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Kitten Saturday, March, 22nd 2005 would go down in the history books as the largest single largest outbreak of an infectious disease in modern history. It would also, in the future be known as the first and worst global 'bioterror' attack.

For the citizens of Raccoon City that meant nothing.

Over the past week the situation in the city had deteriorated from bad to nightmare-fuel as the streets themselves became unsafe to walk.

What had started as an 'incident' out in the Mountains had grown into a full-Quarantine situation with the people of Raccoon City trapped inside.

Throughout the city, Radio and Television began to play an emergency broadcast:

"Raccoon City has been Quarantined. Citizens are advised to stay in their homes if they cannot make their way to the Ravensgate Bridge Quarantine checkpoint. Help is coming."

The message repeats. Had it come from the Government? Umbrella Corporation? Nobody knew.

It's the evening of Saturday, March 22nd. Where were you when the Outbreak officially began?

Note: Players are free to pose being wherever they are. I will try to address each person individually. If you are logically, trying to escape. It's probably best to be on the way to the Ravensgate Bridge. Otherwise, go nuts. Head where you want, this is your story.
Prestige William Caldwell Sitting in the Raccoon City Police Department, gearing himself up in full STARS attire, along with some of his own high-tech tools to survive, was the giant officer known as William Caldwell. He had already known the outbreak was coming ages ago, weeks ago even. Months? It was hard to remember, the days passed by in a blur as the infected were more and more each day and becoming biten was seeming like more and more of a possibility, hell he almost shot a man for being bit the other day. Thankfully he didn't go through with it but he was now fully armed with his Samurai Edge and body armor, hopefully it would be enough to get him through this hell hole of a city in time. He wasn't escaping, no. He was fully prepared to stand guard in the city and protect his friends and family, his family having already escaped without him after a heartbreaking goodbye. William stands guard at the PD and waits for any infected which may foolishly enter, hopefully with some backup on his side as well.
Trixie Officer Trixie Mackenzie stifles her third yawn in a row as she lingers in the squad room of the RPD station house, idly listening to someone's AM/FM radio on a nearby desk. Like many on the police force, she didn't bother with going home tonight, packing in some spare clothes for a few days' stay if needed. The last few days have been exhausting, to say the least, for the RPD, and she knows the worst is yet to come.
The radio broadcast startles her out of her fugue. She looks at William with a sad little smile. "Guess it's official... we're on our own."
Hunni      Only hours before, Hunni had been doing one last 'check in' on the university. Instinct and concern however, had her heading back to the station and arriving only a few moments before the official message had come out. Now? The asian sniper was currently checking her own gear one last time. That which she could get her hands on anyway. Tightening the straps of her body armor one last time she draws her own Samurai edge and checks the magazine before pressing it back in place and chambering a round. Keeping the pistol in hand she looks over what other STARS officers are gathered, but her eyes keep darting back towards the direction of the armory before she answers Trixie. "It would appear so. It's only going to get worse, very quickly."

     Hunori Izumiya, ever the optimist!
Jack Roark As the situation in Raccoon City began to deteriorate, it became increasingly difficult for one enterprising local entrepreneur to maintain the claim of 'best bar experience in the galaxy'. Will, the lovable off-screen fry-cook, had fled the city some days prior, leaving Jack to hold down Jack's Bar all on his own. The barowner has stubbornly kept the doors open, maintaining the 3:00 to 3:00 hours and keeping a shotgun pointed at the door. Now with the 'evacuate and/or quarantine' message playing on repeat, he's doing what any sensible businessman would do; he's opened the doors, put out a sign reading 'Free Booze', locked all other doors and exits, and moved to the roof, where he's puffing a cigarette, with a particularly mean-looking sniper rifle poking over the edge of the building. "We ain't shuttin' down the bar, dammit," he mutters to himself, grabbing his sack of raw fries and dragging it over to himself, shoving a few of the limp, un-fried fries into his mouth and munching dejectedly, peering down into the street through his rose-tinged sunglasses.
Ares Buchanan Ares Buchanan is, if nothing else, a very paranoid man. When things started getting bad he packed an old set of armor into the back hatch of his Mercury Capri. And that's how he ended up standing in the snow wearing nothing but boxer-briefs and a smile, trying to get plates strapped into place. A story to tell his grandchildren, if he lives to see that.

         "Help is on tha way my ass."

It's clear he has some idea of what to expect, but then again, his exposed flesh is covered in scars. Bullet wounds, slashes, and burns decorate from his navel to his neck.

         "I prolly shoulda left town ah week ago."
Cecily      Seems there's more than a few RPD officers about, and not leading the evacuation. Cecily is playing Quartermaster still, ensuring all weapons are checked out properly and everyone is armed for what could be worse than riots. "Seems we're hunkering down, then..." the woman sighs, looking at her paperwork. She's got her standard-issue Glock on her hip, of course, but she twirls her pencil in her hand before standing up, moving to her own personal lockup and fiddling with her keys. Seems the station isn't entirely a ghost town, at the least.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov is always one for a good view and gathering more and more information. Thus, it is perhaps unsuprising that he is standing across from the police station on the roof, watching quietly, breathing into his hands to gather warmth, his eyes shifting to follow the odd shape or two that might make their way up and down the street. The last few days had made him intensley aware that something was going wrong.. of course and the quarntine was only an official stamp of approval of what everyone else had already recongized.

Things had gotten bad..

And thus, the people most likley prepared to deal with the crisis outside of private corporate interest was of course the Police and any crack soldiers they might be hiding in there. Thus, get a sense of what their response will be, and he'll know how bad things really are! A perfect plan, probably.
Markus Berger For some inconceivalbe reason, mainly an attempt to swiftly collect all the files he created in the previous week from his office, Markus was once again in the hospital. Of course only for a very brief visit which he is allready cutting short to get out again as the broadcast hearable in the city is a official sign of doom to his ears. Its what weeks of paranoia do to you, especially if you are right.
Yoko Suzuki Yoko was in her dorm when everything went down. She realized what had happened, and to make matters worse, she couldn't reach Claire at all. Realizing that her only option was to run, Yoko quickly grabbed her knapsack and tightened the laces on her sneakers before exiting via a rear entrance to her dormitory in hopes of avoiding drawing any possible unwanted attention. As she made her way across campus, she found the security booth by the entrance was empty, save for a hand gun that was most likely used by the now-absent security guard, and she decided to take it with her, along with the extra clip there. She had been to a firing range before, but now she was going to get real training.

As Yoko walks down the main street of Raccoon, she tries to keep moving while looking around nervously. She doesn't want to risk being caught by the police for violating curfew... or something worse...
Silent Night Archene was on his way towards the Hospital. He had a mission, of an actually official kind, to extract Doctor Berger safely. He was wearing he was wearing his combat suit, helmet included, it was something that wouldn't be 'too much' the moment the city became fully quarantined. Beyond the suit he only had haste on his feet, and his usual combat equipment. Given the small incident he recently saw, this was probably at what the Doctor would consider 'the worst possible situation' or at least, close enough.

He has been taking smaller streets to get to the hospital as quickly as possible while avoiding the mainstreets, where he would expect any amoung of chaos to start... soon enough.
Kitten Outside Jack's Bar

The electronics store across the street from Jack's bar is being looted by a group of men, all of them wearing business suits and not fitting the typical profile of a looter; but situations of nightmare could induce madness in even the most orderly of men.

Most of the streets are packed with derelict or crashed cars, the accidents that had begun occurring today making travel by vehicle difficult at best.

A group of men and women were walking from car to car checking for supplies and sometimes? Shooting a round off at presumably someone who might have been alive in one of the vehicles.

They seem to have spotted Yoko and a few of them begin to head in her direction, one man calling out, "Hey Sweet Thang, it's a little late to be out tonight."

From his perch Jack can see everything.
Kitten Outside the Raccoon City Police Station

Andrei can see that a large group of civilians are making their way to the Police Station, assuming it to be the safest place in the current crisis. Some among the group of roughly fifty or so are injured, and some are even armed.

As they get closer he realizes most of them are city workers, transportation workers in fact who are mostly still wearing their bus driver, or subway driver/staff uniforms.

Most of the police cars outside the station are long gone.

Inside the Raccoon City Police Station.

At least half the officers in the city have deserted their posts and word is the other precincts have all but been emptied of Officers and Equipment. For some reason, Chief Brian Irons had refused to let any of the remaining officers gain access to the armories. He had insisted the situation was under control.

Nobody had seen him since then, the man had locked himself in his office while he gave orders.

Running inside with a frantic look, a young officer called out to the group of assembled officers, "There's a huge crowd approaching the station. What are we supposed to do?!"
Prestige William Caldwell Looking up to the remaining group of STARS members who were crazy enough to stay behind, William smiles at them all, giving them each a small mock salute "Gonna be a bit of a wild ride surviving out here, gals. Let's just pray we all make it out in one piece, yeah?" he says, gathering what little ammunition he had availible to him, it should be enough to last a few nights of infected slaying. He'd of course, save one bullet for himself if the situation arised. But he was taking as many of those bastards down with him as possible, and he CERTAINLY wasn't going to become one of them. "Any ideas what to do now? We're in a police station with little food and water, but plenty of guns and ammo. Guess we're kind of screwed if we need to eat, but hey. At least we can take plenty of the infected down with us, yeah?" he looks over to the young officer and swears under his breath "Irons has lost his marbles and we don't have anyone around who's able to take charge, ideas folks. We need ideas, they're either going to swarm and shoot us or are just looking for a safe place to stay. I'm not keen on gunning down civilians unless they mean us harm but..jesus this is going to hell very fast."
Yoko Suzuki A young woman like Yoko is more than likely to attract the wrong kind of attention. But in a situation like this, it's made even worse. To top that off, Yoko is too nervous to even think about going for her gun in a situation like this. She just wants to get away to someplace safe, if such a thing even exists still. As the person calls out to her, obviously with ill intentions in mind, Yoko goes wide-eyed for a moment before shaking her head.

"No, please, just leave me alone!" Yoko manages to get out as she begins to back away slowly. She looks behind her briefly, noticing that there's an alleyway nearby, but what's to say there might be more people like that there? She suddenly trips over something and stumbles backwards, before she turns and drops to the ground as if going along with the fall, and begins to scamper away a little before getting back onto her feet. She looks around nervously, trying to figure out which way to go.
Hunni      Slinging her rifle over her shoulders, complete with its little cartoon bee drawn on the stock Hunni gives Cecily her best attempt at a less-grim smile while the Quarter master goes flitting by, then it's all business as she looks back to William. "If they're desperate enough, shooting at them may not slow them down. People are scared and rightly so, but letting them in to take whatever they want is going to result in more chaos and death." Folding her hands to clasp them together resting on her rifle's scope she doesn't seem to have an answer for the crowd. She wasn't an officer in charge after all.

     "I can get up on the roof, see what I can see, but this many gathered is going to draw the infected out. They'll be a lot harder to take out if they're mixed with civillians...and it'll be a blood bath."
Trixie "Plenty of guns and ammo we can't get to," Trixie replies grimly, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "There's maybe a dozen of us in here. All we can do is try to talk to them. I think there's a bullhorn in O'Grady's desk." She moves to look for it. "Roof's a good idea, Hunni. We all might want to get on the roof or find an upstairs window where we can talk to them. Ground floor invites a mob rush, and the fields of fire are better up high, just in case they decide to try to take this place. Did anyone think to close the automatic gates up front?" The last is called to the room in general. With the vehicles all gone, it's not like anyone's going out of here that way.
Kitten Outside the Truck Stop

The Motel has been relatively quiet, the gas station near-by had been empty for days and there were little supplies to be found in the area. Rumor had it a few of the patrons of the Motel had locked themselves in their rooms and the sound of gunfire could be heard in the distance.

Outside the near-by mechanic shop a big rig sat awaiting repairs.

Throughout the rest of the parking lot, the parked trucks and trailers could be hiding anything. Including supplies once people realized some of those trailers were full of goods, some perishable, some not.

A handful of people have gathered outside of the Waffle House and are smashing the windows to get inside. They all look younger, probably high school kids.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov will give an almost suprised look at the group of people that was making their way to the police station, and perhaps unsuprisingly, Andrei isn't exactly thrilled at the possibility of being seen. He'll crouch down then, and back off away from the edge of the building for the time being, letting the group get closer to the police station before risking popping his head out to watch them from afar. His eyes will narrow for a second or two as he looks the group over and his hand reachs up to rub inbetween his eyebrows, thumb pressed against his face before he sighs. "Lovley.. Lovley this, now.. where did I put my pen?"

He'll slide a writing instrument then out of his dress shirt pocket, and a small little notebook along with it where he will begin recording whatever he could recall about the faces in the crowd.. after all, if they survive they might be useful to know about.. and if they die, well? Hey, a victim list isn't a bad idea right? Of course it also puts him well positioned in actually recording what events are going on
Ares Buchanan "Of all the days I don't bring my fuckin' gun to work." Ares grumbles, strapping the last bits in place. Once the gas mask is tugged down in place he creeps back in the back door he'd left propped open and begins making a mental note of what's available to him.

Forks, saucers, coffee mugs, a cash register, and a row of stools.

         "It's Mandarin County all over again."
Cecily      "I'd rather -not- open fire on civilians either, but there's nothing for them in here, either... we lock the place up and hit the roof? At the least it'd put us in view of a helicopter..." Cecily smiles, lopsided. Sure she's got her sidearm, but she twirls her key. "At least I've still got something old Irons didn't keep under his own lock and key. Let's only use it as a last resort, though, mm?" The ravenette best known for talking to guns and watching anime during her off-time comes back to the gathering of officers with a black rifle case. "This one's from my personal collection," she states with a smile.

     And with her keys, she opens it up, pulling out a black G36 with an elongated barrel, clearly a special acquisition. No extended beta-C magazine with it, though. "So that's my MG36 and Glock... what else is everyone packing that we actually have access to..?"
Trixie "Just my Edge and Caroline, here," Trixie replies, lightly patting her ancient hip holster and its magnum cargo. "Not a lot of variety, but they don't miss." She smirks at the sight of the G36. "You /do/ come prepared."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell points down to his holster "Got a decent Samurai Edge, not much but i'll keep me going. Also scrounged up as many bullets as I could when I found out it was all going to hell. I'm ready to go." he gets up out of his seat and starts heading up to the roof, withdrawing his pistol and keeping it at the ready, motioning for his teammates to follow him. "Keep the doors locked, we'll talk to them and see what they want exactly. If they open fire they're going to draw the infected and that'll fuck the lot of us over."
Jack Roark Up on the rooftop, Jack can indeed see everything. The looting in the electronics or whatever shop across the street doesn't bother him too much, because Old Lady who runs that place didn't approve of him opening a bar next door. But the rowdy fellows a little too interested in Yoko draw his attention, and he carefully sights in on the vocal one while she's stumbling and scurrying, puffing on his cigarette and nudging his bag of french fries aside. "She might be a good patron someday," he mutters to himself, starting to mumble to himself in tune. "shot dooooown in a blaaaze of glory - 'cept this is more ignominious than anything, poor bastard." Oh, that's funny. A light chuckle ripples out of Jack's chest. Lining up the shot quickly, he pulls the trigger and *BOOM*. "Goin' doooown but know the truth... somethin' somethin' never drew first but I drew first blood..." Looks like Yoko is saved from at least Mr. Mouthy. Maybe that will scare his buddies away.
Claire Redfield Claire was making her way, slowly, back from a scavenging run which brings her back along Jack's bar which is nearby to one of her safe areas set up for collecting food-stuffs. She spies the gathered mass of individuals and their intended target, Yoko, and frowns a little as she reaches into her jacket to pull out the very big magnum now hanging from her hand. "Hey!" She shouts, raising the pistol up to point in their general direction. "Back the fuck off... She's with me."

She walks cautiously, side stepping so that she never points more than a small portion of her back in the groups direction. The Magnum hangs dangerous...

Then there's shooting and she's ducking behind anything that'll provide her cover! "What the fuck! Get down!" Shouting at Yoko, waving for the other to come join her.
Kitten Outside the Hospital

The situation is fucked. The Hospital was Ground Zero.

Archene luckily notices the large group of obvious 'zombies' gathered outside of the hospital many of them shuffling to and from the interior.

It looked like the whole place had gone to hell quicker then most of the city.

There are at least 20 zombies blocking Archene's path. There are vehicles he could get on top of near-by that lead almost to the front door. He could engage, search for another way in, or try to sneak by.

Inside the Hospital

Markus as always had been cautious enough to avoid the major danger when everyone started dying inside the hospital. It happened so quickly all he managed to do was lock himself in one of the doctor's offices.

The doctor however happened to be Doctor Isaacs, one of Umbrella's top researchers and the head of their weapons division who had been conducting unknown research at the hospital.

Nothing was trying to kill him or get inside of the room, so he had a good chance to search for some info.
Kitten Outside Jack's Bar

The shot of the sniper rifle rings out loudly in the evening, heard across the city streets. The bullet impacts straight into the forehead of the young man who had been approaching Yoko causing his entire gang to turn and bolt in the other direction.

The businessmen who were looting the electronics store? Most of them are running off with computers and televisions to avoid being shot themselves!
Hunni      "My samurai edge and my rifle," Hunni nods, patting both weapons in turn. All she has, she's currently wearing it seems. Moving for the roof, she nods in agreement at talk of locking the automated gates and already flicks her lens cover off her scope, taking a deep breath to focus herself and try not to think about the worst case scenario that could come out of all of this. Strangest of all, she reaches up, absently checking the pins that keep her hair back in place. A habbit, but at the same time one doesn't want it falling in front of their eyes while aiming, do they?

     Once they get to the roof she'll move to the side and prepare. Overwatching, she'll let someone else do the talking.
Markus Berger Of course the whole plan to just head into the hospital, get what he could and then get out again had some problems. Mainly the sudden shift from rather apocalyptic to defintitely apocalyptic as he only barely managed to lock himself into an office... which he was now subtly ransacking for any informations, both in written form and perhaps data if he gets his hands on a PC. Fortunately he came prepared... for most things. Except the zombies.
Yoko Suzuki The moment the gunfire rings out, Yoko immediately spins around and scampers away once again, this time scampering towards the sound of the familiar voice she recognizes as that of Claire. She continues scampering away until she finds Claire, having followed the sound of her voice. Once she finds her friend, the emotional barrier breaks between Yoko and her tear ducts.

Reacting quickly, Yoko reaches for her friend with outstretched arms, beginning to cry as the tears break through the barriers in her eyes. "Claire... it's happened... the city... we... we have to help them, but how?" She manages to get out in between her sobbing. She hasn't cried like this since the news of her roommate's death, but now she has even greater reason to cry. Hopefully Claire will console her and offer support.
Kitten Outside the RPD Station

Andrei is well hidden, nobody was likely to see him in his position even if they were directly looking for him and were aware he was there. He can see that about 10 of the individuals below are armed with firearms, and about 20 more upon closer inspection have procured construction equipment.

As the officers make their way to the roof they can see the crowd of fifty or so outside of the station as two officers below try to keep the peace.

"Let us in now!" A man holding a jack hammer in two hands screamed as he walked towards the officers and the front door.

One of the officers drew his gun and called out in a panic, "I can't! Chief's orders, you all need to go."
Claire Redfield Claire peeks up over the trunk of the car with one hand laid against it and the other white knuckle gripping her revolver. Once Yoko has joined her and starts going immediately into a mental breakdown, the hacker stares at her and blows a few bangs out of her face with a puff of air, "No... No, stop that right now..." She points and moves her hand from the trunk to Yoko's shoulder, "Keep it together.. We have to get off the street, so I need you to do exactly what I say, when I say.. you do that and we'll be fine.." A smile for Yoko, "We've got this, you've got this. You ready?"
Silent Night Knowing he doesn't know what kind of resistance he would be able to find inside the hospital, it would do him no good to attempt to take down all of them zombies, now. It would in the least attract attention that he didn't need. The Doctor may have his escape route once he is found in the hospital, he reasoned to himself before attempting to sneak his way there... or at least, quietly jump from vehicle to vehicle until he managed to get to close enough to the front door to properly and quietly sneak in, hopefully, without any zombies on his tail.
Trixie "I'll try to see to that gate. Meet you on the roof," Trixie adds, slipping off toward the front, and the security controls there. "Maybe we can do some crowd control before this gets any uglier... limit the scale of the engagement, like they say." She vanishes through a door marked 'Security' and 'Utility Access'.
Kitten Waffle House

The windows to the interior of the waffle house smash open and about six teens begin shouting out to each other enthusiastically as they get inside.

"Bitch, make me some waffles."

"Mother fucker, just check the register."

"Shut the fuck up and stop making so much noise you morons."

The six men began to spread throughout the building as they looked for anything of value.
Jack Roark Up on his rooftop, Jack takes a long drag on his cigarette, tossing the butt down over the edge of the wall. Some people just want to watch the world burn. "Make the next fry-cook pick that up," he murmurs, apparently a big proponent of talking to yourself. "Booze ain't free for assholes! Not at Jack's Bar." Jack's Bar is not gonna be a thing much longer, but let him dream. Tipping the rifle forward, he peers through the scope, trying to draw a bead on Yoko and Claire, mostly Yoko, so that he can keep track of her and provide un-requested overwatch.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell makes it to the roof finally and looks over the mob of looters on the ground level. He murmurs to himself lightly, this was gonna end in infected blood and human blood on both sides. He wasn't too sure he was ready for this, these were people, scared people. But it was them or him and he sure as hell wasn't about to go down without a fight. "Get ready for a fight people." he calls out to his teammates. "Things are gonna start getting messy real soon i reckon. Don't shoot until fired upon. Once they fire, it's open season on these chucklefucks. Got it? Irons may have lost his marbles and left us to die, but I sure as hell am going down swinging." he chambers a round and takes cover behind whatevers availible, getting ready to open fire in a minutes notice.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's gaze will soon be on the roof as well. He'll have hidden himself behind the lip or ledge that surronds the outside of the building, and has hidden himself quite well, peering over it and ducking under at just the right time to keep himself hidden. He'll keep observing and watching as best he can though the crowd as well, all the while scribbling and trying to take notes.

Police scared. General sense of panic. Situation tense, 30 armed civilians. Chance of rioting high. Notes notes notes. Not at all predictive
Ares Buchanan Ares Buchanan brings his thumb around to crack his pointer finger. "Four, no, six. Maybe seven?" This wouldn't be the first time he's thrown down. Not even the second or third. But it'll be his first real fight in years. Retirement isn't great keeping your edge.

         The armored man steps back into the rack of cleaning supplies, not so much hiding as taking cover and waiting.
Cecily      "...this is escalating quickly... there's too many of them down there, they're making too much noise..." Cecily says as she peeks over the roof, frowning as she counts how many there are in the mob, at least, as best she can as she clutches her rifle close. "I'm not going to open up on on them... but those two down there might if thi gets any worse..." she says quietly, then looks over her shoulder. "Don't ask me to talk to them, I'm not good with people."
Hunni      Too quickly, too quickly for Hunni. With a sharp exhalation of breath she lowers her rifle, dropping from her perch for a moment to sit instead with her back against the vent she'd been using for cover, breathing a little quicker and wiping her hand over her face. It's a hell of a strange sight to see the usually super-calm sniper quietly freaking out, but this is strange times. Her hand drops from her face to her chest for a moment, resting on her heart as she tries to calm herself down...she might need a moment. A moment they may not have.

     She'd trained for many things, but potentially gunning down entire crowds of civillians isn't one of them, especially when her scope means she has to -see- everyone she kills.
Kitten Outside Jack's Bar

The streets are fairly quiet for a few minutes until that silence is broken by rapidly approaching armored vehicles. National Guard APCs by the looks of it. They drive straight through the downtown area, pushing aside cars in their path and heading towards the hospital.

If they notice Claire and Yoko they don't stop or show any sign they do. They were on a mission.
Kitten Outside the Hospital

Archene is the Spanish equivalent of Batman for all of two minutes. He makes it half-way to the hospital before the sound of his boots upon the top of a car create some noticeable sound.

The zombies in the area hear the noise.

Within a handful of seconds the group of them he was sneaking through are intimately aware of him and trying to get at him. He was safe on top of the car but he was also trapped.

Inside the Hospital

Markus proves himself to be the greatest double-agent/hacker that Umbrella could have hired and shouldn't have hired. He manages to get into Doctor Isaacs computer and finds out that he was conducting T-Virus research right here in the hospital.

He finds the access codes to a lab in the basement of the hospital where an experiment called Project: Alice was being conducted.
Yoko Suzuki At first, Yoko doesn't want to calm down, but then she hear's Claire's gentle voice, and she sees her smiling. Somehow, Claire's smile manages to ease Yoko a little, and she smiles a little as well. "All right, we've got this, I've got this. I'll let you lead, OK? I know we can do this." She seems a bit calmer now that she's found her old friend. "Let's get going!"
Kitten Inside the Waffle House

The group of teens don't seem to notice Ares and go about ransacking the register and taking whatever they can carry before heading back towards the broken window they came through.
Ares Buchanan "Ah-choo!" Ares sneezes, jerking back and slamming the top of his head into a rack of pans. So much for quiet. And so much for being able to see. He tugs the mask off to try and quickly clean it out. "Fuckin' allergies." This is probably why we can't have nice things.
Claire Redfield "Alright good..." Claire moves her hand off Yoko's shoulder, still crouched behind the car while she looks up and down the street until she feels the rumbling of APCs and turns to watch the National Guard roll by pushing anything in their way out of it. It's by luck alone their little space isn't run over or worse...

"Huh... Well, we can head north after the National Guard." She says quietly, though ''north'' is pretty vague, there's a number of important locations in that direction. "Doubt we'll be able to keep up, though..."

Part of her wants to baton down the hatches and baracade up in a safe location until morning, but she thinks the better of that. "We just have to keep moving. Come on." She reaches out to grab Yoko's hand, counts to four, then sprints acorss the street towards Jack's bar.
Kitten Outside the RPD Station

The man with the jackhammer continues to advance and one of the officers outside runs inside and locks the door, "Fuck this." He mutters under his breath leaving his wide-eyed partner behind to deal with JackHammer, "Get out of my way kid." The man says as he advances, a mob of 50 at his back.

The young police officer tries to pull the trigger but instead turns and runs away, trying to get away from the police station and the mob as JackHammer advances on the locked door and activates the construction equipment he was holding and begins to unlock the door in his own way.

They were going to swarm the entire station, it may have been too late to stop them.
Kitten Inside the Waffle House

The group of teens hear Ares but rather than try to pick a fight with a random person they all scramble and run away, heading back to wherever they had come from. If Ares was looking for people to pick a fight with him, it wasn't looking like it was going to happen.
Silent Night It is clear that there is only one thing left for Archene to do once he is rather surrounded by zombies. The 6'11" Umbrella operative in nice armor does a small dash from the edge of the car, rolling on the ground where he lands. He doesn't give another glance to the zombies that are certainly running after him. The seems to jump and roll forward for no reason at all one time, but an observer should be able to see him clearly avoiding the grasps of the tiny horde that stalks him.

Once he is able to get into the hospital, he keeps running, because the zombies won't stop. He only has to lose them somewhere now.
Markus Berger Markus swiftly does what he likes to do the most, namely stealing available data by making some copies of them... before calling Archene via radio. "Night, where are you? I'm in Doctor Isaacs office and heading to the basement. There is another lab there. Nearly neckdeep in zombies any moment though." Of course, with that said its time quietly head out to get there.
Cecily      Cecily sees her better half (or better shooting half) hunker down and start to panic. She moves to Hunni's side, giving her a firm squeeze on the shoulder. Just in time to hear the doors get slammed shut down below and someone getting ready to break in. " long as nobody opens fire, maybe it'll be fine. They'll have shelter, and at the least, you think that heavy gear can crack the armory open?" she sighs, "...though we're trapped up here unless we can get to the fire escape."
Ares Buchanan Ares Buchanan slips his mask back on and waits a few moments, and when nobody comes, he breathes a sigh of relief. "Alright, what now?" he wonders, wandering out to check out the the front of the restaurant. "Guess I should try to get out of here." With no option but to move forward, he hops out the busted window and starts off in the direction of the bridge.
Hunni      Maybe it's the yelling, the sound of the jackhammer or the immediate threat of everyone overwhelming the station. Whatever it might be, Hunni's on her feet in a sudden moment, rolling over and lifting her rifle, she fires a single shot almost instinctively, the round slamming into the Jackhammer itself. Right as Cecily adivises her not to shoot. Hunni's never been in a 'panic' in her life, but fate picked a really inconvenient time to start. "Back off!" she yells, the jackhammer itself blown apart by the heavy round.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell raises his pistol and keeps a firm aim on the man with the jackhammer, when he sees Hunni destroy the jackhammer he breaths a sigh of relief and slowly lowers his weapon, taking cover again. There might not be a bloodbath on their side after all, but for certain the infected heard the noise the drill was making, if there were any infected around that is. Surely there was, which is what spured him to be scared in the first place. "Hunni, keep an eye on any other people with items they can use to break in, if shit starts going sour we may need to do a little more then destroy their tools. The infected are more than likely already swarming us. Just make sure the guys in the PD keep quiet and we should be fine. Cecily, can you go tell the guys downstairs if they keep quiet and don't fire if they can help it we may make it all out of this alive?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov will continue to scribble, taking careful record of every little thing. Who has guns, what people are wearing. Who took the 'first shot' so to speak and more. All of this relevant and important information slowly gathered together and more as he looks up and peeks hs head over to look about
Jack Roark Up on top of the roof, Jack sees Claire and Yoko running towards- well, they're after the free booze! "Alright, good." He keeps scanning the street in the wake of the National Guard's little convoy rolls through, sunglassed eyes looking to and fro. He's considering pulling the rifle down and going below to check on his 'customers,' but he decides to wait a little longer to see if anyone else is going to make trouble his Arbiter can solve first.
Kitten Outside the RPD Station

Hunni's shot despite her current panic manages to disable the Jackhammer but unfortunately not before the doors are cracked open. JackHammer looks up towards the roof where he had been shot from and cries out, "They're trying to kill us, get them!"

A group of the 'rioters' aka former city workers began to storm the police station while a handful with hunting rifles began taking pot-shots at the roof not sure exactly where the group of RPD Officers was.

The Precinct was about to fall along with the armory...
Kitten The Hospital

Markus is able to get the data downloaded and is still safe inside of the office. Like Andrei, he is little more than a fly on the wall at the moment; unseen and unnoticed.

Archene on the other hand? He has at least twenty T-Type Zombies chasing him and when he bursts into the hospital like the action hero he dreamt of being he found himself faced with more undead.

They were everywhere. They were slower than him though, but they were following and growing in number. He had his own mini-horde on his heels as he ducked and weaved.
Cecily      Cecily's attempt to calm Hunni makes her wince, but it's the truth. She nods to William as he tells her to head back downstairs, and she doesn't need to be told twice. Lugging the MG in her arms she hurries to rally the other police officers about to be mobbed. "Get up to the roof, I'll cover your retreat. We'll..." she trains her rifle on the lobby and the open front doors. "..I'll... oh bloody hell..." she stares down the sights of the loaded light suppression weapon. "...I'm going to be a butcher..." she says quietly, eyes wide behind her glasses. "Lay down your arms and back off or I WILL open fire!" she calls out in desperation, trembling finger resting parallel to the trigger.
Markus Berger Since Markus is having a bad feeling about staying where he is any further he does what he knows he will likely regret. Namely trying to quietly get to the lab in the basement he read about, while hoping Archene was going to be off any help once he arrives. As unlikely as that might be considering certain unknown circumstances that are currently happening.
Claire Redfield Claire pushes into the building offering free beverages and motions for Yoko to go find some quiet place, "Go hide... I'll come back and get you as soon as I've got a car and a place to retreat." She promises with a little smile.

She lays her magnum down on the bartop and smooths back her hair with both hands, then slides fingers through it, and rolls her shoulder. When she's not loosened up enough, she takes a shot and almost coughs up a lung from the burn.. "Alright.." Telling herself, grabbing her revolver, and starting back towards the door, unaware that Jack is up on the roof with his rifle, there's plenty of people out in the streets that need her help finding safehaven and now Jack has offered up his beverage establishment as a place to bring them.
Yoko Suzuki Yoko gets inside and breathes a sigh of relief at the familiar territory. "I've been here before, so hopefully I can rest here and maybe eat something while I'm here." She's not a heavy drinker, but knows Jack's bar has soda as well as liquor. "Be careful, Claire. OK? I know you can do this, but we don't know what's out there. Look after yourself, I don't want anything to happen to you!" With that, Yoko goes into the back of the bar, trying to find a safe place to hide, like a closet or something.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell watches in horror as the rioters begin to well..riot. They're swarming the building and Caldwell quickly looks for a way out of here, he wasn't ready to die just to save Irons ass who hasn't so much as left his office. He calls out to Hunni "We need to grab Cecily and get the fuck out of here!" he yells to the female sniper of STARS. He didn't have much time, had to act fast and grab as many of the cops as possible "Have the boys in blue come with us! We need to save as many non-crazed people as we can. Fuck this is bad!"
Hunni      Had she triggered the fight, or was it about to happen anyway? Hard to say, but people were scared regardless. Still, she had orders and that gave her comfort. Unfortunately, the doors simply weren't enough to hold against the crowd and her own fear-driven shot had come too late. Whincing, she looks over at Cecily and then back to the William and trixie. "There are people in there, our people who might get hurt by the crowd. What do we do?" Yep, William was being treated as commanding officer up here. A glance is given back towards the door behind them. No way to be certain they'd just take the weapons and go, they could very well storm up here.

     A hunting rifle shot hitting the vent she'd been using for cover makes her whince and Hunni grits her teeth. "Drop them or we drop you, last warning!" It was probably a forgone conclusion, but it was still a warning she needed to give for her own concience. Then Caldwall comes up with his answer and she nods, begining to fall back.
Silent Night "Doctor Berger, it seems that I've found a small horde of minor problems, I will avoid heading directly to yourself, if there are any working elevators down to the basement, let me know. I will need a good way to separate myself from these pesky things." Archene quickly speaks in the radio, speeding through the halls, avoiding any zombie that may be ahead of him attempting to lose them in the hospital's halls hoping to thin their numbers, his eyes keen on his surrounding in case he finds anything he may tip over into the hall to make it harder for zombies to chase him, "Markus, your current location?"
Kitten The RPD Station

Those up on the roof have their answer as shots are fired at the very officers trying to negotiate with the people down below. When they don't hit their targets they fire off another set of warning shots, only four men staying outside while the rest of the looters swarmed the station.

Thanks to the warmings there are many officers who manage to escape but the interior of the police station quickly becomes a slaughter.

There are several ways off the roof, but the four men below were determined to continue shooting at you making it a risky prospect.
Kitten Outside Jack's Bar

Claire is able to get Yoko safely inside.

Unfortunately when she gets back outside, there are things waiting for her. Angry. Hungry. Things.
Prestige William Caldwell William looks at his companions and gives them a mock salute "Meet you at the bottom." and with that he begins to use the fire escape as monkey bars, dropping down one set then grabbing onto the next, possibly fucking up a leg or an arm while jumping down the area.
Claire Redfield Claire collects herself and then collects her revolver from the bartop. Once she's tied her hair back, she makes her way towards the exit at a slow pace, leaning against the wall to gaze out into the street before she clears around the corner out into the street and onto the sidewalk.
Kitten Inside the Hospital

Markus has managed to sneak his way through the corridors towards the hidden laboratory which he reaches while Archene is still dealing with his own problems. There is nobody, living or dead in the area and the lab looks like it has been trashed.

There is a single examination table and a large number of tubes and wires that lead to it along with some blood in the area.

Whatever the experiment was, it had broken loose. Based on what he had read, it was an extremely dangerous experiment. Not the kind you wanted loose and unaccounted for.


Archene's luck runs out during his chase and he finds himself at the elevators but there is no power to them. The doors are closed and he has few options left on where to run. There were close to fifty undead closing in on him.

Every hallway had zombies coming towards him, it was like every single one in the hospital was heading for him.
Hunni      "The doors are gone," Hunni says to Cecily, clapping her on the shoulder and gently tugging her towards the ladder William had gleefully dropped down "This place can't be secured anymore, it's just a big box of bait for the infected." Making sure the Quartermaster is following, she'll begin her decent.

     Her own climb? It's a little more traditional and cautious. A broken leg in Racoon city sounds like a -really- bad idea right now. Slinging her rifle over her back for the climb, the asian instead draws her pistol and keeps it grasped in her hand a while she makes her way down to the ground and covers her partner's own decent. Time for them to get away from the station...and to think she left her favorite coffee mug on her desk!
Kitten Outside Jack's Bar

Claire hears the sounds of growling as a trio of infected dogs walk out of the alley near her. They didn't hesitate. They didn't wave hello. The three animals just leapt towards the young woman with attack in mind!
Cecily      Cecily's ethics remain intact, which is something that pleases her greatly. No compromise, and she slings the heavy rifle over her shoulder, heading for the fire escape last. "Come on... we can get to my apartment, maybe... I've got more weapons and things there..." she says with a lopsided smile, giving Hunni's hand a squeeze and following. She winces at William's reckless descent, "...if we don't have to carry him."
Markus Berger Well, this was a disappointment for the good doctor/double-agent/triple-agent/agent/hacker. For the most part. Except for the part of not having had any runin with zombies so far... a fact that he is gratefull for as he begins to make his escape out of the hospital seeing how staying here any longer would gain him nothing. Preferably through enough subtlety and sneaking to not have zombies after him since so far it has worked. At least Archene gets a call before he makes his exit. "Get out. Now. We will meet elsewhere."
Prestige William Caldwell Williams final few drops result in a fall, him slamming onto the ground with a thud. He slowly groans and rises up onto his feet, rubbing his head. "God damn that hurt." he slowly stumbles towards Cecily and Hunni "I'm good, i'm good...I think I may be bleeding though, no time for that though, we gotta get the fuck out of here." he slowly begins to stumble after Cecily to hopefully stick close to her on her advance to the apartment
Jack Roark On the roof, Jack is busy. He's got a big sack of un-fried french fries and he's adjusting them, okay. It's not until Claire is about to be attacked by savage dogs that he peers over the rooftop again. "Shit," he mutters, grabbing for his rifle. "Shit," he mumbles, lining up the shot. *BOOM!* "Shit!" he exults, blowing the mutt away with the dreadful stroke of a .338 Lapua round to the head, sighting in on the next hound and *BOOM*. Another crumbled canine corpse in the street. "Shit," Jack breathes, pulling his sunglasses up to rub at his eyes.
Silent Night "I will be doing that as soon as I can, the enemy has grown in numbers. There are many outside, take care." Archene quickly replied through the radio before attempting to ply the door open, hoping it would be of any help, he even put all of his strength into it but it was of no use, it was far from being open enough... and the zombies were getting close. He quickly turned around, pulling his pistol at the zombies, pressing the trigger their way, hoping those bullets would slow the incoming ones enough for him to get through.
Claire Redfield Claire was going to do some fancy footwork to get out of this siutation after shoulder rolling out of the way of one dog... the other two explode right in front of her and make moot anything she would have otherwise done! She glances up at the roof where she heard the explosions of two shots and gives a shakey thumbs up... Then ducks back into the bar to calm her tits..

That was intense yo.
Kitten Outside the RPD Station.

The Station is over-run with looters, gunshots are heard from within as Cecily, William, and Hunni make their escapes. No doubt they all had their own places to get back to, people they cared about.

Andrei like the shadow he is? He's safe to make his ninja-like getaway.

Outside of Jack's Bar

Claire is saved from certain doom by Jack up on his sniper's perch and the night drifts into silence again. It turns out there was only two dogs, one of them just had a smaller dog sticking out of its stomach.

The Hospital

Markus Berger makes his escape just as he sees National Guard APCs rolling down the street. Yet again he had survived certain doom thanks to Archene's unwitting behavior, maybe Archene was his lucky charm?

Archene is able to take down two of the five zombies trying to eat him even as more swarm towards him. One of them manages to scratch his arm, his lack of armor causing him to take a nasty gash as he got the elevator shaft open and made his way to freedom.

Sometime later that night, outside the Ravensgate Bridge

At some point Ares makes his way to the bridge to find it has been blown up. The entire area is swarming with the infected. Raccoon City was sealed off from the outside world with no way out.
Jack Roark Chain-smoking Jack flicks the next butt over the edge of the roof, heading down to check on his two 'customers.' "Still in business!"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will take a bit longer to leave. He might try and get a good look at some of the looters around the city, and perhaps make sure to record some of the identyfing features of the police officers who actually made it out safley. Once he is satasfied with the composition of his notes, he'll finally turn then and make his escape, probably sliding down a fireescape off the back of the building and walking cheerfully off. He should probably get one of those guns! Things seem to be getting rather intense around here
Cecily      Cecily sighs quietly, "Why ever did you do that, anyway?" she asks William, looking him over. "I know a little bit of first aid, once we're safe I'll get a look at you... I thought the STARS were supposed to be the top of the line though... is attempting to jump down ladders a part of your training? This is a disaster scenario, you should try to be a little more careful.." she chastises him in an entirely motherly fashion, though she reaches her hand for Hunni's to give it a squeeze.
Prestige William Caldwell In a pained state of mind, both physically and mentally is one giant STARS officer. "Cause I thought it'd give the other guys a chance to escape faster. I know first aid too but I don't think I can operate on myself. God damn this hurts.." he rubs his head lightly and continues walking with the duo of ladies. "Figured I could make it, was wrong. Very wrong. At least it's not a broken leg, eh?"
Hunni      Hunni'll take the offered hand and return the squeeze, but she'll do it with her left hand while keeping her gun hand free. "We got lucky," Hunni says calmly, reassured if nothing else by the fact at least some of them could make it. "Lets get to the apartment, get our heads and our gear together, and then try and work out what the hell our next move is going to be." Sound plan, logical in her mind...but truth be told Hunni has no idea what their next step is, besides maybe a BIG cup of tea.