Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night February 19, 2006 (Local Time)
Archene's Office, Tricell Office Building
Maracaibo, Bolivar

While it was already early morning in Paris, being little after 4 AM. In Maracaibo, it was barely 10 PM. Archene and Delia had arrived not long ago, despite it being a long trip, there was more than enough time for resting before the plane landed. Markus, however, had left slightly earlier due to the need for his duties to be executed earlier. After all, he had an investigation to conduct!

Currently, in Archene's Office at Maracaibo. In the room, there were four people, Archene on his chair, typing thing away on the laptop, Delia directly besides him and two men in suits besides the room's door. Not long ago, Archene had left a message for Markus saying that he had already arrived and even had minor support prepared to help Markus.
Delia Delia is sitting next to Archene as she sips on her coffee. She is still dealing just a teeny bit with jet lag but she will have the hang of it soon enough. Upon her form is a slinky little dress to make her possibly seem more like a local but as both Archene and Markus know, she is always armed, no matter how the dress may be, all her skirts more loose than tight for a reason after all.
Markus Berger Markus actually barges into the room quite quickly due to his own office being not too far away. In fact, its barely a stonethrow away. Of course, he still looks like his usuall self, although the shiny new laptop he carries under his arm is certainly new... as is the coffee cup he is holding in his other hand. "I'm here, I'm here."
Silent Night Archene doesn't seem to expect any less than barging in from Markus, "Glad to see that you adjusting so well to the area." He glances at the laptop briefly, "And that you have procured appropriate equipment for yourself." He smiles, "I'm still not completely adjusted to the time, but by Monday, I'll be more than available for any operation you may wish to get help with. As it is, I can only provide you with these two exemplar, but local, TriSec agents. They are Uno, and Dos." Soon enough, the two agents that were by the wall, glance at one another than at Doctor Markus Berger. In unison they say, "Hello, Doctor Berger!" Without letting them destroy any pretense that they may actually be good agents, he tells Markus, "Though from what I've analyzed their training isn't the best, the least that can be said is that they will be working for you and only you. So you won't have to worry about any plans being discovered before execution."
Delia Delia looks up as Markus enters and waves her hand hello before sipping on her coffee once more. Her eyes then flit to Archene with her slightly sleepy gaze as he speaks. She sets her coffee down to sign "I am sure that by Monday I will be alright as well." Her attention then looks to uno and dos, possibly measuring them up. She then taps on Archene and signs to him with a mischievous grin "I can train them if you want."
Markus Berger "Good day to you too. Don't worry, I'll make sure that your worst job will be starring people into the ground for me." With that said Markus quickly stops paying any attention to the agents before the fact that they are obviously just some thugs truly settles in and looks back to Archene. "Good, I'd prefer to have you awake and focused for when my part of our jobs starts. Although, with my new laptop here things are bound to become a bit less problematic. At least I hope so, since it took a bit of effort to get my hands on this Wunderwaffe of hacking."
Silent Night Archene glances at Delia as he is tapped on the shoulder, before shaking his head at her, "No need for that. If those are not appropriate we can later obtain more appropriate personel, and with luck, properly retrain them." Their luck, not Archene's or anyone else's. He looks back towards Markus and says, "Don't worry, At most I'll be losing an hour of sleep as is." He glances again at the laptop, then at Markus. No, he won't be asking anything about the laptop. Nothing at all! "As long as our job gets easier, I will be glad."

The LOW-RANK AGENTS nodded back at Markus! Clearly happy at whatever life decisions that lead them to obtain such well paying and certainly low risk job! But they stayed quiet as they had been previously been prompted too.
Delia Delia tilts her head curiously at Markus's words, her eyes flitting over the laptop in curiousity but she decides she is better off not attempting to play with it. Her gaze then shifts to Archene and nods at his words. Her head rests on Archene's shoulder as she listens to the men talk, not feeling the need to sign anything for the time being.
Markus Berger "Good, good. I'll be back in my office then if you need me. Need to set this thing properly up, get my hands on any relevant files and switch the logo... Errr, yeah." Without missing a beat the doctor turns around and leaves again while gesturing for the two agents to come along, likely to lurk around outside his office and stare at people.
Silent Night Archene nods at Markus before saying, "Alright, alright. Be well, well with your new laptop Markus." He chuckles quietly before offering Delia a smile. Soon enough he should be leaving to in the least close down his office, and go rest at the hotel. At least, until he manages to take care of the small problems of his new nice little house.