagined it only barely worked. But her attention was mostly on Claire. "Oh yeah? I would think with the internet it would be harder and harder to be a journalist... um... do you have a blog or anything like that yet?" asks the Bekster.
Isabel Neither a supporter nor a protestor, though the uPhone clipped to her bag might suggest otherwise, Isabel offers Jordan a friendly-enough smile, though her attention is reserved for Rebecca and her friend. "I don't really have one yet," she admits. "I'm only starting next fall." And evidently she also has no plans on what to study when she does. "Cool to meet you, 'Becca, if I may be so bold."

She accepts Claire's offered hand, her smile gaining a touch of confidence. "Cool to meet you too, Claire. You're a newswriter? Will you be accepting a job with the paper? Or are you thinking of cyberjournalism? It seems to be a fast-growing field."
Claire Redfield "The market is definitely going the way of online, yeah..." Which probably explains why Claire has a laptop bag slung over her shoulder covered in nerd-fenelia. Imperial symbols and other such geekdoms.. "I do have a blog, but not many people read it. Mostly just Mr. Sprinkles." Said with a little smirk, "That's my cat, apparently." She has no cat.

"Uh... well..." She shrugs a little at Isabel, "I guess I'm more of investigator and fact checker than a journalist. I've written a few high profile articles, but nothing that's gone bigger than campus."
Rebecca Chambers "I'd like to read your blog too, if that wouldn't make Mr. Sprinkles jealous," says Rebecca, giving a brilliant smile towards Claire. Of course Rebecca was all about Umbrella - she was a Young Umbrella Scholar, her entire schooling bought and paid for by the loving hand of that company.

"Yeah? No clue at all?" asks Rebecca of Isabel. "What was your fave subject in high school, then?" she asks, tilting her head a bit to one side. Her attention returns to Claire.

"What's your favorite thing you've written so far?" she asks.
Isabel "Me, too! Is it public?" Isabel the semi-nerd asks eagerly, curious to see the obviously-talented Claire's work. "And there might be petting for Mr. Sprinkles, if it soothes his sense of privacy invaded," she adds knowingly. However clueless she might be about scholarly subjects, she seems to know something of animals.

Rebecca's question, though... "Computers... I think. But I also liked health studies... and speech, and... stuff." Such focus is an inspiration to any young scholar.

The largest of the Umbrella booths, representing the local branch labs, holds a few of the group's Human Resources people. One of them, whose sharp gray eyes aren't softened in the least by his square-framed glasses, has noticed Jordan. Noticing him. Rising from his seat, the Umbrellan moves to slip out of the booth, presumably to fetch the campus police.

Okay, /technically/ the group hasn't done anything illegal or even that loud. But it's only a matter of time, right?
Claire Redfield Knowing Jordan, it'll be all hot air and very little protesting. That's half the reason Claire is over here and not over there. He talks a big game, but it's all game.

Conversely, Claire has eyes like a raptor and spies that grey eyed labtech headed off in the direction of campus police without even really looking over in that direction fully. It's like she's got spider senses... turning to look back over her shoulder almost the second he stands up.

She follows him a few steps, then glances back at Jordan with a little head cant in the techies direction. Jordan nods and starts towards one of the booths sporting a microphone to grab hold of it, going into a full on rhetoric about how Umbrella bought and paid for the Arkley Mountains.. talking quickly as the girls he was conversing with start passing pamplets out to some of the students at the Umbrella booth.

One so happens to fall down right at Claire's feet... but she pushes one towards Rebecca and Isabel each, "Read it.. I checked the facts myself." Smiling a little, "Sizable 'donations' to the mayers office during a budget committee had large acres of land rezoned for industrial use..."
Rebecca Chambers "So everything and anything?" says Rebecca, grinning a bit. "Don't worry, it took me like... all of college to figure out I kinda wanted to go into biotech research with medicine. I'm taking an EMT certification course on the side at a community college to help with that - maybe I'll go be a doctor, as well. Doctor Chambers, right?" she says, kinda casting a wink towards Isabel as the young mary sue kinda glances over the pamphlet that Claire kicks over.

Pursing her lips, she looks over the stuff. "How could you fact check a lot of this stuff unless you knew someone inside Umbrella?" she asks, glancing up towards Claire. "If so, your sources are great, and... oh god, here they start," says Rebecca, bringing up a hand to hold her ear as Jordan goes into frantic anti-Umbrella mode.

"So they're building stuff - the donations to the mayor mostly just means the mayor is corrupt, right? It's good business to have government on your side, but the government should be honest."
Isabel Following Claire's gaze, Isabel nearly misses the pamphlet that's pushed her way. She manages to grab it before it can succumb to gravity. "Thank you, I think..." she murmurs, wincing as the Hero Of The People begins his spiel. Gad... drivel would be a compliment. If it weren't for volume and vitriol, Jordan would be losing his audience within minutes.

Sensing an argument about to start, she looks at her new friends, tucking away the pamphlet and pulling out her uPhone. "Could I have your phone numbers? Please? I'd like to stay in touch," she asks with a smile, proffering the device to each of them as she calls up her contact book. It's a nice neutral subject: Sharing contact information with the clueless student-to-be.
Claire Redfield Claire shrugs a little and smirks at Rebecca, "I would hate to give up my source." Which probably means it either is someone inside Umbrella or she hacked the systems. Neither option is likely to make her many friends.

"Yeah, they're building stuff... secret stuff in formally protected mountains with no fewer than seven endangered species sharing natural habitats..." Claire motions around them, the police are already starting to come in to break up the very short, but fierce, protest.

Even Claire's seems short on fuse and she takes the offered phone to quickly thumb in her name and number, spinning it around to hold over towards 'Becca.
Rebecca Chambers Not that Rebecca would be a little... ok maybe she would be a little narc. But either way - she brings up a hand to kinda rub the tip of her nose. "Oh, yeah - my /umbrella/ phone that was invented - it's decades ahead of the iphone, you know," says Rebecca, a bit high flootedly as she brings her phone out. "My number is 999-934-2352," she says.

A bit of a pause, and she purses her lips.

"Are you sure they aren't also doing a program to help save those endangered species? Because I could see Umbrella doing something like that.." she says, glancing up as the protest was ended fiercely. "...goodness. They weren't causing /that/ much trouble. Just being dumb," she says.
Isabel Hacker? Leak? Isabel isn't about to judge, accepting her phone back with a nod and smile of thanks so she can key in Rebecca's number and name. She already likes the two spirited girls, and the fact that they can disagree without resorting to smacking and pulling of hair is a mark in their favor to her. "Thank you both. At least I'll have someone to talk to once I move to Raccoon City," she says, giving both of them a smile.

And here come the breaker-uppers already! "Wow... that's fast response time," she observes. "Maybe we should slip quietly away now, before they think any of us had something to do with this..."

An impression that is likely not going to be discouraged if Jordan throws whatever it is he just took out of his pocket to Claire. He does seem to be looking her way now...
Claire Redfield "The uphone... Yeah, it only took me twenty minutes to crack one." Claire says with a little cant of her head, "The uphone that runs on a dedicated server bought by Umbrella to monopolize the cellular coverage in the area? With built in spyware that sends biometric data, shopping patterns, and physical locations to their monitoring firm?"

Claire nods a few times, "We can hope... like we can hope that the right to free speech would be allowed at a public event, given no violence was initiated?" She spins slowly, clutching her left elbow with her right hand, "Unless it's funded by Umbrella.. apparently."

It is not above Claire to orchestrate them being broken up fiercely for the sole purpose of making Umbrella look worse, however.

Claire, however, sees Jordan going to throw something her way and perks a brow just a little with her palms held out to catch it.
Rebecca Chambers "You... you're a hacker?" says Rebecca, looking wide-eyed and otherwise at Claire. Glancing between Claire and the campus police, she purses her lips. It was Isabel that draws her attention next though. "Of course! Text me anytime!" says Rebecca. "And... I guess we could. I don't think we have anything to fear though," says Rebecca, casting her eyes between the object.

And Claire. She really was trying to like the other young woman, she seemed so nice, and...

"...or do we?" she asks.

"And well, he was being kinda pushy and stole that microphone," says Rebecca. "Theft is still a crime, right?" she says, maybe sounding kinda lame. As for all that data-gathering, she kinda frowns a bit. "...well, they'll make better phones from that data. I'm sure there's nothing /private/ private being taken."
Isabel "They do have the right to peaceably assemble, though the owner of the mic might disagree about how peaceable they've been," Isabel has to admit, frowning at the spectacle of Police Versus Protestors. "Whoever started this, it's likely to grow in a hurry."

Jordan, seeing two U-Police closing in on him, hefts something in his hand and sends in flying Claire's way! She might have to take a couple steps to field it, but it's fairly well on-target.
Claire Redfield "Hacker? Nah." Claire shakes her head, "I dabble in code..." And yet she's carrying a laptop with her at a protest. Maybe she just hasn't come into her own on the computer? Still, she catches Jordan's tossed object just before it hits the ground.

The police come at her too, but she stands up and tilts her head, "Whoa... call my brother before you start getting handsy. Chris Redfield, he's S.T.A.R.S." A little name drop buys her just enough platitude to get out of this without getting lumped up into the mix with the rest of the protestors. Not that it would be the first time.

Or the last.

"Yeah..." She takes a few steps back and glances over at Isabel and 'Becca, "Probably should get out of here... you have my number." To Isabel, "Give me a call sometime, we can hand out!"
Rebecca Chambers Becca kinda rolls her eyes. "I was actually kinda looking forward to chatting with more people, but since this is ruined... I guess I'm gonna go get back to study," says Rebecca - although she pauses a moment as Claire mentions S.T.A.R.S.. Looking her way, she cants her head a bit to one side, a question obviously on her features - before she turns her eyes towards the exit, starting to head out.

"Yeah, I'd like to hang out sometime - with both of you - give me a call, alright?" she asks, lifting up her hand in a wave farewell.
Isabel "What's S.T.A.R.S.?" Isabel tries to ask, but Claire is already exiting, stage right. "Totally! We will, promise!" she calls after her new friend.

Becca seems to have the same idea of making herself scarce. Maybe scattering /would/ be wise, come to think of it. "Happy studying, 'Becca. I'll call you soon," she promises, looking around quickly for a way out.

What she sees is that pamphlet that someone dropped. "Better not leave any evidence," she murmurs, tucking her bag securely under one arm and stooping quickly to pick up the dropped literature.

She almost misses the pamphlet, sweeping her hand again to catch it up and leaning lower. The grab is accompanied by an impressive ripping sound as the seat of her skinny jeans splits open along the back seam. Gasping and blushing, Isable hastily holds the pamphlet in front of her backside and hurries for an exit as well.