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Alejandro This cute, cozy little establishment is a friendly sort of place. Just the kind of joint where someone can enjoy good food, drink and company all at the same time. Alejandro looks right at home there, seated by himself at a table and speaking quietly to one of the staff about something he points at on the menu. The server nods his head and Alejandro responds with an affirmative noise, letting the guy take his menu. With a happy looking sigh he leans back in his chair and picks up his beer off the table in front of him for a nice, long draught.
Natalya Natalya walks into the cute restaurant and glances around, her eyes falling on the exits and the people within. She walks stiffly over to an empty table, unshoulders her guitar case and takes a seat. When the server comes over with the menu she thumbs through it for a few minutes before pointing to some local cuisine. When in Rome? She props her feet up on the empty chair across from her and settles in, making an attempt to get comfortable.
Alejandro Setting his beer down Alejandro eyes the newest patron for a moment, scanning her for a moment as he gives a wave and a friendly smile. With a curious look he lifts his chin in the direction of Natalya's guitar case. A moment later his food arrives and Alejandro takes it with a "Gracias" to the server, licking his lips before digging in to the sandwich. As he works through his meal he occasionally looks up to see what's happening.
Natalya Natalya catches the eye of her server and she points a slim finger in the direction of Alejandro's table. She gets to her feet and makes her way to his table, her slight limp only barely noticable. She sets the guitar case down near the seat she settles into and gives him a half smile before she picks up the water she brought with her. She takes a drink and glance at the case that he raised his chin at. She shrugs and points her fingers at him, in a bang bang gesture and glances around as she waits for her food. She raises both brows at the man across from her, giving him a "So what's going on?" look.
Alejandro "I was hoping so. Not the safest town to go around unarmed in," Alejandro says softly, setting his sandwich down for the moment and wiping his hands on his napkin. At her implied question he smiles once again and gestures around, "This place has the best arepa and it makes for delicious sandwiches. And la lengua de res is also wonderful, if you like that sort of thing." Then he leans forward a bit, "What are you up to?"
Natalya Natalya sits back in her seat for a moment, a frown on her face. Her food is delivered and whatever she pointed to on the menu seems to be a sandwich. Natalya pulls out a pad from a pocket and a pen and writes down 'Looking for a place to stay at the moment.' before she tucks into her food. She turns the pad towards the man across from her. She consumes half of the sandwich before she picks the pen up again and scribbles. 'ASL?'
Alejandro Eyeing Natalya's meal Alejandro comments, "Good choice. La bisteca is very good." He reads her writing and then pauses to consider things, his head tilting from side to side as he weighs some options, "I'll look into finding a place for you. It might be just outside the city, but I'll begin checking around" He's about to speak when he reads the three letters placed in front of him, "Negative. Unfortunately I am limited to written and spoken Spanish, English and French. Perhaps you can give me training in it."
Natalya Natalya lets out a wheezing laugh and nods slowly. She picks up her pad and writes. 'I can try to teach you, I guess, we have time.' She starts to eat again and looks pleased at the prospect of having a place to bunk down. She takes a breath and then turns the page to the pad and writes. 'Am I gonna get to meet the other people you hired out?'
Alejandro "Excellent. Being able to communicate with you more quickly, not to mention communicate silently, can only be a benefit," says Alejandro before picking up his beer again for a long drink. Then he nods a few times, "Si. I'd like to perhaps have a get together in a week or so. Maybe drive out to the jungle and have a friendly marksmanship competition and picnic. That way you can size one another up and get an idea of everyone's capabilities."
Natalya Natalya nods to Alejandro and once she finishes her sandwich she pushes her plate away and folds her arms over her chest. She aims a considering look at her guitar case and then gives the man across from her a grimacing smile. She picks up her notepad and writes 'Then we'll start training people, right?'
Thomas thomas thomas santers over to the two rifle in hand and looking over his shoulder every so often "man i cant beleive i singed on for this"
Alejandro Alejandro takes the time to polish off his own sandwich and wash it down with the remainder of his beer. The server deftly snags the empty glass to bring back a refill without being asked. There's a glance at the guitar case again, then back to Natalya's face, "Si. Once you've met the other guys you'll be working with we can begin training our local assets and start operations." And then there's a guy walking in with a rifle. Alejandro looks at him for a moment and raises a hand slowly in a wave, "Good day." He scans the man's equipment briefly before he continues, "What is it that you have signed on for that is unbelievable?"
Natalya Natalya glances over at the man who walked in and she shifts in her seat, pulling her guitar case closer to her legs. She gives Thomas a wave with her unscarred hand, nodding slowly to him.
Thomas thomas thomas looks over to the man "i singed on as a hired gun for the FBC however now after all i heard im deeply regret it now "
Alejandro "Ah, do other members of the FBC feel the same way?" Alejandro asks Thomas curiously, giving a quick glance to Natalya somewhere in there. "Are your regrets related to the negative publicity or the actions undertaken by your comrades?" His fresh beer gets a sip, as Alejandro sits back to continue studying the newcomer.
Natalya Natalya turns to regard Thomas, a slight smile on her scarred face. She gestures for the server to bring a refresh of her drink and sits back, crossing her legs at the knee. She glances briefly at Alejandro and then gestures at Thomas to continue.
Thomas thomas shaking his head "i never got a chance we got split up now i have no clue were they are or were i am " thomas is visably disturbed "i heard the storys but i had no clue it was this bad"
Alejandro Alejandro gestures at one of the empty chairs at his table, "Please, join us." And then he extends his right hand across for a shake, "I'm Alejandro." His head slowly shakes when he hears Thomas story, "That's unfortunate. Well, you're in the Old City District of Maracaibo. The harbor, which is where I believe your comrades are based, is not too terribly far from here." He pauses for a moment, looking around to see if they're being watched, then asks, "You said you were a hired gun, yes? If you have some time where you are not doing FBC things we should talk."
Natalya Natalya wrinkles her nose as she takes a drink of her newly delivered glass of ice water. She tries to give Thomas a reassuring smile, but it only ends up looking like a grimace. She reaches out and pats him gently on his arm, nodding along when Alejandro tells the man that talk should happen when Thomas is off duty.
Thomas thomas thomas looks over to the chair before walking over and sitting down keeping his rifle next to the chair " well i dont even think they know im alive right now so i got time what is it you need exactly?"
Alejandro There's suddenly a bright grin on Alejandro's face and he's looking around once more to check for eavesdroppers, "My friend, you know this country is not safe, yes? I may be able to put you in contact with people who could use your help..." He grows a little bit quieter and leans across the table, "Liberating Bolivar."
Natalya Natalya nods earnestly to Thomas, her eyes wide as she grimaces. She takes another sip of her water and sighs, picking up her pen. 'We really could use your help.' She writes on her notepad, shoving it towards Thomas.
Thomas thomas thomas nodds "ill be willing to help as long as im getting paid since im pretty sure im no longer on the FBC's payroll due to being a missing merc "  taking a sigh thomas continues "to be compleatly honest i have no problem helping you guys not many people are freindly twords soldiers of fortune so uh ...sing me up"
Alejandro With a look towards Natalya, then one back to Thomas, Alejandro nods his head very firmly, "Very well." His hand goes into his jacket to pull out a business card which he slides across the table to Thomas. "I feel as though you should try to check in with your unit depending on how long you've been missing, but I'll leave that decision up to you. You know them better than I do," says Alejandro. He lifts up his beer in a toast to Thomas, "Salud!"
Natalya Natalya leans forward and slaps Thomas on the back, giving him a scar pulling grin. She gestures for the server to bring her a beer and in the meantime raises her water glass to toast with the others.
Thomas thomas thomas nodds to the both of them "they wernt the nicest crew and we bearly even talked so i figure time for a better chapter in my life to open up" taking the busness card thomas pockets when the toast starts to happen thomas raises the glass of beer and says"Salud!"
Alejandro After the toast Alejandro takes a healthy swig of his beer and then relaxes back into his chair. "Well, for now things are still a bit unsettled. It'll take some time to move you into a good place, but hopefully, in about a week, we'll have a meeting and you'll get to know some of your new allies." He smiles, "You should enjoy their company. Many of them are also soldiers of fortune."
Thomas thomas thomas relaxes at that news "then im really glad to have met you oh were are my manners my name is thomas"
Alejandro "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Thomas," Alejandro replies with a friendly tone of voice. Toying lightly with the beer glass in his hands, rolling it back and forth between them, he says "You have any special skills or training that might be useful to us?"
Thomas thomas thomas nodds "i speacilize in heavy weapons and most if not all fire arms and if you need a exelent driver im your man"
Natalya Natalya glances from Thomas to Alejandro, looking about as interested as a mute woman in a bar possibly can. Her beer is delivered and she takes a drink of it, listening carefully as Al talks up their newest member.
Alejandro "Terrific," Alejandro tells Thomas with a wide smile on his face, leaning forward in his seat again as he considers what he's just heard. "Those are very useful skills to possess." There's a contemplative look on his face for a few seconds, "How did you get into your line of work, anyway?" As he readies himself to listen he takes another drink from his glass to finish it off.
Flynn Opening the door to the restaurant, Flynn Whelan steps inside eyes taking in the establishment. taking a white handkerchief from his back pocket, he wipes the sweat from his face and slips it back in the pocket. Running a hand through his hair, the man steps further inside and makes his way to a table, sitting. Speaking semi-fluent Spanish, he asks "Bottled water please, and menu."
Thomas Thomas thomas shakes his head "i grew up in a poor family trying to earn money however i could from local gang couier to a small time hitman working my way up the latter as a young boy eventuaily i got the skills from here and there over time marksmanship training being a gunner for veihicals ive done alot in my time eventually earning the eyes of other companys thus getting me into the life of a merc "
Alejandro The new arrival to the restaurant gets a quick looking over by Alejandro, who gives the fellow a slight wave of his hand in greeting and a friendly sounding, "Hello." Then he's back to paying attention to Thomas, nodding along with the man's story a few times. "Sounds like quite the life. My parents wasted a great deal of money educating me until I was a teenager before I took off and never looked back. I've never joined an organization like the FBC, however."
Natalya Natalya can't really speak of her past and if she could, she probably wouldn't. She simply drinks her beer and waits for Al to seal the deal with the operative sitting with them. Her eyes move briefly to the newcomer and she gives him a once over before turning her attention back to her table mates.
Thomas Thomas thomas nodds "i came here not for the paycheck but to help these people but to the FBC they just thought i was hear for another paycheck so they treated me poorly but now after meeting you guys i feel i could finally make a differance"
Flynn Bottled water and menu were given, Flynn gave a small smile to the waiter before opening the menu. Raising the menu slightly, the man keeps the trio in his peripheral vision while reading.
Alejandro "I think that you're correct, Thomas," says Alejandro with a bright grin, pulling a pen and a notebook out of the inside of his coat pocket. "Let me get your contact information on here and we'll discuss the details further." There's a sigh from him and another sip of beer, the glass nearly empty.
Natalya Natalya furrows her brow as she watches Thomas, she looks sympathetic as she pats him gently on the shoulder. She pulls out her pad and quickly jots down, 'What kind of gun do you use, Thomas?' and then slides it to him with half-smile.
Thomas Thomas thomas nods before giving his contact info once nat hands him a note asking what gun he uses " i use a m4a1 carbine miss" thomas let himself smile breefly 'i cant beleive im finnaly making a differance ' he thought to himself"
Flynn Setting the menu down, Flynn raises a hand to summon the waiter before opening the bottled water. As he takes a sip, the waiter arrives and Flynn nods swallowing the water and sets it on the table. In Spanish, he asks "Empanadas please." and gives another smile, handing the menu to him.
Alejandro After getting the info he needed from Thomas, Alejandro closes his notebook and puts it and the pen away in his jacket. His beer is deftly finished off before a server comes by to replace it with a fresh one. "M4A1, nice choice of weapon. Light, reliable and accurate, soft shooting," Alejandro comments on the weapon under discussion. "You could certainly do much worse." A glance is given to the fellow ordering empanadas.
Thomas Thomas thomas shruggs "eh ya i could but had to make due on a budget "
Flynn Leaning back, Flynn glances to his phone reading something on it. Giving an hmm, he slips it back in his pocket and picks up the bottled water to drink from it again.
Alejandro "Is there a weapon you prefer?" Alejandro asks Thomas with a little bit of a smile. "I have been wanting to try out a SIG SG 552, for instance, but I haven't been able to get my hands on one." Another drink from his beer, another considering look at Thomas.
Thomas Thomas thomas looks at the guy who just orderd threw his periferul vision "ya i prefure the m16a3 personally" thomas hand moves his hand to his rifles berral kepping a firm grip if needed then in a hush tone he speaks to al "i got a bad feeling about that guy just be ready if things go pearshaped"
Flynn Scratching his beard slightly with one hand, amusing look creases his lips as the young man touches the barrel of his gun. Taking another sip of his bottle water, the man looks to Thomas fully and smiles. The bottle being set down again, the waiter arrives with his plate and sets it down.
Thomas Thomas thomas realeases his hold on his berrol but keeps a eye on the man
Natalya Natalya quirks an eyebrow at Alejandro and Thomas and then glances over at Flynn, a slight frown on her face at his amused smirk. She holds up a hand to get the attention of the server and holds up a finger for another beer.
Alejandro With a faint nod at Thomas Alejandro says, "Seems like a decent weapon to me based on what I've heard about. Higher muzzle velocity than your M4 and a fixed stock to allow you some more flexibility in CQB situations, not to mention it'll fit you better with your long arms." The comment about the possibility of things going pair shaped gets Alejandro to press his lips tightly together. Then he turns towards Flynn and says in a friendly tone of voice, "The empanadas here are good, yes? The dough they use here is very similar to what they use for arepa. This is my favorite place for sandwiches because of it."
Thomas Thomas thomas hand drifts up twords his collor as he brushes over a scar that looks like it travles further down his shirt after that he takes another sip from his beer
Flynn Picking up one of the empanadas, Flynn smiles and nods "Very much so. I have to say that Olde Cobble serves the best empanadas in the city." Taking a bite and chewing, the man pauses. After swallowing he adds "Though that could me being bias." He adds with a grin. A glance is given to Natalya followed up with a wink before looking to his food and takes another bit of the empanadas.
Natalya Natalya reaches a hand up to make sure she's still scarred before she gives Flynn a slow nod. When the server appears with her new beer she picks up a menu and points at the empanadas and digs money out of her back pocket. She takes a sip of her beer and shrugs, keeping a hand on her guitar case.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov will step into the Olde Cobble and Pub with more than a little bit of amusement playing at his face as he looks about from the doorway. The man's cheer only matched by the slight bit of sunburn.. or is it a tan that is starting to come across his features as he looks about. Just got to wear a nice button down hawaiin print T-shirt like Andrei to get in this good of a mood he'll state then before making his way inside. "Good day. Good weather.. now to get some good food. Love this vacation shit." He'll offer out cheerfully as he moves.
Alejandro "It is not just bias," Alejandro replies to Flynn with a big smile, the subject of food obviously pleasing to him. "The dough they use here is the best. That's the key, I think." As he converses casually he takes a drink from his beer to keep his throat moist. When the new person enters the establishment Alejandro looks them over and gives a polite nod, "I'm pleased to hear that you are enjoying our fair country."
Flynn Speaking in Spanish, Flynn calls out to the waiter "Put her beer and meal on my tab." The waiter nods and slides the money back to Natalya and points to Flynn. Lifting the bottled water, he tilts toward her with a smile before taking a sip and eats more of his empanadas. To Alejandro, he gives a grin and nod.
Thomas Thomas thomas chuckles looking back to nat "seems you have a admirer "
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will just lift a finger then to point at Alejandro and point at the man, "FUckin thank you friend! Name is Olong Johnson. No relation." He'll state in english, clearly not at all even trying to fit in. A second later he'll take a look over at Flynn, Thomas and the rest of the restraunt before he offers aloud, "This is uh.. a pretty busy place normally? Crazy considering all the shit I hear.. Don't come to Bolivar my mother said.. you'd get shot she said, well, look at me! No bullet holes! Right buddy boy?"
Natalya Natalya gives Thomas a dirty look and shakes her head as she sighs. She gives Flynn a casual two finger salute and takes a sip of her new beer. She watches Andrei and glances at Alejandro, tilting her head towards the loud man with a shrug.
Alejandro "Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Olong," Alejandro replies to the bizzarrely outgoing fellow, not skipping a beat. Tourists are often great fun, after all. He catches Natalya's gesticulation towards Andrei and follows it with more words to the man, "I'm Alejandro. How do you do?" There's a long drink from his glass of beer, "What brings you to lovely Maracaibo, aside from dodging bullets?"
Thomas Thomas thomas looks over to the torest motioning to join them at the table "tell me olong you packing any heat ?"
Flynn Eyes looking to Andrei as he speaks, Flynn hmm calmly taking another empanadas and bites into it. His eyes then move toward Natalya and Alejandro, listening quietly as another bite into the empanadas is taken.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei looks Thomas then before lauging then offering cheerfully. "Packin heat? In a restraunt? What sort of horrible savage do you take me for! I'm just a free spirit man, out to see the world.. go on one of them spirtual cleanses. With Peyote or the local hard substance of choice which I hear is uh.. what was it again? Whatever." Andrei mutters as he glances towards Alejandro again. "What about you? This is your home you said? Pretty nice restraunt you got here... pays the bills?"
Natalya Natalya props her chin on her hand and watchest the interplay between the four men. She drinks her beer and when her empanadas are delivered, she starts to eat them, picking them apart and putting them in her mouth.
Alejandro "Ayahuasca, you are thinking of," Alejandro offers the name of the more local powerful hallucinogen out to Andrei, helping him along his spirit quest in a little way. "I don't own the restaurant. I was merely referring to my being a Bolivarian," he says, motioning in a way as to take in everything around them. "I am a contractor. My new friend here with the rifle works for the FBC."
Flynn A shake of his head is given, followed by a quiet chuckle as he plucks the last empanadas from his plate and eats it whole. Following it with water, from the bottle, Flynn finishes it and places the lid back on. A hand goes up to flag the waiter down and asks for the check and paper.
Thomas Thomas "im just a hired gun mate there agenda is somthing i couldnt care less about "
Natalya Natalya gets to her feet and picks up her guitar case, slinging it over her shoulders. She gives Alejandro a glance before she aims a wary look at Thomas. After a slight shake of her head she drains the rest of her beer and sets it down on the table. She gestures towards the door and tilts her head at Al, giving him a slow farewell wave.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei snaps his finger and points at Alejandro. "There you go! THat is the name.. and really? Really.. well that is my bad friend. I didn't mean to make any assumptions like that.. I'm just trying to have a good friend here."

A Beat then before he looks between Flynn and Thomas. "The FBC huh, those peeople are a bunch of murdering assholes last I heard! OF course they gave the biggest dude there with the chainsaw a medal for killing all the civilians and I'm pretty sure he ain't F.B.C., but hey they kill people all the same. I heard they were on this ship once and the commanding officer totally unleashed a horde of undead on some innocent civilians on the ship. IT was right scary man." Andrei offers rather darkly then in a faux-whisper. "Agenda? So the F.B.C.'s got an agenda?"
Flynn The waiter hands Natayla a slip of paper on her way out; a number is on it and writing below 'cell phone'. He again points toward Flynn. Meanwhile, Flynn pays for his meal setting money on the table and stands.
Alejandro "Good day, mi amiga," Al says to Natalya, returning her wave with an inclination of his head. "I shall speak with you again soon." Andrei then gets his attention. Alejandro studies him for a moment before he replies, "I take no offense, mi amigo. It's always good to have a friend when you travel, yes?" And then he just shuts up to listen as Andrei starts talking again. There's a lot to take in there.
Natalya Natalya gazes at the number in her hand before she glances at Flynn. She stuffs the piece of paper in her shirt and turns towards the door, giving Andrei an amused look as she walks out of the exit.
Thomas Thomas thomas gets up slinging his rifle over his shoulder before heading out the door and back to his hotel room
PrestigeAndrei Andrei pauses for a second as he looks aside and seeing two people walk out then lift his shoulders. :looks like people are busy around here yah? Crazy stuff. But yah, I'm here with a couple of friends. Convinced them all to go sight seeing with me. We hopped on a ship and sailed all the way here. It was great. Service wasn't too good but the price was right. Anyway, so what do you do then Mister.. uh.. Alejandro was it?" ANdrei inquires before looking over to Flynn then as well. "Or you my good man?"
Flynn A glance is given to Andrei as Flynn says "I work downtown as a private investigator. Simple work, usually with more dead ends and sad endings." A shrug is given as he takes a pair of sunglasses from his shirt pocket. "Try the empanadas or arepa. Both are good." He adds and looks to Alejandro and nods before heading for the door.
Alejandro "Yes, Alejandro," the fellow in question replies to Andrei, glancing at the door the two just walked out of. "This is a beautiful country to see. I hope that you and your friends enjoy yourselves while you are here." And then he pauses for a moment, thinking about his answer before a smile returns to his mouth, "I'm a contractor. I work for various entities doing things and the like." As Flynn heads towards the door Alejandro quirks an eyebrow at him thoughtfully, then gives a bit of a wave.
PrestigeAndrei "SAd endings? Sounds terrible.. wait so what like construction? I'm not much into back breaking labor. Doctor says I got bird bones or something like that." Andrei offers rather dryly as he lifts his finger to point at the man then before turning to watch Flynn leave the room from the corner of his eye as he walks out. "So uh, yah, Sounds like fun.. but I think that given that everyone is leaving so quickly this place must give people a bug or something."
Thomas Thomas thomas walks back into the pub his rifle no longer with him but his side arm is holsterd on his side as he sits back down at the table with al
Alejandro "Military contractor," Alejandro explains a little bit further, with a smile and a little shrug. "I am sorry about your bones." There's another drink of beer in there. "I eat the food here quite a lot and I have not gotten sick, but perhaps it is because I'm a local. I'm not certain if they are getting sick or if they simply have other business elsewhere."
Flynn "Oh food is terrific. Best in the city." Flynn replies with a quaint smile to Andrei. "Just finished up, which is why I am heading on out." Stepping past Andrei, he pushes the door open and exits.
PrestigeAndrei "MIlitary Contractor? SO what you shoot people? Oh, I've heard of that.. that is like a mercenary type deal huh?" ANdrei offers aloud as his head turns slightly to look to Flynn and then the returning Thomas. "Right right... best in the city eh?" He'll offer to Flynn before looking back to Alejandro. "So you just.. get guns and shoot huh? Sounds dangerous, scary too."
Thomas Thomas thomas chuckles "ya its dangerous but it pays damn well"
Alejandro "Certainly, but only in circumstances where it's legal," explains Alejandro with regard to shooting people. "It's like being a mercenary in that one isn't a member of the armed forces of a country necessarily, but generally when contracting you work for a country and you're often beholden to the laws where you're operating."