Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's a bright day, mildly cool but with the feeling of spring that's soon to come.

The office is on vacation. Most are gone, some linger, but in a more casual sense. Recently, an assassin tried to take her life, but by sheer luck, she won. So returning to her office is strange. The lass stands there, in the middle of the room, looking around trying to piece it all together.
Tabitha Tabitha knocks at the door, poking her head in, "Emma?" Like the nose of a camel in a tent, the rest of her following soon after. "Got a sec? I talked to Markus.."
Isabel Just down the hall, a box of new camera equipment tucked into her shoulderbag after some quick shopping, Isabel notices someone in scrubs peeking into Emma's office. She frowns thoughtfully and moves quietly closer. It wasn't that long ago that somebody tried to kill Emma, after all.
Emma Emma too is wearing scrubs, with some runners. Her red hair was put back. The knock makes her jump, a hand had reached for the letter opener on her desk in preperation to defend herself. But it's Tabitha. Cheeks flair red. "B - bloody'ell." Mutters the lass. "I - I'm so sorry, I - I thought ya were someone else. Markus? Come on in." She has yet to see the sneaky Isabel.
Isabel Hearing the familiar voice of the figure at the door, Isabel smiles faintly and creeps closer. Stepping quickly up behind Tabitha, she wraps her arms around the doctor and begins tickling her fiercely. "What's up, Docs?" she asks through giggles. The sneaky imp...
Tabitha Tabitha 's entire world evolves into a giggling squealing squirming fit. She tries to squirm free, gasping.. dragging Isabel into the room with her.. Her face flushes as one body writhes against another. looking over her shoulder at her 'attacker' she struggles to wiggle free before natural reflexive actions of elbows come into play.. Gasping for air. "Sweet Lordy.. Where did you come from?"
Emma Gently, Emma puts the letter opener down, while lifting a brow, she smirks a little, simply watching the pair.
Isabel Isabel, dragged along with the wriggling, squealing Tabitha, nods and smiles a quick hello to Emma, lightening up the tickles. "Mom always said I was a present from God," she replies cheerfully. "But if you mean just now? I was coming back from the camera shop."
She releases Tabitha carefully, stepping back. "Is it scrubs night? I can go change..."
Tabitha Tabitha wiggles a finger into Isabels ribs, trying to tickle back in retaliation. "I.. just got off the TeleMed terminal with Markus.." she says to Emma. "Do you think Eve could arange a file-transfer of Marcus' research notes? I figure she'd know the protocols and whatnots" She moves over to a chair, curling up in it, tucking her legs beneath her. She leaves room on an armest for Isabel in case she's in a perching mood..
Emma Looking down to her outfit, Emma glances back to Isabel. "Had ta - ta work some, before we leave for South America." She replies, watching the two in a slightly in an amused way. "Aye she - she can, Tabitha. Just get me tha info I'll pass it along."
Isabel Tabitha's attempt hits the sweet spot, and a burst of giggles escapes Isabel. Clapping a hand protectively over her ribs, she darts another quick tickle into the ribs of her 'opponent' as she perches casually on the offered armrest, leaning back a little into the side of the chair's back. The shoulderbag and its precious cargo are settled on the floor behind the chair, just in case. "I guess that's a no, then. Oh! What's Markus researching?"
Tabitha Tabitha casts a wary glance to Isabel. "Virology. Pathogenic vector analysis.. and assorted strain differenciation".. hoping that the Fancy Words will offer at least some slight level of obfuscation. She looks back to Emma as she shifts in her seat, resting a shoulder against Isabel. "I want to talk to him more. He's got information I really need. I want to work with him if I can", her comment more a question to Emma, seeking approval and more than willing to take 'no' for an answer and be.. if not happy, compliant with it.
Emma Emma leans against the desk, facing the door. No way she is going to turn her back on it now. Looking to the two, with a small smile, she nods to Tab a little. "Ma - Markus, always tha scientist." She remarks, sounding a little more amused. She looks to Isabel and then back to Tabitha. "Ya can work with him, as long as I know all tha info."
Isabel "Stuff about the Umbrella viruses?" Isabel has to ask, frowning thoughtfully as she tries to piece together the complicated words. She's a nerd, not an encyclopedia. She leans back against the chair back as the mental efforts take over... and misses, ending up on the floor with a grunt of surprise, her legs and feet propped up against the arm of the chair in a most undignified position.
Tabitha Tabitha eeps and tries to catch Isabel, instead sorta leaning over the armrest, laying across Isabel's legs.. "You okay?", offering a hand to help her up.. "and Yea.. you get whatever I get. Promise.. 'sides, you got more experience than I do. I just have the 'head full of school' that hasn't started to fade yet.. and replaced by experience"
Emma As Isabel goes to fall, Emma moves forward, but Tabitha is there. She watches the two, and then steps back, giving them space, leaning against the desk. "Aye, Isabel." She says, and then looks to Tabitha. "School still offers a lot."
Isabel "'Okay' is definitely a relative term," Isabel replies, giving Tabitha a wry smile, bracing herself with an elbow so gravity will stop trying to drag her out of her borrowed jeans, which are a bit big for her. "Nothing hurt but my pride, I think." She takes the offered hand, letting the taller woman pull her back up to her perch. "You both got more school than me. It's probably a good thing I'm so good at doing videos."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "Nah. I traded any hopes of a social life for study time.. and i'm boring as fuck..", tugging the young woman up to something more akin to vertical. "Emma? Your feelings on Markus? Can I trust him implicitly, or do I need to be careful?" Tab cant help but poke here and there about Isabel, checking for anything broken. Its an occupational hazard when you're in a room with Doctors.. A glance to isabel's eyes check her pupils to make sure they match.. followed by a soft little short sigh of relief. One arm hooks Isabel's elbow, to make sure she doesn't fall again.."
Emma "I - I trust Markus, he is a reason why I got through Raccoon." Emma replies, smiling some and looking between the two casually.
Isabel Isabel blinks in surprise, her eyes meeting Tabitha's during the impromptu checkup. "Will my noggin ever play the piano again, Doc?" she asks, trying not to smile as she holds still. The better a patient you are, the faster it's over with!
She looks to Emma. "I don't think I've met Markus. Who is he?"
Tabitha Tabitha says, "Scientist who's a frakin genius.. best I can figure", looking to Emma for confirmation. "you should be able to bang your head on the keyboard all you want. Phillip Glass may call you for tips", she says, her tongue peaking from between her lips as she does.. she snugs that arm hooking Isabel's making sure she has a good grip.. possibly tuggint the young woman into the seat with her. "Markus makes me look like a first-year grad student.""
Emma     "Mar - Markus is a brilliant scientist, an' a - a dear friend. I owe him my life." Emma says to Isabel. "Ma - Markus is focused in another field, Tabitha, it's like comparin' apples ta oranges."
Isabel Isabel manages to keep her seat on the arm of the chair, though it's a close thing. "I understand why you trust him so much, then," she says, nodding to Emma. "What sort of field does he work in? It sounds like he knows plenty about viruses."
Tabitha Tabitha offers "medicine?" she offers, not entirely sure. "I really want to meet him.. I want to browse though his journal notes.", waggling her eyebrows.. "I wanna see his Huge Data", cheeks blushing slightly at that.. not entirely a joke..
Emma "Viruses, an' tha like." Emma says to Isabel, and then she looks to Tabitha and blinks, then smiles. "I - I'll introduce ya two."
Isabel "What happens in science labs /stays/ in science labs," Isabel intones, teasing Tabitha. "Though if that's the plan, maybe I'd better wait and meet him someplace else. I doubt I'd be much fun, lately. I've been busy packing... mostly equipment and such."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles to Isabel. "I live at the pleasure of the Hospital. They feed you, give you stylish pajamas", motioning to her scrubs. "Do your laundry.. Its like a Motel, but you gotta work shifts or they fuss."
Isabel "Poor Tabitha... though the PJs are pretty nice," Isabel replies, giving Tabitha a sympathetic but quick hug. "Laundry service sounds good, too. But considering hospital food, I think I'll pass on making a career out of it. They'd think I was too dumb for them, anyway."
Tabitha Tabitha snaps her head to Isabel. "Hey! do you you ever do any forensic work? Taking medical pictures? Do you mind gross stuff? I would really like to document some research stuff If I ever get a decent lab."
Isabel "Forensic work? I'm not sure what you mean. I've filmed a lot of dead things, if that's what you're getting at," Isabel replies, looking confusedly at Tabitha. "And after Raccoon City and the Paris Quarantine Zone, I don't think I have a gag reflex left."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles to Isabel. "so.. Cadavers dont bother you?", getting a genuine sparkle in her eye. "most of my pictures are blurry, suck. If I get more into research, there will be a dire need for accurate visual records.. and would help bunches if I didn't have to de-glove to take a shot."
Isabel "Well... I can try to help you. I can't promise top-notch photography, not when I'm used to video camera work, but I can make sure the shots are in focus and properly framed," Isabel says, standing up and stretching. "Just let me know when?"
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes widen "Video? that would be Awesome!", not able to avoid watching Isabel stretch.. She breaks her eyes away, but not before her cheeks color.
Isabel Isabel brushes her unbound hair back over her shoulders, turning and nodding. "Uh-huh! I don't know what you want to film, but I can figure out how to do it. Guess I'd better look into a regular camera, too, for the non-motion pics."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles. "any work I do I want to document, if only so I can put on a good face for Markus. Peer review is a stress-test. And, i'm not secure enough to shrug off criticism from peers" She offers a smile to Isabel. "so, if you can help make me look good and less like a doofus, I'd owe you a huge debt
Isabel "I think I can do that." Isabel doesn't sound /perfectly/ confident, but she knows her stuff, as anyone who has seen her videos can attest. "What sort of stuff are you wanting filmed? I still don't really know what you do."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles. "Autopsies, mainly, though, I get the feeling that such wont turn up crap