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Esa Feb 18 2006
22:00:00 hours

The Blackhawk swept over the Argentina landscape quietly as it headed toward its target LZ. It was night time currently and the only illuminating light was from the red light that shone inside the main cabin.

Hours earlier, the team was debriefed on a joint-military tarmac regarding their mission. A well equip group of mercenaries managed to get their hands on a weaponized T-virus. US Intelligence and the F.B.C. Intelligence tracked them to a location just outside a border town along Argentina, Bolivia, Chile border.

Intelligence believe they were moving to sell the virus within two days of today's date. F.B.C. decided to send in Black Sword at night. Hopefully the surprise attack would throw them off guard.

The mission was a stealth mission; taking out the mercenaries was secondary to the primary mission - Retrieve and bring home the weaponized virus. Additionally, all patches relating to F.B.C. were removed from the uniforms.


From the Command Operations Center in Paris, Esa listens quietly as the calls come in from Knight 1. The Blackhawk was on final approach to the LZ; from there a two-mile hike through the Gran Chaco tropical region to the small base.

"Camelot to Knights. You are on final approach. Begin prep to drop to LZ. ETA 2 minutes." Esa says in to his mic. Even from half a world away, his calls came in crystal clear thanks to the satellite uplinks. "Camelot to Destrier, you are go for cabin green."


The cabin light flickers from red to green, indicating a good for drop. The Blackhawk circles around the LZ and become stationary as two F.B.C. officers swing open the side doors and rope is lowered down.
Trixie Trixie does her best to breathe deeply and not hyperventilate as the chopper makes its approach. So many King Arthur names on this job! "Wish they'd given me one I could pronounce..." she murmurs, as the aircraft circles into position.

She unstraps and, taking a deep breath, then another, moves to connect up to the fast rope to starboard. "Nyneve, inserting... hope I said that right," she says, and steps clear of the troop bay to slide down onto hostile foreign soil for the first time (Paris doesn't count, though maybe it should now...).
PrestigeAndrei Andrei when he was told about the mission was oddly eager to show up to work for that day. He would be on the flightdeck... all dresse d up. Attentive and everything. How exciting!

The ride to the LZ or the rapple point was much the sake with Percival tilting his head back and forth to the sound of some music only he can hear which he annoyingly hums maybe half a bar of at a time.

When he finally is ordered to slide down and rapel, Andrei is just as cheerful as always. "So, Cheerleader, excited to go see the jungle? I've always wanted to go to a jungle." Andrei will offer out with his muffled voice, even as they should be sliding down. A hand going up to thunk at the side of his helmet before offering. "Percival. Alive." A beat. "So have I told you all of the time I got matching tattos with the president's daughter?"
Cassie It's been a while since Cassie has seen any real action, so this one is a real adrenaline rush for her. Especially since she was contacted at the last minute to be a part of Black Sword. She never thought of herself as a candidate for Black Sword, but she figures she'll take what she can get. Not to mention, ridding the world of biohazardous threats is one of the things she does best.

As they approach the drop zone, Cassie stands up and connects to one of the ropes on the port side and says, "Guinevere, inserting..." Before proceeding to descend to the ground below. Once her feet touch terra firma, she looks around and then says, "Guinevere. Alive." She can only scowl at the mention of the tattoo, but she doesn't say anything.
Bob After checking and rechecking his equipment, psyching himself up, screwing the suppressor onto his MP7 and chambering rounds into both it and his shotgun Lancelot's ready to roll. "You can't pronounce Nyneve?" Only spoken like 'nine-eve'. Time for a pre-mission bad joke. He smoothly hooks up to the rope behind her, having done this a number of times in the past. "Whoo! Air assault. Gotta love it!" he calls out before he's hooked.

Then it's only the short matter of time it takes him to slide down the rope before calling over comms, "Lancelot, touched down." He looks over the other operators and calls over comms, "Ready to proceed on mission."
Esa Queue:

The clearing is small, just wide enough to allow the Blackhawk to circle above and allow the ropes to be lowered. Once on the ground, you feel consumed by the tropical jungle around you.

The GPS system indicates that the target is two miles to the north; closing in on the Bolivia border.


"Knights, you've got a mile till overlook. From there, you will see Glein." Esa says calmly as he sips on coffee. "Watch chatter as well, we do not know if spooks are in the trees."


The jungle is dense and unforgiving with branches, vines and mud that covers the ground. It's rather slow going as the team moves along.
Trixie "Gotta love that military intel..." Trixie murmurs, letting Lancelot take the lead and following as best she can. The unforgiving terrain isn't endearing South America to her at all. But she's a trooper, deep down, and she does her very best. She's also a natural athlete, so her best is, at the very least, good.

"Are you sure Marlene Dietrich got started like this?"
PrestigeAndrei "God I hate fucking ghosts. Anyway so let me tell you about the tattoo. It was this like line with the eiffel tower on it. Very romantic. Way chic too." Andrei offers as he tries to make sure not to get pulled off by the the copper or.. totally not get pulled away. Andrei will lift up a finger before jabbing it at Cassie. "She gets what I mean, right uh.." Andrei will take a momment to look about then at Bob then Trixie in turn. "Who are you again?" He'll offer to Bob then before looking back to Cassie. "And who is she? Oh well."

However long it takes to get to the compound.. and some hiking later....

Andrei will soon be hoofing it with the rest of the group of course, trying hard to keep up as it is, huffing and puffing as he goes. "Jungles..fucking junglees.."
Cassie Following behind the others, Cassie only speaks briefly enough to make her callsign known. "Guinevere." She doesn't give her real name or anything like that, because they're supposed to be using codenames and she sees this not as the time to be making conversation about her real name. There's a job to be done here. For Cassie, the jungle is no problem for her, as she's dealt with things harsher than this in boot camp. So when Andrei starts to complain a little, she looks behind her and scowls.

"Pipe down, will you?" Cassie scowls a little through her helmet, though whether or not it can be seen through her visor is anyone's guess.
Bob Once his boots are on the ground Lancelot shuts up for a bit, concentrating on the mission ahead of him. It's only a couple of miles to the target and there might be things in the trees around them. They are dealing with the T-Virus, after all.

Of course, Percival fucks up Lancelot's quiet, but the guy doesn't seem to mind, "I'm Lancelot." Then a nod at Trixie, "Nyneve." And at Cassie, "Guinevere."

While he doesn't quite look at home, the jungle doesn't appear to be a great discomfort to the former Ranger. He moves through the trees with a purpose, only occasionally needing to check the GPS for his position. There's even a bit of a smile on his face as he listens to the sounds of wildlife, enjoying the noises made by monkeys and their ilk.
Esa After much time, the team arrives at overlook. It is a hill with a slanted facing that runs down to a split river system. At the mouth of the river was aptly named Glein. The compound wasn't big at all; a small single building with a wiring fence that ran the length of the building. A single entrance at the front. Oddly, the outside lights were off; save for one above the primary entrance where a guard stood.

Andrei's hoofing and movement has him running face to face with a tropical rattlesnake that hisses at him.


Meanwhile, in the CoC the Satellite fed back telemetry data showing where the team was and the facility; all in high resolution night vision.

Esa frowns "Camelot has eyes, Knights. We've got one spook on the doorstep. Confirm, do you see any others?"


There wasn't much for the team to see; even with the night vision googles. Everything appeared normal.
PrestigeAndrei "Buzzkill. Your name is now Buzzkill." Andrei replies to Cassie as he climbs and walks along huffing as he goes. Too hot, too much gear.. he'll be going through his water ration like it is unfortunatley going out of style as well so who knows how long he'll make it. Oh Hey a sn-FUCK A SNAKE! Andrei looks like he is about to try and punch the snake in question before he remembers that he is on a mission and has to be at least somewhat professional before coughing and moving to try and avoid the snake. "Not scared. Nope. Snakes. Rats, Snakerats." There is a another cough as he clears his throat and tries to just.. walk on and not at all look scaared.. or creeped out
Trixie Trixie stifles a snicker. "And /your/ name is now Brave Sir Robin," she replies softly to Andrei, as the team moves on past the snake. "Or maybe SnakeRat."

Pausing at the overlook is a relief, but the compound is almost a disappointment. And possibly another relief. "Nyneve, confirm the one spook. Can't see anything else," Trixie replied softly, studying the compound through her NVD. "Why only the one light? Feels like it should be /no/ lights."
Cassie Snakes... who cares if it had to be snakes?

That's what Cassie is thinking right now. As long as she doesn't provoke the snake or make any sudden movements, she'll be fine. Hopefully Andrei won't alarm the snake either. For now, Cassie's main goal is to keep moving and keep an eye on things. When she gets a glimpse of what's ahead, she frowns a little. Her gut instinct is telling her something's wrong here.

"I agree, you'd think there'd be less chance of drawing attention at this time of night." She bites her lip for a moment before continuing. "Stay alert."
Bob When it's time to crest the hill Lancelot says quietly, "Go prone. Don't silhouette yourselves." He puts his money where his mouth is and low crawls the last bit of distance to reduce his visibility.

Once he's atop the hill he adjusts his night vision goggles for a better look. "Possible movement. West side of the fence," Bob says softly to alert the team over the radio, the veteran apparently not missing a beat.
Esa Esa listens to the radio chatter and can't help but smirk. As things become more serious, he says "Alright, cut chatter. The more noise you Knights make, the easier for the spooks to find you." He informs them.

There is a pause as Bob speaks up. "One second Knights." He moves the mic up, pressing a button to mute and looks down to a female operative. "Stacey, do a pull out, center along the western region of the facility."

The satellite turns draws back and centers over the new coordinates. Nothing.

Esa frowns slightly as he presses the mute button again. "Knights, Camelot cannot confirm movement on the western region. Proceed with caution. You are cleared for weapons hot. Repeat, go for weapons hot. You are clear to enter the target zone. Repeat, clear to engage objective."
Trixie "I /hate/ 'cannot confirms'..." Trixie murmurs. "Guess we're assuming /something's/ there." Then she goes quiet and begins to creep toward the compound with her teammates, her suppressed carbine held ready. And slightly westward...
PrestigeAndrei Andrei even in his terrified anti-snake state is able to do something really well.. and that is litertally drop down and keep his head down as he moves towards the compound. He'll have shifted over his reaper carbine as well.. though unlike Trixie.. things might get a bit loud if he pulled the trigger
Cassie Weapons hot. That's the words Cassie hopes she doesn't have to hear if they're going to make a stealth entry. But she knows anything can happen, so her weapons are ready. Yet at the same time her head is down and her eyes are peeled, keeping an eye on things as best as she can, not wanting to let anything sneak up on her, nor let anyone ambush her... or let any other Tropical Rattlesnakes possibly give her the kiss of death.
Bob "Roger, Nyneve. Watch out for hostiles," says Lancelot softly to the team, keeping his eyes peeled for trouble as they proceed forward. It's time for stealth so patience is paramount, if one can move slowly enough it's almost as difficult to spot them as if they were still. "When we're in position those of us with suppressors will engage the visible tango, then we'll stack the door and prepare for entry."
Esa The team movements are hidden as they move down the slanted landscape to the river bed down below. the river was slow, quiet like. The wet season had not settle in yet, so the river itself was low and easy for crossing.

Coming out of the water, the team can see the fence and gate 200 feet in front of them. through the night vision googles, they can make out a simple chain link fence with a wire mesh on top.

Currently the team is hidden by the high brush that runs along the bank of the river; but the clearing ends about ten feet further in.

Options are relatively simple:
- Cut the fence line along either side
- Breach the Gate
Trixie "That guard's wearing night-vision goggles, Lance... something is way off about this," Trixie murmurs into her mic as she reaches the brush, watching the guard move out of the umbrella of light at the main gate. "Keep your eyes peeled, people."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov just exhales slowly before shaking his head then as he looks over the situation from afar before glancing aside then. "Guard?" He'll muffle and mutter out before looking about the area before he'll lift up and look his carbine over. "Could just shoot them over.." Andrei mutters before shifting his way around to try and sneak and scout out the perimeter a bit more.
Cassie "He's wearing night-vision goggles?" Cassie murmurs. "Shit. I knew something wasn't right." She shakes her head. "If they're wearing goggles, odds are they're definitely expecting trouble. I don't think we should risk alerting them." She looks at the fence. "Maybe we could cut through this instead?"
Bob "Roger that, Ninn," Lancelot replies softly to his coworker as he moves quietly, fixing his eyes on the visible guard until he can close in on the fence. "Roger Gwen, cut the fence over here." He stayes prone, keeping his weapon at the ready in order to cover as great a sector as he can, as alert for trouble as he can be at the moment.
Esa Once more Andrei goes unnoticed for now. The solider was more looking toward the western edge, leaving the eastern section open for advancement. Afterwards, the man sweeps back towards the eastern; missing Andrei entirely.

As Cassie moves for the fence, the guard spots her, he raises his weapon, yelling "HALT." His hand goes to the trigger...
Trixie "Goin' loud," Trixie whispers. "Quietly..." The reticle of her XM8's 4X scope comes to rest on the distracted guard's ear...

The suppressed XM8 coughs softly, the sound all but lost in the night noises of the jungle.
Esa Lights out. The bullet scrambles the man's brains with an impressive hit as the bullet impacted the left side, the blew out the right side; brain matter splattering the fence. He blinks, once, twice then falls to his knees and then to the ground, dead.

With the Spook down, one notices the gate is now wide open.
Trixie "Tango down," Trixie whispers, fighting a sudden but mercifully brief bout of nausea. "Watch that gate for potential traps or security devices. Something about it's just too inviting."
Cassie The moment Cassie moves to the fence, she hears the guard call out for her to halt. "Oh shit," She whispers, her mind going a million ways at once trying to figure out the best course of action. Then the shot is fired, and the guard is no longer a threat... hopefully.

Cassie waits for a moment, not wanting to be caught off guard by any others who might be nearby, then glances towards the gate and literally does a double-take as she notices it's wide open. "I say we cut through the fence. I don't think they're doing that to invite us in with open arms."
PrestigeAndrei "Quick question then. How?" Andrei pipes up then as he stays off in his little hideyhole and tries not to call attention to hiself even as someo f the bullets start flying. Or really just one bullet.
Bob "Nice shooting, Ninn," says Lancelot to Trixie as he continues scanning his surroundings, noticing the wide open gate. There's a shrug of his shoulders and the man says, "Anyone see any cameras or flood lights? We don't want to get blinded if there's someone on the other side with his hand on a light switch." Looking at Cassie he nods, "Good idea." His reply to Andrei is a shrug, followed by, "Side cutters? Multitool?"
Esa That one can tell, there is no other light source; save for the one ten feet in at the main entrance to the facility. No cameras can be seen along the fence line, or further in. The gate being open was more due to the guards patrol from the facility to the main gate.


"Knights. We are on a time crunch, proceed with caution but use the main gate. We need that virus." Esa says calmly as he takes a sip of his coffee.
Trixie "You're the boss, Camelot," Trixie says softly. "Lance, don't forget about that light over the gate. That's gonna be trouble for NVD's. Want me to take it out?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov is soon enough sighing as he hears the orders and just starts trying to worm and wriggle his way out of the brush towards the doorway. He'll take the time to move slowly sneaking along the ground as he tries to approach the compound very carefully and get to the doorway.
Bob "You heard the man. Let's get this shit done," Lancelot says as he begins to lead the way towards the front gate, keeping his weapon at the ready in the event something or someone pops up. "Roger that, Ninn. You got this," he says encouragingly, surprisingly upbeat about how things are going. His enjoyment of the operation might be surprising, but it's a break from watching monsters tear up his coworkers.
Esa The light bulb explodes and the fragments hit the ground. The area suddenly goes dark. Your movement to the door goes unnoticed, unchallenged undetected. No bombs, traps or snakes can be seen or found.

The door was a customized heavy duty security door with a tumbler fitted for a certain type of key. It could be unlocked with said key; or possibly pick locked.
Trixie "Be ready for trouble once that light goes out," Trixie adds, taking a bead on the light through her little scope and squeezing the trigger. The light becomes an ex-light.

She blinks as no trap seems to be sprung. "Huh... moving up," she murmurs, and moves toward the door in question.
Cassie Meanwhile, Cassie is advancing extra cautiously, keeping eyes peeled for anything possibly rigged to attack them or something. "I don't like this," She whispers. "Someone is obviously waiting for us..."
Bob When nothing happens, nobody pops out of hiding, there's no hidden floodlights, everything more or less appears normal, Bob joins Trixie for a, "Huh." But then he's back to being all business, creeping up on the building ahead to move into position at the door. Once there he readies himself to breach, eyeing the lock for a second before getting on the radio, "We want to pick this lock, search the corpse for a key or shall I use my masterkey?" The masterkey in question is the shotgun across his back whose stock he pats.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei by this point is making his way to the wall.. before he undoubtly feels eyes on him and then the corpse.. and the man just sighs. "Fuckin.. gross.. so gross..." He'll mutter then as he shifts and makes his way over to the man with an extra hole in his head. Just got to find a key.. or whatever right? "Fuck you cheerleader.. and.. Buzzkill.. and that other dude. I'm wiping my hand off your your back. BLoodprints. Everywhere." He'll mutter as he looks for a key.. or weapons.. or whatever the fuck else
Esa Brain matter, half eaten snicker bars, a tuna sandwich for later.. some spent shell casing..

Andrei and Trixies hands both find the key at the same time.


"Do not breach with a shotgun, Lancelot. This is.. a stealth mission. Figure another route." Esa replies.
Trixie "Checking... hope this guy has a key or somethin'," Trixie murmurs, finding herself across the corpse from Andrei. "Geez, Percy... I can do this, y'know," she protests softly, before murmuring, "Gross-gross-gross..."

And then she finds the key, plopping her hand on top of it to grab it... and finding Andrei's hand there, too. "Fine, you take it..." she grumbles. "Percy found a key, Lance. Might be the one we want."
Bob Silently chuckling at Camelot's reply to his offer to use a shotgun to open the door, Lancelot glances back to check on his teammates, making sure that everyone is in position and doing their jobs. Andrei and Trixie both finding the key at the same moment get a little eyebrow raise, not that it's visible behind the night vision, but it's there. Cassie gets a glance to make sure she's hanging in there. Once he hears back from Trixie he replies, "Roger. Let's give it a try. If it fails we can try to pick the lock."
PrestigeAndrei "What? No you earned the key. You take it." Andrei mutters as he holds out his hand and the key, all covered in blood and some melted chocolate. "Come on, Cheerleader. You open the door to the scary building. i'm just the grunt man." Andrei admits then before he tries to press the key upon Trixie and flee from the corpse.. and give Bob a big bloody pat on the side, whiping the blood off on his sleeve. "Alright we can do this right?"
Cassie Still keeping eyes peeled and moving a little slower, Cassie glares at Andrei. "Scary? You call yourself a member of FBC?!" She shakes her head. "Let's go!" She moves towards the door but stops so she can offer covering fire for whoever opens the door if need be.
Trixie Trixie takes the key. And wipes it on Andrei's pant leg as he rises to run away. "Fine, whatev," she murmurs, rolling her eyes behind her NVD's and moving back to the door. "Got the key, Lance. Shall we open this can?"
Bob "Roger, Percy, we got this shit," Lancelot replies to his teammate, ignoring the blood now coagulating into his uniform. Not the first time he's been covered in other people's bodily fluids and it probably won't be the last. Plus, blood covered uniforms can be turned in for new ones for free! He gets right up next to the door, ready enter as soon as Trixie opens it, "Hit it, Ninn."
Trixie Trixie perches on the edge of the doorframe, slips the key into the lock, opens the lock, and pushes the door open, keeping out of the doorway as best she can...

She also puts a hand over her NVD's, just in case.
Esa The key goes in, fits snuggly and it opens..

To a foyer like room. Small with two doors on the west side of the wall for bathrooms and an open hallway that leads forward. Lights flicker in here, off and on. On the east wall is a picture of the building; words in English and Spanish note the building to be a research facility at one point in the 1960's and 70's; but from the looks of it abandoned.

The foyer has seats that align the southern and eastern walls. A drinking fountain sits next to the door leading north.

The floor is tiled with a mixture of black and whites; all dusty. The walls are an off pale green color.


"Alright knights, full radio and chatter silence from here on out. We have no clue how many spooks are in the building. Be careful, be safe. Make contact once the package is secured. Camelot out." Esa says
Cassie Radio silence, got it," Cassie whispers into her microphone. Despite the fact that it looks abandoned, Cassie knows that making assumptions results in getting your ass kicked... or something similar. She continues to look from side to side, giving everything a good looking at to see if she can spot anything possibly suspicious.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov just exhales then before he just shakes his head then before lifting a hand up to tap at his eye and point at Cassie before giving a very soft 'bleeeeh' sound and moving inside the compound in question. Of course he'll soon take to the wall and attempt to stay out of sight and range ofa nything that might try and eat him.

Andrei Kirov.. is a sneaky son of a bitch after all
Bob No longer using his mouth for anything but breathing, Lancelot is onto using gestures. The first is motioning for the rest of the team to approach the closest bathroom door. Gotta try to make sure there's nothing left alive behind them if they need to make a getaway. He's approaches the first entrance and gets ready to clear it.
Trixie Trixie nods to herself and swings her mic out out of her way. Only then does she edge forward deeper into the facility, eyes peeled for potential trouble and remembering just how much she hates places like this after the siege of the RPD police station...
Esa The bathrooms would be a quick check. No spooks were in the bathroom. The bathrooms were identical, save the men's having Urinal stalls.

This left the forward corridor, a long hallway with lighting spaced every few feet that flicker on and off. During the flickers, one can see three potential doorways leading off; one on the west, two on the east.
Bob Bob progresses towards the hallway but gestures for the group to stop by lifting a closed fist in the air. As he gets to that point Bob crouches down to the floor and pokes what might be a shard of glass with the tip of his MP7's suppressor, then turns to look at the other operators, holding a solitary finger against lips in a 'quiet' gesture. When he starts to move forward he does so without lifting his feet, instead moving slowly and gently sliding the glass out of the way so that it doesn't break and make noise.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov for comparison sake is always just pressed up against the walll. Hiding behind a trashcan here.. some desk or whatever there. The man clearly trying not to at all be gutsy and instead just keep in the general vicinity of his companions nearby... sneaking about and hiding from all the dangerous folks that might be around them.. and of couse letting pointman Bobbo lead the way.. or lancerhot. Or whomever.

The tension is enough to at least cause Andrei to start to fidget and double check to make sure his rifle is reloaded
Cassie Meanwhile, Cassie is moving slowly but steadily, sweeping her gun from side to side to make sure nobody gets the best of them at all. It may seem like standard operation stuff, but Cassie is still feeling uneasy for some reason. The fact that the gate was open really has her suspecting there's something else going on that they're not seeing.
Trixie Trixie bites her lower lip at the sight of the broken glass 'Lancelot' is pushing with his feet, instantly concerned and more alert. She works hard to follow the path he leaves through the glass, while also trying to keep her eyes on their tail. She watches Andrei for a moment, then shakes her head.
Esa Ten feet down is the first two entryways; one to the east, then immediately up a foot, one on the west. The west entry point has a door; steel frame, heavy with a specialized key. Attempting to use the outdoor key doesn't appear to fit. The east entryway is open, no actual door exists and leads into a darken room.
Bob The first key not working makes the choice of where to go pretty easy. Bob approaches the dark room and lowers his night vision to scan it's interior before entering and gesturing for the others to follow behind.
Cassie Meanwhile, Cassie is thanking the stars for night vision. That dark room makes her extra uneasy, almost like one of those traps where they wait for everyone to come in, then they throw on the lights and yell out something like, 'SURPRISE!' Hence the reason Cassie is looking even more carefully as she enters than she did before. She's not about to be caught off-guard hopefully.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov for his part is just trying hard not to move in first. That is what Cassie is for right? He might even go so far as to try and encourage her to go into the spooky scary room before entering in behind her.. and Bob.. and Trixie.

Andrei's hand will move to his nvd then to flip on that little switch to turn it on as he tries to not at all run away or chicken out.
Trixie Still making up the tail of the group, Trixie makes sure to check out the corners nearest the door through her NVD's as well as what she can see of the room before entering. She puts a hand over the lens(es) for a count of two as she follows the others in, her carbine at the ready.
Esa Walking into the room with NVD's active, one find themselves instantly inside the barracks. The room has a wall running along the north side with a single open door leading north again. the room heads back south for ten feet and one can see nine steel frame bunk beds.

All but the three closest to the door appear filled with sleeping mercenaries.
Bob Finding himself surrounded by mercenaries, Bob pauses for a moment to look over the opposition. He pauses, trying to make a call about what to do. Looking at the others, reaches forward and taps the suppressor on his weapon, then gestures to the sleeping enemies before shrugging as if asking a question. It's clear that he's seeking feedback before making the decision.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just waves his hand and holds his carbine close to his sie before he looks about and rubs at his arm then.. leaving a bit of blood on the sleeve before sighing slightly. The man after all has a carbine without a silence so..

Killing sleeping men in cold blood wouldn't be his decision to make!
Cassie As soon as Cassie gets a good look at what's inside, her eyes widen like saucers. Internally, she's swearing silently, hoping that no one makes any type of noise. They may be mercenaries, but Cassie isn't about to go killing anyone while they're asleep. She's always been taught to only shoot if she's in danger. Gritting her teeth and trying not to breathe too loudly, she silently hopes they can just move back into the room where they came from and try another way.
Trixie Trixie uncovers her lenses, her mouth slowly dropping open as she realizes where they are... and who is sharing the space with them. She snaps her mouth closed silently, putting an instinctive finger to her lips.

Noting Andrei's lack of a silenced weapon and Bob's hand signal, she shakes her head and jerks her thumb back over her shoulder. Then she points at herself, each of the others, and jerks her thumb back over her shoulder again, just to ensure her message is clear.
Esa The mercenaries continue to sleep, all innocent and gentle within their beds. The simple way out is the way they came, or perhaps into the next room (northern entryway).

Moral choices seem simple enough:
Execute sleeping Mercenaries with silencers or perhaps a more brutal method - a grenade.
Exit the rooms and do not disturb them.
Bob The other guys unwillingness to kill the sleeping mercs make it easy for Bob to keep moving. He moves as quietly as he can to head in the direction Trixie gestured, glancing back one more time towards the potential threats they're leaving behind. There's no good way to do this, but at least this way he's not taking out a bunch of guys who can't fight back.
PrestigeAndrei With that out of the way Andrei just steps backwards slowly then before glancing aside at Bob and giving a soft little chortle as he sneaks his way back out of the room. This would not be a good thing the man suspected.. but then he was going to survive after all. Regardless of these terrible circumstances!
Cassie Cassie steps backwards carefully and waits until she's completely out of the room before breathing a silent sigh of relief. There was no way she'd live down shooting a bunch of sleeping mercenaries... assuming, of course, the mercenaries didn't get them first. She then looked around, seeing what other options remained in terms of their exploration.
Trixie Trixie edges out of the room slowly, all the way back to the hallway they'd came from, ever mindful of anything that might be coming up behind them. Hoping all the while that none of the sleeping thugs suddenly wakes up for some reason!

Only when they are back in the hallway does she point to Bob, then to the last doorway yet unchecked, further down the hall. Then she shrugs interrogatively, but not too exaggeratedly. After all, she's asking a question, not being a jackass.
Esa Back in the hallway, one finds a few more paths; the steel-frame door on the western entry blocks any current attempt to enter. A set of bathrooms on the eastern wall is seen between the Barracks entryway and another further up. Beyond appears to be another foyer perhaps.

Once more, the hallway has lights that flicker on and off.
Bob Nodding at Trixie, Bob heads towards that last area, hoping it's the one they need to get through to find the T-Virus that they need to grab before they can extract. He's as quiet as he can be as he moves along, trying to avoid making any unnecessary noises.
Cassie As the lights flicker on and off, Cassie makes sure her night vision goggles are still securely fastened to her head and that they're in no danger of going out. With that last area visible, Cassie's also hoping that this is where they'll find the T-Virus. Ever since they've made entry, her nerves have been going all out and she wants to calm them as quickly as she can.
Trixie Trixie nods to Bob and follows him toward the entry further up, beyond the restrooms. She does her best to move as quietly as a mouse... to make the mice look noisy, if she can! And to watch out for both enemies and anything that might point them toward the T-virus samples.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just lifts his shoulders at this point before exhaling and making his way down to peek into the foyer, at this point apparently not being the most stealthy as the man moves rather with some level of confidence now that he knows where most of the bad guys are.. asleep!
Esa The last opening entryway appears to be a cafeteria of sorts with an entry along the far southern wall; possibly back into the Barracks.

This left the foyer section, where overhead lighting can be seen. Dimly lit, but not flickering like the hallway.

A cough is heard from the foyer, then the sound of movement; movement that is heading toward the hallway, toward our intrepid team!
Bob When he hears the noise of another person approaching, Bob gestures to the others to stay quiet as he moves to take a knee and levels his weapon down the hallway in the direction the coughing noise came from. They've got to go that way anyway.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just tries to take cover at this point as he moves to hide under a table.. or something then, making a dive and squirming his way to saftey just to stay out of immediate line of sight in the darkness.. or whatever. To Mister Percival.. not getting shot at was all that matters.
Cassie Almost immediately, Cassie immediately drops to a knee as well and aims her gun at the hallway as well. She knew something was up, and her suspicions have been confirmed. Yet, all the same her eyes are narrowing and she's got a finger on the trigger.
Trixie Trixie edges back into the shadowy doorway of the cafeteria hallway, aiming into the foyer with her suppressed carbine. The 4X scope provides a slight edge even at this distance...
Esa The guy comes around the corner and spots a man and two woman in the hallway; Andrei having ducked back into the cafeteria.

"What the fuck." The merc states. as weapons are raised and fired, he mutters "ah shi-" he is cut off as five bullets hit into his chest, and a sixth cuts through his head.

The merc crumbles to the ground, dead. Moving forward, one finds the foyer has an emergency exit and a set of stairs heading up.
Trixie Trixie squeezes off her shot, quite literally opening the merc's mind. She sighs in quiet relief as the body hits the floor. Close...
Cassie The mercenary is shot before he can even finish swearing, and that's all that matters to Cassie. Now that he's taken care of, Cassie takes a moment to move him out of the way before continuing towards the foyer. She sees the stairs and the emergency exit. She looks towards the others and gestures towards the stairs as if asking if they're going that way.
Bob After they kill the guard Bob moves ahead and starts searching the dead guy. He does it quickly, patting the man down and squeezing his clothing to feel for anything that might be hiding in his pockets or elsewhere.
Esa Bob's quick search of the downed mercenary is rewarded with two pairs of keys.

The stairs headed up to another landing. A single, metal door was the only entryway forward. The door resided on the east wall.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just shakes his head then before looking up from his little hidehole. He heard a gunshot, a body.. oh and keys! Thumbs up! Andrei is now no longer under the table as he scrambles up to brush himself off and loo confident
Bob Holding up the keys in his non-dominant hand Bob leads the way before smoothly catching them in his hand to keep them from making noise. He follows Cassie towards the stairs, nodding for her to go ahead.
Cassie Nodding in response, Cassie slowly heads up the stairs, making sure to take each step slowly and cautiously, not wanting to risk making any noises or possibly causing a stair to creak. Each step is deliberate and done with full caution. When she reaches the top, she gestures towards the door and nods to Bob.
Esa One of the keys fits snuggly in the hole and opens the door.

The team enters in to a dimly lit lab center.

The lab is small, with a single door heading south. Along the eastern wall is a counter with cabinets below, and above; all empty. Ancient equipment sits on the counters and appear not to have been in use for some time.

in the middle of the room is a table, dusty with nothing on it. Along the western wall is another counter with no cabinets and a sink that drips.
Trixie Trixie follows Bob and Cassie upstairs, still trying to make mice look noisy in their movement. Or at least noisier than herself. She glances back at Andrei dusting himself off and just shakes her head.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just gives another thumbs up to Trixie by this point as he follows along cheerfully enough. No blood on his hands. Well in a metaphysical moral guilt sort of way as he walks his way over towards the doorway and moves to follow the bair into the lab center. Now is the time that Andrei will begin snooping about. Looking for tesstubes.. or computers.. or things that might be labeled dangerous biochemical agent
Bob The quiet room with none of the goodies they're there to secure elicits a faint sigh from Bob as he looks throughout the area. Like Andrei, he starts to give it a search in the event that something of value might have been carefully hidden. He's ready to keep moving in the event he doesn't find anything, however.
Cassie Cassie also sweeps the room, albeit with caution. It may look empty, but you never know what might be lying in wait. Even that sink, which might appear to just be dripping, could have something unpleasant in store if they're not careful. She looks at it but doesn't get too close.
Esa Nothing of value can be found. The same key that opens the door into this lab, opens the other lab door.

Heading through the last door, one finds a fridge. The air in here is noticeably cooler than the rest of the building. It's a small lab, of similar design as the previous room.

Inside the fridge is the single sample of the T-virus. Bingo.
PrestigeAndrei Lifts his hand, snaps his finger and points at the fridge as they no doubt.. the group that is would approach them as he gives a great big grin. He'll wait for someoe else to pick up the dangerous and valuable sample before he jabs his finger to the door and looks about ready to bolt
Trixie Trixie stifles a shudder at the sight of the lab equipment. The dust doesn't exactly bouy up her confidence, either; clearly nobody's used this place in a while.

Thankfully, the next room yields up the goods, and she sighs in quiet relief as she carefully opens the fridge. Removing it from the fridge with the utmost care, she holds it out to Bob with equal care; she has noplace to carry it safely.
Bob Once he's taken the sample from Trixie, Bob whips his aid bag off of his back and removes a Pelican case and some cotton gauze from it. He carefully wraps the container of T-virus up and puts it in the case before stashing it back where it came from and replacing his aid bag on his back. Once he's got it cinched snuggly to himself he readies his MP7 again and nods to the other operators, showing them a grin. Then it's off, back in the direction they came, moving as quietly as he can.
Cassie While the others go for the T-Virus, Cassie keeps an eye on things, making sure no one tries to ambush them or catch them off guard. They found the prize, now it's time to take it and get out, before trouble appears.
Esa The team runs into no other oppositions as they retreat from the base with the virus. The LZ was a few miles to the east.

As the team makes it to the LZ pick up site, a Blackhawk waits for them. Climbing aboard, the Blackhawk lifts off, heading back toward the joint-military facility.


"Good job Knights. Mission accomplish with little causalities. Congrats. Beer is on me once your back in Paris." Esa says calmly as he looks at the main screen. A frown creases his face as something comes in fast.


As the black hawk retreates toward the joint-military facility, a tomahawk missile streaks past it. A moment later, the mercenary facility explodes in a fireball.


"What the hell!" Esa states, looking to Stacey and presses the button. "Who ordered the hit?"

"Not I sir." Stacey replies, others in the room shakes their heads.

Pressing the unmute button Esa says, "Knights, mercenary facility is destroyed. No orders came from Camelot. Repeat, no orders from Camelot." He yanks the headset off and tosses it to the side.


Days later, an intelligence report lands on Esas desk from someone unknown. The weaponized virus collected from the mercenarys facility has mysteriously disappeared from the containment room where it was to be destroyed. The information conflicts with confirmation papers that showed the virus was destroyed.