Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's a rainy Sunday, cool and grey. Some may hate a day like today, others may not.

Emma is one who enjoys it. It reminds her of home, a place she so desires to be. She stands at the window, long red hair fallen around her. Arms are crossed, hugging herself a little. She swears a sharp pants suit, and a pair of heels. Any time now, her news appointment is due here. A possible new hire.
Maxim And arrive he does. He just appears in the doorway, a light wrap of his knuckles upon the frame being the only sound that would alert one to his arrival. He clears his throat lightly as well and offers a bow of his head if and when he's noticed, followed by finally speaking. "Greetings." Apparently he's not used to the talking thing.
Emma Emma turns, she looks young - perhaps younger than one woulf expect for such a position. A hand moves some red hair away from her freckled face. He's given a kind, shy smile and a delicate hand gestures to a chair for him to sit. "'ello, glad - ya could make it." Her accent is thick Scottish.
Maxim Maxim gives a slight bow again his eyes scan about the room briefly, before he glides over to the seat where indicated. He sits upon it lightly, back rather straight as his eyes settle upon her. There's a tension about him, perhaps he's nervous, perhaps he's naturally high strung. A bronze coin slips to one of his gloved hands, the right one today it seems, and starts to flip over his fingers as he finally speaks more. "Thank you for seeing me." His accent is harder to place, almost American, but broken just slightly enough that perhaps English isn't his first language.
Emma The doctor observes him a second. The coin, the tension. Just poking out from the top of her top is a bandage.

"T - thank ya for comin', I'm Emma O'Connal, though I am sure ya - ya know that. Yer here for security?"
Maxim The dark man's gaze might have caught the bandage, but it never settles upon it. The coin reverses direction, and he replies to her, "Maxim Vargas." He thinks a moment and then nods at the latter part of her question. "I think it is what I could be most useful as, yes. I would like to be able to protect people."
Emma "A - a pleasure ta meet ya, Mr. Vargas." Emma replies, with a quick nod and short smile. "Ca - can ya tell me why yer qualified for a security role?"
Maxim At the question asked of him, Max's gaze goes distant a moment. His brow furrows and seems contemplative. Finally after a bit he says, "I... I was raised, to do not so nice things. As such I learned out to get into places, to go where one should not be able. I feel it would be much better to use that knowledge to keep people safe instead." The coin stops, caught between two fingers as he watches Emma's reaction. Moment of truth as it were.
Emma Emma doesn't seem to falter at what say, she has seen zombies, murder, and worse. All the lass does is nod a little, sitting across from him at her desk, the rain seen in the window. "We - we need ta get people 'round here ta keep people safe." A hand moves to her phone. "E - Eve, can ya - ya come 'ere please?" Looking back up to Maxim, he is given a small smile. "Ya may get inta danger here, we face things that can - can startle tha soul."
Eve Eve walks into Emma's office, her eyes still on the phone that Emma used to request her presence. When she finally does look up to ask Emma what she required, she's faced with the muscular back of an unknown man. This brings her up short for a moment and she peeks around him, both eyebrows raised slightly as she regards Emma.

"You needed me, Emma?" A smile plays at her lips as she moves to stand next to the taller man, giving him a quick once over.
Maxim "I have seen a fair share of bad. The important thing is keeping people safe." But then someone's coming into the office. Max stands as someone enters the room, though out of manners or something else it's hard to say. He turns to regard Eve as she in turn regards him, and then looks back to Emma to see what she has to say next. The bronze coin flips to his left hand and continues it's motion of flipping over his fingers once again, now on that hand instead of the right.
Emma Her phone goes off suddenly. "I - I am sorry." Emma says, standing. "I - I am needed in emergency. Eve will finish." With an apologetic smile, the red head hurries out to doctor.
Eve Eve glances out of the door and then at Maxim, grinning. "I'm going to finish." She repeats, taking a seat at Emma's desk, crossing her legs primly. "So, what exactly am I finishing?" She asks, folding her hands in her lap. "Was she interviewing you for a position here?"
Maxim Watching as Emma hurries out, Max blinks as his gaze follows her to the door. Then the last bit of ginger hair is gone from the door, and his gaze snaps back to the person still there, now sitting at the desk. Questions, yes this will involve more talking apparently. Pesky talking. "Yes, for security." Yes not a man of many words.
Eve "Alright, I'll make this plain and easy for you." Eve says, getting to her feet, arms folded over her chest. "Emma is a walking cloud of danger. She puts herself in dangerous positions and people want her dead. All I require from you is persistance. When she wants to do something dangerous, insist on going with her. If you can manage that, you'll do well with the job."

Eve gives Max another once over and her head tilts down as she thinks. "You'll be working with a security team, I honestly don't anticipate any problems."
Maxim The coin stops after a bit. It disappears into wherever hiding spot he keeps it and he offers a slight bow to her. "I am sure that will be fine. I will keep her safe." He thinks a moment and then asks, "Is she the type to try to leave somewhere without telling anyone?" An odd question, but Max seems serious as he asks it.
Eve "All the time." Eve answers, a slight grin on her face. "She makes my job exceedingly difficult most times. However, I can say that when she goes off to do something dangerous, she normally takes someone with her. I'll give her that much." She offers Max an amused look. "She'll give you a run for your money, I promise you. Keeping up with the women in this office is sometimes a ..very difficult job. We're all very thick headed at times."
Maxim Maxim hmms and offers a nod at that. "I will do my best to anticipate when that will occur." At the mention of all of them being that way he raises a brow. "So you like to go without help places as well?" His hands move to rest upon his belt, thumbs looping over it as he stands there, posture straight.
Eve "Oh no." Eve says, shaking her head slowly. "I know my limits and I am absolutely not afraid to ask for help. Nor point you or James in the direction of someone else who needs it." She offers Max a polite smile, showing off her dimples. "I won't cause you any trouble, of that I am certain."
Maxim A narrowing of his eyes, Max seems to look Eve over, the scrutinizing occurs with a pensive look. Is she full of it, or being serious. Max isn't the best at people, and so for now merely bows his head at her. "Very well. If there is anything you need help with, I will do my best." He tilts his head slightly, then adds a random question, "Is there a place to train? I wish to remain.. in shape."
Eve "I was just actually on my way in here to ask Emma if we could get a gym in our new house or offices, I'll bring it up to her tomorrow. Until then, you'll have to be creative." Eve says, making a note on the notepad she brought with her. "I go jogging every so often here in Paris, not sure if it will be safe or feasable when we leave. I'm told there is a lot of violence going on right now in Bolivar."
Maxim Ah. So we will be heading to Bolivar?" He seems to make a mental note of that. "There is violence everywhere, if you look closely enough. It is... abundant there from what I have heard though." Max adjusts his coat slightly at that, looking contemplative a moment though he focuses his attention back upon Eve.
Eve "We'll be leaving very soon." Eve confirms, opening a desk drawer. She pulls out a ticket for a flight and an information packet. "TerraSave offices are located downtown and we have a house. I haven't got more information on that, but when I have it, so will you." She holds out the packet for Max and smiles at him. "Welcome to TerraSave, if you have any questions at all please bother me. It's my job."
Maxim Maxim blinks as he's given the packet. He does a quick flip through and check of what's there and then replies, "I... I will let you know. Thank you for giving me a chance." He looks slightly overwhelmed, but only slightly. As he moves to tuck the packet somewhere in his coat for safekeeping he adds, "I should probably let you get back to work for now."
Eve "Just keep in mind, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to find me." Eve says, smiling up at Maxim. "I'll check with Emma about a gym because I'm reasonably sure that you're not the only one who will want to make use of it." She steps from behind Emma's desk and holds a hand out to shake Maxim's. "You go ahead and go get into trouble, or just explore Paris.
Maxim The hand is looked at a moment, then his moves to find hers. It's slightly off, like someone not used to the gesture, but functional, and Max doesn't have a death grip just firm as he holds hers. "Thank you. I will, explore some. And I will find you if I need anything." He bows ever so slightly to her as well at that.