Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alexia Ashford James awoke to find himself strapped to his bed and not in a good way, not the way he might have enjoyed. A group of men who appeared to be Umbrella Security Service were gathered around him, holding him down by the arms and legs despite the fact that he was strapped down.

A feminine voice he recognized from when he first came to Europe after Raccoon City was heard by him as a bright light was shined into his eyes, "James, I must really apologize for how we are going about this."

It was Alexia Ashford, James' 'Sponsor' into the Umbrella Corporation, "You see, I always knew you would betray Spencer and I've always intended the same."

A needle as in her hand and she injected it directly into the base of James' skull, extracting spinal fluid, "Time is short however and if I could bring you to a lab to do this properly, I would."

When the fluid was extracted she handed it to one of the soldiers who put it into a black case before she used another needle to take another blood sample from James, "The numbness is temporary, I had to give you a sedative in case you resisted, you should regain full bodily functions within the hour."

No finesse was used as she jammed another needle into James to take another blood sample, one of over a dozen she had taken so far, "You should know though that Spencer is after you and he will find you. He killed your girlfriend, not that thing posing as your father. Spencer, did it. He's turned into something else, something more than human." There was an air of desperation to her voice, an edge of fear.
James Scott "Ngh." James grunts as he wakes up surrounded by various Umbrella employees. He has no issue seeing in the dark, so his good eye moves towards the sound of Alexia's voice as best he can. He doesn't resist nor does he look like he has anything he plans on trying to say. But he was expecting this sooner or later.

The needles illicit a flaring of his nostrils and a gritting of his teeth, but thanks to the sedatives they're little more than uncomfortable pressure. It's when she mentions Spencer and Vivienne his working eye turns crimson.

"Where." Despite his position that's apparently a demand.
Alexia Ashford "Hopefully nowhere near here." Alexia replied with a little smile as she looked over towards the helmeted soldier testing the sample in whatever device was inside of that black case.

"Results are positive Ma'am." The soldier reported with little emotion or passion.

"You're in luck James, you bonded with it on a cellular level, unfortunately, the two viruses in your body are at war. The progenitor alpha and t-Veronica both want to kill each other, fighting for control, not only unbalancing your body but your mind." Alexia reached into the case and removed another needle filled with something James might have recognized.

It was progenitor alpha, the serum he had injected himself with in after the incident in the mountains.

"This is a super-dose of the progenitor alpha, if you're lucky, it's going to give your immune system the boost it needs. What Wesker didn't know. What Spencer didn't know. Even Birkin..." Alexia laughed, "Is that you need regularly doses of Progenitor in order to maintain it. I suppose you didn't know that either, did you?" She laughed again, a little too darkly for such an innocent looking woman.

"If you're unlucky, you're going to die as the two viral strains tear your body apart and most likely? Turn you into a hideous monster that will rampage throughout this city and make everything that has happened prior to this? Well, it would seem a picnic James, an absolute fucking picnic." She smiled before jamming the needle into James' neck.

It was like burning hot fire searing through his veins, the extra dose of progenitor that would maintain the serum he had taken over a year ago and hopefully? Save his life.
James Scott "I didn't even know what it was." James shakes his head. His attention moves the the soldier's testing his blood. "Just keep me stable long enough to kill Spencer. Doubt I'll live long enough to take on Wesker." He braces himself as Alexia smiles.

         "Fuck." the teen hisses, muscles flexing as he locks up. "You.. you know how to get in touch. Don't die Alexia, I still need you."
Alexia Ashford "Don't underestimate Wesker, he's a weasel. Him and his little lapdog Birkin have hated me since I was a child." Alexia stated matter-of-factly as she replaced the injector back in the case and nodded for the soldier to close it up, "My brother and I have cut ties with Umbrella. The Umbrella Security Services are far more loyal to my brother than they are Spencer so he will lose a great deal of his manpower but it won't leave him without resources. Don't go to Rockfort though, I've received word the location has been compromised and Spencer may be using it as a temporary base of operations."

Not removing the gloves she was wearing she nodded to James who would no doubt start shaking violently any second now as the war within his body went full on Armageddon. No wonder James had to be tied down, "Good luck James, take care of yourself. For what it's worth? That thing wearing your father's flesh, it was not him. He was a good man who was killed by Wesker and Birkin at the order of Spencer precisely because he never wanted any of this."

Turning on heel, she headed out of the penthouse escorted by the Umbrella soldiers, or was that former-Umbrella soldiers..
James Scott As Alexia turns James siezes up, his eyes rolling back into their sockets. The pain that surged through his body now just a fraction of the hell he was about to endure. With luck though it'd just make him stronger, especially now that he had a figure to direct his rage at.