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Silent Night Not many days after the group meeting of the wonderful Team Night, Sir Archene Night sent a text to Benny, inviting him to Saxophone Thai to enjoy some lightly spiced food as well as a more serious talk regarding the future. As it was, Archene is sitting in a table very out of the way. In the least, they wouldn't been seen by the people who just entered the restaurant.

He is wearing jeans and some plain black t-shirt, currently typing things away on his smartphone as he arrived possibly too early for the meeting with Benny. On the table there was already some half-drunk lemon juice, but no food.
Benny Benny got Archene's text and of course accepted the invitation to meet with his old friend and Knightly comrade in arms from Raccoon. Having the meeting at his favorite restaurant in Paris is a bonus for him, as he is known for his love of food almost as much as his blushy face with the ladies.

He's dressed in his usual, black waxed cotton Belstaf jacket, a grey graphic t-shirt t-shirt with a picture of Bruce Lee on front, blue denin designer jeans and grey adidas sneakers. Upon entering the restaurant, he smiles warmly at the hostess giving her a polite nod and he's recognized as a regular customer. He heads to the back of the restaurant, finding Archene at the secluded table and sits down across from him, extending his hand in greeting with that warm smile, "Hey Arch. Always glad to see you. How are things?" He says in a sincerne tone.
Silent Night Archene takes Benny's hand and shakes firmly, offering his friend a warmly smile, "I'm doing well though a few things have troubled me." His smile falters briefly before he asks, "And yourself Benny?" With that, he puts his smartphone into his pocket, focusing again on his friend.
Benny "Oh? Well, that is something I don't hear very often coming from you Arch. You always seem like the man with the plan. Is there anything I can do to help?" Benny replies after giving his old bud a firm handshake, then settles into his seat and regards you with a friendly look. "I'm doing well, thanks. That was one heck of a crazy adventure we had with Emma the other very much felt like old times when we were back in Raccoon. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured but I wish Emma would have stayed further back than she did. But she was never one to listen to us...even if we have the best of intentions." He sighs softly and shrugs. "But it all worked out in the end. I saw her the other day and she actually canceled her morning appointments, so that she could get some rest. I drove her back home from the Terrasave office and made sure that she was safe. Her security detail also went with us as I'm sure your own that you have watching her." He doesn't seem offended or surprised by this.
Silent Night ARchene nods at Benny, "It was a nice adventure. I hope that Emma won't be forcing herself too much, and that it helped her learning how to deal with situations like that." He sighs, "I really feared that she'd get more than just knocked out when I jumped in front of her." He sighs drinking some juice, "But it is good to see that she is taking more care of herslef at work and isn't forcing herself too much."

Archene half-smiles, "Even since taking down James Marcus, my head has been troubled, on levels that I haven't been able to properly understand. In the least, it does not seem to be any sort of illness. But," He pauses briefly, "I can't shake the feeling that the world is going to end, and that I've met the individual who will be bringing its end around." He sighs, "I want to do something about it, but even after the promotions and apointments I just got, it is probably not enough. Hopefully, becoming South America's Regional director will just be a stepping stone. But even then, both of us know that just having a company doesn't make any plan fool proof." He brings a hand to his forehead and rubs it, "Currently, I don't have a concrete plan yet, so I plan on amassing resources, information. Everything I can. I'm even helping Markus with a anti-B.O.W. database to ensure a bright future." He smiles lightly, "And though I know you are just doing civilian work right now, if the wrong people caught wind of my preparations, they might target you. Even then, both of us know, you are one of the most capable people out there, I hope that if one day there is a fight where your help would be invaluable, you'd be able to join me on it." He smiles softly a hand reaching into his pocket, placing an... overly expensive .50 cal round in the table, "Though public announcements say I've made this one bullet to celebrate the defeat of James Marcus, may this be a sign that the future is uncertain, and that we will be there to shoot down any enemies."
Benny The shy Asian listens to your words carefully, not wanting to interrupt as what you are saying seems very important. Benny does blink however, when you put that expensive .50 calibre round on the table but doesn't move to pick it up just yet as he speaks.

"Oh, well first off, congratulations on the promotion and the move to South America. That sounds pretty important but if I know you and I do, you will be do a great job done there and on any endeavors you set your mind too." His brow does furrow though when you mention people targeting him.

"Thanks for the warning and after Raccoon, well I still keep up with my martial training as well as remain cautious of my surroundings." He knows you've seen him in action recently to be cognizant of his skills.

"As for help, you know I will always have your back my friend and you just need to ask. However, I will be leaving Paris very shortly and heading back to the United States to deal some family issues and my contract is up. But I will help if I'm able." He then regards the bullet, putting his hands over it so that a server or passerby doesn't see it if they happen to walk over. "Arch, I can't take looks more expensive than a months pay." He says with sincerity.
Silent Night "I'll be doing my best, but likely will have to cooperate more than I'd like with the local government to reach my goals. I still have to go through a few meetings to be sure." Archene sighs briglty before half-smiling, "I am sure you have, I can only say that if this were you slacking, you'd be one of the best in the world."

"Don't worry about the when, go home and take care of your family. It is probably not anything in the immediate future. If it is." His hand return to his pocket, and bring out a very small folded piece of paper, "Have this. It has that encryption code we talked about before. You can send messages to my coorporate mail, it is safe." His smile then brightens, "Don't worry. Consider this a good luck charm in the least. But otherwise, their format works in quite a few weapons, it may bust your gun, but I can assure you. It'll be twice as great as any other bullet in the market." He smiles, "And it is a gift. I had a number of those specially prepared for Team Night. One for each of us." With that he reaches into his shirt, taking out a bullet, that is attached to a necklace. It won't be going anywhere without a hassle but it is clearly still an usable bullet.
Benny Benny grins. "I do my best to try to keep up with you but alas, I'm merely mundane compared to the legendary you. But thanks for the compliment." He nods when you mention taking time for his family and that you won't be needing him most likely until a later date.

He takes the piece of paper with the encryption code, folding it up and slipping it into an inner pocket of his jacket, for safe keeping. "I'll be keeping in touch for sure." He then takes the bullet, bowing his head slightly and grasping it with both hands, as he quickly slips it into the same inner jacket pocket as well, smiling. "Thank you. I shall treausre this and only use it as a last resort. You are too kind and I wish, I could offer you something of equal value in return but hopefully my charming personality will have to do for now." He gives you a quick wink after his jest but he's very grateful for the gift you can tell. "How is Markus doing by the way? I assume he will be accompanying you?"
Silent Night Archene smiles and says, "He is faring far better now as well. He got a nice promotion and will be in charge of a number of things over there. Head Scientist or something similar is his position, I can't be sure. It is rather broad as well." He smiles, "Thank you for accepting, and don't worry. You pay back everything I could ever offer you with friendship, and that is all I can ask. True friends are hard to come back, and I was lucky enough to get a handful of them on my way out of Raccoon City." He smiles, "I'm just glad to keep them."
Benny "I'm glad to hear he's doing well. Last time we met...he kinda smacked me upside the head in Emma's office in front of people, but I kinda deserved it since I was acting all shy in front of Emma's assistant. Oh have you met Eve by the way?" Benny replies and has a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of head self-consciously at the memory of getting smacked by Doctor Berger. "She's a very...capable and damn good at her job. Drew a revolver on me with a practiced ease when I walked in unnannounced into Emma's office. Em does hire good help." His grin then becomes a warm smile once more when Archene comments about their friendship. "Me too. So shall we order? I'm getting hungry." Of course he is.
Silent Night "Didn't manage to see them when I visited her office." Archene chuckles briefly, "But really, don't worry much about him. I do have to say that I'd like to have seen the scene." He snickers quietly, "Considering you, I can imagine how you may have been too shy at times and how that may tick him off." He chuckles rather happily before saying, "Sure, sure. Order all you wish, tonight's bill is on me." With that, he waved in for a waiter to come take their orders. Draining the remainer of his juice even before the waiter got there, "Another lemon juice and the best dish in the house, for me." With that he motioned to Benny.
Benny Benny smirks. "Yeah, he's a grumpy cat sometimes...but after our reunion dinner, I got to know him better and found out we have some things in common. But your right, I probably due tick him off but I'm over it." He nods solemnly and then has a big smile when you say order WHAT HE WANTS. "Really? Wow, thanks Arch." He opens the menu and after Archene orders, he say to the waiter. "I'd like a pad thai, with mild spice, a thai fried rice with chicken, and an appitizer plate of spring rolls to start off. I'll keep the menu if that isn't enough food, thank you." He then looks over at you. "I'm going to miss you bud. So when are you planning on leaving?"
Silent Night Archene smiles at Benny, "It was good to see everyone always has those little things they can talk about regardless of how different they may be in our little group." He chuckles quietly, "And of course, it may be our last meeting in a long while! All for my friend." His smile dreadfully remains on his face as Benny orders more and more. Soon enough the waiter leaves, "I'll be leaving this Saturday on the first flight, still waiting to see whether it will be early morning or mid-afternoon however."
Benny "Oh...that soon?" Benny says after taking a sip from a cup of tea, that the waiter had brought for the both of them. "But yeah, I'm glad everyone could make it and Emma says she got some really good photos. I'm not exactly sure what happened later in the evening but whatever Markus gave me to get rid of my hangover was pretty potent. I told him he should market that concoction, whatever it was." He nods and then lifts his tea cup towards you in a toast. "Well, to friends and safe travels." He cheers.
Silent Night "Yes, yes. I have a whole continent to administer. It will be a bit complicated. And depending on how things go. I may be able to promote my boss, and raise to second in command of the organization." Archene smiles before lifting his glass, toasting Benny and cheering, "For friendship and a bright future."
Benny " will be busy and yes, that's an under statement." Benny grins after taking a sip of tea once the toast is over. He listens and then nods once more. "Your boss? Who is that if you mind me asking?"
Silent Night "Yes, yes. Not mentioning that there is a nation over there in the middle of a civil-war and for companies that can also be some sort of war." Archene sighs, "It will eb complicated, " he drinks some juice, "Yeah, she is Senior-Vice President now, Lucia Excella Gionne." With that, he calmly returns to his juice.
Benny Benny blinks, "A civil war? That doesn't sound very...uh, good and your also going to be involved in some sort of corporate war too?" Now he is starting to understand why Arch has asked him if he could help out. "Where exactly are you heading again?" He's heard of Lucia Excella Gionne from somewhere, "Oh I think I read something about her in Forbes magazine as one of the top 50 young, up and coming executives of this year."

He takes another sip of tea and continues. "No wonder you might need my help...well, be safe down there my friend. Hope you hired some good security to go with you?"
Silent Night "Yes, yes, but the corporate war is against Umbrella, for the most part. So it isn't something I have any plans to shy away from. And if I manage to get government's support I may be able to snuff away any of their attempts to research anything in that area." Archene nods at Benny, "Yes, yes. And hopefully, she might even make her way to president! In the least, I'm doing the best to be sure that can happen."

"And yeah, I've hired some security to come with me, I'll be expanding TriSec a bit while I'm over there. Hiring and training locals is easier than paying the European work prices."
Benny "I see...well good luck and give those bastards hell." Benny replies and then see's that the waiter is bringing their food on a tray. He sets a napkin on his lap, getting ready so start eating. "I'm glad you are bringing security with you, even though I know you and Markus can handle yourselves. Never hurts to have some extra help if your going to an unstable political situation." With that he takes another sip of tea and says, "Bon apetite, so they say in France." He looks quite pleased to start eating.