Umbrella Surveillance System
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Flynn Mar 02, 2006

It was in the middle of the afternoon and the temperatures were mild. Mild, though would be putting it lightly in the tropical jungle location of Maracaibo, Bolivar. There was an air of stickiness the hung with the mild temperatures that reached into the upper eighties and nineties. The sky itself was cloudless, allowing the sun to beat fulling upon the earth and buildings, soaking into the concrete to make it feel all the more hotter in the downtown district.

The building for Flynn's PI Office looked like a crap hole of a concrete building, worn looking and sitting on the leading edge of all the major businesses and night clubs. Even so, it had a welcoming feeling to it as the sign appeared freshly made above the wooden door.

Inside the air conditioning hustled to keep up with the outside heat. Sitting at a desk is an young looking lady whom appears to be working on a computer system.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler can be heard on the otherside of the door asking firmly, "Hello?", as three solid knocks hit the doorframe.
Flynn The young lady looks up and smiles to Sienna "Hi! Welcome to Flynn's PI office. My name is Kathy, how can I help you today?" She asks cordially, standing and walks over to her. She stands about five foot five, wearing a red and orange sundress skirt with thin straps and has blond-brown hair that comes down to just past her shoulders. Her blue eyes focus on Sienna, hands folding in front of her gently.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler eyes Kathy for a moment as she indicates who she is. She looks like she's had a bit of a long day and states siply, "I was told I could find an Andrew, Dresden. Any clue where I could find them?", she looks around for a chair suddenly. Finding one she lowers herself into it.
Flynn "Ah, yes mister Dresden should be back in a few minutes, please sit down." Kathy says quietly, gesturing to a chair. "So what brings you to the investigations services?" She asks kindly.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler nods, her ponytail bouncing from side to side as she claims a seat. "I'm unsure what all I can share with civs honestly, I'd feel much more comfortable speaking with Andrew. Suffice it to say I'm to assist the FBC and DSO with any opposition that may get in the way.".
Flynn About that moment, Flynn steps in. The door opens gently and closes right behind him, eyes looking around slowly. They set upon Sienna a small smile being given to her before looking to Kathy "Who is this?" He asks

"She says she is hear for you, Mister Dresden." Kathy replies.

Flynn nods, glancing to Sienna again a hand extending to her "Hi, Andrew Dresden. How can I help?"
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler looks happy to stand up and reaches a hand out to shake his hand. She glances to Kathy as the other woman speaks then eyes Flynn appraisingly. "I've ben told I could speak with you about the migration patterns of beasts.", she pauses, watching his response.
Flynn Gripping her hand firmly, he shakes it slowly, his head nodding gently. "Do they fly to the south, or to the north?" Flynn asks calmly as he gives her a warm smile back, eyes focusing on hers.

Meanwhile, Kathy scoots the chair up close to the desk, her hand subtle reaching down, underneath the desk.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler calmly responds, "South, of course.", she gives a wide smile just then and seems to relax a bit. She shifts her gaze to Kathy and raises an eyebrow before looking back to Flynn, "Get many visiters?".
Flynn Kathy eases her hand from something and sets it back on the table, smiling.

"Ah, they do fly south don't they." A beat "Nope." Flynn replies casually, the warm smile still on his face as he turns to lock the door for the moment. "So, who sent you?" He asks as he closes the blinds as well.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler watches Flynn as he bussles about before reclaiming her seat. Gesturing with her hand, "US Special Operations Command. I'm to make contact with the FBC and assist the DSO, and it's just me for now.".
Flynn "SOC huh?" Flynn replies, mulling the information over in his head with a slight frown. "Right now things have been mostly quiet as were collecting data intelligence on the local factions. If the DSO is getting assistance from a SOC heavy hitter.." A small shake of his head and sigh is given. "Kathy, she'll need a burner phone."

Kathy nods as she stands up and heads to the back, pressing a few quick succession of buttons on a keypad, a door swings open and she disappears inside. A minute passes, she comes back out with a phone and gives it to Flynn.

Handing the phone to Sienna, Flynn says "You will call me on this only. No other phone unless it is an emergency. We work in the shadows down here. if you feel your comprised, destroy the phone. No one knows who works for the DSO down here and I'd like to keep it that way."
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler takes the phone nodding thanks to Kathy as she does so. She examines it for a moment, turning it over in her hands before slipping it out of sight. "Alright, well I do also have experience... prying information out of people.". Frowning slightly she continues after a moment, "I'd like to avoid that if possible, those days are behind me, but if there's something pressing. Come to think of it, that might be why I was sent down here without any active combat. Multi-support.". She concludes by shrugging a shoulder. "Anyway, do you know anybody who'll be able to show me around, teach me what's what here? My briefing was seriously short.".
Flynn "We do not approve of torture techniques." Flynn said bluntly as he leans against the desk with his arms folding against this chest casually. "We could use a good shooter from time to time for backup; though again if your caught, we disavow any knowledge of your existence. You were never here, we never met." He replies calmly with a small smile. "As far as being shown around, I could do that tomorrow or whenever you have time. I'm sure the FBC is still needing to have a chat with you. You know where they are located?"
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler shakes her head, her ponytail swinging wildly, "No, this was the first place I stopped.", a small smile, and a wink before continuing, "I don't think my patients felt pain, they sure did have a good time though. She glances towards the door, "If you've some directions that'd be very helpful.", she stands and stretches, standing on her toes and arching her back slightly.
Flynn A brow rose and a small chuckle escapes Flynn lips. "So your comparing yourself to a Black Widow I take it?" He replies casually, eyes on her and seems not to be phased by the wink; though a small smile crawls across his face. "They are down by the harbors. Not too far from here actually." He replies, turning to tear a slipof paper and jots some directions it. turning, he moves over to Sienna and hands it to her. "Do you have a place to stay?"
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler's mouth forms into a knowing smile and playfully chides "I like to see the sights before laying down.", she looks down at the paper as she accepts it and accidentally brushes her hands against his, her skin is much softer than one might expect a soldier to have. She gnaws a lip as she seems to think. Seeming to have made up her mind, she begins to move for the door. "I'll be sure to only use the phone in emergencies, or to share info. Thanks Andrew..", she pauses and turns back, "Not sure if I gave you my name, but if not, it's Sienna.", she gives a little wave with her fingers and slips out.
Flynn Flynn smiles gently as he gives a little nod "Well if you want a more comfortable bed than what the hotels have, I have a spare bedroom at the house. Gives you a place to sleep free of charge until you can get set up some place in the city." He replies to her, then nods gently. "Have a good one Sienna. Come by tomorrow and I'll give you the tour of the place." With that, he waves back and thinks thoughtfully.