Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Eve is in the panic room, doing her best to get it prepared. She is well aware that it's going to be needed and wants it to be ready for when it is. She's wearing a worn pair of jeans and a loose red t-shirt with some athletic team printed on it.

It's when she is carrying a box of non-perishable foods down the stairs to the panic room that she hears someone in the basement. "Who's there?" She calls out, peering up into the room that's been turned into a gym. "Come out where I can see you." She demands, her hands pulling her pistol from her holster.
James Scott "How about you step over some so I can see you?" Comes the even reply of James, followed by more thudding. It sounds like he's hitting a heavy bag, but there's absolutely no light down there. It should be impossible to see, but stranger things have happened.
Eve Eve climbs out of the cellar into the basement, her gun still held at the ready. When she spots James, she rolls her eyes, reholsters her pistol and dusts off her jeans. "If you've been up here, the least you can do is help me cart some of this to the cellar." She pauses and then she blinks. "Actually, I have some information for you and Emma. Benny came to see me the other day, he wanted the tape of what happened in Emma's office destroyed. Obviously you know why I couldn't do that."

"He also mentioned that a dirty bomb is going to be set off by that group that tried to kill Emma." Eve says, frowning. "A..t-virus bomb? He didn't know where, but we need to find that out."
James Scott "I'm starting to think he isn't an I.T. guy." James says, giving the bag one last punch before he steps out into the light. He's shirtless and his hands are wrapped up, likely because of the training. He's broader now than the first time he met Eve, clearly he's been training nonstop the entire month.

"I'd say we could let the appropriate channels handle it, but they're incompetent." As he moves up the stairs light hits his eye and it's reflected back, much like an animal in the night. "You know how it is. Sometimes you have to take care of business yourself."
Eve "I'm all for notifying the police, honestly, but we have no clue where, yet." Eve says, planting both hands on her hips. "He doesn't want Emma to see this tape, says it's going to ruin her recovery." She pushes her hair out of her eyes and sighs. "I'll deal with that part later, do we know if that group is here in South America?"
James Scott "No, I'll be going back to France. I think anyway." James pushes the wet hair out of his face and sighs. "He doesn't want the tape out because it shows him torturing that man. But they couldn't let me do my fucking job." The teen does sound annoyed about that. "I'd have that fucking location and we wouldn't need to delete any tape."
Eve "Hey, honestly? I don't care who did what or why. I just want that information, and if I can figure out what to hack into, I will." Eve says, gazing at a box that needs to go to the cellar. She kneels down and picks it up, ready to carry it down the stairs. "If you're going back to Paris, try to get a lead on where these people are and where they're setting off the bomb."
James Scott "I wanna know who ordered the hit. If I have to kill all of them except one to get the information, so be it." James takes the box from Eve and heads off down the stairs. "But I'm also looking for Spencer. I'm hoping to find a lead on him down here with the Plaga."
Eve Eve looks exasperated and she finally shows it, her arms crossing over her chest tightly. "I think both you and Benny were right the other night. You both need to tone it down a little in each direction. Find out who ordered that hit, try *first* to do it without bloodshed." She leans in and says in a lower voice. "You can do whatever you want with your free time, but this bomb needs to be a priority, I know you're not worried about your own skin, but we're paying you to worry about ours, and this bomb needs to be found. Yesterday."
James Scott "I'm on it." James assures Eve. "What'd you think I stormed off to do, beat my dick? Besides, I'm already infected. Makes sense for me to go after it." He lifts his broad shoulders in a shrug, setting the box down. "Despite some rumors that seem to be circulating, I'm not incompetent."
Eve "I never said you were." Eve points out, climing the stairs back into the basement. When James climbs out as well she shuts the trapdoor and covers it with the loose rug. "I understand that you have a vendetta that you're chasing after, but please..I have no clue when this bomb is going to be set off, and I'm sure that you, along with anyone else from Raccoon can imagine what kind of ramifications it will have if it's not stopped.
James Scott "T-virus is fickle. If they're still guarding him it means he's working on it. Unless they're lucky it's almost always fatal. Wasn't supposed to be a weapon, you know?" James heads back over to where he was working out to get his TerraSave tank top and tug it down over his head. "My father just wanted to make the world a better place. Though I don't know how making more mutants like me would make the world any better."
Eve Eve shakes her head and slaps the light on as she makes her way back to the main floor. "Make sure you wipe down the machines after you use them, and when you get back to Paris, check on Emma." She calls out, as she disappears up the stairs.
James Scott "Sure thing." James calls up after Eve, hopping up onto a nearby bar and starting a set of pull-ups. He hasn't unpacked yet, so leaving again won't be an issue. He'll just have to grab a shower. "Been itching to get into a fight anyway. Hopefully these guys put up more of a fight than that licker."