Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve The evening is cool, and some of the windows are open, letting in a nice cool breeze. When you look out the window though, you can see several armed men walking the perimeter of the house.

The living room is brightly lit tonight with the television on. Eve sits on one of the large couches, her socked feet resting on the cushy surface. She is wearing a long white tank top and a pair of light pink sweatpants and her hair is pulled up in a messy bun. Her laptop rests on her knees and while it's true she could be doing work, it looks like more of her attention is on the television set.
Isabel Even though the breezes help, this is a hot country. Isabel has some experience with hot climates, thanks to her upbringing in Colorado, but that doesn't make her enjoy it. She's stepping into the living room now, clad in her own sweats; light gray pants with a thick rose stripe down each leg, and a black tanktop tucked into the pants.
Seeing Eve resting on the couch, she steps up behind the piece of furniture, hopping up to sit on the back like it's a fence rail. "Hey, Eve. Keeping busy?" she asks, teasing her friend a little, as she can see the TV has most of the blonde's attention.
Eve Eve jumps slightly and turns, smiling up at Isabel. "Trying to, but I don't think I'm getting any work done tonight." She says, closing the laptop and setting it aside on the table. She pats the couch beside her and smiles. "Come sit with me and I'll tell you about the craziness going on here recently."
Isabel "I think I'm sitting already..." Isabel says, trying not to giggle. But she tips herself back, sliding down the back of the couch's low seat and ending up lying on the cushion, her legs hooked over the back of the couch, her dark hair spread like a halo around her head. "Tell me everything you can?"
Eve Eve leans in and tickles Isabel around her torso, laughing softly at the woman and her antics. "We had a meeting this morning, apparently we're going to be helping a town get back on its feet." She explains, pulling out a list and reading from it. "We'll be donating resources, medical supplies, food and anything else we can think of." She glances at Isabel and quirks an eyebrow. "Would that be something you'd be interested in?"
Isabel Isabel squeaks in protest and tries to squirm forward out of Eve's reach and tickle her back at the same time, and ends up doing neither very well. "I dunno... I've never tried it before!" she manages to reply, giggling. "But it sounds like a good cause."
Eve Eve giggles and then she collapses on Isabel, in an attempt to wrestle the tinkling to a stop. She's breathless now but she does manage to say, "Well you can try it with us tomorrow, if you want." She says, still laughing.
Isabel A bit breathless herself, Isabel tickles harder and moves her hands up and down Eve's ribs to make it harder for the taller woman to stop her. Keeping her elbows tucked in denies Eve a lot of prime tickling real estate along her own ribs. "I suppose I could try it... wouldn't want to be... a bad sport about it," she manages to get out through fits of giggles.
Eve Eve tries to catch her breath and catch Isabel's hands but after a small playful scuffle the Swedish woman only manages to topple herself on the floor. She's whooping with laughter now and she crawls away a bit, sitting up to stare at Isabel. "You're far better at tickling than I am, apparently." She says, an impish grin on her face. "I'm not a doctor.." She begins, getting to her feet and stretching her arms above her head. "..but I think I could pass out blankets or something, you can hang out with me, right?"
Isabel Giggling and trying to catch her breath, Isabel looks at Eve upside-down, still lying on the couch seat. "I have my moments. I think I can help you, if that's what you want?"
She watches as Eve stretches gracefully... but the woman's arms being up over her head, a sudden thought seizes her. She reaches out and catches hold of the blonde's sweatpants, giving them a quick tug downwards. "Zwoop!"
Eve Eve lets out a yelping giggle and reaches down tugging her sweatpants back up to her hips. She reaches out and gently smacks Isabel's hand, her cheeks bright pink. "Were you trying to see the color of my underwear or something!" She squeaks, still giggling softly. "You're an evil and impish woman!"
Isabel "Ow! You're so /mean/..." Isabel ripostes playfully, pulling back her smacked hand and clutching it protectively to her chest with her other hand. "It just seemed like the perfect time, what with you raising your arms up and all! Besides, you can tell things about people from the color of their underwear."
Eve "So what can you tell from a pair of light pink lace undies?" Eve asks with a slight smirk on her face. She walks back over to the couch and plops back on it, gazing down at the upside down Isabel. "Hopefully something fun." She adds, wrinkling her nose slightly.
Isabel "Hmm..." Isabel frowns thoughtfully, rubbing her chin with such a serious face that she can't be completely serious. "Well, you dress for show more than for comfort. You like soft colors, and a lot of kind people do that. And... and..." Isabel loses her serious face, collapsing into giggles. "Okay, I give up. What else should I know about you?"
Eve "I like cats?" Eve says, her face screwed up for a second as she tries to figure out something else to tell Isabel. "One of my favorite foods is ribs, and we don't get much of that kind of cuisine where I hail from." She inhales slowly and then sighs. "I wanted to be an Astronaut when I was a little girl, and then I found out space was litterally not here on Earth and I was very confused and unhappy about that."
Isabel Isabel draws up her knees, pushing with one hand to roll herself over. She comes up in a sitting position, next to Eve on the couch, and gives her a quick hug. "I'm not sure how you didn't know know about where space was, but I'm sorry for that confused little girl," she says softly. "I was that way when I found out I didn't have a grandma on my mother's side."
Eve "I thought, honestly, that those suits allowed Astronauts to bounce around without gravity, here." Eve says, glancing around, a bemused look on her face. She accepts Isabel's hug and returns it, squeezing gently. "If you'd like, you can have my grandmother, she's...a bit of a pain, if we're to be honest."
Isabel Isabel giggles, hugging Eve a bit tighter. "It wasn't not having a grandmother that confused me. I knew about death. It was that we couldn't visit her grave, and Mom only had a few pictures of her. Mom's from Lebanon."
Eve Eve leans against Isabel, nodding her head slowly as the woman speaks. When she finally does turn to gaze at her, she gives her a sad smile. "Well she'll always have a place in your heart, and that's what is most important. Do you ever feel that way?" She asks, her voice quiet..almost hesitant.
Isabel "I feel a little sad sometimes, that I could never know her," Isabel admits. "She died early in the Lebanese civil war. But Mom once said she'd have liked me, because we both loved books. I guess I know where I get it from, now," she adds, giving Eve a little smile.
Eve "I'm not completely sure how someone wouldn't like you, but then again, I think I'm biased." Eve says, stretching out on the couch a bit before she pulls her feet back up on the cushy surface. "What kind of books do you usually read?"
Isabel "You can't?" Isabel's answering smile is a little distant, as if she's remembering something long past. "Then again, I guess you weren't one of the bullies who was always knocking my books out of my hands in school. Usually it's some kind of fantasy, but I love nonfiction, too. If it's not too dry."
She glances at the TV, seeing the screen for the first time. "Good show?" she asks, peering curiously at it.
Eve Eve looks over at the television set and then back to Isabel. "It was just backround noise, honestly." She raises both brows as she studies Isabel, turning away from the television screen again. "People used to bully you in school? For wanting to read? You come from America right? I've heard stories about that place.." She says, a slight grin on her face.
Isabel "I don't think America's better or worse than anyplace else... okay, maybe it's better than the Middle East," Isabel ripostes, sticking out her tongue at Eve. "And the BBC. Really, there are bullies everywhere. You learn to avoid them when you can."
Eve "I've never had the pleasure." Eve comments, reaching out to tweak Isabel's nose gently. "If someone bullies you now, you point them in my direction and I'll cut them off at the knees for you." She turns the television station and ends up finding a news channel, broadcasting in rapid spanish.
Isabel Isabel squeaks in protest as her nose is tweaked, as if she expects it to hurt and is surprised when it doesn't. She has to smile when Eve offers to take care of any bullies for her. "I just hope you don't resort to tickling them," she teases lightly.
She looks at the news channel, wincing faintly. "I feel like I wasted all that time learning French, now. We're here in this sauna, and nobody speaks it. Or Arabic, or Aramaic, or anything I can speak."
Eve Eve glances over at Isabel and then she gestures back towards the television set. "They're talking about violence, people being found dead and aid not coming." She says this quietly and then after another glance at Isabel she quietly asks, "You speak Aramaic?" The Swedish woman has an impressed look on her face as she reaches out and pats Isabel on the knee. "Unlike French, when someone is speaking Spanish, you can get a lot from their general tone."
Isabel "With Mom in the house, I grew up speaking both languages. It was a little confusing sometimes," Isabel admits. "Dad could do Arabic, but he never did get the hang of Aramaic, really." She grins. "We'd swap to it when he was around, sometimes, just to bug him... at least until he snatched us up and squished us. He could lift us both at once, at least until I turned twelve." There's a wistful note in her voice, as if she's talking about a time lost.
Eve There is definitely hesitation in her voice when Eve speaks now. "Where is your family now?" She asks, her blue eyes on Isabel as she watches for any sort of reaction.
Isabel "Oh, they're still in Mumford, Colorado," Isabel replies, managing a faintly strained smile. "They just... they don't think so much of me now, is all. I think they're a little ashamed of me. I mean, I could've been anything if I'd 'applied myself'," she adds, fingerquoting. "But instead, I make internet videos about zombies."
Eve "Informative videos!" Eve says, looking a bit affronted for Isabel's sake. "Lots of people want to pretend the world is cut and dry, and that those bumpy things in the night don't exist." She shrugs a shoulder and smiles briefly at Isabel. "I would prefer to be ignorant, honestly, but I'll take not being ignorant."
Isabel "I don't blame them," Isabel admits, waving a hand casually. "If I hadn't lived through the things I have, I wouldn't believe in all of it either. It sounds like something off of a bad TV show, or a late, late movie. But it's all real. That's why I make the videos, so there's proof of it. So they know what we're all going through."
Eve "I kind of hope that your family finds out the truth one day, but at the same time..if they do.." Eve trails off and gazes down at her hands as she continues to speak. "Well that means that we all failed to keep this contained." She looks rueful for a moment and then glances at Isabel. "That's not the ending I want."
Isabel Isabel reaches over, squeezing Eve's hand. "Me, neither. I'd like to see people get it. That we're not just making all this stuff up, I mean. Just not that way. If it goes that way, you're right: We've really screwed up someplace."
Eve Eve turns her hand slightly and makes an attempt to interlace her fingers through Isabel's, a shy smile on her face as she studies the other woman. "Well let us hope that we don't screw up." She says quietly, the smile getting bigger until her dimples are on display.
Isabel "I think that'll take more than hope," Isabel says softly, blushing a little, but returning Eve's smile. "If hope were all it took, we wouldn't be here. But there's something good about giving hope to others, or at least telling them what to look out for."
Eve Eve holds Isabel's gaze for a few moments before she looks away first. "Yeah..yeah.." She gets to her feet then, and when she pulls her hand away from Isabel's she winces subtly. "I should get some sleep, my mornings are usually pretty early, first one into the office, sometimes the last to leave." She twists her now empty hands in front of her, and then adds. "I'm glad you're here, Isabel."
Isabel Isabel blinks in surprise at that wince, and the sudden withdrawal of Eve's hand. But she pastes on a wry smile. "I'll probably be up late firefighting on the video webpages. What time will we be helping folks tomorrow? I don't want to be late to that. I can't leave someone who's glad I'm here to work by herself, after all!"
Eve "A little after seven, local time..I think." Eve says, glancing at her notes but not making a move to get them. "Hey, if something comes up, I'll find another reason to drag you into trouble with me. I don't think you have to worry about that." The teasing lilt is there and a smile along with it. "I hope you sleep well when you finally get there.."
Isabel "Sounds like I'd better look for some better body armor, if you're going to be dragging me into trouble," Isabel says, sticking her tongue out at Eve. "But I'll still be dragged. I have a feeling safe spaces aren't common here."
She smiles again, a little of the tension gone now. "Sleep well, Eve. I'll be there for the help-out assembly, promise."
Eve "I look forward to seeing you." Eve says, and then after inspiration strikes she blows the darker haired woman a kiss before she turns and practically flees from the room, not wanting to see the reaction to her cheeky flirt.
Isabel Isabel stares in surprise after Eve for a long moment... and then she blushes brilliantly, lowering her gaze. But after a moment, a faint, secret smile tugs at her lips, and she looks out the doorway after Eve as she stands and heads for the stairs.