Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Eve is not dressed in her normal office wear. She's wearing a gauzy long mint green skirt with a matching top. A large brimmed white hat is on her head and several suitcases sit near the door of her office. She is currently destroying sensitive documents in a shredder as she sings softly to herself. A steaming cup of tea sits near her and the machine and, for once, the office phones are silent.
James Scott James knocks on the door before he enters. He isn't dressed in his usual attire either, rather a pair of the company board shorts and a light Terrasave jacket thrown on over a tank top. "Howdy, how's it going?" he asks quietly, closing the door behind himself.
Eve Eve wasn't expecting anyone so she jumps with a yelp. She's not one to lose her composure so it's not more than a few seconds before she schools her expression back to something neutral. She blinks at James, takes in his appearance, and gives him a smile that shows off her dimples. "It's going well, we're preparing to move. I was going to send you a message to give you the specifics, but here you are anyway." She gestures to a chair and continues to feed the shredder papers. "We're planning an event at the resort we're going to for a little break. Emma told me you're the person to speak to about ..barbeque?"
James Scott "Yup, I'm you'r man." James says with the ghost of a smile as he takes the offered chair. "Heading to the paradise islands, or are we joining Emma in Bolivar? Well, I'm headin' that way anyway. That Liberation Front hired me a little while ago. So I'm going off the grid in South America for a bit."
Eve Eve nods at James for a moment and then she wrinkles her nose. "We're heading to the Islands first, apparently we've earned a vacation." She shrugs a shoulder as she feeds the shredder the last of the documents piled on the desk and shuts off the machine. "We're holding the fundraiser there, apparently." A beat. "After that though, we'll be in Bolivar, we've offices in downtown Maracaibo." She turns a curious look to James and tilts her head slightly to the side. "I don't think Emma will have an issue with you being off the grid, with the UN backing us now, we've more resources to keep her safe, we'll try not to pester you while you're working."
James Scott "Don't worry, I'll make time for both. People are easier to hunt than monsters, so unless the government starts throwing out B.O.W's, it'll be a cake walk." James seems confident of that, but with as much as he's seen it's hard not to be. "And I was planning on going to the Islands anyway. Even if it was just long enough to see my sister."
Eve "If you've need of transportation, I've set up business class flights for all of our members. Some have traveled by other means, and if you have them, you ought to use them." Eve says quietly, settling in her seat and folding her arms over her chest. "I'll be one of the last to leave, I'm going to set up these offices for a skeleton crew to use. We're only leaving behind a dozen or so members."
James Scott "I'll be flying out with them so I can bring my gear. Need a new vest though, that damn mutated licker cut my chest up pretty good." James says with a sort of sigh. "So if you need any help around here, I'll probably be leaving either about the same time or later than you."
Eve "I don't know how much help I'll need, I doubt anyone is aware of who I am so I'm not terribly worried about assassins and all." Eve says, her eyes briefly focusing on her phone. "However, if I need some help, I'll contact you and you're welcome to do the same. I may not have the same skillset as you do, but mine is suitably useful."
James Scott "Wouldn't say that. If my face hadn't gotten so fucked up I'd probably be doing corporate espionage. I'm just no good at being subtle." James admits with a slight shrug. "I'm pretty new to this whole soldier thing. I just don't like working with a team, too many people I have to worry about dying."
Eve "Well.." Eve begins, her brows furrowed slightly. "You do what you can, and just remember, you've got more resources to use now." She leans forward and folds her hands, placing them on the desk. "Corporate espionage isn't all that fun, to be honest, it's just like playing a game of chess that seemingly doesn't end. Just..let me know if I can help in any way, Emma says that you can be trusted implicitly."
James Scott James nods and pushes to his feet. "Alright, I appreciate it. Just holler if you need anything too." He raises his hand in a wave. "You take care of yourself, I'm gonna go ahead and head on out. Gotta do some shopping."
Eve "Be safe." Eve says, waving at James. "I'll be here if I'm needed."