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Rebecca Chambers Saturday, March, 22nd 2005 would go down in the history books as the largest single largest outbreak of an infectious disease in modern history. It would also, in the future be known as the first and worst global 'bioterror' attack.

For the citizens of Raccoon City that meant nothing.

Over the past week the situation in the city had deteriorated from bad to nightmare-fuel as the streets themselves became unsafe to walk.

What had started as an 'incident' out in the Mountains had grown into a full-Quarantine situation with the people of Raccoon City trapped inside.

Throughout the city, Radio and Television began to play an emergency broadcast:

"Raccoon City has been Quarantined. Citizens are advised to stay in their homes if they cannot make their way to the Ravensgate Bridge Quarantine checkpoint. Help is coming."

The message repeats. Had it come from the Government? Umbrella Corporation? Nobody knew.

It's the evening of Saturday, March 22nd. Where were you when the Outbreak officially began?

Note: Players are free to pose being wherever they are. I will try to address each person individually. If you are logically, trying to escape. It's probably best to be on the way to the Ravensgate Bridge. Otherwise, go nuts. Head where you want, this is your story.
Emma Emma was, as much as it was a bad idea, out with Shaemus, her bear sized dog. She is done work for the night. A lot of hours have been put into the hostpial, even though she knows it's useless, the intern wouldn't give up. Her long red hair is braided, over her shoulder, as per normal, dirty scrubs are worn. Atop of that is her jacket. Her direction is home from the walk of her dog when the Scottish lass passes by a store and notices people start to panic. Stopping and pulling out a earbud, those big silver eyes fix on them and the radio they were listening to. When the message is heard, her skin pales a little, which highlights those freckles. "Oy, bloody 'ell." Home is a few blocks away, eyes dart around, her hand grips onto the leash. "Shaemus, lets get goin' home.." The shy lass frowns a little, pulls up her hood, ducks her head and tries to make it home, fast.
Benny Benny has been working overtime for over 24 hours, since the call came from Barry that all RPD and S.T.A.R.S. were activated for full duty due to city wide Emergency. He has been assigned to partner with Rebecca Chambers from Bravo Team and they are patroling the city in a Ford Expedition SUV black unmarked patrol cruiser with the emergency lights flashing. "Dispatch. This is Charlie 5, Officers Chan and Chambers are in the residential district. There is a situation here. I see infected are trying to gain entry to an apartment complex and civillians are barricaded inside. We need back...nevermind everyone is tied up. We are going to be dealing with this situation. Copy? If there are any other units in the area please advise." He turns on the sirens, blaring the horn and trying to get the attention of the infected away from the apartment buidling. "Rebecca you ready? We have to give those people a chance to either reinforce the building or get away." This happens to be the same neighbourhood his Intern friend, Emma lives and he /promised/ that he would look for her if he had the chance. He checks his MP7, to make sure the magazine is seated properly and that the safety is off. He glances at his partner, Rebecca still astounded by how young she is but she's actually higher rank than he is in S.T.A.R.S. not to mention a growing legend in her own right, next to Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Buck Rogers. If any of the infected start getting near, he's going to let them have it and now he knows to aim for their noodle or else it won't have any effect except for wasting bullets.
Rebecca Chambers Emma:

And however the walk had started for Emma, right now - it was like the city had taken on a new, nefarious light. That dark alley she passes by? Comes with the scent of blood, and a low, pained groaning from deep within it. A few blocks away - nobody would harass her, but that family that lives in that apartment? Father and mother were hustling to their car, throwing their kid inside - 'leave the dog! we have to go...!'

And further down the road still - a group of teens were smashing the window of a local electronics store, using the confusion to loot.
Leon Kennedy "This is dispatch, Charlie 5, good copy, over." Radio silence. "...You got a friendly in your zone, headed your way from the university. Only car that responded. Officer Kennedy. Dispatch out."
A few blocks away, a Crown Vic with Raccoon City Police livery painted boldly on the side, with the catch-phrase 'Protect and Serve!' stuck enthusiastically beneath, skids through the gravel as it accelerates in the direction of the residential zone Benny and Becca are trying to protect. Inside, Leon grinds into second and then third, racing through the streets with his siren and flashing lights turned off. The occasional shambling head turns to track his progress, but for the most part it's uneventful. He doesn't even stop to rescue any cats from trees, and before long the Ford is screeching to a stop in front of the apartment complex.
Rebecca Chambers Apartment Complex: (Benny/Leon):

Rebecca Chambers unholsters her Steyr Machine pistol, laying it on her lap. Glancing over towards the man, she bites her lower lip. In spite of what he might feel about her legend status, the talk around the station was probably mixed. Yes, she was a brilliant young woman - but she also apparently shot a fellow police officer on her first mission.

More sympathy might be given now that there were zombies about, but there was probably a big feeling of 'just make her a paramedic, and keep the guns away from her' vibe. What Benny was talking about was not precisely zombies immeadiately trying to gain entrance to the apartment building - but what was affectionately being called a 'herd' - a large group - about twenty to thirty, starting to shamble towards the apartment complex, filling the street as the noise and sound of people starting to retreat drew their attention. Of course they weren't the only ones in this part of the city, but they drew most of the attention. Especially once the screaming started - people dropping their luggage to just /bolt/ anywhere. Some of the paths of the bolting took them between the empty space between the officers and the enroaching 'herd'.
Buck Rogers The local authorities in Raccoon City has been better prepared than most for the outbreak; for weeks now, their radios and phone lines have been flooded with a rising tide of reports and emergencies, and they've watched the steady degradation of their homes as the levels of infected rose. This quarantine alert, blaring on everything that can catch a signal, comes as no surprise. "Christ," the big man spits, lumbering through his apartment to a hope chest at the foot of his bed. The scanner on his kitchen table blares static, screams, orders and incidents as he changed, securing the higher-quality private sector security gear he's kept from his days before the precinct. Viral infections, cannibals, monstrous animals, and the constant threat of panic.. first things first, on-duty or not, he has to make his own are secure, first. Gun, check, knife, check, shield, strapped over a shoulder and check.. and hell, who knows? The chainsaw could come in handy, too. As he exits his apartment, top floor of a cramped complex, he makes his way down a curiously empty stairwell, thump-thump-thump with footfalls like thunder. First stop: make his way a few blocks over to the apartment he knows Lillian's been staying at.
Rebecca Chambers Inside the Apartment Complex, Stairwell: (Buck)

Although the stairwell was empty, there were noises. The police sirens outside, the clatter of people moving this way and that - and screaming. "Oh god - look how many of them!" by a man, sounding almost on the verge of tears, heard muffled as he runs by the second floor door on his presumed way to the ground floor.

And at the very bottom of the stairwell, a woman - kneeling by a dead body, sobbing her life away, a vicious bite on her neck as she strokes the chest of the dead man. A walking stick was shoved through the corpse's head.
Emma Emma is weary, she looks around. The panic, the -fear-. Stopping to watch the family toss their kid into the car the frown deepens. Children, Innocence. Home isn't to far, a few blocks. But that fear in her gut is strong, and grows more at that odd sound for the alley she has stopped by. Suddenly, Shaemus gets angry, defensive, he growls deeply ears up, teeth shown. This scares her more, and with a tug on the leash the lass tries to pull him away, but the dogs instincts have kicked in. While trying to tug him away, a rushing group of kids run by her, knocking her over into some trash cans, in the alley, as she yells with fright. The garbage flies everywhere and Shaemus dodges in a bit more, barking hard and loud, trying to scare off whatever is within. His master, in panic and fear, pulls harder on the leash to stop her massive beast of a dog from attacking while scrambling to stand. There is a hint of tears down her cheek. Tears brought on by fear, brought on by knowing what's down there. "Fuckin' 'ell Shaemus! Get yer head together we gotta get outta here ya crazy ass!" And yes, she is evern swearing!
Lillian     When Buck says she's been staying at an apartment, what he really means is Lillian has been sharing a luxurious two story house with her rich Uncle Jonah. Contrary to the perfectly prepared and gun-toting officer, she's simply watching the news in rising horror as the situation escalates to a mind-boggingly degree. Her Uncle hasn't been home for most of the day, likely busy with his important VP of Europe tasks. She's got a large sheaf of random low-level documents on the living room table and the remote control to hand. Contrary to most panicking citizens, she's more surprised than necessarily afraid. She's the niece of Umbrella's Europe VP. Would they really let her get hurt? Today, she's fashionably garbed herself like any other day. She wears a casual blue shift dress with tiny tassels about the hem and chest, while dark gray cable knit tights clad her feet. She's styled her blonde tresses back in a ponytail by an onyx band, and black cat studs garnish her pale ears.
Benny "Shit. Here they come and we've got to watch our arcs of fire, Rebecca. Lots of civillians running around out there too. I'm not going full auto, unless I have no other choice." Benny says to Rebecca and then adds, "Oh and since we didn't really have much of a chance to get to know one another yet. I got your back partner. Now lets go save as many people as we can." He hears dispatch saying that Officer Kennedy is coming for back up and gets on the mike, "Copy Dispatch. Kennedy is 10-17 from the University. We are engaging infected now."

Benny motions with his hands, pointing at the civillians to run towards the open space away from the small horde that is now closing in on his police vehicle. since the sirens are too loud to yell. Once he has a clear shot, he starts carefully aiming at the zombies for head shots. He does not want to hit any civillians by accident and takes his time to aim each one. He turns off the sirens in between one of his shots, once enough of the infected are drawn to them and calls out to Rebecca, "Becca. If they start getting too close, yell at me to get my ass back in the cruiser and start backing up. We have to draw as many of them away as possible." He's glancing around at the civillians who are running, wondering if there are any red heads in the crowd because he knows Emma and Nixie live at that apartment complex.
Buck Rogers Through shuttered windows, high and horizontal, Buck can see the intermittent flashes of colored light that mark police presence outside. It's heartbeat-steady and doesn't speed up in a panic-- unlike the man whose muffled voice the S.T.A.R.S. officer can hear, and the woman on the ground floor who is sobbing. He sees her and the blood on her neck and frowns. "Ma'am," he says, coming closer-- cautious, but not cruel. "Ma'am, come on. You need medical treatment. There's cruisers outside."
Rebecca Chambers     Uncle Jonah's Home: (Lillian)

    If Lillian were to look out a window - the surreal scene on the television might take greater precedence than what is going on on the television. Muted - there was a house of another neighbor currently on fire, smoke wafting lazily up towards the sky as a series of people - some armed with guns - who did /not/ look like they belonged in this part of Raccoon City - mill about on his lawn, dragging items from inside the house out.

And below, there was a thud - and the sound of a window crashing in.
Rebecca Chambers A block or two north of the Apartment Complex: (Emma):

The big dog strains against the leash, but Emma is able to keep him under control - perhaps drag him away from the alleyway, proper. And the growling might have a purpose. A man - in a business suit that was shredded by a number of open bullet holes on his chest - starts shuffling towards the mouth of the alley, drawn by the dog barking. He was limping heavily - but his eyes were glowing.

And right on Shaemus. Emma could probably drag the dog away faster than he could approach the pair. If she wanted to, that is.
Rebecca Chambers Inside the Complex, Stairwell: (Buck):

The woman looks up towards Buck, sobbing - her hands bloody as she grasps ahold of his hand, then his arm - if he allows (roll dodge if not allowing) clinging to it like a life preserver. He was going to be slowed down, now, as long as the woman was clinging to him - and she was, tears streaming from her eyes.

"M... M... My father. I..." she says, her sobs growing anew.
Leon Kennedy Popping the door open, Leon's pulling his Glock from its holster almost before he's out of the vehicle, as Benny's already opening fire on the walkers. The rookie cop pops a squat behind the door, popping off two careful shots at the shambling corpses, hitting one in the head and bringing its lifeless machinations to a permanent end, while the other is merely knocked to the ground from the (admittedly small) force of the impact. "Gotta be head-shots!" he yells to the other two officers, repeating information they doubtless know already.
Lillian     Uncle Jonah's Home: (Lillian)

    Too drawn to the otherworldly news spoken on TV, Lillian fails to notice any sort of unusual events occurring practically just outside her window. Whispering and shaking her head in mild disbelief at what the newspeople display, she mutters, "this city is seriously going to hell..." Suddenly, a thud causes her to instinctively glance backwards from her expensive screen. Hackles rising, she turns the volume down and strains to hear more noises.

    Simply too unsettled to just stay put, she cautiously rises from her couch and creeps in the general direction of that curious earlier noise. She's intent to tip-toe across the stairs and peer around the corner, though there's a large part of her that believes she may have simply heard nothing odd. Perhaps her Uncle arrived home, or the house was settling, or even flood waters had caused something to wiggle loose.
Emma Briefly Emma freezes, seeing the man stumble forward. She trembles, Shaemus barks. That snaps her out of her fear, ignoring the tears of said fear there is a hard yank on the leash, and a command in Gaelic which alerts to pet."Comeon ya daft dog! Let's get gojn'" Turning the lass would make a dash for her apartment with her pet at her side.
Rebecca Chambers Apartment Complex (Leon/Benny):

Arms shivering, Rebecca lifts her weapon alongside Benny - squinting her eyes down the sights. "I... this is a terrible time to meet up, but didn't we meet like... at that lunch thing? A little while back?" says Rebecca. "Before... all this?" (backscene opp ooo).

But there was no time for socialization. Breathing out a long sound - Rebecca lifts her weapons and fires into the advancing crowd of zombies, her bullets joining that of Benny's and Leon's. Two of the rounds strike true - one from Leon, one from Benny - the zombies struck square between the eyes and falling down. The rest, the rounds cut into like butter - legs, and knees breaking on one - chest struck in another.

But they still advance. In two rounds, they would reach the 'line'. And their little crowd was still at least twenty-strong.
Rebecca Chambers Emma:

The scene would be as described above - but in front of the enroaching horde of zombies, she would be able to get into the apartment - no doubt dragging that dog every step of the way. So far, there was no threat of friendly fire, but it was likely that she wouldn't be able to get out the way she came in. If she goes by the stairwell, she would pass Buck.
Buck Rogers Buck wouldn't pull away from a woman in need even if he wasn't clad head-to-toe in a heavily reinforced military standard armor suit. His gargantuan, black-plated body, with accompanying riot shield and a chainsaw of all things, stands out enough that he expects people in need to flock to him-- and even if she's sick, he feels secure from this infection, however it's transmitted. "We have to go," he says, and that's that; he'll drag her along with him briskly if he has to.

And if he does pass by Emma, he'll ask Emma to look after her, since he knows Emma is some kind of nurse.
Rebecca Chambers     Uncle Jonah's Home: (Lillian):

    "Can you imagine living like this, Stan?" comes a voice from down below. "All this crap just lying around in these homes - they probably spend their entire lives at work to get this stuff, while we..." A pause then. "Shut up, Frank, you hear that?" comes a second distinct voice.

"The TV's on - someone might still be home. Should we go? Some of my buddies says there's monsters or some kinda craziness going on downtown."

"Naw, Stan - you got your gun, right? Maybe we can get them to show us where the good stuff is."

With that said, the sound of men would be approaching the TV room in Lillian's place.
Benny Benny, hears more gunfire off to the side and see's more zombies fall than he had fired so back-up has arrived - YAY! He glances towards Leon, giving the RPD rookie a nod. "Good shooting and yeah, headshots are the only way to be sure they stay dead. We gotta thin this herd to break their line. One more volley and if that doesn't work, we might have to run them over with our SUV." He takes aim at the next closest zombie, lining up the headshot and lets off a round to see if he gets a headshot, if he misses he will take another shot at it. He replies to Becca but doesn't take his eyes off the sights of his MP7. "Oh yeah...I forgot. That's why your the smart one, Princess." he says in his best Han Solo impression with smirk. Levity is certainly better than panic in this situation and his going to use whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't lose it like he did last time when he first encountered these crazy brain munching corpses.
Emma Withih the building Emma leans against the wall and wipes tears from her face. Shaemus is still mad, and when Buck happens by there is a look of confusion and the INTERN, future doctor, not nurse looks at the woman and the bite mark. "Stay width yer husband." She shakes her head, looks up and sighs. "Gotta get outta here.." Eyes move to the door. Zombies are closer than she expected.
Lillian     Lillian's heart stutters in terror when she hears people talking not so far away. Hazel greens widen, and she presses a hand to her mouth in the hopes of better silencing her abruptly rapid breaths. Gooseflesh rises across her arms when one of the thiefs asks if the other can hear something. Was she found out? Just the TV. Still, her heart races unabated, knowing full well where they'll be going next. Swallowing hard to hear their steps approaching, she hurries back to her room as fast and as quietly as she possibly can.

    Once she arrives, she immediately grabs for her uPhone and starts dialing 911. Meanwhile, she looks around desperately for other options, whether they be for escape or self defense or even useful hiding places.
Leon Kennedy 'Headshots' Leon said, and he focuses intently on blasting headshots into said zombies, scoring one but failing at another. Oh well. Everyone misses now and then, even Capcom action heroes. A scream rings from the other side of the street. What could it be?! Someone in need of help?! Leon - he runs off that way, the fool.
Rebecca Chambers Inside the Apartment Stairwell: (Emma/Buck)Stay with her father?

"No, I..." A handful of moments, and the woman looks up from the body of her father towards Emma. There was conflict in her eyes. "No, I can go with you. I work at the state office, I can... I can... I can get us through the quarantine checkpoint?" she says, her eyes wildly shifting from person to person. Yes. The police car barricade with the doors wasn't holding very far - and a few last daredevils were pushing past the others, suitcases in hand, to flee the apartment past the weakening police line.
Rebecca Chambers Barricade (Benny):
"No - no... there's too many for that," says Rebecca, her eyes flickering across the way. Biting her lower lip, Rebecca glances to Benny. "They're going to overrun us - I mean, um..." Rebecca stands up straight, clenching her jaw - firing bursts of her weapon into the approaching crowd.

"...we gotta do something, Benny!"

The bullets from her weapon - and others - rip across the front of the zombies, the weapons tracking across the zombies and striking one dead in the head, the other rounds ripping across the legs of the other.

Benny's shots - one punches through the head of one zombie and strikes another behind it, while another round knocks another zombie over, spinning her into another. But... they were just thinning the herd. In the next round they would be close enough to the officers to start grabbing and biting - and the ones that were knocked over last time were crawling - or getting up to rejoin the flock.
Buck Rogers Buck recognizes Emma from a few meetings, though that was during the period where his sickness was coming, and his head's always been a bit foggy. She might not recognize him behind the full-body armor and masked helmet, but there are only so many people in Raccoon City that wide. "Hold on," he commands, and takes a few steps forward to the door, looking to see the cruiser and the herd-- at this point, going out the front is foolish. The injured woman, the dog, they'll slow them down. What he can do is buy them time indoors. "We'll find another way out." There's nothing on the ground floor that could barricade the door; everyone's shit is locked indoors. But maybe... "Back up the stairs." He'll move up one floor and find an apartment, break the door in, and see if there's a sofa or dresses he can use to choke the stairwell.
Rebecca Chambers Uncle Jonah's House (Lillian):

The men enter the TV room where Lillian was just moment's prior. "Sweet," says 'Stan'. "This will look good on my counter back at my apartment. Is this 1080i?" he says, grinning. "Never could afford one this big, and..." with that, he flicks the thing off.

"Looks like no one's here, though," says 'Frank'. "Maybe those scaaaary monsters already got these types - or they spook easy, and got the hell out of here, right?" he laughs.

With the TV off, though, Stan pauses. "Wait, wait... Frank. I think... who's there?" he calls. They still sounded as though they were alrt. In the TV room.
Emma Emma eyes the woman, and the bite mark. In her eyes this lady is doomed but there is little power to tell her. Grabbing the phone from her pocket, sends out a quick text then goes to follow Buck. "Go down tha fire escape," She says to the woman. "Fina a random room and run." Then she dodges up the stairs.
Rebecca Chambers Inside the complex (Buck/Emma):

The woman pauses a few moments at what Emma says, bringing up a hand to wipe her eyes. "Can I... can I come with you?" she asks Buck - Emma didn't seem to be a very good prospect for protection. As it turns out, the random apartment on the second floor that Buck breaks into (the door was unlocked), and the first cabinet he chooses - turns out to be filled with random heavy crap that made it hard to move to the door of that apartment, and then when they turned it to get it out the door, spilled most of the contents on the floor, making more a trip hazard than anything. But hey, in the end, a very minor barricade is erected on the second floor stairwell.
Lillian     Lillian clamps a hand around her own mouth, eyes wide while she peers through the thin shutters of the closet double doors. Upon noticing nobody manages to pick up the 911 call, she hangs up in anger, fear, and disgust. All she can do now is wait and pray, pressing her back to the wall of her large closet. She conceals herself behind layers and layers of expensive designer clothes, observing in horror while Stan and Frank pick apart the room. When Stan calls out, she stiffens and stills, pressing her palm to her nose and mouth until flesh goes splotchy and she can barely breathe. The pounding of her heart seems deafening to her ears.
Benny "Leon...wait!?" Benny exclaims after the RPD Rookie, runs off to save innocent peoples. Isn't that line ironic. Suddenly, he hears a beeping noise and feels something vibrating in his pocket. He quickly takes out his uPhone and reads the text. His eyes widen in surprise, "Oh no..." he mutters to himself and texts something back quickly. Nodding to Rebecca, realizing that she's right, there are too many zombies and they are about to be overrun unless he does something...something probably incredibly stupid. "I got a plan. Trust me." Famous last words, hopefully not last! "I'm going to draw their attention away from you. That should give you a somewhat clear path so you can drive the SUV closer to the apartment and try to save some of the people who are trapped inside. No time to argue. Go!"

Benny, then jumps into Leon's Crown Vic police cruiser, blares the sirens and puts the vehicle in reverse. "Come get me you stinking pile of...shit, they can't even understand me anyways..." He hopes to draw as many of them away with his slow reversing as possible so that Rebecca can get a clear path to the apartment building. He turns off the sirens after a few minutes, then uses the loud hailer on the car to broadcast his voice so that people in the apartment might be able to hear. "Help is on the way!! Be ready!!" This plan beter come together!!!
Rebecca Chambers Uncle Jonah's House: (Lillian):

It would be a grueling fifteen minutes, perhaps. But the men would be thorough. Not just them - but the sounds of more men climbing in through the window and otherwise would be heard in the rooms, rifling through closets, and otherwise. The closest thing would be when one of them opens the closet to see the designer clothes, and snorts.

"Just expensive stuff in here. You want your girlfriend to look like a rich bitch?" Stan calls back to the others, laughing. And after those moments were done... well...

Smoke would start to waft into the room. Something very very close was set on fire, but one could still hear the sounds of the men moving.
Rebecca Chambers Police Line: (Benny):
Rebecca nods her head towards Benny, hopping into the SUV and killing the siren on top. Lowering herself down on the seat, and ducking down - eyes wide with fear. When Benny lights up the sirens and starts drawing the horde away... most... /most/ start heading towards Benny's car.

But there were one or two - just a couple, that weren't distracted enough. They claw at the windows, mouthing at it as they rock the SUV a bit. Shifting to the back, Rebecca pops open the back door - gesturing towards the front. "We have two minutes!! Hurry! Hurry!" she calls, offering to ferry whatever civilians were around in.
Lillian     Fifteen minutes of hiding in fear and barely breathing within a closet, before at last it seemed like the intruders had at least walked elsewhere. Lillian's legs ached to stand in the same position for so long, and she felt dizzy for lack of fresh air - not to mention spiked adrenaline. When Stan opened the door of her closet and peeked inside, she felt for sure to be found out. However, luck kept her safe and quiet, no matter the sweat creasing her brow or the pitter-patter of her staggering heartbeat. Then she smelled smoke, and she knew she had to get moving.

    Gripping her phone and mentally preparing herself for whatever awaits her beyond the closet, she offers a quick prayer to whoever might be listening. Then, drawing in a breath, she cautiously opens the closet and tentatively steps outside. If there's time, she would grab her hoodie and boots. If there's even more time, perhaps her purse and some makeup. But if she must, she dashes to the window, planning to dodge free of any robbers and escape towards the roof.
Buck Rogers Buck grunts irritably as the porcelain and a pot of some grandma's ashes falls out of the cabinet, shattering against the carpeted floors, but he does manage to secure it against the stairwell. It's not the best shield but it's enough for now, he's got places to be. He can hear the cars and bullets and all other things outside, through the thin, cheap-o apartment walls. "Let's get out of here," he says, and he'll escort the frightened woman out one way or another in a hurry to the SUV, but he has other places to be ten minutes ago-- since there's no obvious disasters around him he's just moving to escape and find some transpo or another closer to Lillian.
Rebecca Chambers     Lillian:

    Most of the robbers had exited the house - and Lillian would have all of the time that she needs to get what she needs. The smoke would get thicker - they set fire to the kitchen. But outside, one of the robbers sees her silouette against the fire as she moves from one room to the other, to get her last item.

    "Hey - what are you still doin' in there, buddy - the place is burning down? You alright? Find some good stuff?" says the robber. Frank from before, a baseball bat bouncing against his shoulder as he strides casually, more or less, into the very room that Lillian had entered last. She would have moments to hide, run, or fight!
Emma Emma had gone to get a few of her things, briefly checking a text with trembling hands. Slinging stuff over her shoulder she'd go to head down. "She is gonna turn." The lass says to Buck on her way out, with Shaemus at her side. Her aim is the SUV when there she'd scramble in, with her dog, and then look around at the chaos with wet cheeks and also, to see where Benny went.
Lillian     It was a minor miracle, but Lillian actually managed far more than merely grab her hoodie and tie on her boots. She swiped her most precious makeup from her bathroom and stuffed her clutch purse as full as she could make it. She's just packing up some horridly expensive lip gloss when she hears the sound of someone calling into the room. She freezes, terror chilling her bones. Completely tossing aside any and all semblance of stealth, she zips up her bag and stomps swiftly to the window. Opened by other thieves, she barely has to duck in order to land on the roof. Dashing across the tiles as she shoulders her purse, she half-flips to cling against the ledge, then leaps the rest of the way to carefully manicured grass. Barely sparing a moment's glance to others in the area, she bounds freely away from her Uncle's house, rushing in the general direction of Buck's apartment.
Buck Rogers Enough searching the panicked streets, littered with fallen valuables and sentimental things, leads Buck to a motorcycle suitably big for his body. He's not any sort of amazing driver, but whatever-- this isn't the time for stunts, he just wants to get from point A to point B, and a bigger car risks traffic jams. He sits down and the metal machine sags and whines, and some brief fiddling reveals the owner left the keys in. "Alright," he mutters to himself, ready to move on out and get his girl.
Rebecca Chambers     Lillian:

    "Wait - what the...! STAN! GUYS! HEY LOOK ALIVE! SOMEONE IS IN..." Frank begins to shout, letting a lecherous grin dance upon his features. But... as opposed to the frozen horror he expected of someone like that, Lillian starts to take off - and /fast/. "Stop! Hey! Not gonna hurtcha, doll! Just wanna ta..."

    Outside, the robbers that tear their attention away from loading stuff up into trucks - hey, there was her TV - to catch sight of her running form - some just shrug - but the one that does try running after her - Frank, from before. A frown touches his lips, and he instead aims his weapon, trying to set sights on the fleeing young woman... - and fires!
Benny If only the A Team were real, this would be the coolest PLAN ever! Well, it is pretty cool in Benny's mind anyways. The Asian (who says we can't drive) drives the crown Vic like a boss, he reverses slow at first so the zombies almost feel like they've got their prey, then he maneuvers the Crown Vic almost like he's on a track with pylons, navigating between two parked cars and a mail box, then steps on brakes, theg gives it lots of gas! Tires squeal, smoke starts filling the air and then he lets the brake go, propelling the Crown Vic at high speed right into the side rear of another parked vehicle (a Ford Pinto, one of the last remaining of a crappy model with one fatal flaw, a weak gas tank wall). The impact does rupture the gas tank of the poor Pinto, the Crown Vic is a solid piece of machinery but it's served it's purpose!

Benny quickly, jumps out of the driver side window Duke's of Hazzard style, cause the door is jammed after his crazy stunt. He slings the MP7 over his shoulder, just as the zombies are getting closer to him and he takes out his trusty hookshot gun aiming it at the building rooftop where the SUV is now pulling up too. He stares at the zombie herd bearing down on him and grins, "Yippie-Ki-Ya, Zombiefuckers..." With his free hand he grabs the MP7 and aims it at the gas puddle forming on the street underneath both the Pinto and Crown Vic. BANG! He shoots the gas puddle, the spark from the bullet hitting the pavement, casuses a spark, lighting the gas on fire and it roars towards both vehicles like a moth to flame! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Benny fires his hookshot before he gets incinerated in the blast! His plan was working perfectly, well up until this last very crucial part and he was a bit off on his calculations or just bad luck really. The explosion was a lot bigger than he anticipated, the concussive force threw him off balance and when the hookshot started to pull him upwards, it yanked his shoulder at a bad angle, he heard a POP of it dislocating but he manages to hold on but he kinda screams. Thankfully the explosion drowned out most of it! He makes it to safety at least but collapses on the sidewalk near the SUV in a bit of a heap, after he lowered himself back down. His face grimaced in pain but the adrenaline kept him going!
Rebecca Chambers Buck:

The city would be in chaos. Cars stuck, broken down - people - the undead - getting from point a to point b was always a little hard during certain hours in Raccoon City, but right now, it was downright impossible. But right now, for poor Buck - it was like crawling through an anthill, and it was so hard to find a path that wasn't choked with the aforementioned.

If the ants were zombies, and occasionally running into his motorcycle and trying to bite him.
Lillian     When Frank sounds the alarm, Lillian responds by running even faster, slamming her booted feet against the wide lawn. She barely even considers the man's promise not to hurt her - he already stole her stuff and lit her house on fire! Glancing back with a scalding glare, her hazel green eyes widen to notice a gun in the chasing guy's hands. She hears the ejection of a bullet from the muzzle, and before she can even register what she's doing, her body leaps aside, narrowly dodging dangerous lead. Goaded on by that attack, she charges until her legs burn in their desperation for flight.
Rebecca Chambers Benny:

Rebecca Chambers helps the handful of civilians - including Emma - into the back of the SUV - firing a burst at the zombie who managed to figure out that walking around the thing might get at the tasty people inside. Slamming the back doors shut - and leaving the shotgun seat open - Rebecca bites her lower lip and throws the SUV into drive - scooting forward to drive near where Buck landed after his (mostly) successful flight.

"Benny!" shouts Becca. "Get in! Do you need help getting up?" she says, starting to climb over the center console.
Rebecca Chambers Lillian:

And Frank, holstering his weapon in his back waistband after firing the shot and missing it - takes off after Lillian. And in spite of his slight gut, the robber was faster than one might suspect - even managing to get close enough to start grabbing at Lillian's clothes - managing to get that purse and give it a yank before she manages to slip away.

"Screw it," he says, not long after it.

"You're dead soon anyways, rich bitch! If the monsters don't get you, this city will!" he says, barking a laugh after her. And trying to sound tough. Meanwhile, he bends forward double, and tries not to vomit.
Lillian     Lillian runs like her life depends on it - which it probably does. She zooms faster across the city than she's ever zoomed beofre, but Frank's larger gait just offers him too much of an advtantage. He eventually catches up to her, body electric with energy, and she pushes to regain some distance. She feels a tug on her shoulder, and her purse comes loose, but she continues to sprint unabated. The man's failed attempt to grab -her- rather than her bag causes him to eat her dust, and she skips forward until her pursuer looks like an ant in the distance. Only then does she glance back and scowl hatefully, before slowing to a more casual jog on her way to Buck's apartment. Thank God for gym class!
Benny Benny has fallen, is singed and has either a dislocated or sprained shoulder but he's alive. Pain is a reminder of that! "Nope...I'm good Rebecca..." he says while rolling to his feet and grabbing onto his left shoulder, trying his best not to wince but failing horribly. He runs into the open door of the SUV, grimacing as he shuts the door and gets a big ol hug from Emma! His cheeks flare up, almost as red as that explosion a few moments ago and then he winces as his shoulder gets pinched a bit during the hugging. "Thanks Emma...I'm glad we're all alive...told ya I keep my promises." He looks towards Rebecca, wincing still. "You okay? Get everyone we can? Can we still do one more lap around the building before we get trapped just to make sure everyone go out?" He looks to be going into a bit of shock, his eyes are wide and his hands start to shake a bit. He manages to put his hookshot back into the holster, fumbling a bit and then grips his MP7, pointing it out the window in case more infected get too close. His eyes drift towards the fire bomb that he created, the giant blazing car fire lights up the night and lots of zombies are going to be drawn to it for sure, well the one's that aren't burning that is.
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca lets her eyes track over Benny. She bites her lower lip, letting her eyes look over him. His shoulder was hurt. But... sprain? Dislocation? Rebecca can't focus long enough to think of how to even recommend the man in the faux hawk help himself.

"I don't think we have any more room, but... sure - we'll do one more lap," says Rebecca, her features grim. The horde - what was left of it, anyways - seemed mostly attracted to the car and the humans inside, some of the zombies on fire as they stumble towards the SUV. Rebecca guns it.

As it turns out, they find a kid seperated from his mom a block or two down to put into the back of the SUV - but... the question remains. Where to next?

The news comes over the police radio: the station was overrun. The bridge was destroyed.

There was no way out of Raccoon City.