Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Eve is standing near her desk with the people she's phoned and texted enter. Her arms are folded tightly and she looks as if she's tasted something unsavory. She's clad in casual wear today, not having any meetings to attend. When James steps through the door she gestures at him to close it and she takes a breath and begins to speak.

"About twenty minutes ago I got a hit while I was doing" She has the grace to look mildly uncomfortable when she calls hacking work, but then she continues to talk. "There is a group down here in Maracaibo called the P.I.T.E and .." She glances at Esa. ".. they're planning a major attack on the FBC base at the harbor. Soon."

She turns her laptop to show the information she's found, it's credible and timestamped earlier this morning. "So the question is...what do we do about this?"
Esa Walking in, Esa sits in one of the black cushy chairs and relaxes. His right leg is brought up to set the heel on the knee and sighs "Comfortable chairs.." He mutters before Eve talks. His pleasant demeanor, gentle smile fades to hardened look and frown. "How creditable is the intel?" He asks calmly.
James Scott "If it's coming from Eve?" James says from where he's leaned up on the wall listening, "That's not the question you need to be asking. The question is when rather than how." He crosses his arms over his chest, left eye settling back onto Eve.

"I think that's pretty obvious. They prepare for the attack there without drawing attention to themselves and then send me a few good soldiers to work with. If we can act before them we won't have to worry about an attack." The teen sounds more than confident in his abilities, but it's never been humans he's worried about.
Emma Emma is standing, arms crossed, listening to what Eve has to say. There is a heavy sigh. "I - I heard of a radical group by that name." The lass admits, and looks from Esa to James, and then to Eve again. "Is - is it said how?"
Eve "I don't bring anything to Emma that I can't back up." Eve says, her blue eyes on Esa before she glances back at the laptop. "I'm bringing this to you as well, Mister Collins so that your people can be aware, so that they can be safe." She glances over at James and shakes her head. "While I might have found this information, it's honestly on the FBC to take care of their own, unless they request your help..that is."

She takes a seat, and crosses her legs, her face thoughtful before she answers Emma. "It isn't said how, but I think all precautions should be taken. This group is striking out at a government sanctioned group, while they may not be wildly popular, there is no saying that this same group will not strike out at others as well. We need to be vigilant on our end as well."
Esa Esa glances to James slightly "I need to know regardless. As the Executive Officer for the Task Force here in Bolivia, I need to know that the information is solid if I'm about go to Major Stadler and inform him that we are about to be hit." He looks to Eve and nods, hand moving to his pocket and retrieves a phone as he continues to listen.
James Scott James simply shrugs. "I'm fine with not helping out. I've got a lot on my plate right now, cooking, working out, putting on and taking off my armor." It doesn't sound like he has a lot on his plate. "I'm not very good in a fight anyway, you all saw how poorly I did when we were protecting those firefighters in the quarantine zone."
Eve Eve taps the desk with her finger and then focuses on James. "We need you to deligate and keep an eye on our building here, and the house. If this group gets wind of our locations, and it won't be hard for them to find this building, we need to be prepared for them to move against us as well."

She gestures to Esa and then says quietly. "If you would like help though, by all means...ask, we are still trying to make up for that shit storm with the BBC."
Emma "If - if there be any here ta protect us, I do -not- want it noticable. In other words, everyone dressed as civilian. I don't want us openly seen carryin' weapons, or thinkin' we're here ta do business outside of what we are truly here ta do. Keep our noses down an' clean, an' help tha people. That's what we want to be seen for." Emma adds.
Esa Esa smiles to Eve, canting his head in a nod "Of course...But you are already helping by bringing this kind of information to me." He tells her gentle, kind tone of voice. Glancing to Emma a nod is given in agreement before he looks to James and Eve slightly "I rather not see TerraSaves reputation tainted by being involved in fights or gun battle."
James Scott James snorts a bit. "Alright. Probably get shot by your people anyway." The teen nods, "I'll hold down the home front. But I'll be out in the field at some point anyway. Won't have anything linking me to TerraSave on me though, know how it goes. Plausible deniability."
Eve "I never said we'd be involved in a fight or a gun battle." Eve states, folding her arms over her chest. "I did say that we would help, and that would involve thinking outside the box. Something that I'm gifted at." She gestures outside of the office, her voice dropping. "All of our security men are in civilian dress, and not visibily for James. He's more personal security anyway."

She gets to her feet and walks around the desk. "What *I* was thinking was a certain pair of photo journalists doing a piece on the P.I.T.E, getting their attention in a good light and possibly getting information we can use. These people don't know Isabel or might be that they can get more from this than anyone else here could."
Emma Emma nods to all they are saying. "I - I don't think we'll get inta a gun fight, we are peacekeepers." She shrugs a little. "Aye th - that is why yer hired, Eve." Her assistant is given a grin, eyes moving to Esa, and then James, taking in what their saying.
Esa A small nod is given as he bit his lip "I know I am not a part of Terrasave..." A pause, a sigh "But, I think it is dangerous to do that. We've watched these people blow up 8 blocks of Paris; and that was the cell in Paris. Who knows how bad it is here." A beat "But. I think we, FBC and Terrasave, could use any intelligence gathered by an interview. So, if you do this, then my suggestion is having Maxim or James go with them as protection. Have Isabel teach them a little about camera recording and pose in as the cameramen." He says calmly.
James Scott "I can work a camera." James informs Esa, though he doesn't say /why/ he knows. "I wouldn't let them go in alone anyway, I could pass as a war journalist. Be the best way to explain my wounds and why I speak French and German. My Spanish is.. lacking, to say the least."
Eve Eve leans against the desk and shrugs. "We're not sending them in to be spies, we're sending them in to do a vlog. There is no danger for them if they're transparent and they will be. They might catch something that we can use, and they might not." A beat. "As always, they'll have a choice, if they feel like they might be in too much danger, they can say no."

She moves back around her desk and takes a seat, pulling her laptop towards her. "The FBC is forewarned, and that's what I wanted to accomplish."
Emma "Or," Emma adds, looking up. "Lets g - get in touch with their leader, they -are- a branch off of us, an' see if we can sit down an' talk. I'd like that, ta hear them out, ta talk to them. And then, we can fully distance ourelves and say we do not agree to be tied to their extremist movement. If we're seen tryin' ta make an ioen gesture of peace other than poissbly hidin' that can make us look more open and not as secretive than the rest, an' a public statement can be made easier."
Esa Esa's brows furrow slightly as he nods in agreement to what Eve says "No, they are not... And I would have no intention of them doing that." He clarifies with a humble smile. "And, on behalf of the FBC I want to thank you, Eve." He adds before Looking to Emma and nods to what she says "That also sounds like a good option." He adds in agreement.
Markus Berger Meanwhile a certain scientist has been lurking through the building, having decided to visit, both out of annoyance and curiosity, and has been directed here. As evidenced by the door to the office slowly opening and a certain Doctor Berger peeking in through the barely half opened door. "Am I interrupting something?"
Eve Ever the polite assistant, Eve gets to her feet and gestures Marcus inside. "Of course you're not, come in Doctor Berger, have a seat." She moves to the coffee maker and starts a new batch, turning to smile at him briefly. "Would you like a cup of coffee or something else to drink?"
Emma Emma looks over her shouler as Markus comes in, glancing to Esa, and then to James, and finally to Eve. The doctor - her Raccoon friend, had been given a smile upon his entry.

"I - I want tha head of P.I.T.E found an' a meetin' setup between the and me." Says the lass, making her decision on that.
Esa "I should head out and meet Major Stadler." Esa says calmly as he stands, looking to the group quietly. Seeing Markus, he nods "Ah, doctor. Have a seat. The chairs are quite comfortable." He says, gesturing to the one he stood from. Stepping toward the door, he shifts on his heel and smiles warmly to the group. "Hope everyone has a good day, and again thank-you Eve for the information." His eyes linger a moment on Emma before turning to depart.
James Scott James nods at Markus as he enters. "Well, if they do want me to go with them, I'm fine with it. If the head refuses to meet with you anyway." He shrugs, attention moving to Esa. "Stay safe out there." See, he can be polite. With everything boiling down he returns his attention to Eve, "I need to speak to you later, but it can wait until this evening when we're done working for the day."
Eve Eve nods at James and offers Emma a smile. "I'll get you that meeting, it might take a day or two though." She murmurs, picking up her phone and tapping on it briefly. "Let me see what I can accomplish."
Markus Berger Markus quickly enters the room with a nod and reveals himself to for once look less like he is about to murder someone, although that might just be because both his trenchcoat and jacket are missing in favor of just wearing a t-shirt with the TRICELL logo on the shoulders. "Cup of coffee please, Eve. So, I see that everyone is planning heavily allready, hmm?"
Emma Emma looks over to Markus, as the others go about there work. The smile given to him is slightly strained, mostly due to constant work, though the lass is ever happy to do the work.

"Al - always plannin' an stuff, a lot ta do, ya'know, people ta help." She rubs the side of her head a little. "By tha - tha way, Tabitha mentioned ya got some stuff for me, I'd like ta see it. Per - perhaps you, Tabitha an' myself can meet up for lunch?"
James Scott "You know how it is, always busting your ass for the man." James says back to Markus. "Guess I'll get out of your hair. Gotta go run by the butcher before so I can get back and start getting ready to make dinner."
Eve Eve sets the cup of coffee near Markus and moves back a few steps, taking her bag in hand. "I've got a few errands to run as well." She turns to James and gives him a smile as well. "We can meet and talk while you're making dinner, if you'd like?" She says, shutting her laptop and tucking it under her arm. "Call me if you need anything else Emma."
Markus Berger Markus nods briefly as he takes the cup and takes a sip. "Thanks. Also, I'm aware how you've been busy. Seen your most recent exploit allready." With that he looks directly at Emma and smirks wrily. "Well, I can in fact confirm allready that I do in fact have nothing for you. Aside from the fact of hearing enough to know that 'you know which group' is likely lurking somewhere and where they might be hiding things. Not that I expected anything else."