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Emma Dawn has cracked across the sky, and soon it will get warm. The night had been cool.

The relief efforts continue, people push forward. There has been death, there has been life, there has been work, unrelenting work. Luckily, the camera crews have backed off, and people have found their niche.

As for Emma, she likely has barely stopped, and barely ate. She is leaving a tent, finished with a sick elderly woman, looking up to the breaking sun and frowing a little. Had she been working all night?
Markus Berger Doctor Markus Berger by now had made his way@emit Doctor Markus Berger by now had made his way to Cabimas. Previously work had gotten in way of personaly showing up to help out, although that would've been for other reasons than any kindness of his heart, but with some of his workload being off his shoulders he at least gets around to take a look at things now... while carrying a cup of coffee in one hand and a box of sandwiches in the other as he approaches a certain tent to track down a certain someone.
Bob Looking a little haggard himself, his clothes stained with... well, whatever, Bob is out and about and sucking on a cup of coffee, trying to find the next person who might need his help. And then he spots one, Emma. A frown appears on his face and he starts heading in her direction, eyes fixed on her until he almost walks into a guy with sandwiches who seems to be headed the same way. A friendly and apologetic "Lo siento" comes out of his mouth as he steps a little bit out of the way. Some more rapid fire Spanish flies out of his mouth, "Good idea. Time to make her take a break and get some food."
Emma Emma has of yet, does not see Bob, nor Markus. Her clothes are dirty, hair a bit of a mess. Aviators on the top of her head, as they are not needed. A medic comes and hands her a chart, to which the lass nods and takes it, beginning to look over some papers, taking the pen hooked onto it to write down notes.

Hearing her cellphone beep, it's fished out of her pocket, the text read, and then it's put back. That's when those grey-green eyes take in everything around her, thus finally seeing Markus and Bob, greeting them with a tired smile.
Markus Berger Without so much as reacting to either Emma or the other fellow nor saying anything Markus simply walks up to Emma and holds up the coffee cup and the sandwiches. At least for a bare moment before he pipes up in a rather deadpan tone. "Say nothing. Five minute break at the very least. Brought some things along, since you are quite predictable."
Bob "Hey sweetie," Bob says to Emma when he sees her smile at him, sticking his hands in his pockets and rocking back on his heels when he gets close to her. Not knowing the guy, Bob is still more than happy to back him up, "Gotta get some rest and some grub in you, otherwise you'll start making mistakes. You need to stay on the ball out here, right?"
Elliott     Sleep is so overrated. Besides, it isn't easy to sleep in a place like this, with all that is going on, unable to turn off his mind. Maybe Elliott grabbed a couple hours, but it couldn't be much more. Instead, he's been wandering around the place with a certain vigilance, those piercing eyes of his looking over people, a deep reflective look as he really /looks/. For a moment, he looks down, shifting on his feet as his expression twists with a pensive look, noting the mud and dirt stuck to his shoes. He shrugs it off, however, and lifting his head high, moves forward.

    "'Ey, mate," Elliott calls out warmly as he spies Bob. A 'hrm' escapes him, and he drops a notch into a serious tone. "Did you get things sorted..." Here, Elliott pauses, because his approach to Bob brings him closer towards... Emma. It causes him to hesitate just a tad, his smile faint as he, for the moment, stands back and takes in the scene.
Emma The clipboard is tucked between her knees as delicate hands come up to pull out the headband, and then put it between her teeth as she smoothes out her hair and then takes the headband back and puts her hair up. All that is done while looking at Markus, with a brief amused smirk. "Ya - ya survive a zo - zombie apocalypse wi - with someone, an' live roomie with them for a while an' - an' they think they know ya." Of course, she is kidding, and gives a quick thankful smile, one hand taking the offered coffee, another grabbing a sandwhich.

Then to regard Bob, the bite of food she has taken is swallowed first while her cheeks go a bit red when he calls her 'sweetie'. "I - I know, but th - there are so many needin' tendin', and I can't seem ta leave Daisy's side if I got a minute." Daisy being the baby they delivered the day before, the baby of the mother who died during childbirth. "She - she be doin' good, though."

But then, there is Elliott, who is easily noticed now, her grey-green eyes fix on him, in an unsure sort of nature. "He - hello." Is the greeting he gets, because, no reason to not be pleasant.
Markus Berger The doctor simply nods briefly with a wry smirk as he takes a moment to take a look around now that he at least is rid of the coffee. "To say that you have been busy would be an understatement, hmm? We heard about this all the way back during a meeting in TRICELL HQ... while Archene was apparently planning to do what you all just did. Good job on stealing him the show, might deflate his ego for a bit and get him to help me first."
Esa A black Escalade heads down the narrow dirt road leading in to the town of Cabimas. Driving down through the center of town, it stops just outside of the relief tents idling for a moment before being turned off.

In the wake of the dust picked up by the drying dirt settles, One Agent Esa Collins opens the driver side door and steps out. Eyes taking in the place quietly for a moment with a passive face. Turning, the man heads to the tents, pulling shades off as he steps in and asks, "Emma, got your message." A pause as he hears her talking to Bob "Daisy?" He asks before seeing the child in the bassinet and proceeds over to her "Aww, aren't you a cutie." He whispers sweetly to the child.
Bob "Yo man, que pasa?" Bob replies to Elliott with a big grin, looking pleased to see the man. "Yeah, I got everything squared away. I was afraid it was someone going for morphine, but it was a volunteer looking for some bandages." There's a shrug, "It's cool, though." Elliott's hesitance catches Bob's eye and the medic looks back over his shoulder to see what might be causing it, a curious look upon his face.

Looking over at Emma Bob nods, "Yeah. I was up half the night but I still grabbed four hours." He takes a long look around, looking over the scene, "There's a little lull in the action now."

Esa gets a Bob greeting, "Yo. What's up, man? Glad you could make it out here."
Elliott     Gazing at Emma dredges up so many past memories that Elliott looks away briefly, under the pretense of surveying some of the other people nearby. He lets out a soft breath, rocks slightly on his feet, and smiles pleasantly as he glances back. Providing Bob with a down-tilt of his head, his teeth flicks visibly momentarily as he grins. "Glad it all got taken care of, then," he comments. Turning to look over to Emma, he offers her a good-natured smile. "O'Connal," he greets stiffly. His eyes stare at her carefully for a second before he adds in, "Didn't sleep much, did you?" His tone is sympathetic and understanding. Shifting his gaze to Bob, the corner of his mouth tugs into a lopsided smile briefly before he glances at the faces he has not meet. "Hello," he extends to both Esa and Markus. "The names Elliott."
Emma Emma regards Markus with a hint of surprise. "I - I what?" asks the lass. "He - he what?" Having no iea, hell, she doesn't know what to say.

Looking over as Esa arrives, he's given a smile and small wave. "D - Daisy was a - a baby we delivered, her mama died on tha table." Of course, this makes her sad. "Go - good, ger yer rest." Is added to Bob.

Then she looks to Elliott, in a sort of blank way, her expression hard to read. "Ke - keepin' busy too aye?"
Esa Looking over to Bob, Esa smiles "Been alright. Just getting settled in the city. And yeah, Em's asked if I could swing by to assist with a few things." He replies casually. Looking to Elliott, he shakes the mans hand, saying "Esa Collins." His handshake is firm as he shook. Letting god, he glances to Emma with a smile and twiddle of his fingers. As she speaks, his face shifts to a sadden, sympathetic look, his head canting in a slight nod "I'm so sorry to hear that." Then, gently does he pick up Daisy and begins to sing a soothing lullaby in Gaelic that switches to English at times as he rocks her calmly.
Markus Berger Markus just smirks at Emma's confusion and doesn't bother elaborating. At the very least not now. Instead he looks over to Elliot and briefly nods, not shaking his hand since Esa got around to do that before him. "I'm Markus Berger. Doctor Markus Berger to be fully precise."
Bob With a deep nod at Esa, Bob grins, "Good. Glad you're getting settled. I've almost gotten over my headache thing all the way so I can actually enjoy the sun and the weather." He watches Esa with the baby, hmming to himself at the funny talk singing.
Elliott     Elliott dips his head as he gives Esa's hand a shake, smile stretching amiably across his face. "A pleasure to meet you." The same courtesies are given to Markus, hand stretched out in turn, offering another, "A pleasure." He is silent when he listens to what's being said between the rest of everyone here, one brow creasing while the other rises marginally. With a perceptive, curious look, his gaze shifts between the faces of who is talking with an earnest expression. Eventually, El will speak up again, pushing a hand through his hair. "If you've got a job I can help out with, I- uh- can go and get to it," he offers, his eyes locked on Emma as he says this.
Emma Mr. Blue eyes gets a return stare, but it's level, questioning in a way. It's pretty clear to him, she remains unsure of him, sighing a little she nods slowly. "Fi - fine," The redhead says softly. "Th - there are some elderly, th - that need washin', if yer willin'." Maybe, this is a test.

"How - how is Archene then?" Is the question posed to Markus. "It is strange not - not livin' with ya two anymore, ya'know. But I'm glad ya came, an brought food." The sandwhich is held up, with a quick thankful smile, then followed by a bite. "Bob I - I am glad yer headache is goin', 'bout time, ta be honest." Because that did worry her.

Them, she hears Gaelic, and spots Esa holding Daisy, and singing to her in partial Gaelic. "Wh - when?" Is all Emma asks, obviously about him speaking Gaelic, her tone just as surprised as the expression on her face.
Esa The Lullaby was short, a sweet melody called 'Cradle Song' mostly sung in Gaelic, with a few minor words he had not learned sung in English. The baby yawns, stretching ever so slightly and curls against him as she fell asleep.

As his words finish, the young man's cheeks flush in realization that he sung it mostly in Gaelic. Looking to Emma, his lips curve a bashful smile as he says softly "A few weeks ago..." Eyes upon her as he spoke.
Markus Berger The doctor shrugs slightly. "Well, Archene is busy thanks to our promotions. You know him, he is planning various things all day long again." With that said Markus quickly glances back to Elliott and briefly shakes his hand as it is offered. "Likewise." That being done he falls silent again though as he is content to just listen to the rest... and starting to eat one of the other sandwiches he has left.
Bob "Yeah, tell me about it," Bob replies to Emma with regards to his headache, reaching up and running a hand through his hair. "Still not all the way gone, but I'm not like a vampire hiding from the sun any more." And then he gets quiet as well, looking around once again. "It's good to talk to you guys but I think I'm about to get back to it. I've got to wake up a patient to debride a wound, just had to take a break to get my head on straight before getting into it."
Elliott     Though the sad news about the baby and its mother is sobering, Elliott doesn't show all that much attention to the baby. A baby is in better hands if it isn't his hands. It's the adults he studies curiously, keeping an ear open for the conversation, an interest for the song being sung. "Erm, a headache is common for you?" he asks, looking toward Bob. "Stress related?" Giving his head a marginal shake, he swings his gaze back to Emma when she addresses him. For one, quick second he's uncertain, and then surprised when she gives him something, before he stoops his head graciously with a small flick of a smile. "Thank you." He steps back, eyes on Emma for a second longer before he wastes no time in hurrying off.
Emma Blinking a few times, Emma 'huhs' softly to herself. "Da - damn, now I can't cu - curse an have nobody know what I'm sayin'." But he's give a smile. "N - nice song." Yeah she is surprised while watching him hold and sing to the baby.

Her attention would turn to Bob, as he goes, and he's given a wave. And Elliott, well, he's given a strange look as he is staring at her, again. But he too, is given a wave.

"Aye I - I know him, Markus. An I was told ya had information for me, from Tabitha. I'd like ta - ta hear it when you got a chance."
Markus Berger "Yes, I might or might not know something. No promises there. We will talk if you also manage to have Tabitha around since I need to talk with her as well. Anyway, take care. I'll be leaving again as long as I have the chance to get back to TRICELL HQ before the evening since I dread the thought of being up and about too late in this country." With that said he drops off the box on the next best surface and briskly walks away while giving a lazy wave backwards as he does so.
Esa A small shy smile is given back to Emma as Esa looks from her to the baby in his hands. He finds a chair to sit down and settles in, leaning back and cradles the babe in conscientious, delicate manner. After a moment of time, Esa falls asleep with the child in his arms.