Umbrella Surveillance System
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Delia Delia recieved something in a non-descript envelope, directly to her office. And it troubled her immensely. When she opened it, it was filled with purple petals and a note that says

'He never forgets,
Soon you'll be handled,
Watch your back
Poca Pantera Traidores
See your blood soon
El Papa

She immediately texted Archene after reading it, telling him it was urgent. She thought she kept her cover hidden well enough, but El Papa found out she was back here some hor and she was pacing in her office.
Silent Night Archene soon receives the text, and comes over to her office. She would not say something is urget, if it was not.

He quickly comes into her office, wearing his suit, but despite the calm look of his face, it is possible to notice that his right hand is tense by his waist, just in case. He even glances at the sides of the room before closing the door behind him. He looks at Delia, "Tell me, what happened Delia."
Delia Delia walks over to Archene and grabs his wrist, leading him over to her desk and handing him the note. The petals still all over her desk. Her eyes studying him as he reads the note she recieved.
Silent Night Archene furrows his brows as he reads the note once, then a second time. He looks at Delia, "I assume that there is something regarding this I don't know that would be as helpful in keeping you safe as knowing you got this note."
Delia Delia swallows softly and nods before she begins to sign "Yes there is. I... betrayed him... I use to work for him... when I was younger and well... I was suppose to marry one of his nephews but I back out of it and stole some money. And the petals are because those were suppose to be my bouquet as I walked down the aisle."
Silent Night Archene nods slowly at her, saying, "I see." He ponders, "When betraying an employer, specially a vindictive drug lord, avoid doing so in what they can consider matters of family. If it was just money I could probably just bail you with enough resources." He sighs, "We will just have to be careful in Caroara, likely, that there is part of his turf. Avoid going to places outside government influence, where I can at least keep you safe. After I get hold of -my- plantation, which I'm beginning to think may be of his people, we should have a safe place to stay."
Delia Delia silently sighs and signs to Archene "His nephew was an abusive asshole. He would hit me around. It is why I am how I am. Why I just enjoy killing so much. I imagine it is his nephew every time, each enemy. It fuels my blood lust. And I want to kill Papa and his nephew. I refuse to let them make my life miserable ever again. I would never betray you. You believe me, right Archene?" Her eyes nervously studying him as she moves to sit on top of her desk.
Silent Night "Then it seems we have a number of people in our list to kill," Archene smiles quite warmly at her, "I won't be forgiving people who hurt you or have plans to do so." He then smiles at her, "And of course I trust you, dear. You also trust me to not betray you, right?" He asks sincerely.
Delia Delia nods softly and signs to Archene "I would agree that we do indeed. I know you wouldn't betray me Archene. Otherwise I wouldn't come to you with this. I assume we also need to tell Markus about all of this. I need to get stronger..."
Silent Night Archene smiles at Delia, lightly putting a hand on her shoulder, "Then all will be well, we can tell that to him on our next meeting. He may be a lot of things, and trustable is one of them. Plus it is easier to do things when he is thinking about everything."
Delia Delia smiles and nods as she signs to him "Alright. Now why don't we grab some dinner at your hotel room. Or grab something to go on the way to it. I just rather not be alone. And I want to protect you. I think he will hurt me by coming after you."
Silent Night Archene smiles, "We should grab something on the way, you can stay on it for a while." He smiles, "And you've read the report, he'd probably have to spent half of his men to really do something to me. I'd worry more about you in this case."
Delia Delia smiles as she grabs her things and begins to head out to the hotel with Archene as she signs "I did read it yes and you pick where. You know what I won't eat."