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Ares Buchanan The people in this pub are a bit too nice. Shit, the people in the streets are a bit too nice. None of it sits too well with Ares, it could be why he's here drinking. Not drinking much though, he's tucked in a corner sipping on some local rum.

This actually isn't his first time in the area, much like Paris work took him through here a time or two in the past. He actually supplied guns for various factions as well as neighboring criminals. Now he was here to fight, how the times change.
Natalya Natalya walks into the pub again, pulling her guitar case behind her. She props it near a chair and plops down in it, yawning hugely. She snaps her fingers twice, trying to get the attention of a server but is unsuccessful. She rolls her eyes and props her feet up on the chair, waiting for a server to realize that she's arrived.
Ares Buchanan It doesn't take Ares too long to spot Natalya, and he has to do a double take. No doubt about it, she's the woman from Jack's. He pushes up to his feet and moves over to take a seat next to her, whistling and waving to get the attention of the server who overlooked her.

"Howdy, howdy. Fancy seein' you down here. Here I was thinkin' I wouldn't see you again after you wandered outta Jack's."
Natalya Natalya shrugs and offers Area a slight grin, the action pulling at the scar on her face. When the server finally wanders over, the mute holds up two fingers and points to a sign that says tequila. She pulls out a pad and writes. 'bring limes, knives and some salt.' before she holds it up for the server to read. She glances over at Ares and raises a brow.
Ares Buchanan Ares raises the dark liquid in his hand back up to his mouth and takes a swig. He waits for Natalya to finish ordering before he looks back over. "So, you planning on gettin' into some trouble out here? It's ah wild place. Well, it used ta be anyway. Not so sure about now."
Natalya Natalya's eyes get wide and she shakes her head slowly back and forth, placing a hand over her heart. When her tequila is delivered, she cuts one of the limes into wedges and squeezes some of the juice into the shot glass. She gestures to the other shot and nods to Area before she takes hers.
Ares Buchanan Ares sets his drink aside, replacing it with the shot glass. He raises it to each of his ears before holding it out towards Natalya. He doesn't go after any salt or lime, he just turns the glass up and takes the shot. "Shit, always got me takin' shots." He flashes the woman a grin, "Though I'm not really complainin'."
Natalya Natalya nods and snaps her fingers again, when the server continues to ignore her she slams the shot glass on the table twice. That gets attention and soon the woman is walking back to the table. A few subtle hand movements and a bottle of tequila is dropped off at the table and money is exchanged. Natalya pours a shot of tequila in both glasses, squeezes some lime in hers, and takes the shot.
Ares Buchanan "I take it you took that as ah challenge." Ares says with a soft chuckle, finishing off his original drink before taking the shot glass back up. He brings the shot up to each of his earlobes once more before downing it. "That or you're tryin' to get me drunk."
Natalya Natalya shrugs and pours two more shots, her eyes watching the man across from her. She squeezes lime juice into her shot glass and raises it briefly before she takes the shot. When she slams it back to the table she exhales a soft wheezy laugh as she waits.
Ares Buchanan Ares takes the next shot in the same fashion as the other two, but this time it leaves him grimacing, all the liquor starting to finally get to him. "Shit, you just might outdrink me. But, we'll have to wait an' see about that."