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Silent Night March 1st, 2017
Bolivar, Maracaibo
Tricell Building

Since all of them had gotten an rather free first week, everyone doing their assignments and supposedly, getting used to the new nation, Archene believe it was time to move forward with Tricell plans within the country. Though Delia has the tendency to always be on his side as a sort of bodyguard, he still sends a message calling Markus for a 'meeting regarding plans for the immediate future'. Where they'll hopefully discuss exactly as described.

Archene was currently sitting on a small meeting room, certainly not made for over 8 people. He was wearing his office suit as he typed away some things at the computer. Above him, there was an already working projector showing the first slide of a powerpoint. 'Bolivar Expansion Plans' with tiny letters underneath it, 'Be thankful it was plainly named.'
Markus Berger Since the doctor mostly has been spending his time in his office it doesn't take him too long to get to the meeting room which he as typical for him simply barges into. While looking the same as usuall and definitely not like a respectable scientist.

Not as typical is him nearly skidding to a halt the moment he sees the powerpoint slide and just stares... at the tiny letters under it and then Archene. "Seriously?"
Kitten Archene receives an email from a Tricell Agent he had deployed in Cabimas that shows some trucks with the TerraSave logo on them moving into the city with aid supplies.
Delia Delia came in with coffees for all, handing them out with soft smiles and then sipping upon her own before setting it down. She signs "Sorry I am a bit late. Thought we could all maybe use some caffeine." Upon her form was a knee length skirt with a lavendar blouse. A pair of slightly heeled ankle boots upon her feet. Her eyes look over the powerpoint before look to Markus as he asks the question, picking up her cup once more to sip upon it.
Silent Night Archene seems to be quite in a nice mood as he grins at Markus, "Either that or something on par with the name for our little project," He then looks at Delia, "It is alright," He seems to be about to begin with the meeting before having a look at an e-mail, "Well, it seems that the plans to peacefully expand are currently down. So now it is a question of how we go about this in the nation. We trully need to expand TRICELL's influence. As it is we can 'take over' the port city and have it peacefied, though that is local turf of the civil war, or we can attempt to take a city near a state capital that is full. If it is prefered, we can wait for further oportunities to show that we are a 'peaceful good organization' despite our production of military equipment. Sincerely, at this point, it will all depend on this reunion." He skips the powerpoint several slides, until it shows a map of Bolivar a number of people highlighted with tags of 'cartel problems', 'bloody general problems' and the like.
Markus Berger The doctor visible rolls his eyes before swiftly grabbing a coffee from Delia with a mumbled thanks and sitting down on the closest chair he can find. "So, the whole country is a complete mess, you want to make sure TRICELL gets the chance to make use of that while polishing our image and we got to figure out how, when and where. Got it."
Delia Delia quietly listens as she stips on more of her coffee. Her hands set her coffee down once more as she signs "How it is you suggest to do that Archene? I do like the idea of claiming the port city first to be honest."
Silent Night "That is quite a good way to look at it. And if we can show to be a force of good over here, it will only improve Tricell's PR around the continent. But more importantly," Archene smiles at Markus, "It will make it easier for you to move around the nation and do as you wish. As it is, I am personally working along with the government, to smoonthen our path. That is, TRICELL itself is still neutral in their conflict. And I will not be using TRICELL resources to help the government." He briefly glances at Delia before saying, "The port town may be a good one, but like I said, we have no presence there, and if I see that it is simpler to claim along the government, I will be doing it through them. As there is also a small riverport town, with even an airstrip which may increase mobility within the nation. Specially since it is a point where illegal things pass through, possibly illegal things we are looking for." He looks at Markus.
Markus Berger The doctor just shrugs slightly. "Considering our job or at least my officialy job any place that gets us closer to any source of illegal goods is good so I can poke my nose where it doesn't belong. Which I allready intend to do in various ways anyway, so anything that makes it easier to do so..." He just smirks wrily as he leaves that sentence unfinished.
Delia Delia excitedly shifts in her seat before she signs "That sounds wonderful. I think we should do it. I am all for reclaiming a city in the name of the government if I can use my babies. You know how much I love to hear them go off." Her gaze then looks to Markus as she signs "Agreed in that respect."
Silent Night "In that case, I'll consider to have full support from both of you in these actions then," Archene looks at Markus, "And when the time comes to 'save the villagers' I'll be sure to contact you in case you want to move along in the front." He smiles before looking at Delia, "And yes, you will be able to shoot down the cartel people."
Markus Berger "Sure. I'll help out when the time has come. After all, I do not intend to sit around here all day, quite the opposite in fact. I mean, shooting people has revealed itself to be quite good to vent... at least as long as you don't end up venting blood that is. Besides..." Markus leaves another sentence unfinished as he moves his trenchcoat to the side and reveals a few syringes and a Firstaid Spray from Umbrella he taps against. "I think you'd likely appreciate me being there."
Silent Night Archene nods at Markus, "Yes, that way we can reduce the possible number of casualities to the maximum. You might even get someone to interrogate or anything." He chuckles quietly before smiling, "But this should be all for today's meeting. Don't hesitate to contact me when needed."
Delia Delia whispers happy giggles as she lightly claps her hands together in approval. Soon she is signing "I am quite glad to hear this." Her attention is then upon Markus as she signs "I intended to make sure nothing harms Archene. You don't need to worry." Then back to Archene as she signs "What is on the agenda for the rest of the day? My office is boring."
Markus Berger "I for one will be in my own boring office again if someone needs me. Maybe take a nap. So, I assume I will see you later." With that said Markus quickly gets up again, takes his coffee with him and quickly leaves again back to his office.