Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei After certain recent events.. the FBC has been.. let us say on edge as of late. With the U.S. Government and the EU up in arms about the agencies recent performance everything needs to be kept in order and no more problems need to pop up and be put down in such a horrific way. Yet the good news is that for the most part Paris has managed to hold and in some small part.. everyone contributed to that. Right?

Not that Andrei would admit to having any hand in gunning down innocent people. Indeed the man was actually quite horrified about the entire ordeal.. and yet here he was, walking in full uniform and gear, his face obscured as he patrols around the edge of one of the fences. On the outside of course considering that he doesn't want to get eaten. In his hand is a medium size carbine as he moves, mummbling as he goes.
"Bullshit Zombies. Bullshit Superiors. All of em, absolutley terrible!"
Emma Emma can only imagine what it was like in there. But that imagining is based off reality. She has been through similar. Yet the lass needs to see this place for herself, take in where the hell took place.

"Bloody'ell." She remarks, sighing heavily as she stiffly moves up to the gates, looking in. Hearing a voice eyes move that way, to Andrei.    
PrestigeAndrei "Oui.. er.. halt? Fuck it man, who cares." Andrei will shout out then as he moves to approach the PQZ gate as he lifts a hand up. Still dressed to the nines in basically gear meant more for riot control or.. zombie murdering, the man doesn't so much cut an imposing figure as become featureless behind his gasmask and NVD as he approaches Emma then. As Andrei approaches Emma though that halt gesture will cease as he holds his carbine at his side and offers in a rather cheerful tone.

"Well.. well well.... WELL... well well. Hey Red. You are looking fetching as always. Trying to get that blood covered look that is all the rage these days? I don't recommend it. You are pretty bloody swell as it stands."

Andrei will offer cheerfully before turning to look behind his shoulder for a second before humming softly. "Don't know of any medical emergencies in here, and if there are.. well I'm afraid we put bullets in people like that!"
Emma Emma's cheeks go a little red, eyes fixed on the man in the gas mask. Something in the tone is familar, but as of yet can place it. She turns to face him, eyeing the gun a second, not feeling threatened but curious if it ever shot down a zombie. "None." She remarks, softly. Looking down shyly. "I - I just wanted ta see it here."
PrestigeAndrei "Oh?" Andrei inquires rather cheerfully as he turns to look over at the Zone behnd him and infront of Emma, making a grand sweeping gesture. "Well.. everything in there is absolute shit. The walls, the people.. the bullets? Turn to feces immeaditly. Magical place. Now." The other hand on the grip of his carbine tightening as he lifts up his hands then in a shrug, waving the gun around amusingly enough before he chuckles.

"Anything else you need seeing? Pictures? Phone numbers? Dates? Both temporal and the sort that occurs in a physical location? I don't like to brag but I'm real good at looking suave while drinking a cup of coffee." A pause then before he looks a little curiously at Emma. "Most people though honestly should stay away from here. Gawkers tend to get questioned, yes?"
Emma "Quite th - the sellin' feature." Emma replies, nodding her head to the zone. "Th - think I could get front lot property?" Lips turn into a faint smirk.

"Do - do I know ya?" Asks the lass, putting a hand on her hip, grey-green eyes curiously locked onto him, yet she seems a touch amused. "I - I ain't 'fraid ta stare inta tha abyss o' hell, ya'know. Just lookin', no harm no foul."
PrestigeAndrei "The Abyss? Ho, fuck.. that what this is?" Andrei offers as he lifts his hand to jab a thumb back behind him then as his muffled voice continues to sound out rather matter o factly. "No this is Paris. Or what could of been all of Paris. Except you got heros like me.. and uh.. villians like my commanding officer."

As to Emma's questions however he is perhaps a little less forthcoming. "Don't think they'd take kindly to that Red. Not yet anyway.. and how could you forget the voice of your one true love? We spent like.. three hours in the emergency room together.. and in a restraunt.. There was the time on the street too. You know I still havn't gotten your cell number."
Emma "Paris c - could be hell." Emma replies, shrugging just a little. A brow is risen, she smirks just a little. "Oy, yer - yer my one true love?" She asks, and shrugs. "I - I still don't have your real name." The lass counters.
PrestigeAndrei "So what? True love doesn't need things like names or vows. Tis just a feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you see a beautiful lady.. or a handsome fellow, or maybe that is just a chemical reaction in the brain. I read it might be something like that." Andrei trails off before he shrugs his shoulders again then before he chortles. "So, I ask again, do doctors normally go around looking at dangerous zombie infested holes? Not normally what I'd consider to be a hobby, friend."
Emma "I - I do agree there," Emma says, nodding just a little. "It is a feelng." Then she looks to pit. "Lo - lots of death happened here, I just, came ta - ta pay my respects."
PrestigeAndrei "To pay your respects?" Andrei offers slightly before he lift his hand to jab his finger at her, moving to press her right in the sternum, under her neck, chortling softly. "As someone well versed in lieing I don't believe that for a second but becuase I think you are cute I'll let it slide. Gawk all you want.. but I sure as hell ain't letting you inside.. at least not without a phone number, an arranged date.. and lets see.. a passionate first kiss? Oh my, how romantic. Thank you for offering those things to me by the way."
Emma "Pe - people died down there, I - I saw that woman who was torn apart. It was hell, an' my heart breaks. They deserve peace."

She is then laughing. "I - I bet yer like this ta - ta all tha ladies."
PrestigeAndrei "What? No! Of course not. I never ask other women out on dates. I flirt with em a bit, of course.. because I'm such a charmer." Andrei recited as he moves slightly past Emma, stepping away from the Danger Zone as he glances back at her. "But you know, I always keep my invitations out only for the right sort of lady. I'll take it that you don't think I'm serious though. I don't know if my heart can take the rejection."

A beat. "I'll survive though. OH you are talking about Miss Molly Banger? New girl on the force. Fought with her a couple of times. right horrible what happened to her.. felt so bad... OH or maybe you mean.. oh well lots of people died that day. Quite scary actually."
Emma "mmhmmm." Emma says, sounding perhaps, not fully convienced. "Right lady, eh? Ya - ya dun know me to well." She points out with a smirk.

"I - I am well aware of all that went down in there, I saw it."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will pause then before he glances aside. "Really now? You saw the giant leech monsters eating people alive and chewing them? Right gorey stuff. You got some sick hobbies there Miss Emma." Andrei offers as his voice turns just a bit darker. "I'd encourage you not to look into this sort of thing. Breaks people you know? Don't want to get too involved in this sort of thing.. nothing ever good comes of it. Probably."

"But what do I know? I'm just some dude you barley know!" He'll add cheerfully then before shrugging his shoulders. "Regardless, tis quite fun all the same. You okay there? You've been stuttering a lot as of late. I don't remember you stuttering so much."
Emma Emma lifts a hand, fingers lace through the fence, grey-green eyes are distant. "I - I am already broken." She replies, tone slightly hallow.

Looking his way, all she can do is shrug.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will grow silent then, for once he won't offer anything for a good like thirty seconds before he frowns slightly and moves to step up beside Emma and moves to pat her back lightly then before looking across the fence then as well, still gripping his carbine in his free hand as he looks her over. Clearly even behind his mask, his posture is one that is itently focused upon her... Shoulders foward slightly, back inclined just a tad, head tilted towardsher. legs apart, hands motioning towardsher when he speaks, but for now at least.. he is a little less expressivve.
Emma Her silence matches his, but her eyes are on the zone, as if trying to see the hell within. After what seems like an eternity, she looks to Andrei. "I - I know tha video looks bad, an' I cried when I sent it out. Forgive me for that, please, th - there was - was reasons, I can't talk about."
PrestigeAndrei "You sent that video out?" Andrei will inquire then aloud as he casts a glance aside. "Hooo shit. The people upstairs want to string you up Doc, you better be careful about that." Andrei offers rather amusedly then as he steps away from the fence then as he lifts his hand. "And I don't want to be seen anywhere near you while I am on duty. That shit will get me in big trouble! Or worse! Fired!"
Emma Emma looks over her shoulder, her security is further back. Not close enough to hear but to keep her safe. Then she looks to Andrei, and nods. "Very well, k - keep safe, aye?" There is one last look to the zone, she says something in Gaelic that sounds like a prayer. "I'll se - see ya - ya 'round."
PrestigeAndrei "See you around Red." Andrei mutters then before he starts to walk away then, hand waving as he goes. Perhaps Emma can do what she wants at the DZ.. but he isn't going to be here to see it