Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's soon time to move to the new office, and the heavy looming grey clouds just make the day seem dim and gloomy. The air is humid, heralding rain soon the come.

In her office, Emma is dressed casually, i.e.; sweat pants, a plaid top, left open, and a crisp white tank top under that. Her hair is up in a messy bun, and though it's casual, the lass is rocking the look. Idly, the redhead moves from her shelf to her desk, packing up some books, going through things, and seeing what she needs to bring with her, everything else being tossed into the recycle bin. Shaemus - her massive beast of a dog, sits in the corner, on his bed, chewing a bone happily.
Eve Eve is back in Paris, finally. She was away making sure things were set up and ready for the move to occur. She walks into the office, a slight bronzing of her skin the only thing showing that she was away. She is wearing an off-shoulder floral dress and carrying her leather bag, as usual. She walks into Emma's office, setting her bag down on the desk.

"I think you'll be happy with our setup in South America." She begins, folding her slender hands in front of her. "I've got quite a few things to go over with you now though, if you've the time?"
Emma Mostly because Shaemus doesn't jump when Eve enters, is why Emma doesn't. He is her safety net, and after the assassination attempt, the lass is jumpy. Taking a few books and putting them in a box, a hand brushes away some loose red hair from her face, grey-green eyes going to focus on her assistant. Her eye is black, and so is her cheek from when the attacker hit her.

"Ya - ya think?" She asks, in an idle, soft tone, and then raises a brow. "Of - of course I got time, what is it?"
Eve "Well I'm hoping our place there will be more secure, the only real danger will be when you're out on your own." Eve explains, moving to help Emma with her packing. "Which is something I will hope will not happen often." The women lock eyes and Eve gives Emma a soft smile. She continues to help Emma pack and after a few minutes she gestures a slender hand towards a chair. "I can get this box filled for you if you want."

A few minutes of silence pass, the only sound books being stacked in cardboard. "Benny contacted me, to say that he wasn't in the best of moods is a bit of an understatement. He wanted me to misplace the footage of what happened in your office after the incident with the janitor.."
Emma Emma slowly moves to sit, having no idea what had happened in her chair days before. Resting back and crossing her ankles, making a point to rest, she is watching Eve curiously, though looks all the more curious and confused when she speaks of Benny. "Ya - ya saw him?" Asks the redhead, frowning. "I'd not seen him sense what happened. He isn't well?" There is concern. "Wait wh -- what footage?"
Eve "Security has set up feeds in all of our offices. We have sensitive things on our computers, not to mention .." Eve trails off and lets out a soft sigh. "Anyway, Emma..he wanted me to destroy the footage, and he is well. Just not very happy with me at the moment." She turns to face Emma then, and leans against the womans desk, crossing her legs at the ankle. "He wanted me to tell you that not to worry about him, like the chicken nuggets." She gazes down towards her feet and tries to figure out how to drop the bombshell, almost literally. Dirty bombs aren't exactly an easy subject to bring up.
Emma Emma just stares at Eve now. Stares. Something just feels off, and she shifts in her chair a little. When chicken nuggets is said, the memory gets a small, quick laugh, with a smile that fades almost as quite as it came. Shaking her head, the redhead sighs heavily. "Sh - show me." Insists the lass, gently, unwavering on wanting to see this footage.
Eve "Before I show you the footage, you need to know, and I already have people on this.." Eve says, continuing to pull books from the shelves and place them in boxds. "He also mentioned that this group is planning on setting off a dirty bomb, a t-virus bomb actually. He didn't have a location or a time frame, and we're working on getting that."

Eve takes a and pushes aside the box as she pulls out her laptop. "Emma, are you sure that you're okay to see this, more than one person wants to make sure that you're physically and mentally recovered enough to view it, and I agree with them." She taps something into her computer, a slight frown on her face while she does it. "You don't have to be superwoman, and I will not treat you like a porcelain doll, but we all have our limits.
Emma "A dirty bomb." Emma whispers, it's like wave after wave of shit just hits her now, she is almost drowning. Jaw tenses a bit, eyes turn to the laptop, no way to turn back no, no way to run to the life she had before Raccoon, before this, on the acreage with her family.

"Show me." Insists the lass, firmly, yet quietly.
Eve Eve cues up the footage, and it's all there, albeit in black and white. The audio portion of the footage is crystal clear and there are several moments when Eve visibily tenses up, her jaw working as she watches along with Emma. When the footage is complete she shuts the laptop and slides it back into her bag. "Emma, I think we need to be very careful from now on, all of us. There is nothing to say that these people aren't getting desperate enough to target or take other TerraSave members to make a point. We've got to protect our assets, all of them."
Emma Emma is interested in this. How bad can it be? Her mind can't really believe it'd be bad. Until the evidence is there, right in front of her. As the video goes on, her skin pales. The aura around her is tense, and cold.

Slowly, she moves to stand. "Delete this." The redhead says, simply, in a emotionless tone. Moving from her chair, her light, graceful steps bring her to her door. Off the coat hook, her jacket is taken. "Delete it." She repeats, slipping her coat on.
Eve Eve goes back to packing up the items in the office, there aren't many left, Emma had managed to get most of it packed before Eve arrived. She gives Emma a brief glance and frowns slightly. "Please don't go out alone, take someone with you. I know that.." She takes a deep breath before she continues. "I know that you're going through a lot, but that doesn't mean that you should put yourself in danger. I won't beg, but I will ask again. Don't go anywhere alone."
Emma Shaemus can tell something is wrong. His tail is down, between his legs even as he slowly makes his way to his master. "Fine." Emma says simply. "But th - they need to keep their distance." There is no fight in her either. "Pormise me, Eve, ya - ya'll delete that video, everythin'." But given her tone, it sounds more like an order, that's said with a brief glance to her assistant, her grey-green eyes reddening as tears fight to break free.
Eve Eve leans against the desk. "Emma, we need that footage. I understand why Benny wants it gone, and even to an extent why you do, but if we delete that, we're back to square one when it comes to proof that this is happening." She glances towards the window and continues quietly. "I have all the copies of it, nobody but you and I, and the people who were here have any idea what happened, but deleting it is's not going to help."
Emma Emma's jaw tenses even more. "There are - are enough people with information now, is there not?" She asks, coldly, looking away from Eve and out the window, jacker being zipped up. It's going to rain, sometime here, but for Emma, it's already pouring. "I - I don't want that in anyones hands, nor have tha - tha chance ta get inta anyones hands. I - I don't want a - a soul seein' it, or - or knowin' a - about it." Though her exterior is still, the growing stutter shows how upet she is within. She then looks around her office, where it all happened, and suddenly looks like she may be sick.
Eve "I am not going to leak footage that would compromise people who I have grown fond of." Eve says, a slightly shocked look on her face. "You trust me to keep you and our family here safe, or you don't." She says, tilting her head slightly to the side, her tone still calm. "We will need to sit down once we're in South America, with our security team and the rest of our group to make sure we all understand the dangers we're facing."
Emma The reddening in her eyes grows, visibly, Emma is trying not to cry now. So many emotions hitting her, one thing after another after another, with no chance to breathe in between. One hand balls into a fist, knuckles white. "If - if tha - that gets out - out an it tis - tis seen that it happened in - in our buildin' we - we'll be co - connected ta it, and our reputation gone." Cheeks once pale are a little redder, this is a side of the lass nobody seems to of seen before. "In that vi - video my fr -" Words halt, abruptly. "Fine wh - whatever, I - I want it deleted, we -we got enough ta get what we need, in record, an - an Esa - Esa an - an' Maxim we - were there too, do as you will." And there it is, a total give up.

And just as sudden she turns and leaves the office.
Emma Emma leaves her office, in a hurry, Shaemus behind her, tail tucked between his legs, ears down. His master has this.. aura around her, cold, and detached, yet furious all at one. She wears sweat pants, a plaid top, white shirt, her hair is up in a messy bun. The lass is rocking the look. Eyes are red, as if she is trying not to cry. She has a black eye, and some of her cheek is black from being hit during the attack a few days later.
James Scott James is back from South America too, having been gone to help set up the offices. He's dressed about the same as Emma, an old pair of jeans thrown on along with a TerraSave t-shirt. His hair is messed up and he clearly hasn't been sleeping too much, he looks much the same as he did the day of the attack. Except different, larger. More muscled. Thanks science.

He looks up from a message on his phone to Emma as she's leaving the office. "Hey, Emma. Bad timing, but I need to see that video for the investigation. Especially since Benny and the Cocksucker kicked the fucking security head out."
Emma A bad time James, and the wrong thing to ask. Emma stops, like a mountain hitting a wall. Eyes burn with so many emotions it's hard to place what she is feeling in that moment. Looking to him, with that tense jaw, there is a simple reply. "No."

For him, he has never seen her in this state, hell, to even know he could be pushed this far is amazing. Leaving it there, the lass goes to keep walking to the exit.
James Scott "No." James' fists clench. "Alright, fuck this shit." He turns to leave as well. "Fine. I'll just break Esa's fingers until he talks, kill them, then go back to South America." Emma's seen James angry plenty of times, but never so angry he's outwardly as calm as he is now.

"I should have just fucking jumped last Halloween."
Emma Emma stops right there, she turns to face James, eyes narrowed. Slowly, she walks up to him, jaw so tense it's amazing her teeth will survivie. "If - if you - you hurt - hurt him at - at all, we' - we're done." Tone is laced in anger, this isn't her, she has been pushed to her breaking point now. "Y - you have tha - tha info ya - ya need, go do - do yer job." Normally, she'd catch onto the 'jumped' bit, but she is about at that point where jumping sounds like a good idea for herself, so really, doesn't comment because her mind just isn't there.
James Scott "I'd say don't worry, but I'm gonna fuck your boyfriend. And I don't think he's gonna like it as much when I do it." James heads right on out of the office, nails biting into the palm of his hand as he leaves. "I'll kill the Guns for Hire too. Don't worry."
Emma How the fuck could this get any worse. Emma is.. she just, well, for the first time maybe ever, violence is a go-to thought. When James says that, she is so livid that standing is hard with how much she trembles. With heavy steps - also, unlike her, the lass would go to reach out for James' shirt, and when taken hold, goes to yank him back. "No you - you FU - FUCKING DON'T!" the woman yells at him.
James Scott When Emma yanks on James' shirt, she actually pulls herself close to him rather thank pulling him back. The teen turns and peers down at her, his blue eye cold and distant. "You should know Emma, I'm tired of being treated like a child. But more than that I'm tired of watching the people I love die. Beth.. Vivienne.. They've tried to kill you twice now."

"So, I'm done being nice. Next time he steps on my toes when I'm trying to work, I'll break his goddamn nose. I won't kill him, but I'll let him know I was there."
Emma "Fuck James." Emma says, her tone now quiet, a strange sort of quiet, the type that makes you think the coming of hell is here and now, in this very moment. "I - I get it." She musters, trying to stay calm, but the anger is so intense, a tear streaks down her bruised face. "I - I know yer goin' th - through a - a lot, I -GET IT-!" A snap there, then a clearing of her throat. "I - I have bee - been there fo - for ya - ya, I've had ta - ta give up, an - an' loose to. Ya - ya wanna know somethin'. I -died-. Fuckin' - di - died! Thi - this isn- isn't 'bout y - ya." Fire may actually come out of her ears now. "Trust - trust me, for - for once, James. Pl - please. If ya - ya hurt h - him, ou - our friendship is do - done.." So much stuttering, it's like the biggest tell of what's bubbling within. "Ya - ya don't need - need ta - ta prove ta - ta anyone how capable ya - ya are. For - for once, jus - just fuc - fuckin' calm down."
James Scott "Never said any of this was about me. You think I signed up to be a guinea pig because of some power fantasy? I wasn't stuck with needles and injected with viruses so I could feel strong." James' nails actually tear into his palm now, opening up small cuts across his hands. "I just wanted to keep you safe. To make sure nobody ever died again. And you just said it yourself, you died. You almost died again."

He sighs and turns to walk away. "I don't care if you hate me. I don't care if you want me dead. If after all we've been through me hurting some worthless prick is all it takes, then it wasn't meant to be."

With nothing left to say, he hurries out before she can stop him again.
Emma Emma stands there, James now gone. The weight of it all, hitting her, the walls she erected torn down so fast and hard, leaving her raw and unprepared for all of this. Now the tears break, the emotions tumbling out of her in hard, sickening ways. Shaking her head to herself, and a few minutes after he is gone, the lass turns to leave, running as it were, but where to us unknown. The only witness to this is Shaemus, who with his tail tucked behind him and ears down, follows his master out.