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Buck Rogers "So after Disneyland," Buck had said a week or two ago, in the wake of all the nonsense with Paris and TerraSave, "it's about time to kick off, princess. With that leech bastard six feet under, ain't no reason to stick around here."

"Alright," Buck had said, the day after the two returned from whatever theme park adventures they had, "rest up, then grab your clothes. We've got a flight to catch."

A flight to catch, indeed, followed by some time with customs at the airport, travel through crowds, fiddling with foreign languages and foods, and then a cruise to the Paradise Islands' Eden Resort, where a rented car dropped the two off at a road near Buck's property..

That property, in this case, being a private beach and house. A gorgeous, breathtaking thing-- white sand that glitters beneath the sun, a gentle surf, azure water as far as the eye can see until sight breaks on the ocean horizon. Behind them, thick trees, cliff faces, a path leading to the man's home, though it can't be seen from where they stand at the moment.

The cry of gulls, the salt-licked wind, the lapping of the waves-- that is the natural sound that blesses them, as Buck, nude save for the tight lycra speedo he wears, stands tall and bathes in the warmth of the sun, watching a bird land on a large gathering of rocks some distance from the shore.

"Toldja I was rich," he finally says.
Camila Medina Not far from the edge of the shore near the cliffs bordering the edge of Buck's private beach was Camila who has clearly crossed over the fence line and trespassed. She has an easel setup and was standing close enough to the shore that the waves sent the water forth to tickle her bare feet in the sand.

Her dress fluttered in the wind as she looked far across the water towards the barest outlines of the coast of South America in the distance, her hand moving in broad brush strokes across the canvas.

Camila had been coming to this spot for months, assuming whoever owned it was some wealthy foreigner who had no intentions of ever visiting the property they had purchased. On today of all days she happened to be wrong even if she was blissfully unaware of Buck & Celeste.
Celeste Celeste giggles happily as she holds a oversize black lace parasol over her head to keep the sun for burning her delicately pale skin. Upon her form a black crocheted bikini and a pair of flip flops. She muses to him "I never doubted you were ya know hunny." She spins about happily with the umbrella, making sure to not hit Buck with it.

Then her attention turns to see Camila, she offers a friendly wave before she looks up to Buck and asks "Do you know her hunny?"
Buck Rogers Settling his hands on his hips and leaning back until the arch of his spine pops, Buck tilts his head and stares at Celeste beneath her parasol. "Are you a fuckin' vampire?" A hand runs through his hair, and he sucks in a deep breath of the salty air, crunching the sand between his toes and kicking out to toss some sand toward Celeste's feet. "Ever since I met you, beautiful, you hide from the sun. I've got a cross somewhere in the luggage, hold on, lemme--"

At this point, Camila's made herself known to Celeste, and the big man's slow-turned on a heel to glance over toward her. Had she been painting there the whole time? He must have missed it, though between the sun and the surf, it's easy to overlook minor details like an entire human being. "Never met her," he comments, and begins to walk closer, swinging his arms. Moving along sand is great for your calves. "Hey there!" He yells, waving.
Camila Medina Camila continued to cross the brush across the canvass, the final touches on the waves and the piece of art which was quite good; good enough to sell. At the sound of Buck's voice calling out to her, she was momentarily startled as she looked towards the speedo wearing man and his bikini clad vampiric companion.

Quickly and without hesitation an easy smile flashed towards the pair, "Hello." She said softly, "It's a lovely day, isn't it?"
Celeste Celeste bursts out laughing at Buck and says "Not a vampire no. I just burn easy hunny. And I don't wanna get sunburned while I am preggers. That just sounds like no fun at all." She giggles at Buck's teasing and jumps as the sand is kicked at her feet. She murmurs to him "You need no cross my love. I just need like... SPF O.M.G. for my skin."

Her movements begin to move towards Camila as she says "It is a very lovely day. Are you painting the landscape? Can I take a peak? I love art."
Buck Rogers "A beautiful day in Paradise," Buck agrees with a clap of his hands, each of his weighty steps sending up little flurries of white sand. At this point, Celeste's scooted past him to get a peek at the painting-- and so, with a low growl, Buck drops his weight and lunges for her like a football tackle, hooking one arm behind her knees and another behind her back to scoop her right off the ground. When she's held high and dangling, he flashes a grin, carrying her toward the other woman. "I'm pretty sure I've got a fence up to keep stragglers-- well, hell, it's a nice day. Show my girl here what you did, and we'll call it even." He lumbers closer.
Camila Medina "Of course, feel free to keep it or toss it in the ocean if you like. It's all I was going to do with it." Camila replied as a wistful sigh escaped her lips and her chest heaved slightly. Her head turned towards the ocean, hair blowing in the wind before she looked back towards Buck with a petulant smirk upon her lips, "A fence is only an invitation outstretched and waiting. I am sorry for trespassing though, I promise I'll try not to do it again while you're visiting your house." A hint of mischief in her voice.
Celeste Celeste squeals as Buck lunges at her. Her hands clutching her parasol tighter as she is scooped up. She laughes as she is carried and muses to Buck "You are so silly hunny bunny." She squirms but feigns most of it as he holds her up high, her parasol still her in grasp as she sticks her tongue out as she looks down at Buck.

Her attention looks to the painting when she can and she says "Buck... I wanna keep it for the baby's room pleasey please. I think she will love it." She pauses and murmurs "Ok so I don't know it's a girl... but I think it is." Her attention then flits to Camila as she says "What is your name by the way cause you kinda need to sign the bottom."
Buck Rogers A blanch follows Celeste's words-- the blood drains from Buck's sun-tanned face, his mouth hangs in an unconsciously-shaped o, and his brow has furrowed such that his nose lifts up and scrunches, nostrils flared. The glare of the sun off the shimmering sands serves to mask it, and it only lasts for a second, but he is absolutely not ready to think about decorating a baby's room.

He coughs, chokes, clears his throat with a rumble that vibrates through Celeste, and takes a knee, setting her feet down in the warm sand. When he stands once again, he's serving as her umbrella, bulky enough that the dark of his shadow coats her like paint. "It's awful pretty to toss," he remarks, leaning in to look down at it, upside-down. "Might make a mermaid happy, though. Whaddya say, sweetheart?" He musses the bikini goth's hair. "Eh, trespass away, fuck if I care. It's only annoying when all the tourists come; one pretty girl ain't so bad. Name's Buck, and this here's Celeste."
Camila Medina "You're expecting? That's wonderful." Camila said as her smirk brightened into a smile and instead of putting the brush away, she used it to mark a stylized little CM in the corner of the painting, "I'm Camila, it's a pleasure to meet the both of you. Where are you from? If you don't mind me asking that is."
Celeste Celeste blushes as Buck coughs and pouts softly as he doesn't comment on the baby room but she can bring that up later after all. She then says "I wanna keep the painting. A mermaid can get another." Her attention then shifts to Camila as Buck introduces her. Her smile never faltering as she says "We are expecting yes." Her hand affectionately caresses over her flat for now stomach. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well Camila and I am just from Salem, Massachuettes but met Buck here in Paris and we have been practically inseperable since."
Buck Rogers "Salem?" The surprise in Buck's voice makes it clear he never heard this before-- and a laugh ensues, that rocks him back on his heels and has him holding his stomach, head thrown back. "You-- really, Witchtown, USA? Come on, sweetheart. Guess that explains the outfits. Cute lil things." The laughter fades but the smile lingers. "Oh, man. New York, here-- one'a those small towns no one remembers up by the Adirondacks. Like she said, met in Paris, where I was hanging out on business. Shooting a commercial for a body spray and doing some book signings.. just kinda stayed for awhile, after. Kept an eye on all the trouble going on." His fingers thread through the copious, bear-rug hair on his chest, dragging his nails through it as he scratches. "But that's all over, now. With the job done, decided a vacation was in order."
Camila Medina "Salem I've heard of, but never been. New York is quite a sight though, I hope to visit again one day." Camila left more unsaid however, there was some degree of contempt she held towards the American Government for what they had done to her family even if she felt no ill-will towards the people. Given her lack of an accent, it was hard to even peg her as a native.

Putting her brush and palette away in a cloth bag that was filled with paints and some other stuff she slung the bag over her shoulder before removing the painting from the easel and extending it towards Celeste, "I would rather you have it than a mermaid. Did you know that mermaids would lure wayward sailors to their doom and feast upon their flesh? At least, that's what they say in this part of the world."

Acknowledging Buck again with a smile she nods, "Sounds like you've had quite the time." She thought the man nothing more than a celebrity, "I'll not intrude on either of you any longer, but maybe we'll see each other around. I'm just staying a few homes down with an old school mate."

Turning and looking towards the ocean again once more, she picked up the easel and put it under her arm as she prepared to leave.
Celeste Celeste laughs and blushes as she looks at Buck and says "Yes witchtown USA." She leans against him as she says "And I just got my medical license so I thought a vacation was needed too." Her attention then flits back to Camila as she says "Salem is kinda boring to be honest. And I would love the painting, thank you. And be safe Camila. It was lovely meeting you." Then her attention is back on Buck as she says "So hunny, did you wanna help me decorate the baby's room with me or just want me to do it?"
Buck Rogers Buck brings two fingers to his temple and offers Camila a mock salute. "Swing by any time," he volunteers, his other arm sliding around Celeste's upper body. "Gonna do a bonfire once the sun's good and set, drink, watch the stars. Thanks for the paintin', sweetheart." He rolls his opposite shoulder and turns, grinning at the mermaid comment. "Wouldn't be my first time fuckin' up a people-eater," he remarks, but then he's walking Celeste back toward their chair and towels, and the cooler nestled into the sand by then. His voice is lower now as he speaks to his girlfriend. "Hnn.. you ever think they might actually exist? Mermaids. Back in Raccoon, there were these weird lil devils in the aquarium.."
Camila Medina "It was lovely meeting you as well Celeste." Camila said to the other woman before nodding to the large and very imposing man in a bloody speedo, "I'll keep the invitation in mind, enjoy your evening and have fun with the decorating." Bag over her shoulder and easel under her arm she headed off in the direction of the cliff after climbing under the fence and towards a small path and off into the distance!
Celeste Celeste giggles as he hugs her and says "Bonfire sounds like a lot of fun!" THough then she is siddling off the the chair and towels and the cooler as she says to Camila "Thank you!" Then she looks to Buck as she says softly "It is possible. I mean there is this huge theory about sea apes and all of that. And mermaids are a constant in sea faring tales of yore and all of that."