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Emma Cabimas; a scenic sort of city, given its location. The view of the water is a lovely, crisp blue; there is an outline of trees, and even a small beach. It's not the biggest tourist spot, but nice enough for people to enjoy if passing by, that is, on any normal day.

As it stands, the city itself isn't in a good state. It's low on supplies; medical and food wise, and thus, it has slowly crumbled. People are hungry, once healthy bodies now showing signs of malnourishment, a view hard to take, elderly are weaker, children, thinner. It's taken a lot to survive on what they have, on the food any can scrounge, be it fresh or out of the trash.

Sickness is rampant too, and only makes the problem worse. To pinpoint any sickness is hard, the range is wide, from those ill with colds, the flu, to being sick from lack of nutrients, to those fighting sever diseases, and have no medical aid available to give them a hope of life. Around the hungry bodies the smell of sick looms, the sound of babies crying fills the air, of helpless people praying for help, and even some can be seen fighting, for any food or medical supply found, it's a fight to live here.

The organization known as TerraSave had known about this place. It was their duty - no desire, to their human core, to come and give aid. And thus, what comes rolling into the city are a handful of massive high-cube trucks, old and dirty from ware, but useable for this. Following them are vehicles, packed full of people who offered to give aid, even outside of the organization. The convoy makes it's way into town, at a slow casual speed, taking in the awful sight around them, the eyes of the hopeful, the eyes of the dying. Once near the inner core of the city, the convoy comes to a stop.

Stepping out from the lead truck is a woman, with long straight red hair - that's been put back into a messy ponytail. She wears a blue plaid top, dark forest green pants, and a pair of black rainboots. To top it all off, the ground is wet from recent rain, even if the sky is now clear, there is a humid sticky feel adding to the crisis. The woman is the TerraSave head, Emma O'Connal. Over her shoulder is her medkit. Reflective aviators are worn, to block out the bright sun. Lifting a walkie-talkie, the Scottish lass calls out to all present, to evac their vehicles and begin unloading supplies.
James Scott Out shortly after Emma is a much more intimidating sight, a scar covered one-eyed teenager who stands above most of the people gathered. But he seems to be here to help as well, wearing a red plaid shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He doesn't appear to be armed, but a knife is strapped to his side.

"Good thing we got here when we did." he muses, blue eye scanning the people approaching the vehicles.
Eve Eve slips out from the truck and she glances around briefly. She is wearing a flannel shirt over a white t-shirt and a pair of distressed jeans. She steps up to the truck she was in and starts to unload boxes of food and clean water in jugs.
Bob It's a beautiful day to be out helping people. At least, it's not currently raining on them, and that matters a lot! Riding in on one of the vehicles full of people is Bob, sitting patiently with his aid bag on his lap and sunglasses over his eyes. With the way he looks thing over on the ride and his bright tropical shirt one might think he was there as a tourist, if only the big black backpack on his lap was full of souvenirs and clothes and not a bunch of trauma equipment and meds.

As his vehicle finally pulls to a stop he undoes his seatbelt and pops out, slinging the back onto his back with a practiced motion. Already, he starts looking around for what to do next, eyeing Emma thoughtfully before making his way towards her and James. "Hey guys." Then more directly at Emma, "Just put me where you need me."
PrestigeAndrei One of the cars in that convoy will be an old beat up volvo that is just puttering. Every so often the sound of the engine backfiring betraying the arrival of the convoy and the people within it. If that didn't betray anyone, the nthe sound of phat beats being dropped in a stereo systemthat is far too old and poor quality to be sustaining this sort of musical acumen will definitely give away the car somewhere in the convoy.

"Boomchiahoo.." Andrei will say, making sounds to mimic the sounds of the radio as his hands tap lightly on the dash board in front of him as he rides shotgun in the car as he goes. "`Oh hey I think we are stop-" THunk! The poor little beat up volvo will then hit the back of the van in front of him as he looks aside to the pale and thin man next to him.

"The fuck was that?"
A beat of silence before something in a foreign tongue is responded.
"Bullshit, nobody cut the breaks! I checked em this morning! You just weren't paying attention! I knew it!"

Another response then that has Andrei twitching before snickering.
"Whatever you say, we'll find some hunks here soon buddy.. alright Ladies!" Andrei will call out then as he moves to open the car door which creaks loudly before he slams it. "Let's uh.. what the fuck were we doing again?"
"Distributing supplies?" An black man states from the backseat of the car. "This isn't coming out of my paycheck right?"
"Fuck! That was what we are doing? Oh man this'll be easy! Let's go!"
Emma Given the rain earlier, things are a bit slick. Sick and hungry people are covered in dirt and grime, it'll take a lot to get this place cleaned up. A lot of time, effort, and work. But people are here for this reason.

As James goes to begin unloading, Emma looks to Bob, with a shy smile. "I - I need yer medical aid, actually." Her rain boots trudge through the mud to his side. "Gather an' - an' assess tha elderly, I need ta know what we're dealin' with sickness wise." Patting him on the back, she'd move on.

"We - we need ta put all tha food over where," She points to an area, as people are starting to surround. "We need someone ta - ta line up tha hungry, and begin gettin' dry good outs!" A hand moves some hair from her face. "Eve, can ya - ya sort out tha medical supplies for me? Put them over there? We will erect a tent." Her steps then head over to Andrei. "Christian, An - Andrei, or," A pause, big grey-green eyes take in the fact his car hit the bumper of the van. "Mr. BumperBender, I - I could use yer help ta carry a box of medical supplies while I go ta - ta assess." To any others around (NPC's) they'd be given orders to prop up tents, and get things organized.
Eve Eve continues to pull boxes from the back of the truck, setting them on the ground before she goes back for another one. When Emma asks her to sort out the medical supplies she takes a tent from the back of another truck and tromps off to set it up, seemingly not minding the wet ground and the mud. She starts to set up the tent while several people trail behind her, boxes of supplies in hand.

After about twenty minutes, there is a tent set up and Eve is pulling out medical supplies, and setting them out to be accessable. A grimy little girl follows her around and after a few minutes Eve scoops her up, giving her a bottle of water and an apple.
Isabel Even the bad part of Mumford, or Raccoon, had never seen poverty-stricken squalor like this. Isabel Welsh has been unable to take her eyes off the surroundings the whole way here... which isn't a good thing, as she's been driving. The rusty old K-series Blazer at the tail of the convoy has been lagging noticeably behind, and catching up in spurts. It's at the end of the final catch-up spurt that she sees the convoy has stopped up ahead.
Fortunately, whoever kept this vehicle kept the brakes and tires in decent shape, at least for Bolivar. The brakes squeal, but the rusty, white-painted bumper never touches the back of the truck in front of the old Blazer. Breathing a sigh of relief, she shuts off the engine and slides from behind the wheel, moving to help with the medical supplies. The rest of the little crew inside are climbing out as best they can to do their own part.
Maxim People are here to help the sick. One person seems at a bit of a loss. Maxim gets out of one of the vehicles, and looks about at all the people, though he scans the crowd more like someone who's doing threat assessment than someone who's concerned about the people. Still as people start to unpack and set up, he tries to make himself useful. Going over towards the medical supplies he'll see if they need help moving them.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov just laughs at Emma softly. Sure he might move the medical crate to wherever Emma might direct. He might even pry it open and help offer to treat a scraped knee or two.. but by god when Emma tries to find Mr. Bumpberson.. or whatever his name is the man is litertally gone from where he might be found next.

Indeed, if anyone actually cared to look for Kirov he would be lazing ontop of one of the vans in the convoy, sleeping on the roof, just lounging around and watching people go to and fro. "Keep it up.. Red.. and uh.. her secretary.. and whoever the fuck the rest of you are." Andrei will mutter as he leans back.

No doubt the rest of the people with Andrei would be a bit more deligent but only just. None of them are particuarlly good people persons.. though they will set up camps and generally try and move things around and be helpful.
Eve Eve sets down the girl with the apple and she goes scampering off, her prize held above her head. Several other children come forward, some so grimy that the color of their hair can't be discerned. Eve doesn't hesitate, she pulls a box of water closer and hands them out, giving different pieces of fruit as she's asked. She quietly converses with several of the children in fluid Spanish, joking and laughing with them as the surround her. She might be occupied for a while with the children.
Isabel Carrying a few boxes of first aid kits over to the rising tent marked with a prominent red medic cross, Isabel frowns as she sees someone lounging on top of a van. But the boxes need to get inside before she does anything about it, so she turns for the tent.
A couple minutes later, however, Mr. Lie-Down-On-The-Job is getting his side vigorously swatted with a stray banana leaf. "Hello, Mister Polly Parrot, this is your five o'clock alarm call! The show must go on!" Isabel razzes cheerfully.
Maxim Maxim blinks as he glances about, his gaze settling upon someone who looks rather ill. He frowns and after setting down the crate of supplies in their spot at the tent starts to move toward her, looking about at some of the others to see if they noticed her.
Flynn Rumors and news came across Flynn's desk on an almost daily schedule. One of those memos so happen to be about Terrasave and the aid work they planned to provide in Cabimas. "Interesting..." He mutters as he leaned back in thought. Cabimas off highway one but he could not recall much about the town. Turning the chair, he leaned forward and stood, walked the short distance to review a map. He scanned it quietly, hand tracing the Highway 1 road before pausing over the town Cabimas with a note against it.

Nabbing the note, he read it quietly - Town in need of food and medical supplies. Heh, that would make for good PR for the growing Terrasave company. Placing the sticky note on the desk, he called out "Kathy, I'm heading out to Cabimas."

He leaned down and placed a key in to the filing cabinet lock. Sliding it open, he placed the files in and looked to the Glock inside. He shook his head slightly, knowing it would not be needed on the trip... Well, hopefully.

A few lengthy hours later, a Jeep Wrangler pulls off the highway heading down the only service road leading in to Cabimas. The wrangler bumps down the uneven road and finally came to a halt near the center of the town.

Door opening, Flynn steps out of the Wrangler with a pair of shades covering his eyes and surveys the area.
Eve When Eve gets up from the ground she's grubby, but a smile is on her face. She goes back to unpacking medical supplies, and handing out water as people approach the tent that she's in. She eyes Isabel with the banana leaf and begins to giggle, covering her mouth against the sound for fear of sounding unprofessional.

She spots Maxim moving towards someone who is sick, and she keeps an eye on him as she continues to work, waiting to see if he needs assistance.
PrestigeAndrei "Listen.. uh.. Who are you again? doesn't matter, I'm helpin see? I brought those burly dudes over there.." Andrei will mutter as he lifts his hand over towards the three individuals that are no doubt working hard.. or hardly working. Andrei instead doesn't move an inch from his spot up on the van. "If shit goes south.. scream and I'll uh.. do something."

Hide. Probably, but Kirov is happy with how things are going currently at least, so he'll lean back and continue resting as he looks aside and around.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler takes her time as she gathers herself and exits the jeep that Flynn drove her to the location with. She steps out and glances around, not really sure what she's looking at. She glances questioningly at Flynn.
Emma Cabima; the convoy from TerraSave, including volunteers has made its way into this murky, muddy, hot and humid city where rain had fallen not long ago, but is it at least now, sunny. The people here are starving; clear signs of malnourishment are everywhere. Added to that, most are sick, from lack of food, infection, and disease. There is a distinct smell in the air too, the type of smell one would expect in a place like this.

As is stands, old beat up trucks are being unloaded with supplies. A few tents have been setup to begin treating those who need medical attention, other tents on the other side have begun to unpack food supplies - most being dry goods, given their longevity. Tarps are put down to keep things try, or sanitary, or try to anyway. It's a mess, no doubt about that.

There is a lot of work to do here, in fact, it'll be a good few days before people leave, that is, if they wish to stay that long. And Emma plans to. Long red hair - that had been straightened, and put back in a messy ponytail is falling around her face some. The Scottish doctor and TerraSave Bolivar leader had been pulled away to help a crying sick, and hungry child. Her hands are already dirty, those rain boots that were meant to keep her cleaner, fail, which was expected some. The mud is on her dark green worn jeans. Amazingly, her blue plaid top isn't dirty. Moving some red hair from her face as she works, her freckled forehead smears with dirt, and is left unnoticed and frankly, she wouldn't care.

The tension in the air is thick, people have begun to realize aid is here. For Maxim, he spotted a pregnant sick woman, and also, at the ration area, a beginning crowd of people. Andrei, Sienna, and Flynn, also notice this. These people are hungry, desperate and learned to fight for food and medicine. And that's what happens now, they begin to fight. Shoving, yelling (In Spanish) hell breaking out.
Flynn Glancing back to Sienna, Flynn smiles warmly to her; saying "Humanitarian work at its finest." while walking over to her. "Terrasave brought in medical and food for the people of Cabimas. Since there wasn't a lot going on at the office, I thought it'd be nice to help out." He shrugs "And I knew it would give you a chance to view more than the city of Maracaibo." He adds with a grin.

As chaos begins to unfold, Flynn's attention is snapped toward the crowd. "Hell..." He mutters and walks over to the crow. In Spanish, he says cheerfully "Citizens of Cabimas!" a beat "No need to fret or fight over the food and medicine; there is plenty for all. Please, come join me in forming a line. The quicker we do this, the better we can get the food distributed." His voice is authoritative, but more in a serene, calm way. Very gentle are his motions with his hands, his body language gear toward defusing the situation rather than escalating.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov just remains lounging on the top of the van he is currently on, his eyes zeroing in on the problem areas ash e looks over towards Isabel who is still nearby before lifting his hand to wave her off and muttering under his breath. "Go have fun or whatever friend." Andrei offers with a cheerful look before he settles down once more to enjoy a few more minutes atop the van.

The good news at least is that an elderly gentleman, a heavy set man of african descent and a spare looking eastern european are around to help try and keep people from just yanking all the supplies away.
Maxim Well isn't this a pickle. A kerfluffle starts, and Max is there with a pregnant woman. Still, he doesn't want her to get hurt, especially when she seems... Well he's no doctor but still she needs tending to. "Emma!" It's probably the loudest anyone's ever heard Maxim, those that even have ever heard the tight lipped man at all. Still he tries to think of the only handful of words he knows in a few different languages and settles on "Come." to the woman, offering a hand to her to help guide her from the scuffle and toward a bed.
Eve Eve is still working in the medical supply tent, but now she's mostly handing out water and speaking quietly to people in comforting Spanish. She pushes up her sleeves and hands out litres and gallons of water, a grin on her face as she works.

She makes eye contact with Emma and tilts her head slightly. "You okay?" She mouths to her boss, an eyebrow raised.
James Scott "Woah!" James shouts, raising a hand in the air. "Relax! Ah.. Relajarse! Line up! Linea!" The teen exhausts his extensive knowledge of Spanish (butchering the language) in trying to get the people to calm down. He's less calm than some of the other people talking to the crowd, his voice as imposing as his looks. It's clear that he won't tolerate any fighting on his end, even if the people won't take him seriously.
Isabel "Whoever you are, your dedication is an inspiration to us all," Isabel replies sarcastically, lowering the banana leaf and moving to help the people running the medical tent. Whatever's going on at the food lines, it might spread, and the more bodies there are with the medical supplies, the better.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler steps past Flynn, who seems to have his hands full, and approaches eve with a slight wave, "Hello, how might I best be of help?" she asks in fluent spanish. Quickly casting a weary gaze over the crowd, she glances back to Eve with a broken smile that seems to be forced; being so close to suffering does that.
Trixie Trixie has spent the last hour in the back of an old high-topped van she'd rented for this errand, helping to unload supplies, and accompanying her work with singing some old sea shanties to get a rhythm going and maintain it. It's hard work, but it's rewarding. The little she's seen suggests that these people need help, badly.

Still, it's impossible to miss the sounds of some kind of commotion starting, and she pauses in her work to look out around the edge of the van's rear doors. "Ohmigawd... they weren't kidding about needing help," she says, halfway to herself, and looks for someplace where she can be of some manner of help besides just unloading. Then she looks back into the van, noting only a handful of boxes remaining. "Job well done, Trix... but there's, like, a gazillion more to go to make this place look like a town again. And what's all that racket?"
Emma Added to the fun of mud, heat, and blaring sun, there are misquotes. They are lively here, along with flies and other incest's. It's almost a much of a chore to swat them away as it is to help the people. After all, incest's get hungry too.

Hearing a scuffle behind her, the lass looks that way, her one foot slipping in the mud and causing her knee to thunk hard into it. Ignoring it, her grey-green eyes are fixed on the growing scuffle. Before she can speak, Flynn has it covered it, or tried.

The people are calming, a little, but not all are listening to him, the desire to actually eat is so strong, that people will trample each other to do it. It's with the help of James, that people begin to realize that resistance is futile, and they will not get fed faster if fighting.

Doing what she can to keep her stress contained - and doing a damn good job, as the lass has become quite skilled at putting on a brave face and acting like all is fine, the look returned to Eve is strong, showing that the redhead is determined.

Pulled away by the sound of Maxim yelling, which is a surprise by the quiet man, there is a quick turn to spot him escorting a very pregnant woman to a bed. "Oy - oy, shit!" The kid had been helped, and sent off to get food with his mother. Emma hurries, but slips and slides in the mud, not being her typical graceful self. "Bob!" Even yelling her tone is soft, warm and kind, if a little commanding. Bob had gone off to help some other sick folks. "Bob! I need ya -ya here ta help deliver!" Literally sliding up to the bed in the open tent - as they have yet to get everything erected. The pregnant woman is in pain, she is thin for how far along she is, and weak from lack of food. "I - I need an IV now!" Her voice calls out to a helper near by, another medic by trade. "An - an someone come hold her hand!" Other commands are yelled out, but in Spanish, because the girl, being the brain she is, learns things quick.
Eve Eve smiles at Sienna and shrugs. "Help me hand out water and keep an eye on supplies if you would." She says to the woman speaking to her. She turns and addresses a few elderly women in fluid Spanish, handing out gallons of water and some perishable foods.
Flynn With the help of James, Flynn guides the people quickly to form a line in the mud and muck. He continues to speak in Spanish, urging the people to proceed in a calm manner to get food and supplies. A briefest of glance is given to James following a small nod in thanks.
James Scott James looks towards Emma, but not wanting the fighting to start up again he holds firm at the food line, assisting in handing out supplies. He works quickly and without bias, trying to move everyone along without issue. He tries to keep his eye peeled for more trouble, but when you're this busy and only have a left eye, it isn't too easy.
Bob When he hears his name Bob starts hauling ass out of nowhere, ready to help with his aid bag on his back and exam gloves on his hands. When he stumbles into the spot Emma's calling him from his eyes open up wide and he pulls the gloves off his hands, sticks them in his pocket and pulls a little bottle of hand sanitizer out to squirt it on his hands and rubs them together. A fresh pair of gloves comes out and he slides them on, then takes off his aid bag and unzips it as he looks at the pregnant lady. Comforting noises come out of his mouth in Spanish, "I'm Roberto. This is Dr. O'Connal. You're in very good hands." There's even a friendly smile for her. He gives Emma a glance and asks, speaking English again, "What do you need from me, doc?"
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler nods aimiably to Eve and takes up a nearby position. Not too far into handing out supplies and she's already had to give more than a few scowls as hands attempt to reach for more. She flashes smiles whenever she can though, her eyes giving away her empathetic emotion.
Benny Observing from a far and hidden is a man clad in dark clothing and wearing a hi-tech helmet. He's laying down on his stomach and using a pair of binoculars to observe the people who arrived with medical supplies. Watching, learning and then reporting. "I'm in position. Looks like trucks with what appears to be medical supplies and the people moving them, appear to be unarmed. I will update again shortly." He says in a low, voice that is modulated due to the helmet's electronics. Not that anyone would hear him, since he's quite far and hidden as he speaks into a radio built into his helmet.

Suddenly, he see's something else happening through his binoculars and turns his head to focus on it. "Huh, not sure but looks like there are other folks around that have a different agenda." He continues to scan the area with his binos, gathering more intelligence and reporting back to whomever he is speaking to on his comms.
Trixie Trixie sets the last few boxes outside the van and closes the doors. Taking up the only box of medical supplies left from the van's payload, she moves over to join Eve and the unfamiliar woman next to her (Sienna). "Got room for one more? Box /and/ person?" she asks, with a somewhat-forced grin for Emma's aide. "Looks like business is boomin'."
Emma Emma would give the scared, pregnant woman a comforting smile, and a squeeze of her hand. "Yer - yer go - gonna be - be fine." But that stutter, it always gets worse when a bit of stress hits her. Those big grey-green eyes look up to Bob, under her slightly more messy red hair now. The look says enough, this is bad, real bad. "Tha - tha IV needs ta get in, and I'll check how dilated she is, we need water an' towels too, anything sterile ta help deliver this baby."

Before the proper procedure to get dialiation is even done - and yes, the woman is facing away from the group, her eyes widen, moving up to Bob again. "She's crowned. Shit!" But the mother, looks in a bad state, to a trained doctor, or medic, it's unlikely she will survive giving birth. So the pair, have to hurry and try to save both.

Meanwhile, those who rolled a three - because franky, I forgot names, have noticed much the same as that dark figure hanging way back had. Some of the healthier people have some how snuck away with some boxes of medical supplies! And are going to load them onto a beat up pickup truck.

To those who rolled a two, well, you notice that a news van is a barrelling down the road now, coming to a stop not far from everyone, and people with cameras are starting to rush out.
Tabitha Tabitha hears the cries, recognizes the sound of Emma's voice. Working in a tent not too far away with a few of the trauma patients injured in fighting, or just life itself, Tabitha notes how that voice seems to be carry. Does the woman sing as well as dance? Still, she grabs a kit and darts out of one of the tents, looking for the source of Emma's voice. She's got two bags of IV fluid under one arm, medkit in the other. "Emma? Crowning?! crap!" Tabitha begins dodging people like a nerdy footbal player as she trie to follow Emma's voice.
James Scott "Oh fuck." James looks back to notice people heading off with supplies. "Watch the food line!" he orders Flynn, a habit he picked up. The teen wastes zero time jumping over a table and sprinting towards the thieves. Turns out he's pretty fast for a genetically modified super soldier. "Drop it! Soltarlo!" Boy does he look unhappy.
Flynn seeing as the crowd was now corralled and maintained in a line to get medical supplies, Flynn steps back and retrieves a handkerchief from his back pocket. Dabbing his face, he looks toward the road and frowns. Media vans were coming.

He sighs and turns to cameramen and woman, hands going up, palms showing. In Spanish, he says "Listen up! All media personnel are to stand over here." A hand points toward a small section or area where they would be out of the way, but still can get some good shots of what is going on. "Do not move from this spot." He adds.
Bob Bob's a consummate professional, grabbing an IV kit getting going as quickly as he can. He's got the IV in in no time, having done it a ton of times before. But the poor lady in question is still struggling, pushing hard as she can with Bob and Emma's encouragement. The worry he's feeling doesn't show up on his face, but with the way the pregnant lady is going things are looking dicey. At one point he stops talking to her and reaches to rotate the still unborn baby as the mother stops struggling. After a few more moments there's a healthy, albeit tiny, baby crying in Bob's arms but the man doesn't have a smile on his face. The new mother isn't moving and Bob finds himself holding baby in one arm while reaching down to feel for a pulse. When Tabitha suddenly appears he looks first at her, then at Emma and shakes his head, "She didn't make it."
Isabel Business is indeed booming: Isabel's treated three injuries so far, and the line's not getting any smaller.
Wait... weren't there more supplies in the back before? She could swear those stacks were taller earlier. They haven't been using them up /that/ fast!
The answer comes when she hears James's voice outside. "Fudge..." Isabel mutters, handing off her first aid kit to one of the helpers and dashing outside. "Hey! Alto! Avast! Come back here with those! No-no-no!" she shouts, rushing to give James a hand.
At least she knows that 'no' still means 'no' in Spanish. Thank you, Sesame Street!
PrestigeAndrei While James Scott is no doubt distracting most of the individuals who have sticky fingers..

Andrei is on top of the van still sl-no.. wait no he is not? The fuck did he go?

Is that Andrei Kirov near the back of the pick up truck? Is he peeking over the edge of the truck and trying to slide his fingers under the medical supplies and pull them out all super sneaky like before stashing them in nearby bushes to hide? Why yes he is! Bastard.
Benny The man dressed in dark clothing has completed his recon and seizes this opportunity, while there are several people distracted now. Moving, silently like a shadow he's able to quietly yet quickly move into position.

Andrei did indeed manage to steal back from the thieves, what they were stealing from Terrasave but what they didn't know, was that there is another faction at play here. One that may or may not be wearing a pair of Pikachu beach shorts underneath his sneaky ninja gear.

Like a swiper, the medical supplies that Andrei managed to hide in the bushes is now in the hands of another who makes off with them. The internal struggle that nobody is aware of is great and nobody has any idea how hard it is for him not to yell out, 'YOINK!' but he doesn't as he completes his heist.
Emma Within the tent - that's still open enough to see in Emma works along side Bob as they go to help this mother give birth. Both work with practiced easy, it looks frantic and fast, you can feel and see the tension upon them, until it all stops. It's like a cloud there, as if in a way time had stopped. Within Bob's arms, a newborn, small crying child can be heard, and it's mother, motionless on the bed. The redhead looks at the baby, her grey-green eyes filling with water. There is a small look to Tabitha, before a blanket is taken, gently the Scot goes to take the baby from Bob, to wrap it in warmth, cradle the child, who does nothing but cry, in a way that one would think it knows of the loss it just had in it's first moments of life.

Meanwhile Flynn is met with a mild resistance, the crew trying to force their way by. "Listen here, bub!" Says the lead anchor, his face is well known in the country, but it's plain he is nicer on TV than in person. "Get your ass out of the way!" They don't push forward yet, but are sure making their stand.

Meanwhile, the guy facing James, though bold enough to try to steal, spots the teen and stammers, a little, stepping back some. "What do -you- want?" He is tryig to be brave, but frankly, is failing.
Trixie "Hold that thought, Miss Eve," Trixie says softly, setting down the box. "Looks like we've got an Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers. Be right back... in maybe an hour or so?" With that, the girl hurries off, as best she can in this mud, toward the news van and its still-disembarking crowd of paparazzi. "Hope the boss isn't watching this... but the show must go on!"

"Hellooo! Holaaaa! Welcome to the party!" she chirps energetically, waving and bouncing up /right in front/ of the camera crew and opening up with a smile and a slightly cheesy pose. "We're working for TerraSave, and we're doing our part to help with world hunger!" Big smile! "How are you? How may we help you today?" Annoying foreigners, getting in the way of the press!
Eve Eve frowns in the direction that Trixie looks and moves behind her, watching curiously to see what is going on. She folds her hands behind her back and watches Trixie speak to the camera men, not electing to speak up unless it's absolutely necessary.
Emma Another man, who had been trying to steal some supplies, looks over at Isabel and rops his box, stumbling back. He's a very young guy, likely forced to do this. "Ta - take it!" He stutters, falling backwards into the mud.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is none the wiser what is going on.. just feeding Benny crate after crate of medical supplies from the back of the truck now.
Tabitha Tabitha drops to her knees beside Emma, letting the IV bags fall. Bob had the child, so thats one thing off the table. Tabitha is in Triage mode, her disaster training coming in handy, but the training events never spoke of the Endurance. Or with the pain on all the faces. Lingering fear of what tomorrow will not bring. Tabitha puts a hand on Emma's shoulder, squeezing tightly. After a moment, the pulled a sheet up up over the late mother. She pulls out a magic marker and draws a small 'X' atop the forehead, where other assistants will take the body away to 'that tent' off on the side, making room for another. For now, Tabitha just moves to put an arm around Emma.. a moment. Everyone gets a few moments here and there. its humane. But thats all they get. Work now, cry later. Tabitha looks up to see who's next, trying to catch a medic's attention
Flynn Directing his attention to the Lead Anchor as he speaks, the ginger bearded man gives him a cold, icy stare alongside a placid smile, arms folding close to his chest; almost taunting like to beg the man to cross the line. In Spanish, he says "Stay. Put." He commands in an eerily calm tone of voice. His entire posture derives toward giving the man a sense of unease, questioning his own motives or thoughts and simply obey; or at least that is the intention.
Isabel "Thanks for your donation... buh-bye now!" Isabel calls after the fleeing teenager, scooping up the dropped box of medical supplies. It'll need a little cleaning up, but everything inside should be okay. She looks around hastily to see how the rest of the theft is being handled.
James Scott Fuck this shit. James puts his weight behind it and slams his fist square into the teeth of the thief. Shaking his hand he walks back to the food line, he'll let the genius Andrei handle it.
Benny The dark clothing clad man with a cool looking hi-tech helmet, silently thanks Andrei for his generous contributions of medical supplies to his needy hands. This donation of re-stolen medical supplies will be put to good use though and being bad feels good, if the bad will eventually lead to the greater good. Robin Hood steals from the rich to give to the poor and Bennychu steals from...well, sorta something like that.
Emma Emma holds the baby, cradling it, trying to calm it, and eventually it does work. "We - we need ta get this lil" A pause, she checks. "Girl inta a - a bed, with an nutrient IV and antibiotics, I - I fear tha - tha mother had a infection." Looking at the body, there is a frown, but the lass, well, she is numb now, pushing away all feeling to keep pushing forward. "Ta - Tabitha, prepare a bed. For -" Well damn, the little one needs a name. "Daisy." What comes to mind is her favourite flower, a flower that to her, speeks of happiness. After all, at least one life getting the chance to live in this mess is worth such a name to her, right?

Meanwhile, the anchor crew are stopped by Flynn, and the man seems unhappy. He is about to spout off when Trixie comes along, all bouncy, and this is one major stroke of luck beecauuuse, well, she diverts the cameras away from the man James punches! It's not caught on film. They are all noticing her.

The man who saw Isabel scampers away in the mud, slipping and sliding, the guy is to scared even of a girl. The guy James punches goes down hard, smacking into mud. His nose bleeding. "You dumb fucker!" He spits back.

Andrei, well he keeps handing over supplies to evil Bennychu.

Emma, lifts her head. "Eve!" The Scot calls out gently to her assistant.
Flynn Seeing the situation being handled by Trixie, Flynn steps away and heads to the jeep wrangler. There was no need to be around with the press, no need for him to be seen. He fetches Sienna whom climbs in and the proceed off.
PrestigeAndrei Unfortunatley for Andrei once he is finished pulling out several more medical crates.. and unloading the pickup truck.. He'll look behind himself to find that the medical crates t hat he had hidden in the bushes are gone.. Somehow.. someone had managed to take several medical crates from under his nose.. and this has the man fuming as he just exhales deeply before looking about and moving away from the pick up truck. Luckily, he'll sneak away for the time being before now trying to figure out if anyone had seen someone around the bushes.. well.. besides him.

Also preferablly someone carrying what would be several crates of medical supplies.. in a city with a lack of said supplies. Again, several crates.. taken a long distance and all that
Eve Eve makes her way over to Emma, her arms held out to assist. "What can I help you with?" She asks, looking a little unsettled at the level of activity going on. She, like everyone attending, is muddy and worn down from several hours of work.
James Scott "If you've got a problem with it, get stronger then do something about it." James calls back, not even bothering to look at the man. What was left of his pleasant shell is gone, leaving behind the bitter teenager from Paris who was now wondering why he even bothered to come along at all.
Bob After helping to deliver the baby and watching it's mom perish Bob pulls off his exam gloves and tosses them, as well as some trash from his pockets, into a nearby trashbag. His hand sanitizer comes back so he can clean his hands again, but rather than rush to the next patient he takes a moment for himself, standing still and breathing deeply to process what just happened, looking over towards Tabitha and Emma for a second. When he realizes that Tabitha is looking for the next patient Bob heads for the entrance to the tent and starts looking around for the next patient to treat.
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Emma, standing quietly as she begins taking what clean towels they have, a wide roll of tape and begins making towel rolls. Taping them together, she fashions a sorta make-shift bassinet, something that will swaddle the child while protecting it, providing warmth, and keeping iv access free. 100ml saline. she pulls a few items, 30gague needle, iv start kit, teeny siringes. all the stuff one might need in a hurry if the newborn tries to crash. She pops a couple of plastic handwarmers and stuffs those inside the towel rolls, offering a soft warmth. It'll do for now. She pauses, looking at the little bassinet.. make-shift.. now empty.. She takes a deep sigh, a glimmer of a smile, and she turns back to Emma, thumbing a tear from her eye.
Emma People are working hard, feeding, treating those who need be. Emma, well, she is sort of.. stuck in this moment. As it is, her focus is on Daisy. "Eve look ta - ta see if this woman has identification on her, an' - an' see if there is a father."

The lass then looks to Bob, before he is gone, and then Tabitha, making her way over to the makeshift bassinet. Slowly the baby is lowered in, with the sort of gentleness a mother would have. But being the kind, gentle soul she is, it's not an unrealistic thing to see.