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Tabitha Cabinet doors closing ring out from the kitchen.. minor soft grumbling and complaints rise "..find the frakin coffee".. A mug is retrieved.. drawers opened, closed with a bit of growing annoyance, and an extreme lack of caffine is the only thing keeping Tabitha up at the moment but fatigue is giving way to frustration
James Scott James has been up for several hours already, though after sweeping the house one last time he went back down into the basement to train without disturbing his housemates. He walks into the kitchen as Tabitha is searching for the coffee, and rather than saying anything he walks up behind her and reaches past to grab a jar with an airtight lid. "I think this is what you're looking for."

The shirtless teen backs up and heads over to the coffee maker and grabs the electric grinder next to it, he pops the coffee beans into then then proceeds to make the coffee. "You're up early. Should try to sleep in some while you can."
Tabitha Tabitha 's wearing her scrubs, having slept in them. Hair mussed.. "I ..dont sleep more than four hours at a time.. six is a luxury...", She leans back against the counter, watching sleepily.. "..ground beans? really? No Kurig for you eh?" She smiles softly. "whats for breakfast?"
James Scott "Welcome to Bolivar." James says with a bit of a chuckle. Once the jar is put away he heads over to the fridge, opening the door and bending over to fetch a covered bowl of dough he made the night before. "Figure you can't go wrong with the basics. Biscuits, sausage gravy, eggs, and grits." Perhaps he didn't stop to consider some of the people in the house had never eaten grits.

Regardless he takes one of the baking sheets out and starts placing dough. "Should probably look into what the locals eat. Imagine it'd be easier to get my hands on those ingredients down here."
Tabitha Tabitha 's brows lift.. "..grits? oh, sweet mercy, i've not had grits 'n eggs in 'bout forever..", licking her lips.. "I think we're gonna get along just fine. Hell, I might actually gain some weight", giggling a bit. "Is anyone else up yet? or are we it?
James Scott "I'm sure somebody else is up. I've been down in the basement for the last little bit." James lifts his bite scarred shoulder in a simple shrug. The biscuits go in the oven and he heads back over to the fridge to grab the chorizo. Back at the stove he sets a skillet on the burner and splits the sausage, dumping the red meat into it. "Yeah, you mess around and eat too much of this you'll end up thick. Not that that's a bad thing."
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head, looking down at her figure. "I got that weird curse..if I gain or lose weight, it's always up top first. Makes finding clothes that fit a real bitch sometimes" Fingers rake through her hair once more. She glances behind her, then decides to hop up onto the counter, legs dangling beneath her. "make me feel like camel sometimes"
James Scott "I was thin for a while. I don't look anything like I did in my senior yearbook." James starts to mash the sausage down then pauses, "Not just because i had both eyes, my entire ear, and nowhere near as many scars. Believe it or not I used to be pretty." He chuckles once more then moves over to where Tabitha is. Once more he leans in near her, reaching up into the cabinet to find the salt and pepper for the gravy. With that found he heads back over to the stove. "I'm sure if you ask Emma she has a picture of us somewhere. I lost all my old pictures when they bombed Raccoon."
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head at the 'pretty' comment. "I look at people and i dont see the person. I look at you, at your scars, and I see the injuries that caused them. I see bone structre, i see kidneys, body habitus.", leaning just a bit not to get avoid James, but to try to not be in the way as much. "Minds. Personalities. Thats what I find attractive. Dont care what someone looks like if they got a shitty personality", pausing with a smile, "or, if they're cooking me breakfast"
James Scott "You hitting on me Tabitha?" James says with a grin. He finishes up the gravy and sets it aside to thicken up, then starts working on the eggs. The smell of breakfast in the house is sure to start waking people up now. "I'm sure I'll leave here with a few more scars. I found out about a lab near here, and I may end up checking it out. Hopefully it's abandoned, but there's no telling."
Tabitha Tabitha smirks, swinging her bare feet. "Probably, though i've not tried yer biskits yet, so ahm reservin' judgement till the Grits hit the plate, so to speak", her southern drawl thickening with the gravy. "You ever cook professionaly?" She hops off the counter and goes to check the coffee, pouring herself a cup. Sipping, she makes a sound that would probably result in a nc-17 rating for a coffee comercial
James Scott "Fella I knew talked Jerry Weathersby into letting him open a Jerry J's in Raccoon, so I worked there for about six months. But that's the extent of it. Made more cash selling weed and whatnot." James says after a moment of thought. "For the most part I just had to help with the cooking around the house. Was my sister and me that handled it for the most part, since our mom was always out doing whatever."

Once he's satisfied with the eggs he brings a pot over to start the grits.
Tabitha Tabitha takes another sip of coffee, peeking over to look at the progress of breakfast "I grew up on pizza, cheese toast and microwave dinners. well, once i was off on my own. Big family, big meals. Lotsa fried stuff. Family sorta fell apart with Granny died. but Man if her bikits weren't the best damn thing in the whole world", pausing to inhale deeply.. a soft little subvocal 'mmmm' at the smell of coffee and a kitchen full of cooking stuff.. something she's not really had in a very long time.
James Scott "How it goes from what I've heard. Didn't have anybody but my mom, her piece of shit boyfriend, my sister, and my older brother. Fucking hated him, but that's more from how we grew up. Regrettable, but I guess he's dead now." James turns the gravy off and leans against the counter and pulls a metal case from the pocket of his cargo pants. From inside the case he pulls out a joint and pops it between his lips. "Maybe if I hurry up I can smoke this before Emma or Eve comes down."
Tabitha Tabitha lifts an eyebrow at James as he pulls out the case, smirking a bit.. She muses over her steaming mug of coffee, wearing rumpled scrubs-turned-pjs. She takes another sip of coffee, holding the mug in both hands, rather protectively
James Scott James lights up the joint and opens the window, leaning out to blow his chronic smoke out so he doesn't stink the kitchen up. "You wanna hit this shit?" he asks of Tabitha, taking another long drag. Apparently he really is trying to hurry up before his bosses come down to yell at him.
Tabitha Tabitha moves over to the window beside James.. "I guess they dont drug test when you're volunteering, but I better not. Tempting as it is. I might hit you up later, though. Lots of medicinal purposes, and it's like a two week vacation hand-rolled into a doobie.." She takes the opportunity to look out the window.."
Emma It's morning, and thus, one needs breakfast. Emma had slept in, a little. Mostly because of the sleeping pills she took the night before. Once she had woke, a text would have been sent out to everyone to meet up, for a meeting.

The redhead would of came downstairs, yes in a nightgown, but a silk robe atop of that. How professional she is going to be for this! Her hair was lazily put up in a messy bun, in a cute way. Her legs are bare - from the knee down, feel are bare as well, as she enjoys being bare foot. Her movement are light and gracful, and when heading into the kitchen, there is a tired half smile to everyone gathered.
Celeste Celeste looks rested-ish but not being able to drink caffiene can take a toll of a girlie. She is wearing one of her usual lolita outfits, this one is a heliotrope and black one, with her hair up in pigtails that are spirals of curls. She is stretching as she slowly saunters in and murmurs "Morning all." Soon sitting down upon one of the seats, her legs coming up so she can sit indian style in the chair. She is still in a sleepy daze, before he eyes truly focus upon James and she looks surprised to see him. Their last encounter wasn't exactly the most fantastic and the surprise on her face is now showing.
Eve Eve descends from her room, dressed for the day in a pair of slate gray slacks and a white button down shirt. Her hair is loose around her shoulders and she is carrying her leather bag. She sets this down next to the chair she plans on occupying and walks immediately to the coffee maker, pouring herself a cup. She cradles her mug and walks to her seat, sniffing the air as she does so. She finally sits, pulling out a notepad and a pen, her attention on the group before her.
James Scott James starts to say something to Tabitha with a lungful of smoke but then Emma is walking down and he's suddenly choking. The cherry on his joint is quickly knocked out and the roach is put back in the case. "Morning Emma." He reaches up to adjust his eyepatch.

When Celeste walks in James gives her a nod. The teen is shirtless, so at the moment all of his tattoos and scars are on display. He doesn't look so much like a bitch with all of the bite marks, long healed slashes, and fading bruises on display. "Celeste, right?"

And of course there's Eve too, she gets a nod. "I'm starting to feel a bit under dressed." He shrugs and turns the grits on the stove off, giving everything one last stir before pulling the biscuits out of the oven. For those gathered there's coffee, biscuits, eggs, grits, and a whole mess of sausage gravy. For some reason though the gravy is red instead of white.
Tabitha Tabitha 's sporting the HSL scrubs she slept in.. bare toes scrunching on the floor, and is another one that likes bare feet as much as possible. "They all come running for the great taste of yer biskits", she offers to James. Pads over to top off her coffee, then hops up to sit on the counter, lets dangling. She eyes Eve up and down, jealous that the woman is prim and pressed first thing in the morning, BEFORE coffee. "Mornin, y'all."
Emma Emma had gone to get herself some tea, not being to big on coffee. She'd move to sit along side Eve, looking up to each of them with a small, if not tired smile. A hand rubs some sleep from her eyes, she looks down to some papers she had brought.

"Go - good mornin' all." Begins the lass softly. "I - I know we just moved here, but, I need ta discuss things with ya'all."
Celeste Celeste nods softly to James as she says "Yeah. I am Celeste." Her own tattoos upon display given that her dress is short-sleeve. Her eyes then look to the breakfast though the color of the gravy makes her wreary. Her hand digging a bag of dried cranberries out of her backpabk and beginning to nibble on them.

Her attention then looks to Tabitha as she murmurs "Mornin." Her eyes longingly looking at the coffee but she isn't going for it. Instead she is eating more of her dried fruit. Her gaze then flitting to Emma as she mentions needing to discuss things.
Eve Eve gets to her feet and picks up a plate, and she puts a little of everything on it before she gets herself a glass of juice. She sets it down to her pad, retakes her seat and crosses her legs, all business. She watches Emma, pen poised to take notes tht she'll transcribe later for those who couldn't attend.
James Scott James makes himself a plate as well, though it's just biscuits, gravy, and grits. He heads over to take a seat with the women at the table. "What's happening boss?" this is directed at Emma, but he doesn't waste any time eating. He did spend most of the morning working out.

"Also, unrelated, but I'm gonna start using chorizo more often. It's pretty damn good, even if it turns my gravy red."
Tabitha Tabitha goes over to get herself a bowl of grits, throws some eggs into it, dob of gravy, and tosses a bisquit atop it. She turns to head back to her perch on the counter and freeze as her eyes pass over Emma. For some reason, Tabitha seems grow pale, frozen still for several hearbeats before she moves again.. She opens her mouth to say something, but a wiser part of her mind takes the chance to shove a grit 'n gravy 'n egg soaked biskit into her mouth. She returns to her perch, listening.
Emma Emma doesn't really take anything to eat, he is sipping her tea, seemingly that's all she needs. Those big grey-green eyes take in everyone - even that stare from Tabitha, which would get a curious one in return. Sighing a little she rests back in her seat, a hand smoothing out her silken robe.

"I - it came ta my attention, that some are in - in need of help, just what we do. I want ta - ta get there as soon as we can. Food, blankets, medicine, that's tha goal. No weapons either, we're no - no military." A pause, she sips her tea, then continues. "An - an I want ta make sure from everyone, what they fe - feel their roll is here, so nobody is feelin' left behind."
Eve Eve takes notes as Emma speaks, nodding along with some of her words before she starts to eat her food. "We have some extra stores and other things in boxes in the cellar. We can gather some of that stuff up and purchase more. Whatever helps."
James Scott "I'll keep my pistol on me, but I'll keep it hidden. This isn't the place you want to show up and do stuff like that unarmed." James informs Emma. "Or I'll just bring my knife, either or. Worst thing they can do is shoot me." He actually chuckles a little at the thought as he eats, remembering the Umbrella mercenaries who thought bullets were his weakness.
Tabitha Tabitha listens.. sopping her bisquit between spoonfulls of her breakfast bowl. "What about Equipment? Ultrasound machine, lab supplies. Anything at all already there, or is it just what we bring in? She looks to Eve, celeste, but tries to keep her eyes off Emma for the moment.
Emma There is a small nod to Eve. "Th - that sounds like a - a good plan." Then there is a glance to James, with a small smile. "Go - good, I don't want us ta be seen as military, we're strickly humanitarian. Help those in need." She seems very firm on this, and then looks over to Tabitha, nodding a little. "Aye those are - are good, but we got tha hospital for that, for now, if we run inta any dire cases, we will send them there. I - I do want it prepared, however, in case emergency surgeries need ta happen, or such other th - things. But we'll make a - a list of items needed, in case, an - an try ta get fundin', too. For all those items."
Eve "Can we volunteer funds to help?" Eve asks, tilting her head as she studies Emma. "Also, you mentioned roles, did you have anything concrete in mind in that capacity?"
Tabitha Tabitha continues shoving food in her mouth, as if it was about to be taken away from her. She's used to eating fast in whatever minutes you can set side by side to do so. As Emma is speaking, the chime rings out as Tabitha's spoon hits the floor. She blushes, setting her bowl down and hopping off the counter to fetch it, grabbing a rag and trying to clean up the mess..
James Scott "Well, I'm glad we have so many doctors. I've got a habit of getting fucked up. You guys have no idea how many times Emma has had to stitch me up." James finishes his plate and goes over to put it in the sink. "I'm gonna go check my gear and see what I can get away with wearing. I'll wash the dishes when I get back." The teen offers a salute and heads back towards the stairs.
Emma There is a slightly amused smile to James' comment, she knows what he means. Shaking her head a bit and sipping her tea a glance is passed to Eve. "Aye we - we can, if we're wantin' ta, I plan ta." Of course, Emma is that type! When Tabitha drops her spoon eyes move that way. "Ya - ya okay?" The doctor asks, a little concern now. "An' as for all - all of us, Eve, ya know yer business and what yer doin'. James, security with Maxim. Celeste, she can do some hackin', I'd like her to keep an eye open on the BLF an' tha Govt. people." She glances to Celeste briefly. "An' Tabitha, I want ya workin' with me on setting up supplies and gettin' medical needs tended ta for those in need. We'll be our own doctors without borders. Ya'll also be in charge of supply lists."
Celeste Celeste sat quietly and listened as she nibbling on more of her dried fruit, soon putting the bag away to leave some for later. A soft nod is given at James's words about him heading off to check his gear. Then Emma grabs her attention and she comments "I can do healing to, just need to not be in the field given my condition. But I can still to remote hacking rather easily. Just lemme know what you want me to hack into first."
Eve Eve gives Emma a nod, having copied most of what was required from the various folks down on her notepad in shorthand. She finishes up her food and gets to her feet, pulling an apron from the pantry. She ties it around her waist and moves to the sink as she starts to wash the plates and cups used. "Sounds good to me." She comments, aiming a smile at the group still gathered.
Tabitha Tabitha finishes cleaning up her mess, setting the bowl and the spoon in the sink and runing a bit of water into it before the grits turn to concrete. "I can do the supply lists, though I prolly will need Eve's help organizing it. I'm used to someone else having all the stuff I need, but I can do up a list of what might be needed. Celeste, I talked to Markus over a TeleMed server. If Eve could setup something like that, you might be able to help the nurses with Triage remotely. I dunno what kinna access we got, but Eve could probably cook something up. She's awesome like that." Tabitha moves over to refill her coffee mug and thinks out loud to her self. "..lots of thermoses.. "
Emma "Aye I - I know Celeste, we can use ya back 'ere if we're needin' tha help. I'd not risk ya for a - a second." She gives the woman a small smile and then looks to Eve and Tabitha. "Good both of ya - ya get on that, then. I want ta head out as soon as we can ta this place, an' get helpin' tha people treated. We've got ta move quick before situations get worse." Her tea is sipped at. "An' we are ta be expecting a Psychologist by tha name of Elliott Turner. Be prepared for that."
Eve "I'll go change into something more suitable as soon as I'm done with the dishes." Eve remarks, glancing over her shoulder at Emma. She offers Tabitha a smile as the woman speaks and suddenly she wishes she was at her notepad again, but she'll remember what is being asked of her. "I'll see about setting up a remote server so that we can collaborate with other people when it comes to your studies." She turns back to pay attention to her hands in the sudsy water.
Celeste Celeste looks to Eve as she says "That would be awesome. This why I don't go bored like all the time." Her attention then flits to Emma as she says "I didn't think you would to be honest." She then slips out of her seat and goes to the fridge to grab herself some juice.
Tabitha Tabitha takes her coffee and moves over to sit beside Emma.. setting the cup down. She still doesn't look to the lass, staring into her cup.. She closes her eyes for a moment, opens them, and looks to Emma. Her brows knit a wash of emtions flicker across her features, one never realy forming before the other before her eyes widen slightly and a look of surprise starts to dawn on her face
Emma "A - a good idea." Emma says to Eve, with a quick nod. "An - an' ya know, I wouldn't." The lass looks to Celeste, and then she looks to Tabitha, a little confused yet but, it's what it is. Sipping from her tea, and still not of having hate, the lass moves some of that red hair from her face with a delicate hand. "So - sounds like we - we're on a good roll, here, I'm qu - quite pleased." There is a smile to them. "I - I need ta go get dressd, I have ta meet with a friend soon, an' this isn't exactly a good outfit for that." She'd then go to stand, her bare feet barely making a sound upon the floor.
Eve Eve unties her apron and uses it to wipe the moisture off her hands before she hangs it up. She gathers her things and nods. "I need to head in to the office and get a few things started, if any of you need me, you'll find me there." She say, a smile on her face. "I'll grab some grubby clothes in case we need to go out and do some things around the city."