Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alejandro The slums. A place most sane people wouldn't want to go if they didn't have a damn fine reason to do so. There's a reason bringing Alejandro here, that being a meeting with another member of the BLF. Despite wearing a suit almost all the time Alejandro's surprisingly at home in this, the worst part of the city, moving with an ease and familiarity granted by years spent here. As he closes in on the agreed upon meeting point he slows down a bit, checking for a tail of any sort. Other than the one he might be anticipating...
Thomas Thomas sits opon a crate at the meeting place and a small duffle across his lap as he sees al walk up he waves him down "now im a man of my word but i couldnt take much so i got what i could"
Benny The darkly clothed man, follows Alejandro like a shadow and the silent helmet wearing mercenary is watching out for any threats that might harm his boss, Alejandro. He recently returned from a recon mission, where he was able to steal some medical supplies and rations for the BLF cause. His little know reputation as a ruthless, calculating and deadly quiet man is known only to but a few. Hopefully his recent success has proven his competence but today he's present as a bodyguard.
Alejandro "Good to see you again, mi amigo. How are you?" Alejandro asks Thomas before he takes another look around to check on their security before eyeing the duffle bag on Thomas' lap. It doesn't linger there long before the other mercenary arrives and Alejandro gestures between him and Thomas, "Another comrade in arms. Already worth his weight in gold." Al smiles at that comment but doesn't say any more.
Thomas Thomas says "im doing good freind but i didnt call you for mere hello's" walking up to al he hands him a duffle inside is a standerd hunting rifle "i know you wanted a rifle but thats the best i could procure without being caught, now for the good stuff" leading him over to the crate he pops the lid inside was 50 round of rifle ammo and 50 round of handgun ammo cafully boxed and packaged but amound the ammo was 26 frag granades carfully packed "so did i do good?"
Benny Benny nods to Thomas, his black helmet looks almost like some sort of hi-tech ninja mask and continues to scan the area, as Alejandro does most of the talking. He does however take note of the offered hunting rifle, the crate of ammo and the grenades. The grenades certainly caught his attention the most, shiftings his stance just slightly when they are revealed but he keeps his hands calmly by his sides. The weapons he has on display is a scabbard Katana blade on his back, a shoulder holster with a pistol, and a sheathed knife on his left hip.
Alejandro "Gracias, but this is not necessary," Alejandro say as he takes the duffle bag and looks inside of it. "I appreciate greatly the eff..." Trailing off he stares into the crate. "Dios bendito..." He has to stop himself and stare, blinking a few times before turning to stare at Thomas. "This is amazing. I can't tell you how much this will aid our cause." So many hand grenades... and a good amount of ammunition. "This will go far."
Thomas Thomas chuckles "i told you id help you the best i can"
Benny Benny continues to stand watch over the both of you, while you converse like the silent guardian ninja mercenary he is. He's calm, almost still like a statue in this relaxed stance but it seems like he could leap into action in an instant if something or someone provoked him. He's like a coiled viper waiting to strike.
Alejandro "You didn't burn any bridges with your other employer by taking these things, did you?" Alejandro asks with a hint of caution in his voice. It's hard for him to look away from the grenades, obviously getting ideas just from the sight of them. "But you certainly helped. These will make the next few combat missions go much more smoothly. Not to mention their potential for use in traps and the like."
Thomas Thomas shakes his head "nah they wont know the stuff was surplus gear it was just going to collect dust in storage if not used " looking at the ninja and then back to al "so you guys got a way to move all this back to your fob?"
Benny Benny just stands there, letting the two of you chat and continuously scans the area.
Alejandro "I hadn't even considered about how to move them. There's a cache nearby," Alejandro replies to Thomas, looking away from the grenades after the man asks a very important question. "We've been using it stash things in the short term. It's not far from here so I imagine if we could get it there then our comrades will be able to move it out of the city," he explains before licking his lips and looking around once again. "I don't want to keep this stuff waiting here for very long. I'm not concerned about anyone attempting to rob us, but there might be a police response when we killed them."
Thomas Thomas nods as he walks over to the crate lifting it with little effort "just keep me coverd and watch me back ill get it there"
Benny The black clad man, nods and watches your six to cover Thomas and Alejandro as they make the exchange.
Alejandro Alejandro says, "You heard the man," Alejandro says to Benny before moving to check out the nearby pathways and to make sure they're clear. He doesn't move very quickly, not wanting to draw any more attention than a big ass American, a guy in a suit and a ninja would normally draw in the slums. "It's not very far from here, but keep your eyes peeled. Not everyone is friendly towards the Front.""
Thomas Thomas walks slowly threw the slums with the crate caful not to jossle the explosives
Benny Benny nods to Alejandro and also checks the other alleyway exits and watches Thomas's back as he moves the crates. His hands are still calmly by his sides, only his head turns slightly left or right and up to check out his surroundings. He's very focused on his job and is a man of few words apparantly.
Alejandro It won't take long to get the safe spot Alejandro mentioned. When they near it, however, he makes sure to take the lead in order to insure that if it's being watched, and it probably is, that the watcher doesn't do anything untoward. It's a pretty solid hiding space. The back side of one of the slum dwellings lifts aside to reveal a hidden compartment, then the bottom of that compartment gets lifted up to show a basement dug out of the dirt. It's not pretty, but there's certainly space for the crate. "Alright, mi amigo. Let me help you get that in here," Alejandro says before hops down to help lift the crate into position.
Thomas Thomas nods "thanks man just cafull we dont want any pre mature detinations
Benny Benny continues to be the 'lookout' while Thomas and Alejandro get the crate of ammo and grenades safely stowed away in the hidden area they have chosen for the stash. He's ever vigilant and alert for anything at this critical time.
Alejandro "Oh no. Mi madre would never forgive me if I blew myself up," Alejandro chuckles after pushing the crate into the corner of the little basement and nimbly hopping out, moving with enough grace that the dirt he collects is limited to his hands and the soles of his shoes. As he puts the cache's camouflage back in place he says, "We'll get these disbursed to our brothers in arms. They'll do a great deal of good in our hands."
Thomas Thomas nods as he moves he wobles a bit before he catches himself by using the wall as support before shaking off his dizziness he keeps walking "th-thats good man glad i could help"
Benny Benny glances back towards his boss, Alejandro and then towards Thomas before he turns his attention back to his job of making sure the coast is clear.
Alejandro "Are you okay, mi amigo? You appear a little..." Alejandro searches for the correct word to use with Thomas. "Shaken, perhaps?" His expression squints as he gets the word not quite right, but it's close enough for government work. Then he's back to moving them away from their location, wanting to minimize the attention it attracts. "Now we should perhaps lay low for a bit, get some food and a drink and see about meeting up again soon to discuss our next plan of action."
Thomas Thomas says "im fine just my ingury acting up" he states as he rubs his chest were the scar is "i got injured alot worse than what shows im not sopposed to even be walking but the doc dont know that and im not going to sit in bed for the next four months so ya"
Benny Benny lets the two of you chat, while following along behind Alejandro as he walks away from the area of where he hid the ammo and grenade crate.
Alejandro "Well, you know your body better than anyone else," Alejandro tells Thomas with a glance at the fellow's torso, leading them away from where they came from. It's not too long before they approach a street that's actually got a street sign on it, almost on the edge of the ghetto. In this slightly safer area, moving to hide in an alley he relaxes somewhat, "Is there anything I can do for you?"
Thomas Thomas shakes his head "no im actually just going to head back to the hotel and get some rest " and with that thomas took his leave
Benny Benny waits for Thomas to get a bit farther before walking up beside, Alejandro and says to him in a modulated voice through his helmet. "Did you want me to follow him? Can we trust him?" It might be a bit unnerving for some to talk to the mercenary with him wearing that helmet of his, not that the Katana blade on his back is unnerving enough.
Alejandro Unnerving or not, it's something Alejandro has to get used to as quickly as he can. So he just goes with it, "That's up to you. I believe I know where he's staying and we're in contact." Then he shrugs, "I'll leave it up to you if you think he should be followed, but he did provide us with a large number of explosives. If they work then I feel we'll be able to trust him. It's not like the American government to give what are likely to be untraceable weapons to us."
Benny Benny nods, "I didn't survive this long being the trusting sort. I'll report back." He then starts to follow after Thomas, obviously very comfortable with tailing people and not being easily observed. He will try to follow Thomas as best as he can.
Thomas Thomas moves inside his room floping down on the cheap hotel bed before taking out his phone and calling someone "hey kiddo is mom ill be a bit longer sweety the boss has me filing alot of paperwork you know big people stuff.... alright love ya to tell mommy i love her when she gets back " hanging up his phone he lets out a deep sigh(if your still following you see two or three people watching me head inside the hotel intently like their scoping the place out or somthing)