Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night February 18, 2006
Umbrella Office Building
Paris, France

Archene was currently sitting down in a meeting room with a table big enough for twelve chairs to perfectly fit around it. On its edge, he currently sits in a chair, wearing a suit as expensive as the one of any other corporate, typing information away on his laptop.

The meeting itself had been planned officially with Markus Berger to discuss plans for the future, regarding his projects and the general situation in South America. (Information that was attached to the time of the meeting.)

As for Delia, she had been request to come as she would be one of Archene's main agents in South America, so surely, it'd save time to directly tell her the plans for the immediate future.
Markus Berger Markus Berger is exactly on time as he enters the room and swiftly sits down at the table near Archene without so much as a greeting and looking as out of place as allways. At least until he actually sits down and puts a briefcase on the table in the same motion. "So, good day I guess. What do you need me for here?"
Delia Delia walks into the meeting room looking so not corporate she looks more like a tourist. A pair of long jean is upon her form with some random t-shirt with a meme of a cat on it. A black hoodie over that with black sneakers on her feet. Her hair is up in a messy bun as she saunters in. Her arms stretching above her hair as she draws closer to then drop into a chair close to Archene. A warm smile and a wiggle of the fingers is offered to both Archene and Markus. She then signs "I assume I am getting my assignment. Or am I assuming wrong."
Silent Night "Good day, Markus. And congratulations." Archene sighs before looking away from the computer and towards him, "We needed to discuss development plans in South America, I assume you already got a notice that you will have a new position in South America, correct? Given that we will still be needing to work along each other down there, I need to know your thoughts on the situation."

As Delia comes in, he looks her way and smiles, "Yes, as it is we are currently seeing the exact details for your deployment and your assignment. Though I'll primarily be the one in charge of the operations you will take part in, Doctor Berger may also need to make extensive use of your capabilities."
Markus Berger The doctor simply nods briefly and smirks. "I'm aware and got to say that I'm a bit baffled. Anyway, I can't really say anything about this yet without more concrete informations. I just know that it will be 'fun' to clean up the mess down there and to figure out what research has been done down there... without anyone up the ladder being informed. Can't be anything good, thats for sure. Especially if they stumbled over the same things the competition supposedly has been looking for in South America."

With that said he also gives Delia a nod and smirks. "Yes, thats true. Expect a lot of trouble, considering my capability to end up in awfull situations entirely unintentionaly quite often."
Kitten On Sir Archene Night's computer screen, he sees an image of the TRICELL Office Building he will be based out of in Maracaibo, Democratic Republic of Bolivar in a recent email from his boss Lucia Gionne, the new Senior Vice President of Tricell.

For Archene, his own memories have always been fractured, filled with holes and gaps. His entire childhood.

In all of his years working as a spy, the different backgrounds and origins he had given himself had all melded together but they had never filled that void in his memory; in his heart.

Archene is filled with a realization as he sees the photo and the familiar city. A seething pain fills his head as he is assailed with fragments and shards of memories that he had forgotten; traumatic events that had been lost to him in the years since.


Details paged to Archene, it is up to him to share it IC or OOC <3
Delia Delia nods softly at Archene's words and signs "Whatever you need Sir Archene." Her attention then flickers to Markus and she signs "I am handle most situation, you need not worry." Her arms are then stretching above her head again before she signs to Archene "Do I have anything I need to worry about this moment?" Not realizing what is on the screen at this very moment.
Silent Night "I understand, just know you will have my cooperation there if you need." Archene chuckles briefly, "I just hope that no research material is lost regardless of origin, I'm sure it can be reused for acceptable purposes." He briefly glances at his screen, clearly planning on focusing then on Delia... but he seems to stay locked for a moment, even to the point he holds his breath. He then takes a deep breath, somewhat distressed but then he looks towards Markus, Delia, the door, slowly calming down before telling Delia, "Nothing, nothing to worry about at the moment."
Markus Berger Markus just silently looks at Archene with a slightly worried look on his face before shaking his head and wisely deciding to shut up about... whatever that was. "Good, good. I'll need any help I can get. As usuall."
Delia Delia catches the look to the door and nods. Her moments slow and practiced as she makes her way to get a look around the perimeter. Her hands getting ready to grab her pistols should she need to.
Silent Night "Not like I ever had any plans to withdraw my support," Archene says briefly even as he shakes his head at Delia, signalling that there is nothing wrong with a hand, "Given the Doctor's lack of plans. I can only say for now, that the nation is in civil war. And while we have certain messes to clean up over there, their current governing power isn't something we should focus on, unless it interferes with the plans we set forth, once we have enough information. Though I'm sure both of you may already have it, I'll be sending you the address for our office in Bolivar's capital, Maracaibo." He pauses for a moment, closing down the image on his laptop before asking both of them, "Any questions?"
Markus Berger The good doctor just smirks slightly and shrugs visibly. "I have none. As I said, until I see the situation down there firsthand I can't say much, except that I will most likely turn every single lab and office on its head until we find everything that went wrong or hasn't been reported to the higher-ups as it should while we are there. Maybe give some people the boot. Hope you don't mind."
Delia Delia offers a shrug of her shoulders as she makes her way back to the meeting table. She ponders for a moment before she signs to Archene "What all do I need to pack? I need to switch things around in suitcases I imagine since my stay here is going to be so short." She then signs more "I just want to shoot people. I am simple."
Silent Night "That is just what I'd expect you to say. I'll be assigning a, small team to you." Archene gives Markus a smile, "You'll be able to meet them in South America. Easier to have locals with you, after all." And the labor is cheaper than from Europe, among other things." He turn to Delia, seeming to ponder something for a moment before saying, "Pack your equipment and light clothes for a few days, using European clothes, regardless of quality will probably make you stick out over there needlessly." He nods at the last comment, "You will get to shoot people, in fact, as soon as we land in Bolivarian soil, I will have an assignment to you that will make full use of your talents." He smiles rather warmly.
Markus Berger "Well, that sounds great. Means that I don't have to do that on my own and have some people to stare others into the ground at the very least." The doctor simply grins and tries to suppress a chuckle at whatever his mental imaginery might just be. "I have allready something in mind."
Delia Delia smiles at Archene's words and signs "I'll bring my European clothing then. And I look forward to being able to use all of my talents." She spins about in her chair. Her hand stopping her to look at Markus as she signs "What do you have in mind I wonder."
Silent Night "It'd be a waste of time to have you go through all of our labs." Archene sighs briefly before tilting his head slightly... He nods at Delia's words before looking at Markus, "I was sincerely just about to not ask what you had in mind, but given that the question was asked, now I'm curious." He grins at Markus.
Markus Berger "Oh, not much. Just going to turn the entire HQ on its head top to bottom not too long after we arrive in Bolivar. Preferably while everyone went home for the day so nobody gets the chance to complain or hide something." Having said that Markus simply shrugs slightly. "Either everything ends up being a dud, we get a few scraps off information about what all was messed up down there or I actually find something interesting. As long as nobody notices... Well..." With another smirk the Doctor raises his hands in a mock-placating gesture and shrugs again.
Delia Delia whispers giggles though in truth that can be barely heard. She then signs "Could be fun turning the place upside down. Never know what one may find after all to be far. I mean extra bullets or other weapons to be taken apart and turned into something else could be kinda badass."
Silent Night "That seems good enough, in the least, you should be able to find some data and directions to labs, in case even the local higher-ups know about the situation." Archene chuckles briefly at Markus before saying, "That does seem exactly like something you'd do." He chuckles briefly as he notices what Delia signalled.
Markus Berger Markus just smirks even more and nods. "You know me. I barely like anyone so don't expect me to be polite to someone I've explicitely been told about that he has been involved in god knows what. Instead the crowbar method gets applied right away. Also, since we don't know who speficialy is involved in any of the incidents down there everyone has a problem now."
Delia Delia lets the men talk since she is just signing back to them. Her gaze looking about the office. She is a bit protective of her people after all.
Silent Night "Good, good. Just ensure that no information of the incidents get out. That'd hurt the companies' image. And I'd hate to hear us being compared to a company like Umbrella." Archene chuckles briefly, his eyes briefly glancing at Delia. He smiles, because it always good to see efficient workers.
Markus Berger "I'll make sure of that. Nobody wants to be compared to them." With that said he crosses his arms and leans back into his chair. "So, anything else or can we be on our way?"
Delia Delia looks back to Archene curiously at Markus's question. She was pretty sure she knew what all would be needed of her once in Bolivar after all.
Silent Night "Not much, I just wanted to give you this." Archene reaches into his pocket before he puts what seems to be a big golden bullet, with his name and coat of arms to the boot, "Mostly a good luck charm, but if you find something hard to deal and there is no way out but to take a last shot at it. Otherwise, just keep it handy as 'that one bullet that is too expensive to actually be used'. I had those designed and produced in commemoration of the 'Victory against Bioterrorism' and the fall of James Marcus. Hopefully, it will have positive effects on the PR, as of now, it is just being an effective way to keep my pockets half-empty." He half-grins before looking at Delia, "Don't worry, I will be providing you a steady supply of those for our high-risk missions." He smiles, "Other than this, however, this meeting can be considered to be over. Thank you both for your punctuality."