Umbrella Surveillance System
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Flynn It was in the middle of the afternoon and the temperatures were mild. Mild, though would be putting it lightly in the tropical jungle location of Maracaibo, Bolivar. There was an air of stickiness the hung with the mild temperatures that reached into the upper eighties and nineties. The sky itself was cloudless, allowing the sun to beat fulling upon the earth and buildings, soaking into the concrete to make it feel all the more hotter in the downtown district.

The building for Flynn's PI Office looked like a crap hole of a concrete building, worn looking and sitting on the leading edge of all the major businesses and night clubs. Even so, it had a welcoming feeling to it as the sign appeared freshly made above the wooden door.

Inside the air conditioning hustled to keep up with the outside heat. Sitting at a desk is an young looking lady whom appears to be working on a computer system.
Benny Benny rode in on a motorcycle, which doesn't attract too much attention considering he is wearing a hi-tech helmet, which could be easily mistaken for a motorcycle one. Getting off his bike, he doesn't remove his helmet even though it is hot and walks into the crappy looking building that is Flynn's PI Office.

As he gets inside, he finds the correct room number and then opens the door slowly before stepping inside and shutting the door behind him. He looks at the secretary from behind the fully sealed face shield of his helmet, his features completely hidden underneath the helmet. He nods and in a modulated voice says to her, "I have an appointment." Then he waits patiently for a reply, folding his hands in front of him as he stands by the closed office door. The assortment of weapons he is carrying isn't as obvious as the scabbarded Katana blade on his back.
Flynn As the door dings open the young lady looks up to Helmet Benny. Hi-...." A pause is given as funny look crosses her face. "Sorry Darth Vader, but sir Emperor Palpatine left with the rest of the StormTroopers after the convention ended three days ago. If you would like, I can give you there contact information and hopefully they can pull you in the 501st Bolivar group." She smiles rather sweetly to him as she finishes, hands clasping pleasantly on the desk. She wears a blue skirt with thin straps, has wavy blond-brown hair that comes just past her shoulders, and blue eyes.
Benny Removing his helmet, he tucks it underneath one arm now revealed his face. An asian, there is a long nasty looking scar that runs diagonal across his face from above his left eye, down across the bridge of his nose and past his mouth. His black hair is long, his bangs partially cover one eye and shaved on the sides with a ponytail that hangs just past his neck. His skin is tanned bronze, much darker than his normal complexion from numerous tanning salon sessions. His features seem hardened, rougher looking somehow through cosmetic surgery. he replies with a wry smirk, "Very funny. But Mr Dresden is expecting me. You look great by the way, as usual and you still haven't gotten back to me about whether you want to go to comic-con in San Diego." He gives her a wink. "Hot as hell in here and this get up doesn't help matters." Glancing around the office a bit and waiting patiently for his contact to show himself.
Flynn Kathy grins at Benny, her head nodding. "Mister Dresden is currently unavailable." A beat is given as she stands up, walking around to lean against the table, eyes glancing up, then down. "I haven't been to San Diego in years." She playfully bites her lip and adds "May have to take you up on the offer."

About that time, in steps another man with auburn red hair, beard and mustache. He looks to be in his mid to late twenties and takes out a handkerchief, dabbing his face and neck before putting it away. "still not use to the weather." He mutters to Kathy before sensing another presence in the room.

Green eyes looking to Benny, he tilts his head in a angled nod, hmm "Andrew Dresden, how can I help you?" He asks, hand extending out.
Benny Benny nods to Kathy and gives her a shy smile, one that is more like his old-self. "Really? Well, you should because it is a limited time offer after all." After he speaks those words and seeing Kathy biting her lip, his cheeks would flush just a little but the tanning of his skin makes it hard to see the redness.

When the auburn haired man steps into the room, his attention shifts towards him and his expression changes back to a more cold, caculating one. "Mr Dresden I presume? I never thought I would get a chance to meet you, except maybe when the geese fly south in the winter..." He speaks the words clearly and nods his head in a simple polite fashion. His hands are still folded in front of him as he took a few steps towards Kathy when she stood up from her desk.
Flynn Kathy smiles warmly to Benny, "Well sweetie, how about I write you my number and we'll talk." She winks playfully as the attention drifts to Flynn as business is about to be conducted. Turning, she heads around the desk and sits, scooting in and listens.

"South? Are you sure it's not North?" Flynn asks, hand extending out to him to shake as he inquires.
Benny Benny glances towards Kathy, that wry smirk is back. "If it begins with 911, I know you are just teasing me." He gives her another wink and then turns back towards Mr Dresden, extending his hand to grip his in a firm handshake. "Nope, hundred percent sure it is south. Pleasure to meet you." He says in a respectful tone and makes eye contact with Flynn as he shakes the man's hand.
Flynn His shake was firm as he nods his head. "Pleasure Benny." He replies as he steps behind him and locks the door, twists the shades closed and gesturs with a hand to follow him.

Walking to the back wall, he flips down a pad pressing a few buttons and a hidden door beeps and slides open. Again gesturing for him to follow, Flynn walks inside to a safe cabinet. Pressing a few quick successions of keys, the safe opens and he with draws a metal briefcase.

Setting the case on the table, he spins the dials clicking the buttons and opens. Out comes a passport, identification card for Bolivar identifying him as 'David Lezama' Asian-Bolivarian native alongside an intelligence report. Giving the information to him, he says "Read the report and hand it back." Turning while the hand with information toward him, he pulls out a burner phone and also gives it to him "My number is on this. Do not call me from any other number besides this burner phone unless it is an emergency. Your code word for extraction is Lazarus."
Benny Benny gives Kathy a small wave, then follows Flynn into his office and then through the hidden door. As Flynn gets out the metal briefcase, he listens carefully to the man's instructions and then picks up the passport, reading it thoroughly before tucking it away. "I'm David Lezama, I was born in Bolivar but raised in the United States which explains why I don't have any accent or fluency in the language here. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood, joined a gang in my early teens and the martial arts classes that I took didn't help me learn discipline." It seems he has put quite a bit of thought into this. "I heard about the plight in my homeland, burned some bridges back in the US and now a mercenary for hire to join the BLF." He then reviews the intelligence report, taking his time to re-read it over and over until he's memorized it as best he can before handing it back. "Got it and understood about the phone. Lazurus is the code for extraction." He repeats it back to Flynn and nods. "I have a few ideas about proving myself to the BLF to gain their trust. Going to start off by getting them supplies, steal from whomever I can and make myself useful." He then pauses and then adds, "Oh and I have safe house in the jungle. Well hidden. Do you need the coordinates?"
Flynn Flynn listens, or at least appears to be listening to him as words like "huh-uh" and "hmm" are given as he puts everything away. the report given to Benny on the other hand is placed in a slit in the wall with a red button next to it. Closing the slit, he presses the button and one could feel heat coming off it for a moment. Turning, Flynn looks him over again "Looks like the doctors did a good job with the scar. You would not have passed as a gangster otherwise. Besides that, your friends are here. Keep low, keep quiet. They shouldn't recognize you unless they give you a close once over. As much as the helmet looks silly, it will probably be your best deterrence of having your cover broken."

A beat "Do not break your cover for whatever reason. BLF is dangerous and liable to kill you if they find you out to be working undercover." He sighs, nodding "Good luck David. Keep the phone close as that is our main sour of communication." A pause "As for your safe house? Less I know, the better it is for you. Besides, if I really need it I have methods to find it." He smiles on that.
Benny Benny gives you a nod, "Understood." Is his only reply and touches his scar with one finger, tracing it down towards his mouth. "What is the best way to get intel back to you then?"
Flynn "A weekly text will go out that books are due on X date and will give you a drop location. From there, simply drop it off and I'll extract it." Flynn replies. "They'll be random locations throughout the city." He adds.
Benny Benny nods once more. "Sounds good." He puts the burner phone into a hidden pocket in his pants. "...and thanks. Anything else I should know about this mission?" He asks in a respectful manner and folds his hands in front of him, standing at attention almost.
Flynn "Everything you read is what I have David, sorry." Flynn says genial tone. He guides the man back out of the room and to the door. "I'm sure you'll do fine and if any changes arise to the mission, we will let you know."
Benny Benny gets ushered out of the room by you and replies, "We shall be in touch. Stay safe." As he passes by Kathy, he turns to her and gives her a shy smile. "Looks like I might have to take a raincheck on comic-con. But I'll try to make it up to you." He then puts his helmet on, making sure it is properly sealed and turns to face the both of you. "I disintegrations." he then points his finger like Darth Vader did towards Boba Fett in that famous scene on the Death Star.
Flynn Kathy pouts at Benny but does write down an address and slips it to him, winking as she stands, walks to the door and unlocks it, allowing him to leave. She then goes to the shades and opens them as Flynn closes the secret door.
Benny Benny blinks, beneath his helmet his surprised expression hidden from view, when Kathy /actually/ gives him the piece of paper with an address written on it. He's too shocked to even speak in fact and slips the piece of paper into his pocket. When she opens the door, he looks at her giving her a big shy smile but all she see's is her own reflection probably in the black ninja-like facemask and then opens the door a crack, slipping out so that it would be difficult to look in, even though Flynn already closed the secret door.

He walks back to his motorcycle in silence, lots of contemplating to do and he's still rather discombobulated by Kathy's reaction to his comic-con comments. Hopping onto his motorbike, he starts the engine and then rips off down the street. Time for the world to get a glimpse of what David Lezama can do!