Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger Its a saturday morning, on the 24th February, and Markus Berger is very late to get around to talk with Dr. Marshall now that his promotion caused him to end up on different continent.

As it were though that is not as much of a problem as one would expect as Markus himself paid a good ammount of money to get his hands on a laptop years ahead of what is normaly available and has been setting up a secure connection to simply use a video call to contact Tabitha. In fact, right about now he is just waiting for the call to be answered.
Tabitha One of the nurses approaches Tabitha. "Doctor Marshall. You have a video call. It's on the TeleMed terminal" Tabitha blinks. "Me?", and moves over to have a seat at the desk. She recognizes the name that Emma mentioned not long ago and opens the call which the nurse had answered and placed on hold She settles down, raking fingers back through her hair to get it out of her face, adjusts her glasses. She's wearing blue scrubs and close to a dozen hours of fatigue. The screen opens "Doctor Marshall here", taking a sip of coffee from a mug bearing coffee stains.
Markus Berger The face she is going to see is that off Markus as he lazily lounges in his chair and gives a slight wave to the screen. "Doctor Berger here. You won't believe how long it took me to set up this call properly to make sure nobody is going to listen in as easily. This laptop was its money worth, I tell you that." He is visibly smirking and looks relatively well rested.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles. "I think Eve set this one up. If something goes funky, no one here can get it back up until she pokes it", taking another sip of her coffee. "What pleasure do I owe this call to? And, where are you calling from? Are you in Paris?" Her image shifts, looking a bit like she's tucking her legs underneath her, getting comfortable
Markus Berger The doctor nods slightly and lounges even more lazily into his chair as he rolls a bit closer to the desk and the camera. "Well, at least means that on your end everything is probably as secure as it gets. As for from where I'm calling. Well, I'm currently in Maracaibo, Bolivar. My boss and I both have been promoted by our superiors at TRICELL so we had to leave relatively abruptly to South America. I called to inquire just how much you know about... everything, really. I hope you are alone over there and nobody can listen in?"
Tabitha Tabitha looks about. Her image vanishes, followed by the sound of a door closing. She settles back into the chair, raking her hand through her hair again. "There. um..", composing her thoughts. "I.. know there is an infection.. and that zombines and some other kinds of mutagenic monsters are involved. And that the parasol dudes maybe were involved. Aside from that vagueness, not much else. No details, really"
Markus Berger A groan and a facepalming Doctor Berger is the first thing Tabitha gets to see as response before the fingers in front of his face parts and the Doctor stares at the screen with a single eye. "So, does that mean that I off all people have to brief you on essentialy everything? This might take a while."
Tabitha Tabitha blinks. "the Mantra I kept hearing was 'the less you know, the safer you are'. Supposedly 'Brella may be after me or something. Cousin sent me a message before he vanished. So, yea. Probably everything. I think i'm gonna look back fondly in blissful ignorance.. but.. I'm not one for ignorance, so", taking a sip of her coffee, "hit me."
Markus Berger The doctor sights briefly and nods. "Pray that you won't regret it. Let me start with the following question. What did you hear about Raccoon City? The city in america with a population of over sevenhundredthousand, formerly home of Umbrella, nuked off the face of the planet about a year ago?"
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head. "Not a lot. I just finished my Residency about a month before I hauled-ass to Paris. I'm sure you remember what that was like.. 4 hrs of sleep and 20hrs on shift, caffine-tachicardia and the bigging stages of Nurse's Bladder. Really, i've been living in a hole for the last ..wel.. Ever since I was accepted at Duke. Heck, I didn't even recognize Buck Rogers until he pointed out who he was.. and there aren't that many Walls of Meat walking around.".. a bit of a shiver washing over her at the memory. "Though, he painted a ...detailed.. picture of some of the critters."
Markus Berger "Ah, ah, ah. My field of expertise has allways exclusively been virology, worked in the pharma-branch of WilPharma and later Umbrella so I was actually spared working myself to death. Anyway, Raccoon City was the home of Umbrella and they had a lot of laboratories there, which of course officialy did not exist, where they worked on viruses and Bio Organic Weapons. Zombies and artificialy engineered organisms being the result and after they utterly screwed up their attempts at containing an Outbreak the entire city was overrun after a few weeks, forcing the US goverment to literaly nuke the place. A city of over half a million people wiped out just like that, though considering circumstances nearly everyone left in the city by that point was a shambling zombie or dead anyway." Having said that the doctor takes a quick moment to shift around on his seat and instead leans forward with his elbows on the desk as he stares at the camera. Likely going to be more comfortable for now.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes widen, opening more as her eyebrows try to crawl to her hairline. "I.. thats.. ...", pausing to take anoter sip of coffee as questions elbow one another for priority. "...What details do you have on the contageon? How is it passed? is it Airborne yet?" as a look of visceral fear crawls onto her face
Markus Berger "Its mainly passed through bodily fluids or natural fluids, so scratches, bites, contaminated water and so on are the main way the virus transmits. That said, the T-Virus and its many variations like the C and G virus act mostly similiar for humans and animals so every living being can end up affected which just makes it worse. I do believe that the original variation of the T-Virus at least was airborne, but the moment it infects something it loses its ability to infect anything through the air and since that its the only way it currently exists the airborne variation isn't a problem. I'll let that sink in for a moment. Tell me when you want me to proceed with the symptoms and effects." With that said the Doctor swiftly grabs something away from the screen and picks up a water bottle.
Tabitha Tabitha muses.. "Whats the difference between the T, C and G strains?" She starts to take notes.. pauses, and sets her pen back down. This isn't really something that should be written down just yet. "..and is there currently any threat of airborn contamination? or is the current spread merely through non-airborne vectors? Oh, and have there been any other known vectors, such as insects? Zombie Skeeters?"
Markus Berger "So far I have only ever seen it being spread through contaminated water or direct fluidic transmission from bites or scratches. I honestly have never seen it being used in an airborne form yet so I can't tell you anything. As for the variations, the C virus... was me misremembering the designations. Let me rephrase, T-Virus is the most standard variation, R-Virus is a worse variation and the G-Virus I have no information about aside from being aware that a variation by that name exists. I'll start with the T-Virus. The virus itself behaves as it should, it infects cells, rewrites the DNA and causes it to reproduce the virus, although it actively consumes the infected cell which after a while causes necrosis in the infected. In addition it also shuts down all higher brain-functions of the infected, leaving only the brainstem to govern behaviour in a very animalistic way. In addition it also completely wrecks everything in the human body that is in charge of creating enzymes and hormones, causing persistent rage and hunger. Of course, it gets worse. Should a person be dead by the time the infection kicks in properly the virus has a chance to reanimate the dead body with essentialy the same results. In addition the T-Virus has the ability to cause mutations as evidenced by the fact that all B.O.Ws I'm aware off have been created through the usage of human test-subjects, the T-Virus and other sinister things. Examples being creatures like the Lickers, Nemesis, the Tyrants and various other things I have either seen or heard about. Although I'm quite sure that a zombie is likely to start mutating on its own after a sufficient timespan has passed." That said Markus leaves Tabitha another moment to catch up as he takes a sip from the watter bottle.
Tabitha Tabitha seems to settle into an Academic mindset.. a warm comfy place while more sensitive parts of her mind crawl of to go gibber in a corner. "..How is the R-virus worse? Different evects?.. And is it spread the same way? Same results and symptoms-slash-pathogenic presentation? And, is there any treatment? I'm asuming no cure. What about antiviral agents?"
Markus Berger Markus takes another sip from the bottle and nods as he waits a short moment before continuing. "Simple. Add what I believe to be rabbies, delay the zombiefication, disable the ability to feel pain and heightened agression in addition to reanimating dead tissue... as temporarely the later may be. In addition, if the infected, who actually is not necessarily zombified to the point of decay when infected by the R-Virus variation, is killed without having sustained enough damage or having its brain destroyed the virus can revive the corpse resulting in what is essentialy a T-Virus zombie. All that also means that unlike a normal zombie they are fast until killed and ranimated. As for a cure... I'm not aware of one. I'm not even aware of antiviral agents that actually work against the T-Virus and its variants. In addition there are also only rather few people who are naturaly immune to it. Me being one of them, although my immunity was artificialy helped along quite a bit."
Tabitha Tabitha nods, thinking. "I can imagine that it is one hell of a difficult thing to research. You're immune, but I'd not want to bring a live sample into a lab. That sounds like what happened at Racoon City. One mistake and you're done.", taking a moment to let that settle in. "what else can you tell me?"
Markus Berger "Umbrella owns a private army and to this day even after the collaps of Umbrella America and Asia is still researching various viruses and potentionaly worse to develop further bioweapons and bio-organic weapons. The assassination attempts on your boss, Emma? Most likely Umbrella since they love silencing any witnesses and threats to themselves. Of course there is also sheming by other groups behind the scenes, but I'm not even remotely aware of what is happening behid the scenes myself." With a shrug the doctor quickly empties the bottle before continuing, giving a very wry smirk. "I do believe I'm done for the time being. Lets say it like this, the moment Emma decided to have you work for her on all this and you agreed you pretty much got yourself into more trouble than you could've probably imagined."
Tabitha Tabitha nods. "Full disclosure. I have...", a pause as a half-dozen emotions wash over her face in a heartbeat. "..Had a cousin who worked for 'Brella. He may have been in Siberia. Message out of the blue said they may be coming after me. that was about a month before I left. Just prior to that, Jenny dropped a usb drive in my apartment with instructions to get that to Emma. thats what had me hauling ass to Paris."
Markus Berger "Well, welcome to Hell on Earth. Its less fire and brimstone and more primal fears, zombies, B.O.Ws, viruses and other nasty things considering the leech monsters I have fought not too long ago. Now, think about what I told you and get a proper grasp of the situation. I meanwhile will terminate the call now while it hasn't been going for too long yet before someone decides to listen in. Take care. I'll call again soon." With that said Doctor Berger quickly goes ahead and starts to terminate the call on his end. As confident as he may be that the connection is secure, the unwilling he is to push his luck.
Tabitha Tabitha nods. "yea...", a supreme understatement. "If you have some research material you can share, send it to Eve. She'll need to decrypt it or something. Was good talking to you. Thanks for keeping me from sleeping for the next couple of days without the help of Vodka", she says with a smirk.