Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve A team of TerraSave Security and several doctors in scrubs stand in the entryway of the house, the security men arguing amongst themselves. Eve stands in the middle of the not-so-organized chaos, glancing back and forth at the groups arguing for different reasons. Instead of getting upset and yelling above them, she simply pulls out her phone and taps on it, hopefully summoning two people who can help her with this problem.

That having been done she moves to the arch near the living room and waits patiently.
James Scott Once James gets the message he sighs and starts putting his gear on. In no time an armored figure rises from the basement and moves into the foyer proper. A heavy fist slams into the wall, rattling it and alerting the arguing people to his presence.

Imposing might be a bit of an understatement, the broad figure stands above most of the gathered people and is dressed in a combination of clinking chainmail and black and red combat armor. Over his face is a helmet that resembles a skull with sharp teeth, curiously it only has a left eyehole.

This is Balor, the head of the security force. The man who made it out of Raccoon, fought through the catacombs, cut a path through the quarantine zone, and participated in numerous black ops missions around the world.
Eve Eve jumps slightly when the fist slams into the wall but she quickly composes herself and tries to look like she expected that to happen. She casts a sideways glance at the security men who go silent, turning to see what the commotion was about. They both stare, mouths open at the armored man in front of them and then turn to Eve with a "What the fuck is this?" look on their faces.

Eve gestures a slender hand towards the man in the entryway and announces. "That's your boss, if you want to argue about your assignments, you'll argue them with him." Turning to face James she says. "There is a team of people here installing cameras and a few other security devices, please make sure they are watched and that nothing remains behind that shouldn't be here."
Tabitha A knock at the door sounds before it's opened, Tabitha poking her head in. The tension in the air is almost palpable.. even to the point she blinks as if a wind had blown directly into her face. "Um.. hello?", she offes meekly.
James Scott "Sure thing." Balor reaches up and removes the helmet, revealing himself to be a grizzled teenager. That's right boys, your boss, James Scott, is a teenager. "You'll be serving under me. Any complaints will be issued to me, I'll try to work through them with you."

"Oh. I'm James, by the way. In the field you'll call me Balor. If you keep your eyes open and listen you'll survive South America. Probably."

When Tabitha enters he turns and nods in her direction. "Tabitha, it's good to see you again. Glad you could be here."
Eve Eve waves Tabitha in and gestures to the Doctors milling around, watching the security men get scared straight. "Tabitha, these Doctors are going to be working with you while we're in South America. You're in charge, let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance." She folds her hands behind her back. "Do you have anything that you need done before I oversee the things being delivered to the kitchen?"
Tabitha Tabitha nods, and clears her throat. She wishes she was wearing something more Doctory.. instead of a pair of jeans. She proceeds to introduce herself to the other Docs, getting names, backgrounds, areas of specialty and begins making mental notes of who does what best. She's got no idea what to do, so she just gathers information and will probably tap Eve's awesome organizational skills for advice later. She calls out to Eve "Is there Pizza? Or Booze?"
James Scott James is doing much the same as Tabitha, except one of the men who's hand he's shaking throws a sucker punch. Unfortunately for the man in question this results in his arm getting twisted and him being thrown flat of his back. James' good eye focuses on the man and he grunts. "Next time I'll break it. Don't fuck around and find out."

With the security team scared straight the teen moves over to Eve and Tabitha, though he keeps his eye on his men. "I've got some scotch and a little smoke. But we'd have to go to the room for that. If Eve doesn't mind me smokin' in there anyway."
Eve Eve glances up as her name is called, closing her laptop. "There is plenty of food in the kitchen, and drinks." She says, chuckling softly at Tabitha. She glances at James, frowns and shakes her head sharply, twice.
Tabitha Tabitha grumbles softly at the unspoken 'get it yourself' deferment, but she cant really blame Emma. Maybe they need a company cook.. either way, she blnks at James's offer, browse raising.. " that legal here?"
James Scott "Fuck if I know. But Eve says we can't smoke there, so I guess I'll have to on the balcony." James lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug. "I can't sleep without it. You know how the nightmares are." His attention moves back to the men working. "And pizza's just for now. I'll be cooking for the most part."
Eve Eve quirks a brow at the pair of them and after a few moments she murmurs, "Yes the balcony will do, attempt to not get arrested." She says, with a slightly prim tone. She gets to her feet, opens her phone and makes a phone call, stepping away from the pair to speak quietly to someone.
Tabitha Tabitha blinks with surprise. "I.. I forgot you cook", smirking a bit. "Could be because I've not tasted anything you've cooked yet.." a short pause "'re not putting that in the food ..are you?"
James Scott "I haven't actually cooked in a little bit. Been kinda busy." James admits. "But I'll cook for you, pot free. If I didn't have to go to such sketchy people down here I'd make more infused stuff." His attention moves to Eve as she walks away. "Not sure how we ended up roommates. Seem pretty different."
Tabitha Tabitha watches Eve, then glances over her shoulder at the assembled physicians. "I.. am gonna learn to hate this position, aren't I?" Fingers rake through her dark locks once again. "My stuff should be here soon if not already. I dont even want to know what it costs to ship books here." She looks back to James "Did all your stuff arrive okay?"
James Scott "Yeah, I showed up a little early. I had to fly back to handle some business though." James sighs and shakes his head, curls bouncing about. "I didn't have much though, just some clothes and my gear. Left all my books and whatnot in my penthouse."

"But yeah, management jobs will kill you from the inside." He looks back at his security team. "Feel like I'm forty-five instead of nineteen."
Tabitha Tabitha moves over and claims a spot on one of the couches, tucking her legs beneath her, shoes left abandonded on the floor. "Just.. how did you get this gig, so early? I was still struggling with freshman biology at nineteen and barely able to fix myself a ham sandwich"
James Scott "You wanna know?" James asks, turning his full attention back to Tabitha. "I was in college taking my core classes and selling drugs on the side. One day my brother Chad, his girlfriend Beth, and myself went to a party. Despite all the warnings on the news we cut through the mountains back to Raccoon City." The teen's fists clench as he remembers his first encounter with the infected.

"We hit a deer. It was infected, but we didn't know anything about the t-virus at the time. Turns out all the other animals were infected too. Everybody that got caught in that mountain pass died except for Chad and me. Several months later the outbreak happened. Almost everybody I knew at the time died. Afterwards I went to France and joined Umbrella. I was already infected before the Raccoon outbreak, so they did more experiments on me. Made me faster, stronger. Ended up a captain in the security services, but I jumped ship once Emma took over. And since we survived Raccoon together and I already have experience in the field she put me in charge."
Eve Eve walks back into the living room and dismisses everyone with sharp fluid Spanish. When the room is cleared, she props her hands on her hips. "We've all got quite a bit to do, so I suggest you both get some sleep." She glances back and forth between James and Tabitha. "Your beds have been delivered, and while I was out today I bought sheets, curtains and.." She gazes at Tabitha. "Blackout things?"

She turns towards the door again, making for the upstairs. "Good night, both of you."
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes widen. "that. that must have been horrible.", though she doesn't want to dredge up old memories if she doesn't have to. "they, treated you for the T-virus? or.. did other things to you?", her professional interest kicking in before she adds " dont have to talk about it if you dont want to"
James Scott "I'm not infected with the T-virus, I'm bonded with the alpha progenitor virus. Basically used to make super soldiers instead of zombies." James nods at Eve as she speaks. "I see in the dark, I hit harder than your average person, and I can handle getting shot a little bit more. Why I'm in the security position. I take it you stitched Emma up after we killed that licker, didn't you?"
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head. "No, not me. Someone else attended to her. Though, I'm not complaining, because I'd want her to get patched up as soon as possible. I didn't know it was a 'licker'.. not really seen one. And, i'm not in a hurry either." She eyes James, looking over him.. "You may not want to hear this.. but.. if you're healing that fast, you may have some telomere recovery.. You, well, may not age like the rest of us. There's a test that can be done.. but I'm not gonna jump in and go all mad scientist. I'm curious, but you have probably been poked enough by folks with interest in your condition already. I just wouldn't plan on going prematurely grey anytime soon."
James Scott "I don't heal too much faster, only about twice as fast. Usually Emma stitches me up, but she's been busy with TerraSave and those guys fawning over her." James gives his head a sharp shake. "Besides, the virus needs to be maintained or it'll burn itself out. May even kill me when it does. I just had another dose the other day, but I'm sure it'll be my last. I don't count on living but another year or two. If I make it that long."
Tabitha Tabitha sits up a bit. "Wait, What?", eyes widening.. She's seen folks faced with the near end of their life and to comment on it so casually is shocking. "Why do you say that? Surely something can be done." She seems ready to jump and start researching the matter this very moment.
James Scott "I've already died once." James admits to Tabitha, just as casually. "I was hit by a car, it wrapped me around a telephone pole. My organs were crushed. The virus put me back together, I woke up in a morgue." He chuckles, but there's no humor behind it. "I'm already living on borrowed time. I just want to live long enough to kill the man that murdered my Vivienne."
Tabitha Tabitha 's brows knit, a look of pain on her face.. "thats.. thats.. ".. pausing. how to tell someone you think their reason for living wrong. She doesn't say it, but it's written all over her face. "..Do you believe in fate? Or some higher power or energy or ...something.. ?" She nibbles her bottom lip.
James Scott "No." James answers simply. How could he after everything he's seen? "If it makes you feel any better, I'm not under any delusion I'm the good guy. But the man that killed my girlfriend had a hand in killing my father and he's one of Umbrella's founders. He's not a good guy either."
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes glisten as she listens. "YOu are a good guy. You're here. You're looking after Emma. Me. Eve.. You'd probably protect everyone in this building. You can't say you're not a good person. I don't think you'd have Emma's trust otherwise. You are more than a Revenaunt. You are still a person. An amazing one, certainly, but you still get angry. I've seen it. Anger comes from feeling things aren't how they should be. Thats Caring. That's not the mind of a vengenging undead brought back to life. Thats someone who has ideals. I think it's easier for you to think you dont care.".. she sorta blinks at that last comment, a bit worried she may have gone too far..
James Scott "If I was a good guy everyone wouldn't die. But, I'm gonna take Eve's advice and get some rest. Help if I fall asleep before she gets in there, especially since she won't have any privacy unless she got a partition." James scratches at his beard. "Feel free to come up and see us some time. I'm sure she won't mind."
Tabitha Tabitha seems to wince at that. "People die. Lots already have. Not fair to take all that on yourself".. taking a breath.. "We'll talk more later, I hope. Have you decided if i'm a bad buy plant or a mole or something yet?", a smirk curling her lips.
James Scott "Yeah, we'll talk more." James decides. Though she does get a grin out of him, "I'm not sure, I haven't finished checking you out yet." He shoots her a wink then turns to head out.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles and beams, rest a chin on her palm, leaning on the armest of the sofa. "Take care.", calling out a moment later after James. "I like my eggs Scrambled!!"
James Scott "I'll remember that." James calls back, armor clinking as he heads back down to the basement to change once again.