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Emma It really isn't a good day for supplies to come. Thus far, the volunteers have done nothing but work, and seek rest in the spare moments they could. The clouds are heavy, they call of rain, and by no way is it going to be a light rain either, one may even think a storm is closing in on the poor souls of this city.

A few trucks come rolling in, more supplies. Given some were stolen and all, more were needed. Emma has changed out of her clothes and into scrubs, it's easier, and she can bring more. They being a dark teal, still show dried blood on them, and whatever else people secrete. Her hair is back, a little messy from constant work and little rest. The lass even looks a bit tired, but she won't stop till people are helped.

As the trucks come in, the doctor heads towards the road, lifting a delicate hand - her vivid red hair, making her stand out, as she goes to wave to them to stop.
Esa Esa for his part has stayed around the town that day to help TerraSave. His little mission was taking care of the child to allow the doctors and volunteers work on the patients and dealing with the last bit of supplies to be handed out.

As the new trucks roll in, he watches with intent, glancing to Daisy and moves to lay her in the bassinet before moving to assist them in unloading the truck.
Benny David Lezama was also watching the supply trucks rolling in, with much interest. But he's watching them from a distance, using binoculars and is laying down on his stomach and in a concelaed vantage point of higher elevation at the moment. His head and face are covered by that hi-tech ninja like helmet as he peers towards the supply convey, noting how many and then scans the area to locate where all the people are situated. Are there any lookouts or guards, are they armed and that sort of thing. He had drove out here on a motorbike, which is currently hidden nearby in case he needs to make a quick getaway.
Elliott     Helping and making a difference. That's what Elliott is for, now. It helps /him/ out, making him feel better. So Elliott is at work, absorbed and focus in it, that he has lost track of the time. That's definitely a big change, because Elliott would never have been such a hard worker in his former life. Sweat clings to his head, dampening his hair and making it fall in clumps over his forehead. He's lost his coat, down to just a plain shirt and pants, and looking kind of rugged... Kind of like... He might have looked in the past. Except that he wears a glowing expression, clearly quite content to be of assistance. He doesn't hurry, making friends with everyone he helps.

    There's a chuckle from him as Elliott amuses an elderly woman with a trick, offering a bit of entertainment and doing his best to raise spirits. He's squatted down, listening to the woman with his ear tipped closer to her. His head lifts and turns when the truck arrives, not moving from where he is, but his gaze trails after it and falls on Emma. He's ready to provide help if she needs it.
Emma No visible guards, just a bunch of do-gooders doing do-gooder things. The three trucks stop. With all the tents up and stuff, well, people can come and go with ease.

Looking over her shoulder to Esa, who has been with Daisy, a delicate hand comes up motioning for him to stay back. After that, Emma goes to the lead truck, that had come to a stop. The driver doesn't get out, the redhead goes to stop up on the foot rail and talk to the guy, who has his window down. The pair are speaking Spanish. Papers are handed over, the doctor steps down and begins to look them over, a pen between her teeth as the inventory is glanced at. Looking up with a nod,t he driver takes this as a signal, grabs his mic, and begin to spout out orders.

One truck starts up, loudly, with a puff of smoke from the exhaust. The driver pulls out and begin to drive off down the road to it's destination.

The other two trucks have their drivers and passengers opening their doors. Looking around eyes fix on Elliott before looking down to her paperwork. With a simple gesture of her hand, pointing to the truck with the pen she is holding, without saying a word, he's directed to go and help unload boxes. Maybe in her mind, he still has a lot to prove.
Esa Seeing the hand coming up to stop him, the young man gives a polite smile to Emma and steps back a bit with a limp. His foot falls are done softly as he approaches the bassinet and sits quietly in the chair next to it, leaning back and watches from a distance for now.

At times, his eyes check on Daisy whom just sleeps. A smile creeps across his lips as a thought dances through his head and he sighs, head shaking before looking back to the unloaders and volunteers.
Benny "Target acquired. Radio silence until further notice." David says in a low modulated voice into his helmets comm link. He watches the lone truck as it leaves, formulating a plan in his mind and quickly gets to his feet heading towards his motorbike. He starts up the bike and from this vantage point he has a pretty good idea where that truck is headed, so he is going to ride his bike on an intercept course.
Elliott     Elliott catches the gesture from Emma and nods in acknowledgement. He turns back to the woman he was helping, excusing himself. "All right, you get some rest," he says kindly, patting a hand lightly against her shoulder. "Don't lose that smile, now," he encourages, his laugh soft and warm as he straightens up from his crouch. His eyes pass over Emma, offering a tentative smile, and passes around the surrounds alertly with a nod towards Esa as he moves over to help with supplies obligingly.
Emma Others come to help unload boxes as well, each being put into their designated area. Emma passes Elliott a small glance, but that's about it. With the paper work done, it's handed over to the driver. Tiredly, a hand sweeps through some of her hair, it's looking like the lass is in need of rest, and soon. But keeping so busy and avoiding eating - more like, she just doesn't seem to be hungry, will eventually take a toll on someone. Moving out of the way, there is a glance to where Esa is. "I - I think we're getting' more baby formula, she outta be ready for 'nother feed soon, thankfully. Was startin' ta worry." But a hungry baby is a good sign.

Meanwhile, the other truck heads further and further down the road, but seems to start to slow down, seeing someone on a motorcycle heading his way. To be courteous the driver pulls closer to the side of the road, to give the biker room.
Esa Standing up, the young man moves over to Emma's side and gives a genial smile to her. "She's eaten through four bottles today. Probably a few more before the night is through." He replies with a congenial tone of voice. He studies her for a moment, then his hand reaches to her shoulder in a benign touch and squeeze. "Hun, you should eat, rest." He says quietly.
Benny David gives the truck driver a friendly wave as he lets him by on his motorbike. What a friendly driver he is. The motorbike goes around the supply truck, but then looks like the rider has lost control a bit. The bike starts to wobble, must have hit a pot hole or a rock or something and the rider then pitches the bike over! The motorbike starts to slide and David ditches the bike just in time, rolling to a stop not far from the motorcycle. He isn't moving, luckily he was wearing a helmet or he could have suffered a serious head injury. Hopefully that truck that pulled to the side and let him pass will stop and not run him over...
Emma Emma lifts a brow, staring at Esa. As she steps away, to check on what's going on, she comments in an off-handed way. "I - I'll sleep when I die again." In her mind, there is just to much to do. "It - it's good that Daisy is so - so hungry." That is a big relief for her.

The truck driver would give a casual salute to the motorcyclist, looking in his mirror just in time to see David take a pill. The truck comes to a hard halt. At that time the plunking sound of rain can be heard, with the distant sound of thunder. Uncaring, he gets out, thinking first and foremost to help the guy, leaving his door open and keys in the ignition. He calls out in Spanish, but the tone gives away that he is asking if the guy is okay.

"E - Elliott," The rain begins to fall harder, the doctor had heard the sound of thunder. "Can - can ya come an' start ta - ta secure nets?" People are beginning to rush about, knowing a storm is coming in. Supplies and people must be kept dry.

The rain begins to come down harder and harder.

"E - Esa," He is then turned too. "Can ya - ya make sure she is kept warm? We can't risk her getting' sick."
Esa A frown creases his lips as Emma walks away and makes her comment, clearly hurt by the remark. Taking in a breath, he releases it and shifts his attention to the sound of the storm. "Emma, you should check in with that third truck with the storm rolling in." He comments idly.

Being asked to check on Daisy, he turns and walks over to the bassinet quietly.
Benny David was playing possum, the friendly driver had taken the bait and as he gets closer to him he will spring his TRAP! He uses his legs and foot sweeps the poor driver, then hand springs from his back to his own feet, like the ninja martial artist that he is.

He doesn't want the driver to get back up to try to stop him but instead of punching the poor man or kicking him, he will put him in a rear naked choke, which he applies properly so that he won't crush the man's windpipe, just merely depress the carotid arteries, which will knock the man out but cause no permanent injury. He then rolls the man's unconscious form to the side of the road, then quickly gets into the truck and starts to drive away.

The bike will be left behind for the truck driver to use if he wishes, the serial number has been removed and the licence plate is stolen. He was wearing gloves the whole time he used the bike, so no fingerprints will be left behind for any police to find.
Elliott     Elliott jogs over to the truck to begin helping with supplies, offering nods to the surrounding volunteers, vocal in his assistance, concerned with keeping up spirits as well as providing help. He stalls when Emma says his name, a brow arching lightly as he turns his head toward her. He catches Esa and hers exchange, which creases his brows as he hmms. "Aye, I can," he responds. Elliott hesitates, light blue eyes flicking to Esa, to Emma, and he moves a step in her direction. "Hang on," he says, raising an opened hand in front of him. "We needn't have the doc going and keeling over from exhaustion." And then there's the grimace, because Emma still makes him nervous and ashamed, but still showing the important look in his features. "After we've finished with this, you're going to get something to eat." And then adds in, "Right, the nets." And he moves to do that.
Emma The rain begins to fall heavier and heavier, those dark clouds looming like weights in the sky.

Emma nods a little to Esa, it's a good idea. She goes to the radio - which isn't far away and grabs the mic. "Tru- truck three ya there?" The doctor asks, then tries again. "Tru- Truck three this is doctor O'Connal com - come in tha storm is gettin' worse." Her Scottish accent may be a hit choppy given the weather, she also tries again in Spanish.

Pausing and looking to Elliott there is a frown. "Fine." Is he flat reply.
Esa Picking up Daisy, Esa cradles her lightly as he listens to Emma call in to the truck. As no answer is returned, a frown creases his lips and he slips babe back in the bassinet. Asking a volunteer to watch over her, he quickly exits the tent.

The rain was falling now, the dark clouds looming over, heavier the splash went. The Black Escalade passes down the street where the truck went, pausing as it sees the bike. Stepping out, he quickly investigates the scene, spotting tracks heading off.

Something was amiss. Climbing back inside the escalade, he drove off, on after the tracks left behind in the mud by the truck.
Benny David, doesn't answer the radio when Emma calls in of course as he's too busy driving in the rain. He tries to floor it as best as he can to get some distance but the slick roads and the heavy load of the supply truck, limit his abilities. He takes the truck onto the highway and will make his way to an area that is BLF friendly, so he can drop off the goods.
Emma Emma slams down the mic, angry. She takes a breath and watches Esa take off. For a second the lass considers going but then thinks better of it. Seeing as Esa is one of the few she truly trusts, there is confidence that he can handle it.

With the rain pouring now, help is needed here. Off all people, she goes to help Elliott get tents and such secure.
Elliott     Aware of his surroundings, Elliott looks over towards Emma with a frown, in the middle of securing one of the nets. "O'Connal?" he asks aloud, concerned. "Is something the matter?" While he concentrates, too, on his task.
Emma "No." Emma says to Elliott, not even looking his way as she replies while working. A trained Psychologist like him would hear her exhausted slip. Much to her dismay.