Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alejandro Club Bustle is bustling. People are partying hard and it looks like a great time. Dancers be dancing. Drinkers be drinking. One of those guys who's drinking is Alejandro, who's enjoying some brown liquor and chatting with a couple of young tourists, a big smile on his face. After a moment the people he's talking with giggle and make their way off with friendly waves. Left alone, Alejandro sips his drink and watches the dance floor with an almost predatory look upon his face.
Thomas Thomas Thomas walks into the nightclub the rythmic beat pumping in his ears with patrins in less than formal clothes he himself wears a black tank with camo pants and his boots his dogtags swing freely with every step as he makes his way twords the bar he spots al "its funny how we both find eachother in these places huh?"
Alejandro "Thomas, mi amigo!" Alejandro calls out to be heard over the music, his smile reappearing. "Yes, it is funny how these things work out," He gestures towards the bar stool next to his and waves the bartender over, calling out to him in rapid Spanish. "How are you today?"
Thomas Thomas shrugs "eh good i guess after leaving last time i checked back with the fbc turns out im the only guy from my squad that made it back so far " he then spoke decent spanish ordering a glass of tequilla before looking back to al "so hows yours been?"
Alejandro "Well, you can keep doing what you're doing with them while helping the cause of freedom. Keep the government here from using biological weapons against the people," says Alejandro as he nods. "I've been very well. There are a few things I'm putting into motion to help us achieve victory. I'll certainly need your help with that."
Thomas Thomas nodding his head "well thats just it they benched my sorry ass because they dont trust me even more so since im the only one that made it back " taking a sip of his drink he relaxes a bit "like i said ill help you guys the best i can or die trying"
Alejandro "Very well," Alejandro says before taking another sip and resting his elbow on the top of the bar. A glance is given to some of the dancers on the floor now and then, but for the most part Thomas gets his attention, "I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm." There's another look around, although this one is more to make sure there's no one listening in on their conversation, "We'll soon be moving our assets into position at a location I'll inform you of later. There's a city that's currently hotly contested between us, the government and another rebel group. There are plans in motion to seize the city for our cause."
Thomas Thomas says "just give me a time and ill be there to assist" thomas kepps an eye out making sure he dosnt see anyone ease dropping before turning back to al "if your guys need equipment for your trip i can supplie some given enough time"
Alejandro With a grin on his face Alejandron lifts his glass towards Thomas and toasts, "Salud." He pours a little down his throat. "We're well equipped, but if you can think of something we may be lacking then that would be appreciated." His glass is set down gently on the bar and spun around slowly with one hand. "I'll give you all the details when we're ready to begin, but I think you'll truly be an asset."
Thomas Thomas raises his glass "salud" before pouring whats left of it down his thoat
Alejandro Drinks finished, Alejandro starts to push himself up from the bar a little bit and looks onto the dance floor again, scanning the crowds for several seconds. When he looks back to Thomas he asks, "Do you like this place, mi amigo? Once we take our next objective I could see us celebrating with champagne service in the VIP area."
Thomas Thomas laughs for a breef moment before looking back to al "i might just hold you to that" he shakes his head and looks down in a almost worried way
Alejandro Alejandro lets out a brief chuckle at Thomas' reply, then grows to look more serious as Thomas does so. After a few second thinking to himself and studying his revolutionary comrade he asks, "What is wrong? If there is a thing I can help you with please let me know."
Thomas Thomas sighs "i keep getting a bad feeling man latly at the hotel i stay at ever now and then i see a small group of people every day same people almost as if there staking out the place i just feel a little unsafe is all for me and the kind staff there as well "
Alejandro "I'm working on getting a more permanent set up for us, but my personal assets are almost entirely dried up after my last recruiting mission," Alejandro explains with a frown on his face. "Hopefully soon I'll be able to obtain a house where we can conduct operations unobserved, but it might end up having to be in the slums. This comes with the benefit of being able to quickly spot people who look out of place but the negatives of being in a difficult to secure hovel in a shit part of town."
Thomas Thomas leens back in the stool using the bar as a back to the stool a jagged scar can be seen on his right shoulder and keeps going down under his tank "i understand man if anything happens ill give you a call "
Alejandro "I appreciate you keeping me informed. I'll attempt to look into it myself if possible," Alejandro says with a serious expression on his face, eyeing Thomas' scar for a moment. "How'd you get that injury? It looks quite serious."
Thomas Thomas lifts his shirt the scar seems to end right above his navle "i got it on my first job here in this contrey a soldier cleaved into me with a machete but thankfully i was moble enogh to kill him before tbe rest of my squad was put in danger"
Alejandro "Good that you survived, then," Alejandro says, turning his head slightly to get a better look at the scar. "I have yet to be hit by a machete, but I've been cut and shot before." There's a smile appearing, "But I'm more prepared now." He unbuttons a button on his shirt to show that he's wearing body armor underneath his clothes.
Thomas Thomas lowers his sirt and smiles "good it be a shame to see you leave this world before this contrey is back to its former glory " sitting there watching the patrins thomas "besides if someone dose manage to try to stop us not even death himself will keep me from nocking there teeth down their throat
Alejandro "I'm quite good at knocking people's teeth out," says Alejandro with a wicked grin. "Unarmed combat is a special favorite of mine. I like being able to subdue or kill enemies without making a lot of noise whenever it's possible to do so."
Thomas Thomas grins "my persol prefrance is to keep hidden and pick them off from a distance but if i have to ill go loud and proud" thomas finishes his sentance with a chuckle
Alejandro "We'll need to see about getting you a good suppressor for your carbine, then," Alejandro chuckles back at Thomas. "I should grab a rifle, myself, but as I said finances have been tight. I'm sure I'll secure a good one sooner or later, though."
Thomas Thomas says "ill see if i cant procure you a rifle before the big move then"
Alejandro "Excellent, though if not I'm sure I'll be fine," Alejandro says with a nod, clearly thankful for the attempt. "I'll keep my eyes open for an M16A3 for you as well. They're difficult to find, might have to make one with an M16A1 trigger group in an M16A4."