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Buck Rogers "So that fundraiser's happening at the resort?" Buck's words are punctuated by an electric crackle as blue needles dance along the razor edge of his sword. He looms in a corner of the basement gym, opposite a sparring dummy made in simple envy of the human form, more scarecrow than person-- Celeste sitting nearby as he goes through the motions of practice. "Well hell, I've been having a bitch of a time getting hold of Emma. You still work for them, right?" He's taken an admirable interest in the hobbies of his woman; it is clear he deeply respects their well-intentioned hippie labor in the wake of the FBC's shaming. "Just invite them to host it here. Resort's just a short drive up the road, and less guests to fuss over. Gives me an opportunity to grill her."

A crackle, a pop, and some eight million volts are discharged into the dummy, harmlessly dissipating. "Just give 'em a call."


The sun crests a hair's width past its zenith. It sets the beach afire-- white sands spread before green-tangled cliffs and glitter with a jeweled burn, gentle-lapped by the rhythmic pounding of the azure waters that offer the respite of cool swims and salty breezes. That blue spreads as far as the eye can see, with only the faint coast of South America seen, eventually, on the outermost reaches of the horizon. A table's been set up in the shade of a tree, partnered with a cooler full of ice and alcohol and soda and, for the health conscious, water. Buck's electric sword is wrapped up and set upon the table next to some bowls of fruit and other snacks.

The beach is fenced off, but Celeste volunteered to retrieve her friends when they arrived, and so the mostly-nude giant has taken to preparing things while he waits for her return.
Celeste Celeste smiles happily as she watches Buck practice and says "I do yeah... you know that. I mean when you found me and all... you figured it out right off the bat. And I do still work, just kinda sorta on leave ish but not. I just am not going in the field so desk work. And I can invite them!"

She calls up everyone and Terrasave and says "Hey, beach party at my place. Yes there will be alcohol and tasty food. Bring your bikinis and suncreen. Can someone please bring me the highest level they can find so I don't go lobster? Love you guys! See you soon! Kisses!"

Celeste is now only wearing her Terrasave Bikini and her Terrasave dress with a pair of flip flops when she went to go get her friends from the airport, leading them through the house to the beach as she says "And welcome to the wonderous beach. So... did anyone get me the spf?" Her gaze looking down at her milky white skin as she slips underneathe the giant black lace parasol upon the beach.
Eve Eve follows behind Celeste, a more modest swimsuit on her form. She reaches inside the beach bag that she has slung over her shoulder and pulls out some sunscreen, passing it to the pale woman. "I got a lot of it actually, you can keep that and I'll get some more to you." She says as she gazes at the sands and the water. "How are you feeling? Doing okay?" She asks Celeste as she spreads out a large white towel and settles down to sit.
Tabitha Tabitha follows behind, pulling out a bit of her own sunscreen. Not quite as potent as Eve's, but with extra UV protection, a bit of zinc oxide for her nose. She looks over her collection; aloa-vera gel for when she does get burned, zinc-oxide, and even some silvadine cream for really really bad burns. She still wears her jeans and leotard, ready to remove them with her bikini underneath. She's far too self-conscious to just stroll about half-naked.. She even brought.. of all things.. a Book.
Buck Rogers "Christ, I don't know a single one of them," Buck muses aloud as he waits for Celeste's return, digging his toes into the warm white sand. The brute looks at home on the beach, more than he ever did in Paris-- indeed, he hasn't seemed so comfortable since the apocalypse of Raccoon City. The bronze lustre of his flesh has darkened from days and days of sun, amplifying the way light plays off his skin and adding the illusion of greater definition to his form.. a form he's all too comfortable showing off, given the man's in little more than a thong. When you're rich and own a beach, why would you ever cover up?

He raps his knuckles on the textured top of the wooden table, leaning his leg against it. "I should have picked them up and had her set out refreshments.." His voice is all gravel and quiet complaint, silencing when he shrugs. "Eh, good enough." He hears Celeste's loud greeting up the path that leads to the house, shuffling out from beneath the shade of the tree and walking toward where she ought to be coming. "Hey, sweetheart," he calls, brightening with a broad grin. "About time. Welcome, ladies, to--" A pause, and he sees Emma's not there. He curses inwardly. "-- my little slice of Paradise."

Oh, he recognizes Tabitha. Phew.
Celeste Celeste pulls out of her terrasave dress to reveal her bikini and her still flat tummy, at least for now it is, but not much longer. She takes the sunscreen and begins to apply it onto her skin, in ample amounts as she says "The nausea is only bad sometimes. And I am achy but I will be alright. I am on desk work for a reason after all." She giggles not bothered by it, she can work out of the house after all with her pretty amazing laptop!!!! She reaches to grab Tabitha as she says "Come on and get comfy, we can just chit chat and such right?" Then she slips away to grab herself a bottle of cran-raspberry juice from the cooler as she asks "Anyone want anything?" Her hands grabbing a beer for Buck and bringing it over to him with a bright smile.
Eve It's hard not to spot someone like Buck when he's sitting in front of you, so it must have been concern for Celeste that kept Eve from looking past her co-worker to the person Celeste hands a beer to. After his booming introduction she sticks out her hand. "Eve Magnusson, it's nice to meet you." She says, a dimpled smile on her face. After the handshake she turnes towards the offer of a drink, shaking her head as she pulls out a slim bottle of water. "I brought some water, but I may take you up on that later, Celeste."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles and lets Celeste tug her. Tabitha steps out of her shoes, leaving them like footprints behind her. the heat begins to get to her after the chilly days in paris. A shiver washes over her as warm sand settles between her toes. "got any hard cider? Love hard cider." With the heat bearing down, she begins wiggling out of her clothes, shimmying out of her jeans before peeling off her leotard with a bit of care to keep her bikini in place. "I grew up at a beach.. not.. nice as this.. sucky beach.. and all the time I lived there only actually went near the water a handful of times.. Wish i'd brougth a kite.." Once free of her clothing and blushing a bit at just the wind caressing exposed skin, she replaces her normal glasses with large prescrition shades and proceeds to start tying up her hair.
Buck Rogers Buck takes the beer she offers with one hand and snags Celeste's wrist with the other. She's yanked toward him like a rag doll, little feet scuffing the sand, until all momentum arrests against the bulwark of his oversized form. "Gimme some sugar, sugar," he commands, leaning low-- so very low, given the almost two foot difference in their height, damn near bent horizontal at the hip-- to seize her mouth with a kiss and a bite of her lower lip. He's still got her trapped by the wrist as he does.. but in the end, the affection is revealed for the tragic betrayal it is, as he only sought a moment of vulnerability-- a moment of weakness to take that ice cold beverage, still slick with the frigid melting cooler-water, to drag down the nape of her pale neck and shoulders, sending streams of frost in terrible contrast to the heat down her flesh like rain.

He releases her with a booming laugh, hooking his teeth beneath the cap of the can and opening it with a twist of his wrist and a metallic pop. "Eve Magnusson," he says at last, rounding on the girl and taking her hand. There's strength enough to crush it, but he's always been delicate with the ladies. "Buck Rogers." A famous name, though more in the US than anywhere else. "If you girls don't like what's out, there's more up in the house-- I just snagged some refreshments. Might be some cider in there."

He turns at last to Tabitha. His expression's suddenly darker-- less the genial host, and more a wolf. It only follows, then, he whistles. "Hell of a cover up, doc. You're lettin' the men of Paris down."
Celeste Celeste nods at Eve's words and says "Alright." Giggles erupt from her lips as Buck yanks her like a rag doll and she tumbles to lean against him. As he bends down, her arms wrap around his shoulders as she kisses him, a squeak emitting from her lips at the bite on her bottom lip before another giggle escapes. As he drapes the cold beer on her she shivers and squirms as she teasingly whines "Buuuuccckkk, why did you do that." Her tongue then playfully stuck out before she is slipping away from her and heading back over to the cooler to grab the hard cider and offers it to Tabitha as she says "I do indeed." She ponders for a bit and asks Buck "Is there a kite in the house? It is a windy enough day to do it."
Eve Eve gazes up at the sky, her eyes squinting as she nods in agreement with Celeste. "It looks like a perfect day for a kite, honestly." She leans back on her towel, getting comfortable before her phone starts to buzz annoyingly. She picks it up, taps on it and frowns. "I guess Emma is feeling better, she's got work for me to do." She murmurs, pulling out a hat from her bag and stuffing it on her head so she has shade to text on her phone.
Tabitha Tabitha tugs a beach towel out of her bag and moves to set it out. she even pulls out four plastic tent spikes to anchor the towel so it doesn't blow away. She's beach-savy even if she isn't that fond of it. She takes the offered ale with a 'thanks' and moves over to setup next to Eve, pausing to take a deep sip.. and burps afterwards in a most relaxed and uncouthe manner.. "ahhhhh"
Buck Rogers Drinking cheap beer from a cooler, scratching the sweat from his bear-rug chest, and soaking in the sun and the breeze in nothing more than a black speedo, Buck's living the high life. "A kite?" He chews his lip in thought, the can half-upended into his mouth, a slow drip of the booze across his tongue helping him focus. "Uh, yeah, in the guest room, end of the hall. It's all full'a boxes I haven't unpacked yet. There's a legion'a toys and gizmos and things to set up between that and the basement. Got some nets for volleyball, a few surfboards, some of those fancy super soakers, archery targets, some free weights.." He rumbles off a list of things you'd expect an overly-athletic man in the Caribbean to list. "Speaking of Emma," he says now to Eve, sitting down atop the table and plucking a mango from a bowl, "figured she'd be here. Where's the girl scout's glorious leader?"
Celeste Celeste pouts as she asks to Eve "It is too pretty to work, at least for a few hours right? Or is she trying to make you do it like right now?" Then she flits to to at Tabitha, giggling as the burp erupts from Tabs. She then wanders back over to Buck as she murmurs "Oh I don't wannt dig through boxes, super sucky. And I think she is super busy preparing for things and all. And we aren't girl scouts hunny."
Eve Eve looks up at Celeste and then Buck as she stuffs the phone back into her bag. "She needs something from me now, actually. I am going to have to leave, and possibly come back when I'm finished." She gets to her feet and smiles at Buck while she pulls on her coverup. "Emma is packing in Paris and recovering from an attack a few evenings ago." She glances at Celeste again and then continues. "We've had some trouble recently, I hope it doesn't find you here, but I trust you're being vigilant."
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyebrows lift. "Recovering? is she okay?", standing from her towel. "did she get hurt _again_? sweet prolapsed kidneys.. What was it this time?" She tosses back a guzzle from her bottle. "Tell me she's not busted <belch> her stitches or injured her foot again.. "
Buck Rogers "Ain't a thing anyone's got to worry about here," Buck says, leveling his gaze at Eve over the drink. She's a busy one, that-- all work and no play. "Heh. I imagine she's got her hands full. Doesn't bode well when you piss off everyone of power and then burn the one sympathetic group that might care to help." His smile's wide and full of shark's teeth before he drains the rest of the beer and tosses the emptied can on the table where it rolls and settles with a rattling. "Well, nice to meet you, Eve. You go and enjoy yourself." His attention's slipped from her now, resting on Tabitha; the matter of Emma's well-being is insignificant to him. "Eh, don't worry about her, she'll be fine. How long you and Celeste been besties, doc?"
Celeste Celeste looks worried as Eve elaborates and says "I hope not either..." Her gaze then looks to Buck as she leans into him then her attention is on Tabitha as she asks all the questions that she is wondering before she has a chance to. Then she is back upon Buck as he says it is nothing for them to worry about that here. Her arms wrapping around once of his and clinging to it.
Eve Eve is finally packed up and she gives both of the hosts a shallow bow and a smile. "Thank you for your hospitality, it is greatly appreciated." She decides not to comment on the rest of what is said, it's company business, mostly. She kneels near Tabitha and tucks her water next to the doctor. "I'll call you Tab, the movers should have the things for your room tonight."
Tabitha Tabitha blinks as she watches eve take off. A buzzing sound from her bag is followed by an annoying little lilting tune. Tab moves over and fishes in her bag. "I met Celest at the office..", giving the pale little doll a warm smile and extending that to Buck. She retreives her phone, pulling up messages. "...I gotta go too.. It seems Emma has decided to be a work-a-holic via proxy.. I gotta go play organizer.. Docs Wouthout Borders are at the house and waiting for me to ", pausing.. "..confab, whatever the heck that is." She picks up her towel and ties it around her waist, wiggling arms into a TerraSave hoodie. "Celeste, Buck, I hate to leave so soon. I do hope we can do this later."
Celeste Celeste shrugs her shoulders as Eve leaves and comments "Oh well. Means more cider for you." She giggles and remains snuggled close to Buck. Though as they are getting pulled away, she furrows her brow and asks "Why am I not being asked in?"