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Natalya Natalya is sitting in a quiet corner of the pub, a bottle of tequila at her elbow and her feet up on the chair across from her. A large guitar case rests against her left leg and she watches a few people wander in and out of the pub.

Every so often she scoops a handful of nuts from a bowl near her bottle of tequila and cracks them with nimble fingers, scooping up the meaty bits from inside and eating them slowly. Two empty shotglasses sit on the table, a half cut lime and a knife are present as well.
Flynn Daylight shines through as the door opens, then closes. Stepping through the doors is a ginger bearded man with long, swept back hair. A few bangs dangle in front of his face, of which he blows to the side. Taking out a handkerchief, he dabs his neck lightly to remove the sweat and stuffs it away.

Flynn steps further inside making his way toward the bar. A hand goes up as he walks, flagging the bar tender and says in Spanish "A Corona shot of tequila and a plate of Empanadas please."
Natalya Natalya watches Flynn walk in and she glances reflexively at the piece of paper stuck inside her vest. She goes still, not moving very much as he makes his way to the bar and places his order. Her look is spectulative, her head canted, as she considers her options.

She decides to wait until he sees her first, summoning someone with a snap of her fingers might be seen as...rude.
Flynn Hands rest on the bar as he leans forward, onto them and slides down on the stool. Once settled, they fold near the surface edge as he leans forward. In Spanish, he asks "Who is winning today in Soccer?"

The bar tender looks to the back yells something in Spanish, a moment later a response and he looks to Flynn. In Spanish, he says "Brazil is beating Bolivia."

A shake of his head is given as Flynn sighs. "damn.." He mutters in English, then in Spanish "There goes my money." He replies chuckling before looking around the establishment. Eyes falling upon Natalya, a small smile is given before he looks back to the bartender as his Corona and tequila are set down.
Natalya There hasn't been many times in her short life that she's regretted her lack of a voice. This might count as one of five. She gets to her feet, glances down at herself, and takes a breath. She walks to the bar, leans against it and gives Flynn a slow nod. She gestures towards her table and offers a slight smile, trying not to pull at the scars on her face too much. She holds up her hands and carefully signs, 'Speak the language?' holding her breath as she awaits an answer.
Flynn Smiling to the barkeep, Flynn says "Thanks Roberto." in Spanish. Roberto nods, giving a smile back before wandering off to the kitchen. Leaning forward and picking up the beer, a sip is taken then another before he looks to Natalya.

Bringing the beer down to mid chest level, he stares at her blankly when she sighs. Holding the look for a good minute, an impish grin finally crosses his lips and a nod is given. The beer is place back on the counter and he signs back 'Sister is deaf.' a pause, then 'how are you?'
Natalya Natalya's shoulders slump when he stares at her blankly and she starts to pat her vest for her notepad when he signs back to her. She grins and takes a seat at the bar and considers the question for a moment or two. She brings her fingers up to sign 'I am well, thank you for asking. You gave me a phone number yesterday. I ..can't exactly use that. What did you want?' She looks curious, another quick glance back to her table before she focuses on Flynn, waiting for an answer.
Flynn Picking up the shot of tequila, he tosses it back while watching Natalya quietly. After she signs back, he says "Oh, well it was my cell number. I suspected you might have been mute. Thought you could text me sometime if you wanted to hang out." Resting his arm on the counter, Flynn gives the her his attention and a smile. Giving a hmm, he adds "Care for another drink?" He glances past her, to the table to see if she had finished the drinks there.
Natalya Natalya eases off of the barstool and shrugs, her fingers forming a quick response. 'I have a bottle at my table.' She takes a step back towards said table and signs 'I was waiting for someone, however I might take you up on that offer to hang out at some point.' She gives a momentary glance to the barkeep before she turns and walks back over to her seat, folding herself into it. She studies Flynn for a few more moments, not quite sure what to make of him, and then she blinks twice a hand moving over her face as she pours herself a shot of tequila.
Ares Buchanan About the time Natalya heads back to her table the doors open and an older man with a bald spot walks in. He's dressed like he's out of Magnum P.I, sporting a red Hawaiian shirt and a pair of blue jeans (apparently he doesn't own anything else). His hands burrow into his pockets and he looks around for a moment before he spots Natalya and starts over towards her table.
Flynn Taking the Corona in hand, he takes a quick sip of it while watching as Natalya heads back to her table. "Ah, well I will be here, enjoying some tasty Empanadas and beer." He replies, tilting his beer towards her. "And no need to cover the scars. Scars tell a story about a person." A pause given as he brings the beer to his lips and takes a sip. "Also, they can be attractive." He notes with a grin.
Natalya Natalya glances down at her scars and lingers there for a few moments before she offers Flynn another two fingered casual salute. She props her feet back up on the chair across from her and crosses them at the ankle, pouring herself a shot of tequila. She squeezes some lime juice into the shot just about when she spots Ares. She uncrosses her legs, kicks out a seat to the right of her and sets the shot glass he was using back in front of him. She takes her shot then and sucks in a quick breath against the kick of the tequila.
Ares Buchanan Ares arrives in time to catch the seat and sit down. He hasn't noticed Flynn, so currently his full attention is on Natalya. "Howdy howdy. Sorry I'm ah bit late, you know how work is." he flashes a grin and pours himself a shot, turning the bottom up without any lime juice.
Flynn Turning around, the man rests his arms on the counter. Yelling and screaming mix with cheering comes from the back, all in Spanish, as Flynn brought the beer to his lips. Pausing, he sighs "Well, hell. Guess I won that game after all." He chuckles then drinks more of the beer.
Natalya Eyebrows lift slightly at the mention of work and she lets out another wheezing laugh as a hand moves to pour Ares another shot. Instead of drinking more tequila she sits back in her chair and drinks from a glass of red juice. When Flynn turns back towards the game excitement Natalya raises her hands and quickly signs, 'Know that guy?' before she jerks a chin towards the red haired man at the bar.
Ares Buchanan Ares rests his arm on the back of his chair and looks back over at Flynn. "Mm.. Nah. I don't reckon so." the man decides before taking the shot. "He ah friend of yours?" he asks, attention turning back to Natalya. From his pocket he produces a cigar that he pops between his teeth, though he doesn't light it.
Natalya Natalya smirks briefly and shrugs, taking the moment to sign something that she wasn't sure she believed yet. 'He was hitting on me.' If fingers could look incredulous, they would, her face doesn't show it. Then again, emotions don't play across her face that often. She eyes Ares and the cigar for another minute or two and then adds 'You ready for me to drink you under the table, or do you gotta get that cleared first?'
Flynn warm plate of Empanadas is set in front of Flynn, whom smiles at the food. Taking one, he lifts it to his mouth and chews it in half savoring the first bite as he takes in the texture and various ingredients including the cheese and goat meat. Swallowing, he takes another quick bite to finish off the piece and chases it with the beer.
Ares Buchanan "Oh, we're playing that game then?" Ares removes the cigar and cracks his fingers. "Can't really blame 'im. Guess I was just too subtle about it." He chuckles a bit then nods, "Alrighty, ready when you are."
Flynn Flagging Roberto, Spanish is spoken briefly and the bar tender heads to the back. A moment later, a box is given and Flynn sets the food inside, closing it. Paying for the food, he finishes off the beer and stands.
Natalya Natalya's eyes roll subtly and she shakes her head. 'So I'm mute, and you're blind, what a pair.' She signs, pouring a shot into both shot glasses. She squeezes another few drops of lime juice into her shot and raises it in a short salute before she downs the shot.
Ares Buchanan "I'm bald, you got into ah fight. We all got somethin' we don't like." Ares shrugs a bit and takes the shot, raising it in a mirror salute before downing it. "Life's too short ta get caught up on tha small things."
Natalya Natalya gestures for Ares to turn his head, looking either bemused or uncomfortable, so hard to tell. She sets the shot glass back on the table, filling them with tequila again as she considers how to respond to the second man in as many days hitting on her. Setting down the bottle of tequila she signs, 'I think my not being able to speak is a blessing, it saves people a lot of headaches, also helps in my line of work - go figure.' She picks up the lime wedge and squeezes hard, getting a few more drops of lime juice out of it before she tosses it towards the wastebasket nearby. Three points!
Flynn Flynn heads off for the door, passing through and on out into the streets of the city.
Ares Buchanan "Prolly help in mine, but worse case I gotta throw hands." Ares chuckles, taking the next shot. He's clearly slightly buzzed from how many shots they've taken in such a short time. Though he was already kind of high. "Shit." he exhales, leaning back with a grin glued to his face.
Natalya Natalya senses victory in her grubby grasp as she takes her shot. She's starting to feel buzzed, but she's a seasoned drinker, and knows her limit. She pours out two more shots, and cuts another slice of lime, gesturing to the barkeet with the empty bottle before she tosses it the way of the crushed lime. She picks up a new slice and squeezes a few drops into her shot glass before she licks at the hand she used.
Ares Buchanan "You know, if you wanted to get in my pants, there's easier ways ta do it." Ares jokes, taking the next shot. He might be feeling good, but he isn't at his limit yet. His cigar rolls off the edge of the table, but he manages to catch it and tuck it back into his pocket.
Natalya Natalya doesn't sign a response, the smirk in his direction should say enough. She holds up the shot and tilts her head before she drinks it and slams the glass back on the table. She drums her fingers on the top of the table as she waits for the new bottle of tequila to get to the table. A minute or two passes and then she holds her fingers up to sign 'Maybe I just wanted to discuss job opportunites instead.'
Ares Buchanan "I see where gettin' me drunk might help." Ares leans his elbow onto the table, still grinning at Natalya. "So what'd you want to discuss?" He looks towards the bar for a moment before returning his attention back to the woman across from him.
Natalya Natalya grins then, the scars on her face pulling slightly as she does. She leans forward , both forearms on the table as she studies Ares. A few moments later she leans back and shrugs. 'You seem like you're here for a reason already, you hooked up with an outfit here?' The tequila is delivered and she opens it with a few quick twists of her hand, pouring out two more shots.
Ares Buchanan "I'm actually one ah tha people with tha Bioterrorism Commission." Ares says, his voice low enough only she can hear him. "I ain't decided who I'm helpin' with tha power struggle. Government supports this guy, but we've been known ta make some shitty decisions in the past." As the next shot is poured he takes it, raising the glass in a salute before downing it.
Natalya Natalya nods slowly, taking her shot as well. She breathes out slowly and lets out another wheezy laugh as he divulges who he works for. She holds up her hands and quickly signs, 'Hope I don't see you in the sights of my gun in the future.' before she pours out two more shots, and adds lime juice to hers.
Ares Buchanan "I hope ya don't either. Don't imagine it'd be too fun watchin' your friends get shit stomped." Ares shoots Natalya a wink, clearly teasing. "Unless you're ah close quarters fighter you might not see me. Unless they fuck up and send me out in tha open."
Natalya Natalya takes her shot and slams it, setting the glass back on the table with a sigh. She listens to him speak and her face doesn't show any emotion for the moment, she simply picks up the bottle and pours out two more shots, squeezing lime juice into her shot glass.
Ares Buchanan Ares takes the next shot, there's not a wince anymore, the tequila has basically become water. "But, if I had to get shot by anybody, I'd rather it be you. Better'n some asshole doin' it." He leans back in the chair so he has something stable to hold up against.
Natalya Natalya blinks at Ares then, her eyebrows raising slightly as she leans in and studies him. She's a bit wobbly now, and less inhibited so she laughs, the weezy sound carrying in the quiet pub. She holds her hands up and signs, 'I ain't going to shoot you, asshole. That is a shitty way to get a second date.' She sits up straight then, giving a little girly pose before that makes her laugh again. She pours another shot, forgoes the lime juice and slams it.
Ares Buchanan "I figured you wouldn't." Ares shoots Natalya a wink before taking another shot with her. "I reckon ahhh, as long s ya don't hit anythi- anything too vital, you could still get ah second date. Ya know?" He's officially at his limit, any more and he'll be throwing up or going to sleep a lot sooner than he'd planned.
Natalya Natalya glances around the bar, wanting to show off her victory over the bigger man but finds that they're nearly the only ones there. She lets out a sigh and gets to her feet. 'Let me help you get home.' She signs, holding out a hand to Ares.
Ares Buchanan "Ta be honest, I'm ahhh, more of ah smoker." Ares pushes up onto his feet and loops an arm around her waist. "I appreciate it. Ain't too far from here." In all honesty he could probably make it home on his own.
Natalya Natalya gestures to the door and then gazes at Ares, a smirk on her face.