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Ashley Graham Things are unraveling even further. The University is no exception. Classes are cancelled, and much of the faculty has already fled. So too have a good portion of the student body. Only one dining hall is functioning, now, and the green is littered with trash since trash pickup hasn't really been a priority in the last week or so. Several dorms are entirely empty--some people left, and the ones that didn't saw the virus rip through them in a way that only young adults living without supervision and in close quarters can generate.

Ashley is here, sitting on a bench outside her dorm. A man in a cheap suit hangs back, watching her in a way that would be creepy in other circumstances. She's wearing knee-high socks today, Mary Janes, a polka dot skirt and pink sweater, her hair pulled back in a pony tail. And what is the President's Daughter doing? Eating a hoagie, with her head down in the pose of a defeatist.
Trixie People still live at the University campus, even though many have already fled. Thus, Raccoon City's finest are known to come by a few times a day when they can to check on those remaining. Today Trixie and Hunni are the lucky pair.
The now-familiar Tahoe Trixie has been driving for most of a week, the interior freshly scrubbed of blood and grime from a very interesting night at The Dish, glides into the dorm parking lot with more grace than such a large vehicle would seem to possess. "We should be glad anyone's even alive out here," Trixie murmurs as she cuts the engine and reaches for her seat belt. "This place is almost like its own town." She gives Hunni a weak smile and steps out of the truck, trying not to show her weariness. Spying someone seated on a bench not too far away, she beckons Hunni to follow her and starts that way at a purposeful walk.
Hunni      Sometimes, you just get 'lucky' with your assignments. Truth be told, STARS designated sniper would much rather be back at the station prepping for security then patrolling. A nagging worry in the back of her mind had her fearful they soon might be overwhelmed and she wouldn't be around to help. One task at a time however, the asian officer nods her head as she climbs from the car. "It is impressive, I can almost understand why people would stay here if they had no other home." Odds are, the woman would say more as she sweeps her eyes over the suroundings, but the spotting of a civillian still in the area has her falling into step, albiet a step behind and to the side of Trixie.
Markus Berger With things being the mess they are it is unlikely that anyone cares about who is where and if he was ever seen in the area before. The fact that Markus right now looks more like he just exited a rock concert instead of a lab or hospital likely helps as he walks through area outside the dorms to avoid most people. Seeing as its rather devoid of people its rather easy... or is it?
Rebecca Chambers One of the big problems that was going on in the world right now, if the world was just Raccoon City, was that a lot of the medical staff were fleeing, and otherwise. So those that remain, no matter how nascent their skills were, were becoming slowly more overworked, bit by bit.

Part of those that remained was the brand new S.T.A.R.S. medic, Rebecca Chambers.

Pale faced, with a machine gun strapped over her back, she had spent the morning in a makeshift clinic for those that remained. And she was learning a lot lot about first aid and random medicine, alongside an app on her phone she carried. Drawing herself up from a young man leaning against an outcropping, she offers him a hand - she had put his leg in a splint, and as far as she could tell, it was done right. "You need to get some crutches - I think I found some in the sports center. Maybe you can get a friend or something to run over and look? I /know/ they have walkers in the student health center, but..." A beat. "Good luck," she says. And meant it.

As the other S.T.A.R.S. arrive on scene, Becca's smile springs anew, and she lifts a hand to wave their way.
Ashley Graham Ashley remains seated where she is, looking over her sandwich for a moment before taking another little bite. She chews slowly, thoughtfully, her bright blue eyes finally lifting to sweep around the area. They settle, easily, on Trixie. The President's Daughter sets her sandwhich and wrapper aside on the bench beside her. The girl pushes to her feet and starts making her way over to the coppers, fingers twisting nervously in front of her. Secret Service continues to watch from the shadows.

A few steps further along, and the girl stops. She bites gently on the lower right corner of her lip, looking between the officers again. "Any news?" She asks, sounding worried.
Trixie "Definitely," Trixie replies to Hunni, smiling faintly at her fellow Delta Team member. "Hard to believe I was keeping my GPA up to get into this place a year ago." Funny how life changes your plans for you. As Rebecca wavesto her, she grins and waves back, though she doesn't call to her yet. As she gets closer to the girl on the bench, she gets a good look at both Ashley and her bodyguard and smiles weakly.
"Hi, Ashley," she says softly. "Town's still slowly coming apart, though we keep trying to turn things around. Still no sign of a cure for this mystery virus. How are you holding up? Any news from your father?"
A movement somewhere past Ashley draws her attention, and she looks at the rock-concert attendee for a long, thoughtful moment.
Then the radio on her hip pings insistently. "Oh, you stupid thing... Hunni, I need to get a spare battery from the car. I'll be right back," she says, jogging back toward the Tahoe.
Leon Kennedy The odds of the walking dead invading your city have to be slim for just about every populated area in the US, but Raccoon City has some extenuating circumstances working against it, after all. Factors like Umbrella, a horde of spec ops police units, and DESTINY. Leon Kennedy, bastion of Idealism and Justice, can't shake the feeling that it is the last of those factors that has drawn him here at precisely the right time to save the planet from a zombie apocalypse. The rookie cop has been assigned to the university for some time now, and his Crown Vic patrol car cruises quietly around the perimeter. From within, a handsome face peers out, on guard for the monstrosities the rest of the town has finally come to admit are a threat. He pulls up near the other uniforms, Trixie and Hunni, and the cute coed asking for updates, to pop his door open and climb out. "Nothing yet," he warily reports, "but things feel tense."
Hunni      Hunni does raise her hand, a small returned wave to Rebecca as she spots the medic. More STARS? Always good, especially if it was medical personel. The 'rocker'? He gets a sidelong glance, but so far there was no signs of any rioters or 'cannibals' in the immediate area, so things were going better then one really might expect. There's a glance between Trixie and the blonde as the pair have clearly met before, but when Trixie goes jogging for the car she blinks at being left alone before nodding to the young woman...just in time for the RCPD man to give the answer for her.

     Another nod and she smiles, doing her best attempt at a reassuring face. "We are here to help as much as we can though, keep an eye out for people."
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile just walks by the gathering crowd of people at some distance. At least thats what he intended before seeing at least two familiar faces which causes him to abruptly stop and watch the crowd instead from a quite some distance away with a unreadable expression on his face.
Rebecca Chambers Tucking things away in her medical kit, Becca folds things up and turns her eyes back towards the uniforms. Her features kinda wobble as none really respond to her wave, but at Hunni's return, her smile brightens anew. A beat, and Rebecca adjusts her belt after hooking the kit back onto it, and walks forward.

"Hey," she responds to the group at large. Although she was the last of Bravo squad, it was certain that she had seen Trixie and Hunni about the station at some point. "What's Delta squad doing here? Is there some of those monsters coming this way?" she asks, kinda glancing down the way towards one side of the campus. A beat. "I'm not usually at the campus, but they have me kinda going where the hurt people are, and... there was a lot this morning. A few bites, too," she says, pursing her lips as the brightness once in her demeanor gives way to a glumness. Raccoon circles under her eyes to show her Raccoon City pride (or her tiredness whatev) but she casts a tense smile their way.

Finally noticing the secret service agent, though, she glances that way, her eyes widening - before she turns her eyes towards Ashley, and bobs her head in a nod to her. "Everything okay with you and your... um... friends, ma'am?" Becca was actually thinking 'Umbrella exec daughter' rather than 'presidental daughter' but - Markus draws her attention last, her head canting owlishly to the side as she looks at the man. And kinda favors him with a little uncertain smile that she hoped was welcoming.
Ashley Graham The general reassurance from Hunni just kind of makes Ashley blink once or twice, and then nod. "Thank you, ma'am," she says easily, turning her head as Leon and Rebecca approach. She bites gently on the lower right corner of her mouth again for a thoughtful moment before gracing both new arrivals with a sweet, warm smile and a nod. "I can't imagine there's anyone safer than me just now, with four cops all around." Her blue eyes settle particularly on Rebecca, and then she follows the other woman's gaze toward the Secret Service guy. "Oh," she says after a moment. "Fine, I'm sure." She doesn't seem particuarly weirded out by this guy just staring them all down. And he's even taken a step or two in their direction, but otherwise he's just ... lurking.

As Ashley's gaze swings back toward the group, her eyes are tripped up by another sight. Markus. Her mouth gapes ever so slightly at the sight of him. "Oh," she breathes. "Excuse me, please," she says quietly and apologetically to the group of coppers, slipping between Leon and Hunni before she jogs in Markus' direction. "Doctor!" she calls to him, to get his attention.
Leon Kennedy "We're gonna protect this campus," Leon announces, backing up Hunni to anyone who will listen, presumably Ashley and Becca. "Nobody gets left behind. We can still stop this thing here. I know it." And then when Ashley runs off to leave them all, he glances towards Rebecca's indicated Secret Service officer.
"Those guys are with her?" he asks the S.T.A.R.S. medic quietly, jerking a discreet thumb towards the agent. "Who is she, that she's got a fleet of suits shadowing her with those super special earpieces and crap?" Blue eyes narrow suspiciously, flitting between the agent and Ashley (and Markus by extension), before settling back on Rebecca, since he's asking her.
Hunni      If only it were true, Hunni can't help but think to herself. Even so, she nods to the young woman before Ashley departs in a hurried rush towards the doctor and blinks as she realises the Secret service types were indeed around the girl. Leon's question? It earns a 'mmmh' of agreement before the asian woman shakes her head. "You'd think that someone important enough to have that much security would have been evacuated already. Things really have gone mad lately."
Markus Berger Ashley abruptly calling him with his increasingly inaccurate title simply causes Markus to roll his eyes and look rather annoyed as he doesn't so much as bother moving from where he is to approach her. In hindsight he really should've looked for a different place to catch his breath, so Ashley earns herself a very half-hearted glare. "Yes? What do you want? Shouldn't you be up and about out of here? Maybe call some people?"
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca purses her lips, looking towards the agent briefly as Ashley responds - before she rolls one shoulder in a shrug, and glances back towards Ashley. "Oh, he's a doctor too?!" she says, her voice perking up with interest. Bringing up a hand, she waves, and calls to Markus. "Are you an MD, or... PhD?" she says to him.

But this was when Leon gives that hushed conversation with her, and she leans his way. "I have no idea. Maybe an Umbrella exec and private security?" she asks. "If he isn't with her, he's being creepy as heck, right?" she says.

Hunni was given a long view next, and she nods her head. "I don't know what's going on with her, but... whoever she is, she seems friendly enough, right?" she offers with a smile.
Ashley Graham Ashely's jog toward the only man in the vicinity who is NOT a police man catches the Secret Service Agent's attention, and he turns his face in that direction, idly taking a few steps that way. You know. Totally casual.

Markus' reaction, though, causes Ashley to blink in surprise once she's stopped in front of him. "I've been trying," she explains. "All the phones are down. Well, most. I used someone else's phone but ... I haven't been able to get in touch with my Father. But apparently my detail decided to make arrangements to evac me. That should be in the next day or so," she says, taking a moment for a calming breath. "Is there anything else I should tell him, when I can talk to him? Anything else he needs to know? Anything that might be able to help? I was thinking that perhaps the viral research might be backed up on some government servers, so maybe any cure information they had might be there too. Is there anything I can say to help point the CDC in the right direction?" Her big blue eyes are hopeful, almost pleading. She wants to help!
Leon Kennedy It's been long enough since the last election for Leon to have completely forgotten what the president's daughter looks like, even if she is a certified hottie. People only pay attention during election years, after all. Curious eyes watch as she receives her cool reception from Doctor Whoever, glancing back to Becca. "If he's not, it's definitely creepy as heck," he agrees, nodding. "But rich people always think they can stay longer than they should in crisis zones," he points out to Hunni. Look at the cops shooting the breeze!
Hunni      Talk of viruses and cures? If it actually reached Hunni's ears it'd probably have her look very interested but for the time being she sees to be focused on the discussion with the other officers. "Stupid," she comments under her breath. "The less people caught in whatever this is? The less we have to worry about. It's all wierder then anything I ever faced back home by a long margin." The asian woman shakes her head yet again, glancing towards the car Trixie had disappeared to.
Claire Redfield The day she was born. All the nurses gathered round. To gaze in wide wonder. At the joy they had found. The head nurse spoke up. Leave this one alone... Cus she could tell right away. I was bad to the bone.

Claire is giving up all pretenses that civilization is not going the way of extinction. She steps out of the dorms wearing a thin brown jacket as the only cover for a shoulder holsters handcannon - Magnum and a Glock 17 that has a silencer twisted on. She's carting a heavy dufflebag with the last load of things she'll be taking away from the dorms as well.

The power is failing all across the city, water and services are limited, but she's found a way to clean most of the grime off from the night before. Her hair is even damp, but she has a ''working'' appearance as she makes her way across the campus.
Leon Kennedy "Keep an eye on that guy," Leon advises of the Secret Service agent, eying him suspiciously. Suspicion! But the walking dead are a bigger problem right now. "I'm gonna make another sweep of the perimeter," he informs the other officers, heading back toward his Crown Vic. He doesn't notice Claire, his off-duty partner for world-saving when the structure of the department eventually breaks down, too busy sliding back into his patrol car and firing up the ignition. With a skid of gravel and wintry mix, he's off for another lap of the campus.
Trixie Trixie jogs back from the Tahoe, looking faintly irritable. "Gawd, only /one/ live battery... the charger cord was loose," she grumbles as she draws up beside Hunni. "I think I got it plugged back in again." Her eyes slide to the departing Campus Police vehicle. "So, any news from the Campus Police? Hair styling tips, maybe?" she asks casually. Couldn't miss those dreamy locks. She looks to Rebecca and smiles. "Still saving the world one Band-Aid at a time?" she asks warmly.
Her eyes drift to Ashley, her bodyguard, and Markus. "Wonder what he's doing here," she murmurs, before waving and offering a call of, "Hello again, Doctor!"
Hunni      Everyone seems to know each other! Clearly Hunni needs to get out more. When this crisis was over? She'd have to try and make it to more functions and such. For now, the woman crosses her arms lightly over her vest and lets her attention drift to the departing patrol car and then eventually over the secret service types. If nothing else, they were a little extra armed security, right? "Nothing really, guess they're as lost as the rest of us."
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca kinda gives the secret service man a little bit of a long look, pursing her lips.

"Yeah? Where is home for you? I've always been here, in Raccoon City," says Rebecca to Hunni, biting her lower lip. "California?" Letting her hand rest - well, she didn't have her pistol at her side, she had her med pack, so she rests it there. She had her machine gun strapped over her back, though, so that might be frightening enough.

"Heard they're gonna stop people from leaving the city - quarantine. Including us, right?" says Rebecca with a wryness. She perks though, seeing Claire - there was something about that jacket that was giving her pause, it wasn't sitting quite right, but she lifts her hand up to wave in her direction. "Claire!" she calls.

But then there was Trixie, Rebecca's smile sparking bright at her joke, and the young medic gives a laugh. "Yeah, yeah. I think he has better hair than all of us combined," she says. "But no, he just saw us all here, and was checking in." And a moment. "Yeah, more or less. It's good practice, I guess, but... I really wish we had a real doctor. I think most of them left already, all told, and the ones that /are/ left are all swamped with patients," she says.

"I visited this clinic... a couple days ago? One of the patients bit the doctor, and he just kept going, and then the doctor started biting people later that day. And most of them were sick and couldn't move so great, so... it was a mess."
Markus Berger Markus just glares at Ashley even more as he lowers his voice to make sure not too many others can hear him... unless they put at least SOME effort into it. "Backed up? On government servers? Something that Umbrella worked on and some of the very same goverments oh so glorious Special Forces unsucessfully raided them for? Don't make me laugh." Having said that he looks past her towards Trixie and just grimaces. "Yes, yes... hello again."
Claire Redfield ''Claire''! Turns towards the sound of her name and looks across the crowds until she sees Rebecca. She missed Leon entirely, but she makes it over just in time to hear talk of perfect hair, "Oh, Leon was here." It isn't even a question. Dude has that nice of hair.

So everyone's all armed and nobodies saying anything about it.

"Kill any zombies today? Is it too soon to joke about that?" It's clear that's the only thing she can think to say because.. there's a lot going on in her head by the expression on her face and ''how's'' the weather doesn't really work after you've blown someone's face off with a magnum.
Ashley Graham Ashley doesn't quite step back from Markus, but she does retreat a little in her stance, leaning slightly back from him in a little recoil. Not enough to make the SS jump, though. So all continues to be well, right?

"Wait," Ashley says, her face folding into a frown. "Wait the Arklay mountains facility was doing research that //wasn't// sanctioned by the federal government?" Because you can't just wake up one day and build a bio research facility without jumping through a lot of bureaucratic hoops. The zoning alone must be a nightmare. For her own part, Ashley at least has the good sense to match Markus' tone in volume. "If that's true, then the CDC is going to have to start from scratch. It's going to be weeks at least before any sort of cure might be available."
Hunni      A squark from Hunni's own radio is enough to make her frown, but it's the voice that comes from it that really seems to grab her attention. Nodding to Trixie she rests her free hand on her weapon. "I'm going to do a sweep and then head back towards the station. Things are getting pretty intense there and they're going to need overwatch." Giving one last wave of her hand, the Japanese woman moves off to do just that, her frown never leaving her lips. Things just seemed to be going from bad to worse.
Trixie "Yeah... lot of that going around here lately," Trixie replies, gently hugging Rebecca. "Just hang in there, 'kay?" As Hunni moves to leave, she nods. "Be careful out there. I'll be along as soon as I can," she says, waving to the petite woman. "I'll ring up a ride for you." She tilts her head to speak in a low voice into her radio mic. "Dispatch, Mary Four... need a lift for Officer Izumiya, U Campus. Continuing sweep. Mary Four, out."
She manages a smile for Claire as she gently releases Rebecca, recognizing her from The Dish last night. "Good to see you're still in one piece. Thanks for covering for us back there," she says, sincerely. "And maybe just a little too soon... still having flashbacks of the one I knocked down last night. And the one from the night before." She can't fully suppress a shiver at the memory.
The conversation between Ashley and Markus is just loud enough to be heard at this point, and she glances at them worriedly. "This sounds like really bad news..." she murmurs, strolling in that direction.
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca's face flashes with a wide-eyed look at what Claire says. She purses her lips tightly, and nods her head. "They're still people, and they aren't zombies, they're just sick," she says, bringing up a hand to brush through her short hair. "It's just spreading way fast - if we could contain them somehow, maybe we can find a way to treat them. Blood transfusion or... something. Or maybe it has a time limit, like they'll fight off the virus and be okay in a little bit," says Becca, placing her hands on her hips.

"So why don't we just call them infected?"

The hug from Trixie - it catches Rebeccas off guard, but she smiles, bringing up her hand to hug the other officer in return - tactical gloves and all. But hugs, nice as they are, had an ending, and this one came all too soon. "What's really bad news though?" she asks, looking to Trixie - and then following her gaze towards Ashley and Markus. "Do you know who they are?"
Claire Redfield Claire cants her head a little bit, then a little bit more, "Yeah, they're zombies." She finally says with a little frown at Rebecca, "Unless you can explain the divide between chest wounds and headshots through infection vectors and etimology of disease? But if it's all the same to you, I had to shoot my babysitter last night... and I'm going to have a lot more ease dealing with that if she was a zombie than a sick person..."

Which is a good segway over to Trixie, for whom she shot her babysitter.

"Me too." She says with finality, grim expression, "But people use humor to make anguish feel better."
Markus Berger "Well, if your government actually decided to order them to create a virus that causes people to rot and decide to eat everyone around them then I don't know anymore and you all had it coming. Its completely and utterly artificial, just don't ask me what they used at the starting point. I was working for a completely normal medical department until they forced me to head into the mountains with their armed clean-up teams." To say that Markus sounds annoyed would be an understatement since he had to deal with this madness and the possibily of violent death for a while longer than the rest by now. Though having said that he glances past Ashley to the others before shrugging. "Mind calling your, friends I guess... over? Doubt what I have to say would make them anymore paranoid then most likely allready are... what with being stuck in this hellhole."
Ashley Graham "No, you're right," Ashley breathes. Of course he's right! "Even the most paranoid of conspiracy theorists wouldn't ever charge the feds with something like this. It's too much." Listening to the man's story though, Ashley's blue eyes get bigger and sadder as she listens. "And something like this would never have been cleared by regulatory authorities. Jesus, though, that means there really is nothing that can be done. It's just going to keep transmitting and transmitting..." She bites on the lower right corner of her mouth, lost in thought until he mentions her friends. She looks at the cops back over her shoulder, then to the doctor again. She shakes her head. "I don't know them. I mean Trixie yes but not the rest." She turns to look back to Markus, now looking even more worried. "You've got to get out of the city," she suddenly says with a bit of passion. "If you've seen what is up in the mountains, if you know ... you might be able to help the CDC on the outside to contain this. You absolutely have to get out. You can come with me." Is that something she can even legitimately offer?
Trixie Trixie was mostly already on her way over, so she hears some of what's being said between Markus and Ashley, and fights down a shiver. Mostly. "It's not getting any better, is it?" she asks, softly. "Still no cure, nothing we can do. Hospital's about to explode, and the city won't be far behind. Only ones we can save are the ones who aren't infected." She looks down at her uniform, sighing softly. "Sometimes I really hate my job."
But Rebecca is there, and she hugs the young supergenius again, this time for as long as she seems to want. "I don't know /what/ to call them... I just know that they're killing us, one by one." Her voice begins to rise, and her speech speeds up nearly into babbling. "The infected people just never get better. Only worse. And then they turn on you, just like that doctor that got bitten. It never stops, it just..."
She releases Becca long enough to smack herself in the forehead with her palm. "Shut up Trixie, your PTSD is showing... deep breath..." And she takes a deep breath, and another, and another. "Calm... I'm calm... Okay. What we seem to have left is getting as many people as we can out of here before they get infected. If we aren't too late to even try."
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca purses her lips tighter. She looked like she still objected, but. The last thing Claire says causes her to swallow her objections for now. To Ashley and Markus her eyes go, and she lifts her chin towards Trixie and gestures towards them. Only to spy that Trixie was on her way over.

Up lifts her hands - one to rest on her medic bag, and the other to choose to rest upon her tazer. That she still carried for some reason. "Hey, I don't think you can say that yet - you're not even twenty, right?" she says, using a more lighthearted tone. But more hugs. Trixie was a hugger, and Becca gives her one. Her brow furrows in concern though. "Are you alright?" she asks in a whisper. Glancing back towards Claire, she offers a gesture to invite her to the circle of convo.

"I mean, seriously - we're all under a lot of stress here, so if you need anything - let me know? Or anyone know. We're all in this together," she says - easily going into medic mode.

Secretely she was panicking too, no lie.
Claire Redfield Claire is a tough as nails badass and do- Oh hell, she's already hugging Trixie and Rebecca before she can even object to it based on having some fabricated image to uphold. "Dude, I'm a hugger." Stop it Claire, we're a badass. "This feels so nice..."

Once she releases from the hug, she stands conversationally close to Rebecca and Trixie. The distance making it really easy to see that she has a handcannon beneath her jacket. The same gun Trixie saw her blowing people's heads off like zits with last night.

"I can't leave yet..." She says with a little frown, "Not until I find Chris or someone can prove that he's dead... I will not leave my brother here."
Markus Berger "Listen, I have only barely gotten a glance at it and most of what I know is its behaviour from observation in the hospital. Personaly, my only thought about this all at this point is to build a perimeter around the city, at best get anyone not infected out and then wipe the place off the map. Still, if you were able to get me out of here it would be appreciated and I would try to help as far as I can." With that said Markus sighs slightly and glances around, probably expecting something bad to happen. Again. Because it allways does.
Ashley Graham "I'll try," Ashley says, looking back over her shoulder at Trixie and giving her a weak smile. Then she looks back to Markus. "Let me see what I can do." And with that, the President's daughter turns and gives everyone a tight, polite smile before walking over to the Secret Service guy who seems relieved to have his ward near him again. Rather than talking to pause, the man turns and ushers her back toward the dorms.
Trixie Trixie gives Ashley a weak smile of her own and a little fingertip wave in return. "No, I'm not okay... I watched a /very dead/ man get up and try to eat some poor kid's father. But Raccoon City needs me, so I can't afford a break," she says softly to Rebecca, not quite whispering, as she watches Ashley go. "As long as there's a town left, I have to be here."
She lifts an arm to encompass Claire in the hug for as long as the tough college girl is there. "Thanks..." she whispers to her. "I hope you find your brother. Didn't really know him, but he was one of our very best. Even if the brass sometimes seemed way too hard on him."
Rebecca Chambers "You... your brother was Chris right?" says Rebecca. Relieved as she was to be in the circle of love and hugs, she draws away after an appropriate amount of contacts, letting her eyes track from woman to woman. "Chris Redfield? S.T.A.R.S.?" she asks Claire. "I saw him, before he disappeared in the mountains - he was leading Bravo team on a training exercise."

Another moment, and she steps away - casting a little wave towards Ashley as she departs.

But what Markus was saying has her very concerned. "What? Did I hear you right? They're going to try to wipe Raccoon City off of the map?!"
Claire Redfield Claire nods to Trixie, quiet for a second, but then; "He is... but he's also a dick. So I get why they'd be hard on him." It helps her believe he's still alive out there to make fun at his expense. Even grin a little, fingers running along the zipper line of her coat.

Her attention shifts over to Rebecca, "Is that the night he went missing?" She asks with a little frown, remembering he'd mentioned something about an exercise the night before... "Where you with him?"

Then, finally, over to Markus to fix him in her stare as well. "So they fucking let this shit loose, then blow it the hell up? Classy a.f."
Markus Berger Markus just rolls his eyes at Rebeccas shouting as well as Claires stare and crosses his arms. "My opinion on what this going to end like at the rate things are going... and likely would be something sensible to do. Ever noticed the rate at which the virus is spreading? And what it does? Aside from causing people to rot? Besides, thank our corporate overlords for that." Obviously at this point he has given up on the lowered voice and faked calmness now that Ashley is gone.
Trixie "Maybe..." Trixie admits softly, blushing a little. Chris Redfield's hunk factor may be coloring her judgement. But only a little bit. She looks to Markus, stepping between Rebecca and Claire and the man she only knows as a doctor at a doomed hospital. "Guys, wait... maybe he comes across as a jerk, but he's not our enemy. I didn't hear anything anywhere about anyone wiping Raccoon City out. Not for real. And he's not totally wrong here. Drive by the hospital and see what you see. It's... I don't even like to think about it. Got more in common with a mausoleum than a hospital. No cure, nobody gets well. Give it a little time, this whole town will probably be just like that."
In spite of her bold words, she's struggling not to shiver, and once in a while she blinks hard, very quickly. The full meaning of their situation keeps lunging out of that closet at the back of her mind just when she thinks it's locked in good, and it shows.
Rebecca Chambers "Yeah. He was with us, observing the scene... uh... so..." Rebecca begins, nodding her head towards Claire. "He..." He kinda snapped at her, but she bites her lower lip. Let the possibly dead be remembered peacefully. "He was around when the fighting started - and then Bravo team started to die, and the avalanche happened - and I lost sight of him, being buried and all."

"But we would have found him when we went looking with Commander Wesker, right?" she asks, glancing to Trixie as if for confirmation.

Trixie's stance between the doctor and her catches Rebecca by surprise. "No, no - I think they're just mad - I... don't think Umbrella would do that. I really don't. They've done so much for the city - no, the world, why would they wipe us out? They might even be the guys that can help save us, right?" she says, glancing between the three.

"We're going to be fine, we just need to... help as best as we can, and keep things going."
Claire Redfield Claire lowers her eyes at the full debrief of her brothers, possible, last few minutes. A small frown forms on her face, curling her eyes downward as well, the expression taking full effect on her face.

It isn't until Umbrella is being defended that she speaks up, "What?" Looking up, "Are you still that fucking blind? You know how great the Nazi party was to bringing Germany out of an economic depression? Does that forgive the shit they did afterwards? Fuck no it doesn't..."

Her eyes narrow a little, "They created a virus that -did- this.. whether they released it to test it or because someone mishandled a specimen is fucking irrelevant, they 'created it'... So suck it up, Umbrella are either deliberately evil or accidentally evil and circumstantially idiots, but they are not innocent. I will not put that in my pipe and I will not smoke it."
Trixie "I don't know, Rebecca... I just don't know. I think if he'd been killed, you'd've found a body pretty quick. But if he wasn't there to be found, he could disappear and stay that way. No telling where he is now, if that's the case, but I don't like his odds in the mountains with those kill-crazy animals," Trixie replies gently, to Claire as much as Rebecca. "I can't see him /wanting/ to stay out there willingly, so I've kind of ruled that possibility out."
She steps in between Claire and Rebecca, just in case. "Guys, hey! Hey... we /really/ can't afford to be fighting with each other right now. I'm with Claire, mostly, 'cause this virus is too horrible to be believed. Making dead people walk around and eat the living. Making ordinary people into rabid cannibal killers. It's like a sick horror movie or something. But here we are, in the middle of a war with our insane and rabid dead neighbors, and we are totally losing. We've got to stay focused here, if we want to live and get anybody else out of this alive. If Umbrella really did make this virus, then they've got a lot to answer for. But we've got to live to see it for it to matter to us. So let's focus on what we can do and lay blame later, 'kay?"
Markus Berger Markus at this point just smirks at the whole arguing, although its a particularly pained smirk. After all, thats the local cousin of the apocalypse thats waiting just around the corner and people still find the ethusiasm to argue with each other. "So... who would like to know what yours truly knows? I have seen shit firsthand even far before things got this bad and I do not particularly care about what my at this point former bosses would like to sweep under the rug."
Trixie "Count me in, Doctor," Trixie replies softly, turning to face him fully and listening as calmly. When her legs get tired, she claims a spot of ground and sits, and occasionally in an emotional moment a tear might run down her face, to be swiped away by a finger or knuckle. But listen she does.
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca's face falls as not only Claire, but Trixie get in on the anti-Umbrella schtick, her eyes flickering between the two. "Although I think I would..." she says, pursing her lips tightly. "Like to hear what you know, Doctor, I think I need to take a little walk and check in with the supplies we have left - can I meet up with you in a little bit, and speak about it too?"

With one last flicker of her eyes towards Claire, Rebecca shifts her belt so that her medpack was in her front, breathing out a long sound. She looks between Claire, and Trixie. "I just don't think it's them. And we'd be dumb to turn down their help if they can help fix what's going on, too," she says.

Another beat, and Rebecca starts to walk away, towards one of the little first aid tents set up on campus.
Claire Redfield "I didn't say put them to the firing squad." Claire shakes her head, "But I'll be god damned if they shouldn't be held accountable for what they've done." Because she does believe it's them. Clearly.

She raises a hand to wave at Rebecca, a little frown on her face as the officer goes to look in on supplies. Looking now to Markus, "I'd love to know what you know..."
Markus Berger With a slight nod Markus settles down on the floor and looks directly at Claire with as much seriousness as he can muster... which only manifests as a frown and grinding teeth.

"A few weeks ago I was forced to join a few teams of heavily armed clean-up teams for data retrieval after Umbrella lost contact with their facility in the mountains. Turns out it was both being attacked by Special Forces and overrun with zombies. Yes, I'll call them that. I don't care how unscientific that is, considering the Umbrella employees and security up there seemed for all intends and purposes dead before they got up again and ended up eating my team. Only reason I'm still alive is because someone else sacrificed himself for me. The whole entrance to the mountain facility was bombed by A10s not too much later after I barely got out followed by the so called earthquake not much later. The later being the noticeable part of a failsafe consisting of detonating the whole facility doing just that." With that said he runs a hand through his hair and looks around for a short moment, likely waiting for any questions.
Claire Redfield Claire fixes Markus in her gaze, hands in her pockets with her jacket spread out around the sides of her arms, and her hip slightly turned and jutted to listen. Almost immediately she has questions, "An entire strike team was sent up there?" Then another, "Who was the other special forces group? Was it United States operatives?"

Her expression remains neutral, but on the verge of excitement. This is exactly the kind of information she's been waiting for...

"So they lost control of the facility where they were working on this virus or was this just one of many such locations? Do you have evidence to back this up? And if you do, can I have it?"
Markus Berger Markus just raises his hands in a placating gesture. "One after another. First, yes, three helicopters filled with them. One was shot down by the Special Forces. The majority of the rest was killed during the ensuing shoot out and later by zombies. Second, definitely US Special Forces. Thirdly, no idea but they likely have more places. They looked way too dedicated in researching whatever they did, considering there were areas designated as weapons lab and testing range. Fourt, no I don't. Which means that in the larger picture I'm a rambling madman who might just end up with 'lead poisoning' for talking too much." A fact that likely explains his paranoia.
Claire Redfield "Join the culb." Claire says of the last, largely considered as one of the more paranoid civilians who's been up front of the whole thing trying to turn public opinion against Umbrella. "So... the United States at least ''knows'' what's going on, if not has a direct hand in it... was it a clean up job or a cover up?" Because blowing up the evidence could go either way in that regard.
Markus Berger Markus just shrugs at the question. "How am I supposed to know? I didn't stick around to figure it considering there was a horde trying to eat me and in addition was put on hospital duty not long after my escape to look for anyone with unusuall infections, observe them and attempt treatment. Surprise... the virus laughs at treatment and acts very fast. Worst part? I was doing mostly regular virus research for the bogstandard medical branch until I was transfered to this city and was practicaly shoved into that damn helicopter not long after."
Claire Redfield Claire presses her lips together and nods, glancing off in the direction of the hospital. "What are the chances they're trying to localize the infection? If you put Umbrella scientists in the facility where the most likely victor will be, you're wanting to either control or observe the effects..." This isn't a question, that's a fact, "Which do ''you'' think it is? Is this intentional?"
Markus Berger The doctor just nods once again although he does think for a moment before replying. "Probably. They were likely not even expecting things to detoriate as much as they did since suddenly having a city with a population of nearly a million at the edge of being wiped out is not good, no matter what you are up to. Especially when its more or less your hometown. Anyway, yes... they were definitely expecting that most cases would end up there and wanted to observe the effects since there were two other researchers put on duty there."
Claire Redfield Claire frowns a little more, "Could they have stopped this from getting as bad as it has?" This last question is asked quietly. Despite her beliefs of Umbrella being responsible, she's always held out hope that they wouldn't deliberately do this... maybe she's still hoping.
Markus Berger Markus shakes his head as he draws in air through his teeth, likely getting more and more pissed off the more he talks about it. "Considering that this all apparently started in the wilderness even before the whole mess with the research facility? Bei Gott, keinesfalls. The moment we had the animal attacks in town we were screwed when Umbrella didn't clean it up... not to mention that they have been sweeping it all under the rug. Animals, besides contaminated water and airborne viruses, are one of the worst starting points for an epidemic since they can't just be pinpointed, kept an eye on and contained."
Claire Redfield Claire nods slowly. It wasn't exactly straightforward an answer, but it was clear enough: Umbrella could have done more. They certainly knew, they certainly didn't tell anyone. "Alright... so what are you going to do, if you get out of the city? Keep quiet about what you know or go public?"
Markus Berger "I will lay low for a while to make sure I actually live long enough to go public with it. They started it, they didn't bother keeping it in check, they swept it under the rug and they forced me to nearly get my head shot off or eaten. I'm not one of their armed goons. I'm pissed, I'm tired, I have spend my entire freetime hoarding tools for a while now and the worst part hasn't even started yet. So yes... I want to see them go to hell in every conceivable way." That said the doctor slowly gets up from the ground again and dusts himself off. "I suggest we be on our way before someone decides to check in who isn't as glad to see us than some others."
Claire Redfield Claire takes a breath and nods with Markus, a slow rocking of her head that's both accepting and agreeing. Her own paranoia is starting to surface, eyes darting off at every vehicle that passes or person that walks too close to the pair. "Stay safe." She says with a look in his direction, "If you find yourself in trouble and near a CB radio, I'll have a group dedicated to bringing survival supplies to isolated individuals waiting out the storm.. I'd be happy to make sure you have food, warm clothes, and gas for any generators you've got..." Which means she's been stock piling too. Where has she hidden all of it?

Well that's anyone's guess.