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Emma It's a nice, warm morning. The move had gone well, most seemed to of adjusted well enough. There are some windows in the basement, designed to let light - which they do to a degree, but also offer escape too. Not that it's needed.

In the basement is Emma. Maybe she couldn't sleep, any paying attention has seen her not eating much as of late. There is a decent sized space for people to use. For herself, some gentle music is playing. The lass is dressed in some ballet dancing gear, her feet make her glide effortlessly, almost angelicly across the floor as she practices.
Tabitha Tabitha footsteps thunk.. not rapidly.. but.. slowly, down the stairs.. moving carefully.. the sounds of slucking coffee heard amid her footstaps. As soon as she's down the steps far enough to actually see Emma, Tabitha sits on the steps, watching and taking another sip of her coffee.
Emma Emma has danced all her life, and it shows. Her ballet shows make no sound on the floor, she moves with natural grace and poise, as of now the music has drowned out the sound of Tabitha coming down the stairs.

Hair has been put up in a bun, so it's out of her face. She seems.. calm, and peaceful, if -barely- in this moment of dancing, an act that seems to connect her to the happier part of her past.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles warmly over her coffee mug as she watches, sipping gently. Deft grace, smooth practice, watching Emma seems akin to watching a watefall, or the wind caressing a field of tall grass. Her eyes drink in Emma's movements, with more eagerness than her coffee. she can almost feel peaceful aura radiating off Emma as if it were a warm sunbeam.
Maxim Other people move with less thunking in their steps. Making his way to the stairs, Maxim lightly pads down behind Tabitha. She might eventually hear him, stairs can creak if they're old. Or maybe she just gets that feeling that she's being watched as she watches Emma in turn. But for the most part Max stays quiet as he hears the music, only offering a bow if he's noticed and crouching down eventually to get a glimpse of what's going on.
Emma The music is smooth and gentle, befitting ballet. She was so entwined in her dancing that her senses didn't tell her that Tabitha was there. Not until Maxim comes is it that the redhead feels eyes on her.

With an elegant spin, she comes to a stop, facing the two of them. Poor shy lass, looks down shyly with red hinting at her cheeks, a hand running along her hairline while doing so.

"So - sorry." Stammers Emma, feeling more like she may have been in their way or was disrupting them somehow.
Tabitha Tabitha doesn't hear the footsteps as much as feel the tread in her backside. She turns, looking up at Maxim with a bit of a sleepy expression. Her eyes widen as she spots an unfamiliar face. Scrubs-turned-Pajamas sport the HSL logo stamp, denoting she 'forgot to return them' before leaving. Suddenly feeling quite slumpy, she stands, moving down the rest of the stairs, a hand raking back through her hair in a nervous habit. A look of embarrassment at her current state crosses her face. She takes a sip from her coffee mug as means of excuse. "Hey", she offers meekly to Maxim, looking back to Emma for some kind of reaction. The peaceful calming breeze from she felt from Emma is disrupted, or joins her own embarrassment. She moves a bit, leaning against the wall by the stairs, giving Maxim room to descend.
Maxim People seem to have shifted from relaxed to being uneasy. Max's lips press together a moment to form a thin line as he regards Tabitha and Emma. "I am sorry. I did not mean to interrupt. If you wish I can come back later?" He takes a few more steps down but doesn't alight upon the floor fully. His body posture is shifted, it almost seems as if he's half ready to head back up the stairs.

The bronze coin finds itself in one of Max's hands again, perhaps a nervous habit or just something he does, this time the left one as he goes about flipping it over his fingers, traveling across them as he glances back and forth between the two.
Emma By trade - outside of being a doctor, the lass is also a entertainer. She had spent most of her life studying the arts. Be it dancing singing or playing instruments. Despite this, she still has that shy sweetness that occurs when being watched. Slowly her big grey-green eyes lifts to the two of them, cheeks remain tinged in red. "Y - yer fine, Maxin." Says the redhead, with a reassuring nod. "I - I was just pracitcin', am I taken up tha - that space?" A delicate hand motions to the equipment, given that there is the hub for exercise.

A look is passed to Tabitha a second later, a curious one at that. "Ho - how long have ya - ya been there?"
Tabitha Tabitha smiles to Emma. "Enough to be damn jealous. And you're fine", she answers Emma, a warm smile washing over her face. She blushes a bit two, cheeking mirroring Emma's reaction just enough. Or, maybe its warm coffee. She turns to Maxim, raking a a hand through her hair again. "Tabitha Marshall", she pipes up, offering a hand to Maxim. She deliberately seems to get just close enough that Maxim will have to make that last step to the floor in order to shake her hand.
Maxim There it is, the hand thing again. Max's head tilts slightly as he regards Tabitha, and her hand in particular, almost like a curious bird would. He then reaches his hand out as well, if right hands being used will save him moving said coin to do so. "Maxim." Seems he either doesn't have a last name, or just doesn't like using it. The grip is firm but not crushing, and lasts until he feels her lessen her grip.

The last step is indeed made to facilitate all of this goings on. His coin keeps moving in over his other hand as this happens, and he looks over to Emma to answer her while the handshake finishes. "I only just arrived. It is alright, I can always practice another time." His gaze shifts back and forth between the two still, dark eyes ever moving.
Emma Emma's cheeks flair up a bit, at Tabitha's remark. "Je - jealous?" Truly, the lass doesn't see it, doesn't see why. It confuses her, but also, is a tad flattering. Her hair is up in a bun, the pink dress plays off her freckles. The trio are in the basement, the Scot had been doing some ballet, until realizing the others are here. Tabitha is sitting on the stairs, and Maxim is standing not far off.

"Oh - ah, if yer - yer needin' ta use tha equipment pleasae do."
Tabitha Tabitha wears the HSL scrubs she 'borrowed', rumpled and fresh from bed but sporting a half-empty mug of coffee. She nods to Emma with a wink and a smile. She makes her way over to the couch, tucking her bare feet and legs beneath her as she gets comfy. Another sip of her coffee. "So, Maxim. Who are ya when yer at home?"
Esa Esa arrived at the Terrasave house after received a text message and proceeded on inside. He headed down the hall and to the stairs, proceeded down. His foot fall was light, gentle even with his limp as he came down the steps and paused at the landing below.

He outfit was completely different from his time in Paris. Gone was the trench coat and more business casual attire, instead he wore a loose-fitting blue silk like long sleeve shirt with a v-neck that was cut to exposes the upper sternal region of his chest. He wore beige kakis pants that ended with black shoes.

Giving a warm smile to everyone as he sees Maxim, Tabitha and Emma. Eyes look to Emma lightly as he says "Hey, how is everyone doing?"
Maxim As Tabitha moves over to the couch, Maxim moves over there as well, more to get out of the stairway, and also to stay out of Emma's way in case she wishes to continue. Hey, it could happen! At Tabitha's question though he pauses, the coin actually stopping it's traversing across his left hand. A brief look of confusion occurs.

"What am I, when I am at home?" He blinks some more, then the coin flips over via his thumb to his right hand, continuing it's motion across those fingers instead. "I am me. I do not see how I would be different than outside."

But then Esa is there, way to not have to dwell on things going over his head. As he greets everyone Maxim turns in his direction and offers a bow to the newest arrival. "Greetings. I am well."
Emma Emma would step back, lightly, while reaching down to remove her ballet shoes. To the side, against the wall, are a few different pairs, for various types of dancing she is practicing. Eyes watch as Tabitha goes to sit, followed by Maxim, a curious look when he is asked who is he, or will be, at different times. Smirking a little, the ballet shoes are put down beside the others, right as Esa joins them. Looking up, there is a shy smile. "H - hello, Esa." Says the redhead in her shy, sweet way. "Yer - yer just in - in time, actually, I was practicin' dancin'. Care ta - ta help me do some? I know yer a talented dancer as well."
Tabitha Tabitha concentrates, looking at Maxim as he moves over. Her brows knit, a look of concentration on her face... then seems a tad disappointed. She looks back to Emma once he sits, smiling as if faced with a cool breeze once more. She takes a sip of her coffee. "We're were watching Poetry in motion. Please, give us more", looking to Esa. She smiles warmly to the two, looking over to her couch-mate Maxim, sharing some of that radiant warmth though her grin.
Esa He returns the shy smile with a small warm one of his own, a twinkle in his eye as he replies "Hello Emma." Hearing about her practicing her dance moves, a charming smile crosses his lips as she asks him to dance. "Oh, I don't know about talented... Just enough usually to get me into trouble." Esa replies with a small grin as he walks on over to the open space. Tabitha's words cause a small blush to his cheeks, as he looks to Emma "But sure, I'd love to dance with you." He adds lightly.
Maxim Most of the talk is about dancing, which Maxim seems rather quiet on. For the most part he just lets his coin do it's thing over his fingers as he sits next to Tabitha, sitting on the edge of the couch, back straight. Either posture is very important to him, or he just doesn't know how to relax well. But he listens to everyone else as they speak, though as talk of Emma and Esa dancing is mentioned he seems to focus upon them more.
Emma Emma grins to Esa, still shyly, and goes to take up a pair of heels, they are pretty tall, but the lass can wear them. Slipping them on, then heading to her little stereo. Eyes look to Tabitha, cheeks going a bit more red, before looking to Maxim.

The music playing isn't anything like the music for ballet, and she turns to Esa again, who had come up to the spot she made for dancing. As the pair kick off, they seem to know how to dance together, like they have many times before, knowing exactly how each other move, when to step, turn, be close, etc.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyebrows lift at the hight of the heels. She gets comfy, settling a bit and taking a sip of her coffee, beaming over the rim of it, casting a silly grin to Maxim beside her before looking back, eyes drinking in the almost serpentine movements. Her doctor/phisiology side wonders where Emma's spine disappeard to, but the rest of her mind elbows that part out of the way as Tabitha drinks in the sensual movements.
Maxim A blink or two as the music changes, and the duo start their dance. he watches a moment or two, then slips the coin away from whatever hiding spot it came from. His gloved hand reaches into an inner coat pocket, and he takes out what looks like a small notepad and pencil.

Flipping it open to a page Max starts to put the pencil to use, noises of scritchscritchscritch on the pad, eyes darting quickly back and forth between the duo and the pad of paper. He pauses a bit, and then after a little while of that flips it closed and moves to tuck them away.

Standing, Max offers a slight bow to Tabitha, and to the duo though he doesn't really try to get their attention, not wanting to interrupt. He merely whispers to Tabitha, "I must depart for now," and makes his way toward the stairs to head out.
Esa As the music plays, everything slowly drowns out to a precise focus on Emma and the music. His foot fall, steps and turn all in sync to the rhythm of the music, to each beat and melody that choruses out from the radio and of course with Emma. His eyes were on hers at times, then away. The way his hands slid along her waist, arms and spin closeness appears to have an intimate air.
Emma As Emma and Esa dance, it's pretty plain they know how to dance together, like they have done this many times before, like they know how each other move perciesly. The lass is light and easy on her feet, moving as if this were as easy as breathing, grinning while they dance, seemingly, this is something that brings her a bit of peace and focus, something that takes her mind away from the demons within it.
Tabitha Tabitha continues to smile, leaning on the armrest of the sofa, lost in the movements of their dance. And, with those movements, a bit of warmth probably not from the coffee, seeps into her soul.
Esa There are several points in the dance that Emma and Esa are brought close, bodies pressed against one another, faces so close they could kiss and their eyes lingering gently on one another. His sway, movement, gentle touch was intimate to the song, but also with Emma in a way that showed they had an air of comfortableness between them; having done this many times before. Her grin is matched with a warm smile, eyes twinkling ever so slightly as the moved on the make shift dance floor.
James Scott From the stairs one James Scott descends, wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants. He's been spending almost all of his free time down here, the weights being used more by him than anybody else. He stops sort as he catches sight of Emma and Esa dancing. His nostril curls up slightly and he heads over to a corner they aren't using. The teen gets down like he's about to do push-ups, but instead of going down his feet come off the ground and stay in the air, before he starts doing planche push-ups. Judging by how much working out he's been doing, something is clearly bothering him.
Emma Emma and Esa know how to dance together, there is total comfort in it, they move together with such ease, every step, movement, just natural between them. The lass moves like air in -those- heels to. And finally, the dance comes to an end, her red in the face a bit, in her shy sweet way. That long red hair, now straight, had been let down in those long waves, for the dance, and is tucked behind her ear shyly. "Th - thank ya, for tha - tha dance." Speaks the woman softly to him, shyly looking up to Tabitha and then to.. James, who she didn't see come in, until just now. "Ah hi - hi James."
Esa Breathing quickly from the dance, a small smile crosses his lips as he looks at Emma as the song ended. His head nods gently as he helps her up and steps back "Your welcome." He replies kindly, eyes looking to Tabitha then over to James. "Hello James." He says calmly.
Tabitha Tabitha seemed a bit lost in the dance, half noticing James, but Emma and Esa sorta kept distracting her. As the dance ends, Tab rests her coffee cup on the armest of the sofa and claps eagerly from her spot on the sofa. "that was Awesome!"
James Scott "Yo." James grunts, straining slightly as he hits twenty as the dance ends. Rather than getting up and being sociable he lowers down back into a one handed push up position, but instead of using his entire hand it's just his thumb. Clearly he's training for something.

"G-good to see you took somebody up on dancing." the teen directs at Emma, his own breathing ragged from the strain. "How's it going?" he finally asks of everyone in the room.
Emma Emma frowns, and steps away from Esa, going to turn off the music, her mood seems to have changed. The shoes are pulled off, and put down in the row of other shoes she wears to practice with. "Fine." Is her only real reply, to James, as she goes to toss a cardigaon over top of her ballet outfit, to keep warm.
Tabitha Tabitha shivers slightly at the change in Emma's emotions, feeling like a dark cloud has cut off the warm ray of sunshine, replaced by a cool wind. She follows Emma gaze, holding her mostly empty coffe mug closer for the residual warmth. She looks to James, brows knitting, a small frown forming on her face. Not anger, but more a look of sympathy. "Whats for Dinner", she asks of James.
Esa Hands slide in his pocket as he catches his breath, taking in a breath then releases it slowly. Catching the frown, his brows furrow slightly, a hmm escaping his lips and walks over to the steps and sits. "So far, so good." He replies to James quietly as he sits on the steps and leans against the wall, left foot on the step he is on, the other on the ground. He rests his left arm on the knee, the right on his thigh.
James Scott "There I go ruining the mood again." James sighs, pushing upright and moving over to take one of the bars so he can start squatting. When Tabitha speaks he doesn't look at her, but that's because she's on his right side. "Chivito." he answers quietly.

"Oh, I should let you guys know, I just got word from my informant earlier. There's an Umbrella Prime facility here. It matches up with some information I stole while I was still working for Umbrella regarding something called Plaga. My security clearance wasn't high enough to find anything out about what that is, but that isn't the important part." He hesitates slightly, letting the weights fall from his shoulders onto the floor, "The man who killed Vivienne might be there."
Emma Emma takes what James says and frowns all the more, crossing arms over herself. "Shit." Remarks the lass, and then her phone beeps. Going to grab it, reading the text, she shakes her head and rubs the back of her neck. "So - sorry, ya two, emergency. I need to go." And that's when she heads to the stairs. "Esa, need ya too." A hand motions for him to follow.
Esa Esa nods to Emma and stands, following her up the stairs. There is a pause though, between stand and following that he looks to James carefully. He wants to help, but wasn't sure how to approach it. He sighs, turns and goes.
Tabitha Tabitha gets up from the sofa. "I need a shower", her path taking her by James. " careful.. " she says, a softness to her voice. She hesitates there for a moment before moving to the stairs. "..okay..?", looking back to the young man for a moment before moving up the stairs.
James Scott "I'm never careful Tabitha." James assures the woman as she walks past. "Part of my charm." he offers a grin, but there isn't really any humor behind it. Then his phone goes off too, "Well, looks like it's time to get to work."