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Cerberus Feb 22, 2006
TerraSave Building
Emma's Office

Gentle rain fell steadily outside quietly on a Tuesday evening. The scent of rain and spring hung in the air outside while inside the offices were cool. Most of the evening crew had gone home for the day, leaving the place plenty deserted with the night janitor crew working hard throughout the building.
Emma Emma couldn't sleep, couldn't find rest. She had come in after some rounds at the hospital - light work, nothing to draining. She ended up staring out the window, watching the rain, her hair damp from the brief walk outside. There is a heavy sigh, the only real light on is her lamp on her desk and the glow from her computer screen.
Cerberus A subtle knock is given as a janitor walks in. "Mademoiselle O'Connal; any trash that is needing to be taken out." He asks. He looks young, possibly mid-twenties with short cut brown hair with a muscular build. He smiles charmingly to her, a janitor cart just outside the door.
Emma Emma pulls her attention from the window, her long red hair is put back, into a messy ponytail. She is quiet a second, looks to her waste basket, which is full, and then up, with a brief smile. "A - aye." The lass remarks, and reaches down with a delicate hand to take up the basket and then goes to walk it over to the janitor. "Th - thank ya."
Cerberus "It is no problem, madam." He replies gently as he takes the basket and dumps it back into the cart quietly. He glances to her, watching her for a second before coming back in to hand her the basket "All done."
Emma Emma takes the basket back, with a brief smile. "Th - thank ya." The lass repeats, with a quick nod.

Assuming that to be all, she'd turn and go to put it back beside her desk, looking out the window while doing so.
Cerberus As the basket is put down and she moves to the window, the kid steps further in quietly; his hand moving up a sleeve of the jacket and pulls out a thin string of wire. He continues forward toward her, his hands reaching up.. of which she catches in the reflectiveness of the glass.
Emma As the basket makes a soft 'thunk' on the floor, eyes catch the janitor moving in. His reflection is in the window. Also seeing him pull something from his sleeve, she gasps, this is no ordinary janitor. Quickly, she goes to duck down - even if it's tender down the cut she got, hoping she is quick enough to dodge.
Cerberus She slips down and away easily enough as he moves in with the string. As the Janitor turns, he lets go of the wiring with his left hand and moves to throw a punch at her.
Emma What the fuck! This is.. happening! Instead of a car bomb, she is face to face with someone who wants to take her life. Her heart is pounding, Emma can't stop the fear, but it's pushing her to react. As he goes to punch, the lass dodges. As she was on the ground, the very trash can he emptied is reached for, and tossed his way. It may not be a weapon but, it could distract.
Cerberus The trash can is not something he expected. As she dodges the punch and falls to the ground, he blinks and shields his face; the trash can hit his arms and he stumbles back a few feet.
Emma It worked! Emma scrambles up, stiffly, given that she is wounded yet, and goes to aim for the door.    
Cerberus "God damnit. Easy they said." He shakes his head and the Janitor takes off after her, arm reaching out and grabs her, growling "Get the fuck back here!" and yanks on her arm to pull her closer to him.
Emma Before Emma can reach the door and escape, he has her. There is a yelp, a gasp, she is yanked back hard, and tumbles into her attacker.
Cerberus "Stop fucking struggling." Janitor states as he moves to backhand her across the face.
Emma There is the sound of flesh on flesh, as the back of his hand meets her face. There is going to be a bruise! She nearly hits the ground, but manages to keep balance before turning and going to punch back.
Cerberus He steps back as the punch comes in wild, and he frowns. "Feisty one aren't you." He replies, moving in to punch her in the face.
Emma Emma dodges! Easily! She wanted to die, a part of her did, to go back to that safe warm place. But it hits her, she is fighting back! Having a second, she reaches for a vase on the shelf and goes to hit him with it, her hair a total mess.
Cerberus His swing was too powerful and goes wild. As he recovers, he looks back up in time to take a vase to the face and spins, head hitting on the desk and collapses on the floor; completely knocked out.
Emma Gasping for breath, exhausted, tired, her red hair a total mess, Emma stands there, seeing the knocked out man, the shards of vase everywhere. "I - I won." The lass says between gasps, amazed. Stumbling back in, she goes for the door. "Security!!" The redhead bellows, wiping a hint of blood from her nose. "SECURITY!"
Eve Eve skids into the office, out of breath and disheveled. She heard Emma's scream from security from her office and she dropped everything and sprinted across the hall. She stops short once she arrives, eyes going from Emma to the form crumpled on the floor. "Emma?" She says, walking up to her boss. "What the hell is going on over here! What.." She blinks and glances at the door and then back to the man on the floor. "Who is this, what the hell?"
James Scott James arrives shortly after Eve, but he's looking worse for wear as well. Apparently it was a shit night for everyone, especially Emma. "You alright?" he asks, blinking in his boss' direction a few times before moving to draw the knife from his side and kneel over the crumpled figure.

"Oh please tell me I get to interrogate them." That seems to perk him up a bit, but only slightly.
Emma Emma steps back from the door, scrubs wrinkled, red hair an absolute mess. She has a good bruise forming on her cheek, and around her eye, and a bit of blood coming out of her nose. As Eve and James enter, after she screamed foe security, her back hits the wall, and now with all the adrenaline spent, she slumps down, sitting on the floor.

"He - he came in an - an' tied ta - ta kill me." A hand comes up to her chest, holding the area where her skin was ripped open only days before. "I - I fought back an - an, well," A delicate hand motions to the assassin on the floor by her desk, knocked out with shards of a vase around him.
Esa At his apartment, Esa was finishing his dinner when his phone chimed a text message. Picking it up, he reviewed it quietly and frowned. Throwing on his trench coat and shoes, he headed down the stairs and hailed a cab.

His destination was TerraSave.
Benny Benny needed to go for a long walk, especially after the big lunch he had today and finds himself walking by the Terrasave Offices. He decides to check to see if Emma is still working, walking into the front foyer and asking the front counter assistant if Doctor O'Connal is there. After getting the confirmation, he receives a visitor pass and is let in by security after checking his creditials that he is indeed, who he says he is. He then takes the elevator up to where Emma's office is and steps out when it reaches his destination.
Eve Eve waks over to Emma, checking to see if she's all right. She spares another glance at the figure on the ground, a frown on her face. "Emma, what exactly happened?" She asks, opening a drawer and pulling out a first aid kit. "Are you injured?"
James Scott "Did he." James says, clucking his tongue quietly. "Well, I guess we're going to have to send whoever keeps doing this a message, aren't we?" The expression on the teen's face is about as dark as the words that come out of his mouth. Clearly he's cooking up something unpleasant.
Emma The door to Emma's office is open, within is James, Eve and Emma, and a body on the ground surrounded by broke glass.

Thunking her head against the wall, the lass closes her eyes. "I - I handed him a - a my trash bin, thought he - he was a janitor. Saw him in the - the window 'bout ta attack and tried ta get away. Faught some, I - I some how knocked 'em out."

Eyes open, they move to James, then Eve, her nose is dripping blood, half her face bruised. "I - I am fine." She responds, pulling her hand away from her top, which is light teal scrubs, some small bloof stains from her stitches bring ripped open begin to show.
Esa The cab arrived, and Esa gazed at Lennon. "You ready?" He asks.

Lennon gave a small nod and the two proceed forward, through the lobby and to the elevators. No one stops them as both are well known in TerraSave.

The elevator was a short ride up and a simple ding is that is given as the doors open and the two head in to her office.

"James, we need him alive. Check his arm for a tattoo; Ak47 with GFH as a rocker." Esa says walking in, eyes looking to Emma quietly with a small concern and question if she is okay. seeing the bloody nose, he walks over to her, grabbing a tissue in the process and attempts to apply it gently to her nose. He gives her a gentle smile as he does so.
Benny "What the heck is going on here?" Benny exclaims when he walks into Emma's office after exiting the elevator, apparantly Esa had beaten him into the room just by mere moments and he glances around, a very concerned expression now visible on his face. Looks like another attempt on Emma's life...poor Em! "Holy shit. Emma are you alright?" He quickly moves towards her as well, getting to her just as Esa does and reaches to give her hand a squeeze, before moving towards the unconscious man on the ground kneeling down to examine the man.

He glances towards James, he's seen that look from him before and gives the teenager a shake of his head. "James." He hopes his tone is enough to get his point across and then rolls up the man's sleeves to see if he indeed has any tattoos that would help identify his allegiances.

Just as Esa explained, the man does indeed have an AK47 tattoo with GFH written underneath it.

"Son of a bitch..." His eyes narrow and he turns to the other's in the room. "I used to be a cop...I'm going to question him, but I need everyone to leave as soon as he comes too." Not often does Benny sound like this but he's very serious and not at all joking around.
Eve Eve glances around, and she shakes her head, rubbing at her temples with her fingers. "Benny..unfortunately, we need the information too, so I think that someone from our security team should stay with you as well. Sorry." She glances at Emma and frowns. "You need to go to the hospital." She says, and with that she turns and walks back towards her own office, muttering something about hiring more security.
James Scott As Eve and Benny talk, James raises the knife in his hand and brings it down, sticking it in the unconscious man's shoulder with a sickening wet thud. "Benny. This is a TerraSave issue now. And trust me when I say you don't want to be in the same room as us when I start asking questions." His jaw sets and his nostril's flare.
Emma "Huh?" Emma looks down, seeing the blood stains from her stitches. "Bloody'hell." Remarks the lass, right before Esa is dabbing her nose. "Oh a - ah thank ya." She gives a thankful smile. Just as sudden too, Benny is there, eyes turn to him, there is a squeeze of his hand in return, that says she is fine. Looking to James as he gets angry, and confused over what's going on, Lennon walks over and ushers her out, letting her assistant take his dazed sister to the hospital to get patched up. From there, he closes the door and turns, standing against it. None will enter now.
Esa Esa watches Emma step out and sighs, eyes shifting to James as he plunges a knife into the mans shoulder. "God damnit James!" Esa shouts

"Jesus fuck, I said ALIVE not tortured to near fucking death. This man belongs to a mercenary team operating in fucking Paris. The same fucking team that tried to fucking kill Emma with the car bomb. If you can't handle a god damn interrogation correctly, then let someone else fucking do it." Clearly Esa knows a bit more and is agitated with the sudden aggressive behavior coming from James.
Benny When James pulls out his knife, stabbing the unconscious man in the shoulder while he's kneeling over him Benny reacts on instinct. He traps, James arm, grabbing his wrist in a figure four lock, using his own forearm as lever causing pain but no permanent damage and takes the knife away before he can cause any serious damage to the GFH mercenary. "James, get the fuck back and I'm not letting you torture this guy. Let me handle this. Trust me. I'll get the information we need. Just let me work." He is still holding onto James knife, watching the teenager carefully to see if he will comply and glances only briefly towards Esa at the man's outburst towards James.

Thankfully Eve and Emma have left but there is still Lennon as well as another security person still in the room. He doesn't look at them though, focusing on James Scott.
James Scott James' eye flashes a brilliant shade of red as he's both grabbed and screamed at. "Maybe if a couple of wannabe heroes hadn't wandered in I could be doing my fucking job. Last I heared I didn't take order from either of you." For the moment his gaze is on Benny.

"Now, I'm going to say this once. Once." He raises a single finger to emphasize. "Give me my goddamn knife then let me fucking work."
Maxim He hadn't even had a full day on the job yet. Hell he just got the packet yesterday, and now come to find out someone's attacked at the office. Yes, this does not bode well. He knew he should've just tailed Emma from the get go, creepy stalker vibes be damned. But now Max is there,at the building, making his way to the office to see what's happened.
Esa As Benny disarms James, Esa just sighs. This was getting out of hand fast. He pinches his eyes "James, calm down; Benny let the man go." He looks to James more directly. "I need you to keep a levelled head James. Torturing this man with a knife isn't going to get the results or answers we need. The GFH are trained soldiers; some served under special forces." a pause; "I know Emma would never approve of this, James. Not personally nor as an employee of her company. Besides that, what happened if this got out? TerraSave tortures peoples? Security cutthroat and ruthless. What message does that send to the general public?"
Emma Lennon had been standing by the door, but now moves. He is a good few years older than any here, and moves with the reflexes of a man who spent his -entire- life in service. His direction is Benny and James, if allowed, his strong hand would go to be put on James' shoulder, in a calming way. "James," The redheaded man says, in his thick accent. "Yer intentions be good, I go no doubt, but if we do this wrong now, we don't get to find tha men behind this. These men want my sister dead, have tried twice, for that they will pay. That I promise you. Now, come, brother, let us find the way to finally end this, aye?"
Benny Benny lets go of James but doesn't give the man back his knife just yet, watching the teenager carefully especially since that eye has turned red. "Not until you've calmed down and come to your senses." He hears what Esa is saying but doens't dare take his eyes off of James for even a split second, this is a volatile situation and he's seasoned enough to know that things having de-escalated enough for him to let his guard down just yet.

He isn't intimdated by the much bigger and younger, former Umbrella Captain and now Terrasave employee.

He stands his ground in a calm, confident manner and is disciplined enough to understand knowing how to fight means he would rather avoid fights. "Lets just all calm down and figure this out. We all care about Emma and want to get to the bottom of this." He says in a calm, respectful tone towards his Team Night team mate.
Maxim Quiet for the big man, Max opens the door to the office slowly, and not open all the way as he hears voices and things going on. He just glances in to see what's taking place, and if no one is by the door (by Lennon's departure from it that should be the case) He'll slip in and just stay by the wall next to the door, looking about at everything as it transpires. If anyone bothers to notice him through the escalated argument that seems to be transpiring he'll offer a slight bow, but otherwise he tries to be as unobtrusive and unnoticed as his past work trained him for, letting the events continue until he understands everything that's happened.
James Scott "Fine. You fuckers deal with it. I need to find Spencer." James' jaw sets, he clearly hasn't calmed down any. Though the position would give Benny and the others an opportunity to notice multiple needle marks at the base of his skull.

"If you don't get back to me about their location, I'll break it out of one of their other members. Special forces or not." His gaze moves over to Esa for that. "They didn't make me a security captain because I'm pretty."

And then Maxim is walking in the door, and James' hard gaze falls onto him. "And who the fuck are you?"
Esa "He is another security officer Emma recently hired." Esa replies to James. Interesting just how much the man seems to know. He spies the needle marking and frowns. Something was going on with James. "James, we need to get drinks sometime." He adds calmly. "And I understand, just.. It is better by the books."

The man begins to stare awake.

"Someone help me tie him up before he gets fully conscious." Esa adds as he takes out a pair of zip ties and limps closer to the man; zipping up his legs with one hand while another hands zip ties to someone else.
Emma Lennon steps back from James, he did notice the needle marks. He simply nods, this Scot isn't a man of many words. Eyes move to Benny, then Esa, then Maxim, who had entered. But a the news of who the man is, he simply moves a few feet away. "We shall get this finished? He will likely wait any minute and we do not have long to gather the information."
Benny Benny notices the needle marks when James turned his head to look at Maxim when he entered the room, "Spencer? James what are you talking about...and are you okay?" He relaxes a bit, once James backed off a bit and also glanced towards the door when Maxim entered, not sure who this new man was but his presence here was quickly explained by Esa.

When the unconscious man starts to stir, he helps Esa hold the man down while they get him restrained. "Lets get him to his feet and put him in a chair, so we can have a little chat with him." With a practiced ease, he is able to roll the position the man by rolling him into a seated position, then holding him by the elbows and using his leg muscles to get the man to a standing position as soon as he comes fully too and guides him into a nearby chair. "Don't even bother trying to struggle, your not going anywhere and we are going to have a /chat/ about some things. First things first, who the hell are you and who do you work for?" He starts off with the simple questions to gauge complaince.
Maxim By the door, Maxim listens to James, then the others as they speak. His presence is explained, so he merely bows his head slightly. "I am Maxim." He glances about the room, signs of struggle, the prisoner now being restrained. He frowns and adds, "I see I should have started work immediately. I am sorry. Is Emma alright?"

Taking his hand by the door he reaches out and makes sure the door shuts, especially with what looks like an interrogation is about to begin. in his other hand out slips a bronze coin, that starts to flip over his fingers as he stands there letting the others work.
James Scott "Don't worry about it." James simply responds to Benny. "I'll deal with it myself." The teen turns and heads for the door, pausing just short of leaving. "Maxim, if they get a location out of him, remember it. I'll be paying them a visit." With his piece said he lets the door close behind him, heading out into the night to do whatever it is he does.
Esa "My name is Patterson, Jameson. 519 94 6758" The man replies in a calm, collected voice to Benny; eyes staring icily at him. They then shift to look at the wound. His eyes shift to James "Fuck you, asshole." He says before wincing as the pain sets in.

Esa folds his arms against his chest, frowning. "Standard military routine. Name and serial number." He shakes his head slightly.
Benny Benny has dealt with hardened criminals while he was a cop and participated in a few interrogations during his seven year career, when he did a six month stint as a detective during a special assignment. He found he had a talent for interviewing, he liked it and one of his goals was to make detective one day. But that was in the past, now he's going to put those skills to use for this particular situation.

He puts both hands on the arm rest of the chair, looking the seated tied up man straight in the eyes and leans in close. In a very calm voice he says, "Listen very careful. We can sit here and play this game for hours but I don't have the time nor the patience for this. So lets just cut the bull shit right now and get down to business." He then puts a hand on the man's injured shoulder, where James had cut into him. "You don't realize, that this knife wound you have here could have been much worse and it was me that stopped the guy from cutting you any deeper. He's stepped out because I took his knife away from him and he's really pissed off. He doesn't give a damn about how much you'll scream or bleed or start begging when he cuts off fingers, ears or whatever to get you to talk." He pauses to let the visual sink in, his voice is still calm but there's a clinical coldness to him now.

"You tried to kill a very close friend of mine and that isn't acceptable. The only reason you aren't laying in a pool of your own blood and with that guy is because of me. So you have a limited time offer right here, right now. You can tell me what I want to know or deal with the other guy." He gives the injured shoulder a pat first.
Esa Looking to Lennon, Esa nods "Let me know what he has to say. I'm going to check on Emma." He replies quietly now that the situation was defused and Benny was beginning the interrogation. "Let me know what Mister Patterson has to say." He pats Lennon on the shoulder in passing as he limps to the door and exits.
Maxim Maxim watches Esa depart. He gives a nod to him and goes back to watching the others with the prisoner. He flips the coin to his other hand, flipping it over that one, but doesn't add anything. After all, Benny seems to be doing alright. He just scrutinizes the man and waits, until the man talks, or something happens he's needed for.
Emma This dude, tenses a little, jaw tenses up. This isn't going to be fun. Eyes move to the door where Maxim is and then back to Benny. Lips turn into a smirk. "Go fuck yourself." He says, while a bit on edge he isn't going to give up his friends that easily. "The girl is fiesty, pity I was only told to kill her." He isn't subtle either, perhaps he is testing to see if they will keep their threat true. "Would of made a great prize, that one. That red hair and all."
Benny Benny suddendly chops the rude man's throat with a knife hand chop and then sticks his thumb into the knife wound on the man's shoulder, digging it in deep but if a camera is recording it really just looks like he is using a vulcan death grip. "I don't really like that kind of language and consider that your only warning for being so crass describing my friend." He digs his thumb in a bit deeper, his other hand now raised in a clenched fist, his knuckles making a cracking sound. "Who hired you for the hit!?" He raises his voice just slightly and he stares the man right in the eye, his expression is calm but intense.
Maxim Maxim watches as the interrogation continues. He reverses the direction of the coin and frowns slightly at the chop, but otherwise makes no move. He looks to Lennon but otherwise keeps by the door, watching as it continues.
Emma This guy yelps in pain. Fuck it hurts. But he is trained for this too, and yes, he found the trigger. After some heavy breathing, eyes narrow on Benny. "You know," The assassin says, actually laughing through the pain. "Fuck you. And fuck that pretty little redheaded friend of yours, and that, I should have done literally." Yeah he is doing all he can to escalate the situation. "Fiesty little red head like that, good time I bet. Could of counted the freckles on that skin before I ripped the life from it, would of been a good, long night."
Benny Benny doesn't blink when the man again continues with the crass comments, "I don't think you heard me clearly..." He then suddenly drives an elbow down on the man's collar bone, on the same shoulder that he's got the knife wound and uses enough force to break it. "Do I have to repeat myself again?"
Emma Now there is a scream, the assassin in -pain-. Dark eyes are unwavering now, fixed on Benny. "Do you think she'd like it? You think she'd scream?" There is a twisting smile of cruel pleasure on his faces as he asks, yet, it's taking every inch of control he has before breaking.    
Maxim Maxim blinks as the man cracks the prisoner's clavical. He moves from the wall at that point. He approaches Benny, slowly unless it looks like he's going to do something more permanent to the fellow and adds, "Perhaps we should move to something more productive..."
Benny "Guess, I'll just have to bring in the other guy since this isn't working." Benny exclaims, then grabs James's knife and thrusts the tip of it into the chair, just an inch away from the guy's private parts. "I tried to be productive but these stupid fucks always have to be the tough guy and play games." He starts walking towards the door, "Okay, bring in the other guy. I'm done here." He hopes his bluff works but if not, then he's just going to have to try a different tactic. He's never hurt someone like this before, it feels wrong but those thoughts are pushed aside as if he's had this internal struggle before.
Maxim Moving up toward the prisoner, Max watches Benny a moment, then looks to the man. He starts to walk around him instead of sitting in front of him. "You are hoping to make this over quick, yes?" He lightly pats the man's shoulder, just narrowly avoiding the cut, almost teasingly like he could have hurt him but chose not to. "You see, I have seen torture. I have seen what men who know what to do, will do." He stays behind him, making sure he can only hear him not look at him, and will push his head if he tries to look behind. "I promise you, if you do not tell them what they need to know, you will live. But you will not want to. You could try to get them to kill you, but you will not succeed."

He crouches down slightly to bring his voice closer, careful not to get his head directly behind so the man can't head butt him. "I do not think they wish to waste weeks torturing you like I have seen though. Most cannot stomach it. You will crack, everyone does. It is.. inevitable. So why waste the time? Pride? Perhaps you think your friends will be able to escape?"

He slips the coin away and adds, "You do not have to prove you lasted the longest, with the most broken bones... the most flayed skin. It is a poor marker to judge your worth on."
Emma "You're more of a woman than your friend, to much of a pansy to finish the job. Why don't you each grow a pair then decided who is going to be the man and get on top and finish each other off." He remarks.
Benny "Yup, he's the closer all right and it's always the hard way with you guys isn't it. I hope they paid you a lot of money for loyalty like this because it sure better be worth it for your family." Benny says in a cold voice and walks back towards the man very slowly. "It's like your on this train, it starts getting faster and faster. You could get off now or you can wait for it to crash, but the longer you wait the faster it gets until it's completely out of control. So this is what you want, eh? You want me to lose control, perhaps slip up and kill you before you give me the answers I want?" As he gets closer, he takes measures the man and is looking dead center of his torso. He then smiles, a very cold sort of smile and cracks his knuckles.
Esa After checking on Emma, Esa headed back to the office. He came in around the time Benny and Maxim were finish talking to the Patterson. Glancing to Lennon and Benny, he asks "Has he talked?"
Emma Perhaps now the guy is more on edge, the pain hitting him on every level. There is only so much a man can take. But in one final stand he looks at Esa, and then Benny with a cold, leering snarl. "Choo-choo mother fucker." He spits.
Benny Benny stops short of the tied up, defiant Guns For Hire member as he stalked towards him with a dark intent on his features. Each step, putting him now within arms reach and when the man spits after cussing, well that just did it for him. If the spit was aimed at him, he would have blocked it with his hand and then grabbed the chair, starting to pull it towards the patio door. "Nope, he ain't talking but I told him that you guys would come in if he didn't. They always want to do it the hard way." So, now he's getting dragged across Emma's office but he can't see where he's headed to yet.
Esa Esa nods slightly and watches Benny as he drags the chair with the man tied to it. "I see." He states quietly and begins to follow him.
Emma The man is dragged, kicking at cursing at them, beginning to show more fear now. Realizing how serious they are. Lennon stands at the door guarding it.
Benny Benny drags the GFH mercenary to the patio door, opens it and outside they go the patio. He leans in close to the mercenaries ear, "You fucked with the wrong people." Grabbing the man by the throat with a tiger's claw grip, he forces the man to his feet from the chair and brings him towards the edge of the balcony railing. The man's legs and hands are tied behind him, so he's pretty much helpless, he's got a broken collarbone, a knife wound in his shoulder that is still bleeding and now he's going to be bent over backwards to look way, way down towards the street.

Speaking to Esa now, "Grab that knife on the chair. Cut the man's restraints. Looks like he was so distraught with what he did, he couldn't live with himself and leaped off this balcony. Quite a shame really." His voice is deadpan, no emotion and frosty.
Esa Esa nods as he picks up the knife and walks over to him. "It's too bad really." Esa adds, twirling the knife in hand as he walks casually to Benny. "His family is going to be sadden with what he did. Attempted murder of a poor innocent woman? Committing suicide?" He shakes his head "Heart breaking." He says coldly. "Truly, heartbreaking. All that media press on his parent's doorsteps; those questions, the wrenching agony of knowing what her son has done." He shrugs and hands the knife to Benny.
Emma Every man has his breaking point, this is his. The assassin sputters, and tries to break free before being bent over the rain. Here, he is weak, and here, he begins to sputter out information. Such as the GFH being held up on a small poor class houseing area, protecting some middle eastern guy who plans to set off a bomb some place, with the t-virus in it.
Benny "Always the hard way..." Benny shakes his head and takes the man's arm in a chicken wing style armbar after he's spilled his guts with what he knows, then escorts him back into Emma's office and towards the elevators. "We'll let the Paris authorities handle him now." Knowing full well that the DSO will have the man transferred to a black site before he even makes it to the Paris Police headquarters for booking.

Turning to Esa, "Your one scary dude. I told him, he didn't want you coming back into the room if he didn't tell me what I wanted to know." He sighs inwardly and is going to have to leave Paris a lot sooner than he expected after this, but his emotions got the best of him and the prep he was doing for his new assignment came to the forefront at the worst time.

Reaching into his pocket, he will text out a code to his DSO contacts in Paris that he needs help with a clean up situation. He will provide them more details shortly, once he's clear of the building and can speak in a more secure manner.
Esa Esa gives a quiet nod and hands the knife to Benny. "9 years in Special forces trains you to be hardened against situations like this." He replies and frowns as he walks back with Benny to the door.

"We are going to have some issues though. You took a man out and onto TerraSaves patio. Who knows if people saw this from the other rooftops, or down below." He sighs and opens the door. "Emma can easily have the tapes redacted or wiped; but what if someone saw you, Benny?"

He shakes his head and after Benny walks in, he follows. "Just remember Benny; you are not like James."
Benny "Give that back to James when you see him." Benny replies when Esa offers the knife to him, refusing himself to touch it after what he's just done. He already feels tainted enough on the inside, his head hurts and he has a stomach ache. He feels like he wants to throw up but he buries it deep for now. The old Benny is slowly being suppressed and this new guy, this dark side of himself is going to be the new boss for a while. Just a rental, hopefully. "You guys do what you have to do. You probably won't see me around for a while." He takes the man down the elevator, not speaking and just staring at the doors of the elevator. It's like a metaphor, one man stepped into it early to go upstairs and it's not the same guy leaving. Not anymore, when those doors open and he escorts this piece of shit out. Is it for duty, for the greater good or just a Dark Mirror episode from Star Trek.

He looks at Esa briefly, right before the door opens. "It's dark outside..." He then steps off the elevator, giving a small shove to the GFH mercenary for good measure and into the lobby. He's going to have to make that phone call to the DSO and get this SNAFU taken care of before the shit really hits the fan. FML.