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Kitten April 2179 A.D.

Near the end of the month, final boarding and launch procedures were underway and you had been directed onto the ship if you were not already there. For many of you, assignment to the USCSS Thames or being hired for this expedition was a once in a lifetime offer; something you could not have turned down if you wanted to perhaps.

As soon as the ship was out of the Sol System, the crew was ushered into their cryopods so they could enter hypersleep for the long journey to the far-off Phlegethon System.

En-Route to Phlegethon

What dreams do mortal minds dream while they sleep? Some recall their dreams with vivid clarity, others remember nothing not even scant details and faint whispers.

Within the confines of hypersleep, you dream.

What you dream though, only you know, if you know it all.

September, 2179 A.D.

Alarms began to sound onboard the USCSS Thames, the kind of alarms the ships android would normally be expected to respond to as the Thames passed through some kind of debris, a massive field of spaceborne wreckage that was in the immediate flight path of the ship.

Massive gouges were torn from the hull and failures resounded through the systems of the ship as it spiraled out of control in the debris field; left by god only knew what.

This was the farthest mankind had ever travelled

The cryopods began to activate under emergency protocols to awaken the crew, but there were issues with many of them. They were failing to properly operate even as the occupants were being woken up.

Many of you, were simply trapped.
Missy Missy slowly begins to wake up, cyro-sleep is a bit harder of a feeling. At least for her it is. She stretches and then begins to run her fingers through her rainbow tresses. Her eyes then curiously begin to look around to see who else is currently awake. Upon her form is her jumpsuit as she is stepping down and out. Her hand grasps onto one of the side considering for the mere moment, her legs feel more like jello.
Malesh As Malesh's crypod opens, the hulking mountain that is Malesh emerges from it, considerably peacefully at first before seeming to understand the situation. He takes his time to get used once more to his body, before attempting to step out of it in his jumpsuit. He looks about, more specially at what seems to be malfunctioning crypods.
Sypher Sypher moving out of his cryopod shivering at the cold "that is the last time i go sleep in my birthday suit in those things" sypher throws up slightly before whiping the bile from his jaw before flexing and streching to make sure everything still works
Dominik Romanov Dominik's awakening is met with a sense of refreshment, the cryopod that he had been so cheerfully enjoying, no doubt a cryopodLuxure3000tm insured that his awakening was most peaceful.

Too bad about the pandemonium going on outside as Dominik steps out of his cryopod and into the open air. Even as he listened to the claxon's, Dominik will take the time to stretch out his legs, pull himself together and exhale aloud.

Now back to business. As composed as a man can be after being thrust into a panic situation he'll step about then. "Someone. Turn. Those. Sirens. Off!" Dominik shouts, even as he makes his way hopefully amongst the other cryopods.
Skye Armstrong     The Captain was alseep, dreaming, will she remember? Time has no meaning, not now, it could have been seconds hours or days, even months. The alarms flashing and sounding cause her eyes to shoot open. Instantly her heart beat rises. There is trouble. Hands fly up, in a near punching motion Skye pushes open her cryo-door, uncaring of her bare body. It's just a body, lives must be saved.

With dark hair around her, bare feet slap onto the ground, looking around quickly. "Fuck." Says the Captain. Eyes take in that some are stuck, so her ain is the closest one, to help pry the door open.
Konstantin The cryopod containing the XO beeps as it begins its wakeup sequence, followed by a brief beep/buzzing 'no bueno' sort of noise as the cryopod fails to totally open on its own, but at least it's unlocked. Konstantin wakes from his slumber to the sound of alert klaxons blaring, and promptly punches open the hatch, hopping out of the pod like a suddenly-awake teen throwing off the covers and jumping out of bed. He's decked out in casual clothing. "Fuck," he echoes the Captain, almost at the same time, glancing around.
Smith The long sleep hasn't negatively affected the big mass of bone and muscle that is Liam Smith. After his cryopod thaws him out he pauses to reorient himself, inspecting his surroundings before shoving his pod open. Things around him are screaming a warning and Smith has to move, leveraging himself out of his pod and making a b-line for the nearest person who seems to be doing something productive: the captain. Seeing that she's working on getting one of the pods open he moves to find his own person to save.
Kitten The alarms did not cease sounding and it was clear despite the artificial gravity that the ship itself was spinning rapidly out of control as bits and pieces of debris clanged against the outer hull.

In the distance, an explosion of some kind could be heard.

"Captain Armstrong, we are experiencing multiple catastrophic failures across the entire ship. Automated controls have been locked out and Rook.." Rook was the ships android, "Appears to be missing..."

"The ship is presently spiraling out of control and is in danger of impacting with a large piece of debris several hundred kilometers away. At our current speed, we will impact in just under two minutes. I am also detecting failures in multiple cryopods, over twelve crew members deceased. I have managed to facilitate the stabilization of multiple pods but I cannot stabilize pod 7, 13, 12 and 24. They will require manual removal or those inside will ----"

The ship went dark and for a moment artificial gravity cut out, causing you to float weightlessly before everything turned back on. The ships computer was silent and 4 people were at risk of dying. The ship was at risk of crashing and those explosions? They had come from engineering.

You had only moments to try and flee Xavier, Sierra, Liz, and Michael..
Missy Missy goes running for the bridge, she can help with stablizing the shop after all. She is jumping over, dodging and darting around people as she runs as fast as possible. Her hands catching her should she need to from losing her balance.
Sypher Sypher sypher flotes over to pod 13 grabbing the lip of it wedging himself between the floor and the pod using the leverage of being firmly planted he begins to pull up on the pods lip trying to force the pod open his ripped muscles buldging as he trys to open it
Sypher Sypher sypher looks to the rest of the people who are awake "comon i cant do this alone give me a hand here!!"
Michael Michael awoke to hell. Well, somewhat of a hellish state. Claxon's were screaming outside of the pod, of which he could barely hear, and his pod appeared to be filling up with the liquid. Frowning, he wraps his knuckles on the glass "Hello? I know we are in a bit of a pickle here from the sounds of it, but my pod appears to be filling up with liquid and is failing to release." He says nonchalantly, his mind forcing back fear and panic.
Liz Is that... light?
The sudden darkness and the cacophony of sirens bring Liz around a little more quickly than the cryo tube's wakey-wakey treatment usually does. But she doesn't remember falling asleep in a cold bath.
In the flashing emergency lights, she suddenly sees what's happening: The tube is filling with fluid. She tries to sit up, bumping her head painfully against... the closed lid of the tube?!
/That/ should not be there! She tries to push it open, barely able to get her hands up against it.
It's not budging. She thumps her open hands against the inside of the tube, trying to shake the latches loose. "Help... anyone! Help... me..!"
Xavier Preston Awake yes, though after how long he is not sure. Xavier's pod was still latched shut, and the older gentleman was finding himself very disoriented. He presess a hand against the pod door, trying to force it open, "Blasted thing.." His pod is clearly malfunctioning, and he needs to get out of here, "I am still alive in here, someone open the damn pod!"
Skye Armstrong After the information is given, and the gravity briefly lost her naked body slaps against the floor. "Well fuck this." She spits out some blood from her fat lip and stands. "Kon, get your ass working on help!" Eyes dart to him as the woman passes by him, heading for the door quickly. "Malesh, get on it. I am going to the bridge. No more deaths under my command."
    She leaves the orders for people to help each other and hurries to the bridge, her naked body moving with ease around any obstacle.
Sierra Sierra Lane dreamed of brave new horizons and strange alien worlds as she slept, wondering what manner of secrets the stars may have held for her to explore; what wonders did these far off worlds hold? She had a theory, and she couldn't wait to be the one to discover the mysteries that lay ahead of them.

Then death. Every dream was the same.

Then she awoke to the brutal reality of a failing cryopod, the liquid that should have drained filling up around her.

Was this the death that kept coming for her? She screamed but the liquid only filled her lungs as she struggled against an inevitable fate.
Malesh "Understood, Captain." Malesh says immediatelly after hearing orders, he seemed to be in quite a conundrum on what to do next before being properly ordered about. With that he went ahead to help open the Crypod that was already being openned, hopefully to attempt to open another one if this could be quickly done.
Dominik Romanov Dominik's hand just rubs at his forhead then as he sees everyone jutting and running off in every direction then as his head turns ever so slightly as he mutters under his breath. "Are we serious?"

"For fucks sakes. Get that pod open. You. You. You. You." Dominik will state litertally pointing at Michael and the like before he points to the pod that Sypher is at. "Get that fucking thing open. I am not losing company assets this early into the mission. Get it done. Once that pod is open any pods contianing an engineer."

Oh and I guess Dominik is going to help Sypher.
Konstantin Konstantin nods. "Help the helpless, copy that, Cap'n." He moves to Sypher and Dom, and begins adding his strength to their numbers.
Smith When the gravity goes out Smith ends up hovering for a moment. Then falls back to the deck with a heavy thud. Post thud, the big man pushes himself back up to his feet and stumbles towards the pod Sypher is working on, intent on lending his massive strength to the effort. But then he hears the explosions again and his head turns towards them. Still, captain ordered them to help the people in the pods.
Sypher Sypher sypher flotes over to pod 12 grabbing the lip of it wedging himself between the floor and the pod using the leverage of being firmly planted he begins to pull up on the pods lip trying to force the pod open his ripped muscles buldging as he trys to open it
Kitten Bridge: Skye and Missy manage to climb through the ladders leading between decks since the lifts are out or at best unreliable with the power fluctuations and they arrive on the bridge to a sight of sheer horror.

There are hundreds of shining pieces of metallic debris in the viewscreen of the ship including a massive planetoid sized one in the distance that seems to be getting larger by the second.

The ship shudders and shakes as pieces of the unknown debris fragments strike the vessel.

Cryobay: Sierra Lane is freed thanks to the efforts of the people there in the cryobay, but the other pods continue to fill up with liquid and those inside begin to drown. It's a terrible way to go.

Xavier, Liz, and Michael were all still trapped and there didn't seem to be any way to free them all at this rate!

Engineering: More explosions can be heard coming from the depths of the ship and the entire vessel shakes and power turns on and off again.
Dominik Romanov "Next. Any engineering personel in the pods need to be freed to figure out what the fuck is going on with these explosions." Dominik calls out then as he casts a glance aside then and lifts his finger and points at Malesh. "I swear to fucking god if any of you fuck this up and we survive? YOu are fired. I will dock your pay, and have you scrub the sanination tunnels under this ship."
Michael "Hello? This is the fucking Pilot speaking to whomever is the fu-" Michael chokes on the liquid "God damnit." He mutters as he floats his head to the top "I need to get the bridge, figure out what's going on" He says in a rather calm, collective manner.
Dominik Romanov Dominik is also interested in freeing Liz. So he is going to go do that. Becuase she is handy with her hands.. and a spanner.
Sypher Sypher sypher puts his hand to the pods glass "im sorry comrad you wont die in vain" sypher begins moving his sky clad body twords the engin room a pissed off look plasterd to his face
Malesh Malesh immediately goes after the other pod with a female to attempt to help them for very clear reasons, "If one of us know anything about engineering, already, just go towards the explosions." He throughly and completely ignores Dominik as he seems to just go about his duty.
Sierra Sierra collapses on the floor, throwing up repeatedly as she is freed from the pod. At best, she mutters out a soft, "Thank you." Before going back to throwing up, utterly useless for the moment.
Konstantin "Let's go. Next one!" The XO, Commander Konstantin Rostov, calls to the group, and moves to Liz's pod, setting to work trying to pry it open. This is so much fun, said no one ever. If they all survive, he's going to have one hell of a report to write up for his superiors.
Xavier Preston "What are you bloody idiots doing?!" Xavier yells from the pod, as he watches even more people scramble off away from the cryo pods, "Open the damned pods before well drown!" He slams a fist into the glass of the pod again.
Missy Meanwhile in the bridge, Missy is gliding into the captain's chair. She swears she remembers how to do this. But manages to flip the wrong switches and shift the wrong way. She shouts "Oh Fuck!" As she tries to stablize things. For the moment however, she is currently unable to and is causing EVERY to shake around.
Smith "Jesus help us," says Smith as he moves on to the next cryo pod to apply his bulk towards opening it up. He looks off towards Sypher and grits his teeth in a low growl, but his hands are full with the door to the pod. It's a good thing too, because otherwise he might be thrown around when the ship does something unexpected.
Liz is getting nowhere getting out of her malfunctioning pod. Choking on cryo-fluids, she barely registers that people are gathering around her tiny prison. The emergency flashers highlight them in weird red shades, off-on-off-on-off-on...
And suddenly, she can breathe! Liz pushes weakly and rolls off the pod's padding onto the floor, coughing up foul-tasting gunk. "Th-thanks..." she manages to say, trying to lever herself up from all fours.
The floor lurches suddenly, and she falls to her hands and knees again. "Who's... /flying/ this junkheap..?"
Skye Armstrong Skye reaches the bridge, oddly, the cool feels good against that naked tanned flesh of hers, that's beaded over with sweat and dirt now. Throwing herself into a chair, her body slapping against the hard fabric, she slaps at the intercom. "Report!" Her voice calls through, demandingly. "Missy, take lead! I'll aid you -" But, this ia failing. Hands tense, while going to take secondary position to help fly, doing what she can. "What the fuck!" Her body is reddening from exertion now, from adrenaline. "Someone update me NOW! What is going on to engineering! And hold on we may crash!" Sweat matted hair sticks to her face, eyes burn with determination.
Kitten Bridge: The hypersleep sickness and fatigue seems to effect both Missy and Skye quite a bit and the pair find themselves unable to gain control of the ship as it begins to break into a hard spin as a piece of large debris hits it.

It was going to take a miracle to prevent it from crashing at this point.

Engineering: As Sypher races towards engineering he passes the android 'Rook' who seems to be badly damaged and making his way to the cryobay to help out. Thank god for androids! When Sypher arrives at the Engineering area he finds fires everywhere. The fire suppression equipment would not be enough, but.. if he vented the area to space, he might be able to put out the fires.

It was a great risk to himself though or he could try his luck with the fire extinguishers..

Cryobay: Liz is freed after great effort, and Dominik even pulls a muscle in the process but there is no time to free both Xavier and Michael. One of the men was going to die and it was in the hands of those there...
Sypher Sypher sypher takes a deep sigh "im not losing any more people " he moves to vent the room
Kitten Engineering: Sypher is able to get the airlock open, but he doesn't have a spacesuit on as he vents engineering into space. It's a terrible feeling as the venting of the atmosphere begins to pull him out into the cold embrace of the void, his life slipping before his eyes.

He had given his own life to save the crew of the ship as best as he could, the rest of the ship sealed off from engineering as he lost his grip upon the bulkhead

Sypher spiraled off through the airlock, a speck of dust amidst the vastness of the stars.
Sypher Sypher sypher watches as he is sucked into space 'well this is it then fought in so many combat missions only to die helping people i bearly know well life well spent' he thought as he drift threw space with a smile on his face and middle fingers to the sky
Malesh Malesh quickly just moves on to the next closest cryopod that can still be openned, due to time constraints related to the life within the person that is inside the pod. Without regards to others orders.
Missy Meanwhile in the bridge, Missy manages to remember how to work this damned ship and begins to level everything out. Though she is keeping her attention to everything going on within the cock pit. Her eyes only glancing to the Captain as she asks "Help me level her out?"
Smith Something needs to be done. Smith leaps into action, grabbing the nearest cryopod with someone still alive in it and begins struggling to pull it open. Thankfully, it's the same one Malesh it working on. With his muscles rippling Smith uses his giant frame for leverage.
Konstantin Konstantin moves to the cryopod with Malesh, and adds his strength into the mix. "Come on, open, open!" He growls to himself. "Heave!" He calls to the rest of the crew.
Sierra Sierra manages to stop throwing up and uses the side of her crypod to struggle to her feet, taking a deep breath, "Where is Doctor Preston?" She asked with great concern, Doctor Preston had been like a father to her. She had only agreed to this voyage because of him.
Dominik Romanov Dominik looks about then towards the other four people before looking towards Malesh and his face visibly twitchs. "Get the fucking Pilot out next." Dominik will then state, perhaps giving some little speech or the like to motivate people before moving to assist in opening apaprently what is the nearest pod.. and also a pilot! Michael!

Michael "Yo Dipshits! Over here god-damnit! SERIOUSLY! Wrong fucking pod!" Michael says as the liquid raises to his chin. Then he just laughs and continues to laughing "I'm gonna fucking die inside a mother fucking pod, drowned by the liquid that is suppose to save me." He continues to laugh, then choke as the liquid slides down his throat into his stomach and then, as it backs up his throat in to his lungs where the air is squashed out and he drowns.
Skye Armstrong Skye does what she can to Missy's question, focused on keeping the ship going and now crashing and killing them all. The sweat over her naked body glistens around dirt under the dim flickering lights. Slapping a hand on the com she yells into it. "Fucking update!"
Dominik Romanov "Ship Discpline is at an all time low. I swear to god Captain." Dominik responds as he shouts back before giving what appears to be a deathly stare then towards Xavier and the like before shaking his head.
Liz Still coughing up cryo fluids and gunk she seriously doesn't remember swallowing, Liz pulls herself to her feet, holding onto the wall rails for support. Hearing all the yelling, she tries to get over to the pod people are gathering around, grabbing hold of everything between herself and there. Seriously unstable ship right now... "I'm... coming... slowly but surely..."
Konstantin "We managed to save three out of four. Last one didn't make it." A beat. "Someone's going to have to brush up on her piloting skills." Kon reports. He surveys the damage, and shakes his head sadly, sighing, hands on hips.
Xavier Preston As the pod finally opens up, the doctor spills out with all the liquid that had filled up his pod. He coughs loudly as he's down on his hands and knees, "Bloody hell." Being the doctor, he's trying to compose himself, but he was mere moments from dying." He spits out a bit of cryo liquid and looks at Konstantin, "What in the bloody hell happened? This was supposed to be automated."
Smith While everyone else is being loud and asking questions, Smith moves towards the cryo pod that they'd failed to open in time, staring at the dead body of Michael. He didn't know the guy, but that won't stop him from saying a quick blessing, quietly speaking at the corpse, "Take this man and the others into your arms, oh lord." There's a look around the bay after that as he tries to figure out exactly what happened to the cryo pods.
Malesh "Sadly, it seems," Malesh hardly looks at Konstantin, he doesn't answer Xavier... such things obviously fall under the purview of people like Dominik. First things first, he seems to look over the pods, just in case there is something to be found. He isn't dying and can't truly do much for the others. So time to move on.
Kitten Engineering: The fires are out in engineering, the status report on the bridge shows that the section of the ship is all clear. Sypher had done it.

Bridge: Missy and Skye do little more than keep the ship from spinning further out of control, stabilizing it just in time to see a corpse floating through space... Sypher...

Physics were fun. The ship was spinning. Sypher was ejected in one direction and the ship re-oriented in that direction.

Sypher smashed into the viewscreen of the ship like detritus as the massive metallic asteroid loomed ahead.

There was no avoiding it, at best Skye and Missy would be able to guide the ship into a controlled crash.

Cryobay: A pale skinned figure, the ships android "Rook' entered the Cryobay. Head twitching and sparks flashing out of the back of his neck. He said nothing but began to walk towards the group. One of Rook's eyes was damaged. The other? It looked right at Malesh, menacingly..
Sierra Sierra rushed over to Xavier as best as she could, "Doctor Preston, you need to sit down. Let me try and see what I can do." She began to look around the room for medical supplies, doing what she could to treat the elderly man.
Dominik Romanov Dominik upon sighting the droid and that helpful robot approaching then before he looks at Malesh. It will only take a second before he states loudly and with a commanding voice. "Systems report, Rook! Diagonostics on the ship. The rest of you follow suit. I want to get this things repaired immeaditly."

Again another spheal.. and Dominik will try and sound very convincing in trying to get people to go on about getting shit done.
Skye Armstrong Skye just frowns at the news of below, and then there is a thunk, and a body. While trying to control the shop eyes follow the form of Sypher. "He may be the luckiest fucking bastard." She says, but there is regret in her tone. If she believed in god, the woman would pray, but there isn't an inch of her that will regard that old mans existance. "Missy! We're going to crash let's not have more killed." A hand slaps the com again. "We're crashing everyone hold onto something!"
Smith As people go about trying to figure out what is going on, it's time for Smith to get proactive about things again. He moves with a purpose, trying to find any sort of maintenance equipment or tools he might be able to secure in order to begin fixing any of the various problems that have started. As Rook enters the cryobay the big man stares at the android for a few seconds, squinting faintly and moving more quickly. When he hears the words over the comm to grab something stationary he hurries to do so.
Konstantin "Rook! Status report." Konstantin barked, and then looked up to the intercom as it came alive with Skye's voice. "Brace-brace-brace for impact!" He calls to those in the room, and immediately grabs for something bolted-down to hold onto, trying to make himself as small as possible to minimize his bouncing around when the ship makes impact.
Xavier Preston The doctor sits down, rubbing his face, "Damnit all." He grumbles under his breath, "The level of incompetence is staggering." Unfortunately Michael is dead, as he looks over at the younger man, a frown crosses his face, but he doesn't have time to say anything because he has to brace for impact because they're about to crash.
Liz Liz props herself up on the just-opened tube and finally manages to stop coughing. Hearing Dominik bellowing, she rubs her eyes and tries to piece together what little she can about what's going on.
Fortunately, the intercomm saves her a little of the trouble. "Looks like we're on the express elevator to Hell... Grab something quick, folks! The ground floor's never a pretty sight."
She lowers herself to a sitting position on the deck, grabbing hold of the cryo pod's edge. "Days like this, I really miss the drop harnesses," she murmurs, drawing herself up as close as she can, trying not to tense up.
Malesh Malesh seems to search the ground for a number of moments, seeming to find something, possibly taking it and moving on. But then... the android sees Malesh, Malesh sees the android. As he hears the 'brace for himself' the simplest way to say chaos will come, he tries to adjust himself so that he can jump over at the android as soon as a crash happens, possibly taking it down so that it does not attack anyone due to the possible malfunctions it may have accrued.
Kitten Bridge: The pair of women on the bridge have the best view of the strange, utterly alien asteroid they are about to smash into. It fills the entire viewscreen of their ship and doesn't appear to be natural, the entire 'asteroid' as it grows closer appears to be the remains of some massive space station.

The USCSS Thames hits the ground of the object hard and skids through the strange metallic landscape that seemed to somehow have a strange kind of gravity to it.

In the distance, an obsidian pyramid loomed.

Cryobay: Rook begins to reply, "Systems operating at 39 percent efficiency. Safeguard protocols have been enabled, *bzst*" The android sparked and continued forward, "Sabo---"

, Everyone is able to keep their balance during the crash except Liz who goes tumbling forward into a wall smashing her nose off of it.

The android tumbles towards Malesh..
Malesh Malesh is VERY suprised as the android tumbles towards him. And seeming VERY menanced by the android he powerlessly moves one of his thick arms to stab an scalpel THROUGH the android's head. He looks at the Android surprised, "A ROGUE ANDROID!" With that, he moves his arm so that the android can freely drop to the ground, "Good thing, it is down now. It could have killed all of us..."
Smith As the Android seems to head towards Malesh with ill intentions, Smith pulls himself off of the floor and bolts to try to put his body between the two of them, ready to strike at the malfunctioning Rook with anything that might be at hand. After Malesh strikes Rook Smith joins the fray, nimbly leaping in to attempt to stomp it into the ground.
Skye Armstrong "Well I'll be." Skye musters, as they head to this creepy as fuck asteroid. The pyramid was seen. Instantly, the Captain goes to check the systems, smacking buttons to get into. Her dark eyes rolling over the mounds of information. "God I knew you fucking gave up on us." She near spits out the words, getting the tally of who is dead. "All crew," A dirty hand slaps the com button as her body wigglea and jiggles due to all the bumping around. A sports bra is a girls best friend right now. "Hold on! We're running into some black ass pyramid thing!" There is a quick turn of her head, matted sweaty hair slapping against her skin. "Molly we need to try to not hit that right on! Veer to the side! The ship may he saveable, some how!"
Sierra "I don't know what the hell's going on, but something isn't right here." Sierra said with an accusatory stare towards Malesh and his seeming accomplice Smith, "You guys fucking killed it, why? It wasn't a rogue android, that's a myth, synths can do no harm unless someone on this crew was trying to do the rest of us harm..." Then? She hears what Skye is saying and she couldn't give a shit about the situation in the cryobay, "Black pyramid thing? I'LL BE RIGHT UP!" She runs out of the cryobay as fast as her still wobbly legs can take her to head for the bridge no matter how annoying of a trip it would be!
Kitten GM Note: Insert Skye's pose earlier. The ship has already crashed. <3
Liz Well... /that/ sucked. Liz slowly pulls herself away from the wall, rubbing at her injured forehead. Her nose has felt better, too. "Whatever we crashed into, someone should totally get its license number..."
All the noise draws her attention to the the action nearby. Looks like a fight, and a one-sided one at that. Even as sick as she is, Liz can tell that the 'rogue android' was just thrown forward by the motions of the crashing ship. She leaps to restrain Smith. "Cut it out! We'll need it undamaged for analysis!"
Konstantin As Rook tumbles toward Malesh, Konstantin thinks he might have heard something about 'sabo'.. sabots? Saboteurs? Sabofragilisticexpealidocious? In any case, his suspicions are raised. The robot wouldn't have been focused on Malesh, and talking of things, for no reason, would it? Malesh's actions only serve to cement Konstantin's suspicions that much more, although he doesn't let on. He instead blinks in surprise. "The fuck was that about?" He glances to Liz, and nods. "Yeah." And back to Malesh. "Control yourself." He levels a stern gaze at the man.
Xavier Preston The impact, a rogue android, all of this is getting to be too much for the doctor to handle. The crash deposited him on the ground, and he has continued to lay there. After taking several deep breaths, he finally rises up to his feet, "I am not a medical doctor, but I will attempt to render aid as need be."
Smith "It was not a rogue android?" Smith asks a little too late as the lady that said it has already run off, stopping himself from stomping further. And then someone attempts to restrain him and he notices, looking at Liz curiously but not moving to free himself from her grasp. Instead, he looks at the other people in the cryo bay with a deep frown creasing his face.
Malesh "I see," Malesh looks at the fallen android, "In that case, not medical doctor, this may be more useful for you." He walks closer to Xavier, flipping the scalpel on his hand before handing it over to him, "Take good care of us." He nods firmly at the not-medical-doctor.
Dominik Romanov "Destruction of Weyland-Yutani property is a serious issue especially given that we are thousands of lightyears away from anywhere that might be able to supply us with an alternative.. Mister Malesh." Dominik notes then rather dryly before he shakes his head. "Xavier. Check the remaining Cryopods and insure that those inside are still alive. Elizabeth? I want you to go to the engineering room and figure out what the hell those explosions were about. Take a couple people with you. Everyone else.. we need to get this robot to a lab somewhere and get rook patched up.. we are short handed as it is."
Missy Missy tried to not crash but it was inevitable sadly. Though now that they have 'landed' she unstraps herself and begins to head back to the rest of the crew. Curious to see who all is now left alive.
Liz "Anybody got decent engineering chops? Or just know how to program a video recorder? Show of hands," Liz says, wincing one last time before she pushes the pain of her injuries and the cold feel of her sodden jumpsuit to the back of her mind. This flying rust bucket's sick, and she might be the only engine doctor left.
Dominik Romanov Dominik at this point just shakes his head. "You and that onther gentleman are all we got on deck at the momment Elizabeth. I think a few people know their way around a spanner but that is it. You need somone to hold something big? Ask that man over there." A vauge motion to Smith.
Smith "I'm good at repairs. Scored very highly in my class," Smith explains as he looks around the wreckange of the cryo bay, slowly shaking his head from side to side. "What do we need to do?" he asks, looking for guidance.
Malesh "I understand that I may require to face repercussions once we return home," Malesh nods at Dominik, "As expected, I am here to ensure the security of the ship and its tripulation, so direct me as it is the most efficient in this situation. I'm sadly not versed in engineering or other kinds of mechanics. So I cannot help in those regards."
Liz "Got it, sir. I'll have a look 'round once we get down there," is the former Marine's reply to Dominik as she looks around the room for any hands in the air. None so far. But someone's stepping up, which is good.
"That's good; I'd rather not have anyone sticking sharp things into the engines, anyway," Liz ripostes, trying to get to business. "Smith, with me. We'd better get down to engineering. I'll know better what to do once we have a look around." She turns for the corridor, heading for the lift down to the engineering deck.
Dominik Romanov "We'll determine the roper course of action when the time is right.. Mister Malesh. For now, lets get to repairing whatever was happening in the engineering bay. There were explosions so assume there is the worse.. a vacuum and fires. So gather all the equipment neccessary and let us start maaking repairs. Everyone else will begin assembling the goods.. and see what is going on after some diagonistics."