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Richard Stadler The meeting wasn't going to be on base, it looks like. Or at least the Address that Rick gave for the meeting with the other agent was an odd one that was off base. Not even near any of Maracaibo's residential districts, or the slums that most South American city seem to have sprawling out from the urban center. Getting closer to the address was a quick way to solve the mystery, though, and it revealed something that may not have been expected.

Stadler himself, dressed in a polo shirt and a loose set of khaki shorts. The folding chair he was sitting on was reletively new, a cheap pair of sunglasses protecting from the hot sun that seemed to turn most of this city into some sort of an oven. He's sipping something from a can, with similar ones packed into a styroform cooler filled with ice.

He looks like he might be watching for Esa. Or watching for other things.
Esa A small frown creases his lips as Esa drove the Black escalade down the highway to the destination. Finally, after what felt like forever, he pulls down the road to the ... a boat house?

"What the hell Stadler.." Esa mumbles as he steps out of the Escalade and walks down to the dock.
Richard Stadler Stadler gave a small smile to himself, seeing Esa's eaction from afar. There were times you just had to get what enjoyment you could out of life, and seeing others stare at something odd that you set up provided a small modicum of it. Granted, so did lounching on the deck of the boat and listening to the lapping of water, but other things countered that. For the moment, at least. In any case, Stadler moved to rise from his seat, taking the few steps to hop off the boat and onto the dock, raising his voice a bit as he approches Esa.

"Meet my newest project!" He says geasturing to the thing that barely floats. "It's no research company on the streets of Paris, but it has slightly less chance of holding something in the bowels that'll kill me. And I'm sure I'd wake up if and when it inevitably starts sinking in my sleep." Upon a closer inspection, it looks like the cans Rick has in (quickly) melting ice are actually a local cola and canned fruit juice. "Could I get you anything?"
Esa "Newest project huh?" Esa says following Rick with amused smile on his lips. "Rick, it looks like the boat is one step from drowning." He jests with a faint grin. "How much did you pay for this thing?" He adds as he hesitantly steps on the deck. It's to be noted he has a slight limp when he puts weight on his right leg.
Richard Stadler "Everyone's got to have a hobby, Collins. My last one was in Paris, and required a lot of construction work and disposal. This one should require some other work, but you have to admit. Outside of a beach house, it's a bit of a view few others in Maracaibo have." He's frowning, though, when Esa asks how much he paid for it. "I thought it was a particularly good deal. Turns out the purchase price might have just been a bit of a down payment. Rest might have to be paid in a bit of... sweat equity. I'll get to that a bit later."

When Esa moves onto the deck, Rick's got a hand there to help him, his eyes still sweeping the road up to the harbour. He doesn't seem to notice the limp Esa's carrying, for the moment, at least. His thoughts looking to be on... other things.

He geatures to the cooler. "Grab what you want and meet me inside..." He starts, before pausing, and sighing. "On second though, let's stay out here. I need to put an air conditioner in there." He notes. There's another folding chair off to the side that he'll grab and set up.
Kitten Neither Esa or Rick notice the group of men approaching, all of them openly carrying automatic weapons, six of them in total who begin to hop over from the dock onto the deck of the boat. Following behind them is an impeccably dressed handsome latino man with tattoos tracing up his neck and the side of his face.

"I agree." He replied to Rick with perfect timing, "It would be much better to conduct our discussions inside. As you Americans say, I hope you have a few cold ones waiting."

The man needed no introductions, Rick and Esa had seen him on dozens of briefs; El Papa, the biggest cartel leader in South America.
Esa Esa smirks gently "Ah well I'm young.. so My hobby is computers, networks along with video games." He replies casually as he walks up on the deck. As Rick surveys the area, he glances briefly and quickly to the road.

"Expecting company?" He asks as he looks to him. Taking a few more steps, it would appear his question is answered as Cartel members climb aboard the ship. He sighs "Damnit Rick, what did you get me wrapped up in?" He questions, ignoring for the moment El Papa.
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler nods his head to Esa. "Computers. Great for paperwork, I find. I don't know about all this videogame stuff, though, beyond a few games in college. That was more..." He says, trailing off a bit. "Well, someone else's information. And I'm expecting someone, at least. Don't know who, or if they'll show up today or..."

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear before you. Rick cursed himself; he really needed to set up some sort of alarm system at that dock. Or be more properly paranoid. First thoughts.

Second thoughts, was that the man was recognizeable. He'd hoped that it would have been a local pusher, someone who'd accept a mistake or be cocky and stupid and end up at the bottom of Lake Maracaibo. But the man being escorted was dangerous, smart, and most likely well-briefed. Which would be a bit of a problem. "Of course, sir." He says, simply. "It's a bit cramped in there, but I'm not going to object to your friends if they'd like to come aboard.

He opens the door to the cramped deck. "I'm afraid you'll find me a bit of a teetoller these days. I have some juice, some soda, that you or your men are welcome to." To Esa, a mirthless smirk. "Sweat equity. I told you before. I'm sure we're all going to get along fine."
Kitten "We'll have to fix that, Rick." El Papa said as if him and Stadler were old friends, "I'll have a local brewery send you by a few cases of something refreshing, in this part of the world, it is customary to have an ice cold beer after a long day at work."

El Papa laughed just a little before reaching down to grab a cola, a friendly smile at the ready, "And you must be the Agent Collins I read so much about in Paris." That alone should have surprised Esa as to this man's resources.

"As much as I would love to make this a long visit, I am a very busy man and I know the two of you are very busy as well. If there is one thing you can count on in the world, it is that, America will interfere. Fortunately, I love America. You sell me guns, you buy my drugs, and you look the other way so long as there is something in it for you." El Papa cracked open the cola and took a long swig.

"So why don't we do some business here. I've already given you a housewarming present. Maybe you decide you like yao and I supply you with as much as you need, maybe you don't like it, but someone else always does. That's why we call it white gold hombre." El Papa didn't proceed too far into the houseboat, leaning against the narrow wall as his men crowded outside the door.

"That gun, it belonged to a very bad man, he committed some murders with it. You need to take care of anyone, you use that, and it will never come back to you. I also have some contacts in Coro, men in the BLF and Rebels who will gladly turn their guns to your side, make the fight go that much quicker." El Papa laughed again and pointed a finger at Esa, "You, you look like a clever one. You are saying? But El Papa, why so generous? It is not generosity, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. Your USS Liberty is going to be leaving port in a few days and stopping off in Panama. I need a few crate brought onboard and delivered. Nobody will search FBC ship and, fewer lives are lost when you take Coro. I will have the crates sent over at midnight tomorrow, is this acceptable?"
Esa Escorted inside the vessel, Esa turns a bit to regarding El Papa. His interest was piqued the moment he spoke about him and his dealings in Paris. a small frown creases his lips, eyes narrowing ever so slightly.

As the man continue to draw onward, he sighs. "Look.. El Papa is it? If you know me so well, then you'd know that I'm not just the clever one. I'm the good one and I ain't in the interest of buying into whatever the fuck your going on about."
Richard Stadler Rick managed to keep a pleasent smile on his face, even if his eyes said something entirely different; that he /really/ wished he had the upper hand here. He had been taught in a hard school that pragmatism was a nessecary survival trait, but that he didn't mean he had to like what he had to do in service of it. "I appreciate the offer, sir, but I wouldn't want you to go through the trouble. If you should give me their address, I'd be glad to make the call myself. I've always prided myself on a good amount of self-relience." Rick noted. "But it heartens me ot see someone who loves our country as much as I do. Even if I've never sold you a gun or bought any of your pharmacuticals." The last word was in a bit of a dead pan.

When El Papa mentions Yao, Stadler stands up, and walks over to the bed itself. The bed's slowly lifted, his hands moving in deliberate motions. There's a reason the gun was on one end of the place, and the package of cocaine on the other. He'll walk back , and place it on a counter next to one of El Papa's men. "And I certainly wouldn't want your generous gift to go to waste. I'm afraid I don't have anyone else who'd use it. For me, there's a reason I stopped smoking; being addicted to something and finding yourself somewhere without it... it might tip the scales for getting very unpleasent. The gun... I will not turn down. The same situations have given me a healthy appreciation for firearms."

Esa gets a bit of a look, a long look. One that says what comes next shouldn't be argued with. "However, I'm quite interested in your offer of support for our operations seeking to place Coro under more effective administration. If all you're asking for is the transport of some crates of what I have no doubt is legal goods through the canal through a US government ship, I'm sure something can be arranged. We're always looking to assist the American taxpayer. I trust you, El Papa, so I know they'll be no reason to inspect these crates of ordinary and legal merchandice, and I will simply be shocked and disheartened if anyone comes with information to the contrary. I doubt that'll occur, however."

He moves to extend his hand to the man. "Tomorrow at midnight."
Kitten "Excellent." El Papa replied with a grin before clasping Rick on the shoulder, "I knew we would be friends. I'll leave you both to your meeting and we will be in touch. Tomorrow at midnight and when your people make their move, your new allies will make their move."

"God Bless." El Papa said with a bow of his head before turning and leaving. One of the hitmen went inside after him and grabbed the Cocaine, giving Esa a bit of a look before moving passed him.

Moments later, El Papa and his men were gone; leaving Esa and Rick alone once more.
Esa Esa sighs, hand moving to pinch his eyes "Jesus Rick, please tell me were going to give orders to have that shit dumped overboard.. or at the very least an anonymous tip placed in." He said with a heavy frown on his face; not at all comfortable with the idea of having stuff smuggled by the Liberty.

"Hells, have you thought about what might be said if the ship is caught with said goods?" He questions, looking toward the man still with narrowed eyes.
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler keeps that smile on his face through the hand clap on his shoulder, indicating that he was going to work through this even though he wanted to do something here. But he nodded, smiled. "And to you as well, El Papa." He says. And once he's gone, Rick lets out a breath, leans back, and looks at Esa with a mixture of stoicism and tiredness. "We could, certainly. Or more importantly, you could. Granted, all we know now is we're moving a few crates. Perfectly legal, no reason to think otherwise. It doesn't become that until we investigate them. But you want them dumped, or have the ship searched after the fact... you're the head of our intelligence assests. It's certainly in your power to make it happen."

A shurg. "If they're found, you and I are shocked to see what's in them. We'll run some investigations, have some arguments... but if you've noticed, no one here is giving us a lot of oversight. But are you more concerned about what if we get caught? Or what we're doing in the first place?"
Esa Finding a seat, Esa leans back bringing his right leg up to lay the heel on the knee. The latter half of his comment gets a smirk before his head shakes. "Honestly, I've done my own questionable things." A beat "However, drug smuggling or whatever the hell mister El Pappa wants us to do? No. Sorry, not my line of work, not something I find at all pleasant in doing nor do I want the taint on my hands."
Richard Stadler Stadler nodded. "Trust me, I don't like this either. The problem is that man knows who we are. Knows what are capabilites are, and if we're not friends, we're enemies. For now. At the moment, we don't know what we're smuggling. Frankly. I don't want to. We can save lives in Coro if what he's offering pans out, and, in a horrible bought of ethical calculus, it might mean we come out better than we did before. For the long term, though..."

Stadler pauses for a moment. "You know I like projects. This is just a... bigger one. If we want to deal with him, we need leverage. Resources. Enough of it to either balance the power or crush him like a bug. UIntil then, we'd have to wait.
Esa Esa frowns and sighs "Right, I guess." He mutters, head shaking. "So what do you know about what is going on inside the FBC?"
Kitten Earlier note: El Papa woulda shook Rick's hand my bad. Rick
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler shakes his head once. "You're intelligence, you tell me. I'm combat operations and everything that needs to be signed, stappled and filed away. Crazy what you can do with paperwork. Is there an issue?
Esa Esa studies Richard quietly for a few minutes and sighs. "There is a lot, actually. I mean, where should I start." He frowns on that as he contemplated in thought. "What do you know about Albert Wesker?"
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler frowns for a moment. "He's got a plan, I'd say that. One I don't know if I'd be let in on. Last name connects with the possibility he could be an orphan adopter by Oswald Spencer, but that's something I've always thought was... farfetched. I assume you have some other information?"
Esa "A lot. For instance, he had his own special team in Raccoon city during the outbreak; assisting Umbrella prior to the outbreak, suspicion of being an adopted child to Oswal Spencer ... Of which I have photographic proof." Esa replies quietly, frowning as he speaks. "And I believe he may still be in league with Umbrella, or with Umbrella officiates.. but I don't have concrete evidence."

A brief pause is given, before he says "There is more... More bad news about the FBC."
Richard Stadler Rick frowns fro a long moment. Crossing his arms, thinking it over. "Well, this isn't a court of law. If you think he is, we need to operate on the assumption that he's comprimised. He's not /here/, which is good for us. And God, why can't I be more shocked about this. I really want to be, too. This organization looks to be a ship that's sink more every day. Lord, how am I going to keep Mackenzie from going mercenary. Go on, go on. More bad news. What is it?"
Esa Leaning back, Esa keeps his eyes on Rick for a moment before leaning forward as he clasps his hands together. "Sinking would probably be apt. A folder landed in my lap almost a month ago. Details information about Umbrella sympathizers and former employees having infiltrated our organization. Though nothing is concrete, apparently they have been continuing black site research in transhumanism experiments rather than stopping bioterrorism."

A beat "Also, our illustrious boss, Director-General Morgan Lansdale appears to have had some involvement in bio-weapons development for the T-virus prior to Raccoon City. It was something dug up on dark web and is more rumor due to no solid proof."

Another pause "And we believe that there are several people that have gone dark within F.B.C. recently that may be here in Bolivar; but we don't know who or why because of the floodgates of transfers, and those resigning in wake of Paris."
Richard Stadler Stadler takes a few moments with that, and finds a place to sit down, taking off his glasses, and setting them off to the side. He's rubbing his temples now, taking a moment to... not quite absorb the news, but absorb somethng nebulous that had become solid. "So. We're being used for a front by people who used to be in Umbrella that weren't me. And our Director-General also has heavy investment in WilPharma, from what rumors I heard, so I really, really shouldn't be suprised about this. Still don't think I am, deep down." Another breath. Glasses back on. "All right. Anything else before I attempt to start doing something, anything about these reports?"
Esa "I will begin to find out about these missing people within the FBC; see if I cannot get information on who they are and if they may be working in Bolivar." Esa replies "We'll also be researching possible outbreak locations and tracking each inoculation site that FBC field research teams do. Make sure nothing goes wrong with the T-virus vaccination." He adds with a light smile. "Is there anything you need me to do?"
Richard Stadler Richard Stadlernods to Esa. "Do that, if you can, esspecially those innoculation sites. We may want to call a halt to T-Virus innoculations, if possible... but that would tip our hand and get people asking questions. Maybe see if we can get a plausible reason; minor supply problems that means we'll be waiting slightly. If we have a chance. I also want to see if we can get a list of people that are potentially naturally immune. Ones where reports indicate they haven't been infected through high risk situations, like me. I can see about running things through that lab of mine, but I need data. In the mean time... I'm going to start making some plans if the worst should happen."
Esa Esa nods "Oh." A pause, as he bit his lip "I'm working in conjunction with TerraSave on a database regarding the current virus in the wild by Umbrella, types of B.O.W's and zombies seen; including new information that is coming out about this Plagas thing. While meant for them, I planned to make one for us as it will help train our troops." He says standing up and heads to the door with a slight limp.
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler looks a bit sour at the mention of Terrasave. "Do what you can to use their resources, but don't do them any favors. Strictly quid pro quo. Sons of bitches might use whatever information they get to cause more people to distrust us, and if we can't do our job, it's going to end up with more people dying. I'll get with you again in a short while, once I have a break with this planning of our liberation of Coro. HOpefully that'll secure things near Maracaibo." Another pause, as Esa starts to walking away. "One last thing. You seem to be limping a bit. Anything you need looked at?"
Esa Esa sighs as he looks to Richard. "Don't be too mad at TerraSave. They got screwed by video tape they released to BBC." A beat "I trust Emma explicitly and know that while they benefited from the release, she is hurting because it wasn't what she saw originally or believed to have given them." The words carry an emotional weight to them, as if he truly believes in the convictions of his words. "The acid spit damaged the nerves around the wound; they had to skin graph it I can't work in the field because of it and it causes a mild limp at times." He says sadden tone of voice.
Richard Stadler Rick gives another look to Esa. "It's very hard for me to trust them after what happened. They rose, we fell, and there's going to be more blood because of it. If you trust her, fine. I trust your judgement on this one. But don't expect me to bury the hatchet right away simply because they say they 'didn't know'" He notes, but his tone does soften when he mentions the damage to his legs. "Ahh. I'm sorry to hear that. I... would think you've seen all the proper specialists already, so my cobbled-together knowledge of surgery wouldn't be of use. Curiousity satitated, at least." He'll stand himself, extending a hand. "Until we meet again, then."
Esa Shaking his head, Esa nods. "Until we meet again Rick." He smiles, turning and heads out.