Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Eve sits behind her desk, both eyes on her laptop, her eyes slightly narrowed. She leans in and makes a telephone call, speaking quietly to the person on the other end. After a few minutes of speaking with Emma, Eve steeples her fingers and sighs. She knows her boss and her friend isn't going to like what she's going to tell her, but she'll like it a lot less if the media finds it first. She eyes the entrance to her office and waits.
Emma Emma has bee discharged from the hospital. Given that she was high on meds, the lass doesn't fully recall what had happened, or more to the point, what she had said. Thus far, she is only really aware that she knows of how she feels. There is an amount of physical pain, however, from being ripped open. Even if she isn't 'offically' back to work, she is here, doing what she can.

after the call, the redhead would step in, wearing a pair of nice pants, and a simple, loose fitting shirt, the tip of the bandage covering her stitches peeking out. Looking to Eve, there is a tired smile. "Wha - what can I do for ya?"
Eve "Normally, this would wait." Eve says, getting to her feet as she gestures Emma closer. "However, it's sensitive and if we're going to try to keep it out of the mainstream media you need to see it and make some decisions. We released that video to the media, but if this gets out in conjunction with it, it could be a nightmare." She points to her screen and props her hands on her hips. "I already told Esa about it, and told him that besides speaking to you, it would stay in this office..for now. If you want to change that however.." She trails off and steps back a few, letting her boss settle into her seat to read what she's managed to find.
Emma Emma gives Eve a most curious look, but nods a little. She'd stiffy move past her assistant, putting a hand down on the desk before sitting, shifting a little and fiddling with her shirt. A bottle of pills is put down to, they are her painkillers. "Tha - that important, hm?" Says the redhead, looking up to the woman with a small smile. "Yer - yer always on tha - tha ball." Popping open the bottle some pills are taken. "Le - lets see what we - we got here," And then, grey-green eyes move to the computer, reading over the bit of information. "Huh." Is the first response.
Eve "I also caught some scuttlebutt about some rogue elements from Umbrella heading to South America. Apparently they're in bed with some people in Bolivar." Eve mentions, leaning on the desk. "I heard rumors that some of us were being sent down there to assist with some humanitarian efforts." She gazes at Emma and a frown forms on her face. "If this is also true, we're going to have to make sure we bring more security than James."
Emma "Wha - what did Esa say of this?" Emma asks, curious on what he thought. She turns in the chair a little, nodding slow. "Well, yer - yer right, some of us will be - be sent ta South America ta help with the aid effort there. I was goin' ta compile a list of people ta come with, 'course, yer on tha list after myself, I know ya don't like flyin' we'll work that out." Sighing, eyes move back to the computer. "If this is - is true, tha FBC is more corrupt than we could ever imagine."
Eve "He looked pretty resigned in general, if I had to hazard a guess he may have already had some suspicions about this." Eve comments, picking up her pad and scribbling down some things in a neat shorthand. "I'll start putting together a list of some things we'll need and get people on packing." She murmurs, her nose wrinkling at the thought of having to fly. "Do we have a date of departure in mind?" She asks quietly, gazing over at Emma.
Esa Checking in on Emma after her accident, Esa smiles to the lady at the front counter and heads up the stairs to her office. Hearing Eve and Emma's voices talking about something, he opens the door and catches the tail end of the what Emma says.

"Your right, Emma it is." Esa says quietly as he walks into the office, wearing his black gabardine trench coat. "Much more than even I knew abou.t" he adds calmly and sets an encrypted USB thumb drive on her table. "Everything that was given to me by Bryant; he never knew what he was carrying and I have no clue who it came from." He adds with a small frown. Eve is given a gentle smile before he looks back to Emma. "I was going to wait until you were better.." He adds apologetically.
Emma "No - no doubt." Emma replies, about Esa seeming resigned, she would be, too. "Aye make a - a list, an, I need ya ta worth with Tabitha too, I'm gonna talk ta her 'bout generating a area where we can go in an' tend ta wounded, like doctors without boarders, but our own branch."

Just then, Esa walks in, he's given a smile. Emma looks tired, and sore, she is wearing nice pants and a loose top, with the edge of the bandage on the stitches poking out. Also, she doesn't recall what she revealed while high. "No - no clue where that came from? Well, that'll make it - it complicated, then." She shrugs, a touch. "Do - don't worry, I get why ya - ya held off, but we need ta decide what ta do 'bout this information. We -could- send it out, without a name attached, as a rumour, maybe some tidbits will come from that?"
Eve Eve gazes at Emma and then at Esa when he walks in. "I'm all for educating the world about dirty people and organizations, but in conjunction to the video that was sent out, this will make it look like they were trying to destroy something they might have helped create, or worse." She folds her arms tightly over her chest and frowns. "I don't like to hide things, I realize what we're trying to do, but this could be the final nail in the coffin of the F.B.C. if it gets out." She glances over at Esa and both of her eyebrows raise a bit as she studies him. "Your thoughts?"
Esa Esa looks over Emma quietly and gives her a heart-felt, loving smile as he walks over to her. He leans down to kiss her forehead tenderly before saying "You look beautiful by the way." he smiles to her before looking to Eve.

He sighs quietly and looks out Emmas window for a moment. "F.B.C. is likely to be sent to Bolivar. There are three villages inside the DRB that have been confirmed positive for the t-Virus. we also have operatives in South-East Asia hunting down Alice Abernathy." He replies quietly as he looks back to Eve. "Leaking this information could be detrimental to Bolivar and our operatives. Besides that, these people within the F.B.C. think they are untouchable. I have a task force that that can shine the light on them and bring them down. Exposing them now would destroy F.B.C. and just push'm into hiding." He says quietly; his face conflicted.
Eve Eve opens her mouth to comment further, but noise at the door makes her shut it again. After a sigh and a few minutes she says. "Lets discuss the sensitive stuff later, yeah?" She turns to Emma and smiles. "Just let me know who and what we need for Bolivar, and I'll start making travel arrangements and getting supplies together, for us and for the people down there who need them. We can run a drive, if you think it might help, raise some funds for the people in need."
Emma "I -- I dunno," Emma says to Eve, rubbing her head some. "There - there are good people, in tha FBC, but, more bad."

And then, there is Esa, and does he ever make her go red, and look down shyly and tuck some hair behind her ear. "AH -- thank, ya." She stammers, in her shy sweet way, idly taking her pill bottle and fiddling with it in her hands. "We - we have a, a day or so ta think. An' as for Bolivar, well, we need to organize our groups. A drive is - is a good idea," Eyes light up, a touch. "I - I did one for tha womans shelter here not long ago, lets see if we can - can pull some strings on tha rich there, an' get them ta come out for relief support. I'd like some actual documination on tha crisis, so people can see with their - their own eyes."
Esa Esa nods to Eve. "We can go over it at my place, if you two want." He asks casually, glancing between Eve and Emma.

As the conversation changes, Esa smiles a bit more fondly and gives a hmm. "I remember that. Very beautifully done, Emma." He says, looking to her. "And stunning if I recall." He adds with a fond smile.
Tabitha Tabitha listens at the door. Hearing voices inside she knocks, waits a second, then pokes her head in.
Eve Eve snaps at Esa, a wry grin on her face. "Put your game face on, that mushy stuff has no place in my office." She says, a mock stern look on her face. She tries to hide her smile and she turns back to Emma and nods. "I'll see what kind of documentation that I can find from Bolivar and do some work ups on what kind of drive will work best for the folks down there." She glances at the door when a knock sounds and she waves Tabitha in with a bright, dimpled smile. "Hello, have you been?" She asks, gesturing for the woman to grab a chair as she automatically goes to make her a cup of coffee.
Emma Emma is still red, eyes moving up to Esa briefly. "Ya - ya suckup." She remarks, joking a bit and giving him a quick smile. She nods and then looks to Eve, laughing, but then stopping, a hand going to her fresh wound. "O - ow." Mutters the lass, shaking her head some. "Good th - thank ya, Eve, that's great." Looking over to Tabitha, her fellow doctor is given a smile. "'ello, good timin', we were talkin' 'bout ya."
Esa Esa gives a wry grin to Eve. "Well, I think I have over stayed my welcome." He notes in a tease and smile to Eve, before glancing to Emma and gives her a soft smile. "Nah..." He pauses "But I will give you a call later."

As the door knocks and Tabitha enters, Esa gives her yet another apologetic smile. "Always seem to be leaving as you enter Tabitha." he said with a smile. "Hopefully we'll be in the same room long enough to talk one of these days." He adds with a grin. Turning, he waves to them before disappearing down the stairs.
Celeste Celeste seems to have been following shortly after Tabitha as she slips into Eve's office. "Sorry I am late. Took me a bit longer to get here than I anticipated." Her hand waves bye to Esa as he leaves before looking back to all others present offering a wiggle hello of her fingers.
Eve Eve turns to hand Tabitha her coffee, and she spots Celeste. No problem, she kneels and gets out a bottle of juice. She gives both ladies a drink and moves to sit on her desk, as her chair is occupied with Emma at the moment. She crosses her legs and leans over her pad making some notes. "I will get in contact with most of our operatives in Paris in the next few days and give them some options for what's coming up. Have you spoken to Mister Scott about our move yet, and if not, shall I contact him?" Eve asks Emma, poised to make another note on her notepad.
Tabitha Tabitha takes the coffee from Eve. "sweet sweet darlin... thank you", taking a sip. She looks to Emma and sputters.. She doesn't immediately spray coffee, but does cough and choke a bit. "Good Gracious Emma! What did you get into?", moving a bit quicker. Experience and training has given her the useless skill of moving quickly and not spilling a drop of her coffee. "I'm prescribing fourty yard of bubble-wrap" She looks back at Celeste "Hey! Met Buck!", with a silly grin to the teeny woman.
Emma Esa is given a bit of a wave when he leaves, Emma then turns to regard Eve. "I - I've not, yet, are ya - ya able ta do that for me?" She asks, a little hopefull, and it's not that she doesn't want to, more that, there is so much to do. Looking to Tabitha as she hurries forward a hand comes up. "I - I got ripped apart by some, mutated licker thing." Remarks the lass, frowning. "I - I will be fine, just need - need time, don't fret, please." Then she looks to Celeste, who is greeted with a smile. "No - no problem."
Celeste Celeste smiles as she takes the bottle of juice and says "Thank you Eve." Though when Mister Scott is brought up she looks confused but says nothing. Her eyes then looking upon Emma's new wound and sighing softly. Then flitting to Tabitha she says "Oh? When didja meet him?" Her head tilts as she then asks "Mutated licker thing?"
Eve "It's only my job, Emma." Eve says gently, shaking her head at the woman before she makes another fluid shorthand notation on her notepad. She looks slightly distracted as she catches snippets of Tabitha and Celeste's side discussion as she smiles over at Emma. "I'll have documentation on Bolivar on your desk in about twelve hours or so." She taps her chin with her fountain pen and then muses. "I'll also see about moving some personel to this office when we move, so it will still get some use."
Tabitha Tabitha frowns at Emma "...worst patients ever...", she mumbles, though offers a soft smile. "Last night. He wanted to", looking over to Emma "Give Her a piece of his mind. And.. ...he had some interesting stories to tell", taking another sip of her coffee. She watches Emma and Eve at Celeste's question about the 'licker thing'.. an eyebrow lifting behind her glasses.
Emma Emma nods to Eve. "I know." She says to her with a smile and then looks to Tabitha, and then to Celeste, and then back to Tabitha, a brow risen. "Wh - what did he wanna yell at me for?" Asks the lass, confused by this bit of information.
Celeste Celeste sips her juice before she asks "What sorta stories.... and why is he made at Emma?" She moves over to one of the chairs to take some of the weight off of her back.
Eve Eve picks up her phone and sends a text, and nods to herself as she leans back on the desk to snag her laptop. She pulls her legs up and crosses them indian style, devoting her attention to the screen of her computer for a few minutes, ready to answer any questions that come her way.
Tabitha Tabitha leans a hip against Eve's desk. "Well, he said Emma should fire whatever intern leaked that video", a chuckle added to her voice. Looking to Celeste, "..and, well, talked a bit about what went down in the catacombs.. a bit about how you guys met.", taking another sip of her coffee. She looks to Emma. "He wasn't very pleased about that. He thought he was doing the .. I wont say right thing, but necessary thing."
Celeste Celeste blushes very deeply at Tabitha tells her that Buck spoke about how they met. At this point she distracts herself with her juice, not wishing to divulge or volunteer anything that wasn't told.
Emma Emma is still, not due to pain but because of the news that Buck is mad. He is a -huge- guy, after all. There is a quick look to Eve, and then to Celeste and then Tabitha. "He - he can be upset all he wants." Remarks the lass softly. "Th - there was reason, more than he - he likely knows, an' I can't give out such - such sensitive information."
Eve Eve turns and places her laptop in front of Emma. "Took the liberty of looking at some real estate down in Bolivar since we probably will be needing offices. Take a look and let me know what you think." She hops down from the desk and opens the mini fridge again, pulling out a soda her eyes still on Emma. "Can I get you some water or tea?" She doesn't comment on what Emma said, because while Eve knows that her boss appreciates her opinion, she knows that sometimes there is limits to what she wants to hear.
Tabitha Tabitha sips coffee. "Bolivar?", she asks quietly, not prodding Celeste much more. She got.. ideas.. but best not to comment on people in love. "did you run out of things here to beat you up?", smirking to Emma.
Emma "W - water, please." Emma says to Eve, with a quick smile while resting back in the chair. It's clear she is hurting and still. Eyeing Tabitha, she laughs, softly. "I - I am lookin' for new assasssins, ya know. Tha ones here haven't done their job, tha - tha person that hired 'em didn' do their job well." It's a poor joke, even of her life. Looking to the computer she then looks to Eve. "I - I like it. Nice building."
Eve Eve nods a few times and pulls the laptop back, tapping on a few keys. "I'll send the details to you in an email and you can decide if it'll suit us." She pours Emma a glass of icewater and places it in front of her. "Now, on a lighter note, I think we should have a small party before we go, just close friends and family. Maybe a dinner of sorts?" She says, glancing around with a gleam in her eyes. "We can make it a potluck of sorts, food from all over the world."
Tabitha Tabitha 's face brightens. "Can we get something that aint french? I mean.. food is good.. but.. its.. French.. I want some bar-b-que", smiling over her mug.
Emma Emma nods to Eve, and grins at the idea. "G - good idea!" She remarks, with a nod to that too. "I - I love ta cook, actually, can fo anythin' an' everythin', but if ya want BBQ tall ta James. He cooked for my last fundraiser."
Eve Eve gives Tabitha an impish look and nods. "We'll get all kinds of food, in a potluck, everyone brings something and we all share. I'll make some kottbuller and maybe some soup. Swedish food is pretty earthy." She thinks for a moment and adds. "We can ask the folks who aren't part of TerraSave who are attending to bring a dish as well, I bet then we'll have lots of options."
Tabitha Tabitha smirks. "don't look at me for food.. I cant cook anything that doesn't have microwave instructions. Or, that you dont eat right out of the box.. I could bring some Fruit Loops.. "
Emma "That sounds lo - lovely." Emma says and looks at Eve. "I'd like ta - ta try them, ain't afraid ta try anythin' with food, or cook it, for that matter." She chukles some, a hand resting on where her fresh stitches are, as if to stay off discomfort. "I - I can teach ya ta cook," Says the lass to Tabitha. "My papa is a chef, taught me everythin' I know."
Eve "Okay, when do we want to do this?" Eve asks, glancing between the women with a faint smile on her face. "I'll send out fancy little invites and everything." She folds her hands in her lap, her pen clasped between two fingers.
Tabitha Tabitha smirks to Emma. "I'd love to learn to cook.. just.. expect lots of mistakes and burnt stuff", looking to Eve and then to Emma..
Emma Emma thinks this over, looking to the computer and then out the window. Idly, a hand runs through her hair. "Two - two weeks, aye? I'd - I'd like some time ta heal, so I can actually get up an' do more than just sit." It sounds like this is a total bore, and why wouldn't it be. Looking back to the two, she smiles softly. "I can teach ya, Tabitha, an' don't worry, such doesn't bother me much, we - we all start somewhere."
Eve Eve nods and makes a final note in her notepad. "Two weeks then." She says, a happy smile bringing out her dimples. "We need something to celebrate, or just..something that isn't heavy or scary."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "we need a reason to celebrate? isn't being in mostly one piece reason enough?", sipping her coffee before she moves to settle into a chair. "We missed valentines day.. ""
Emma Suddenly, there is a knock on the door, and whoever made it, is awaiting allowance to enter.
Eve Eve turns towards the door and calls out, "Come in!" She gets to her feet and waits to see who it is.
Emma And so, in walks four strapping young men. All red of hair, tall, two of them sporting scruffy bears, the other two more with stubble. There is something similar in each, you can tell they are related. And, they also look like a certain red head who is sitting within a chair.

Not aware that her brothers were coming -this- soon, Emma's jaw drops at seeing their smiling faces, and slowly pushes to stand. They were made aware of her injury and so, they all move in to hug their sister. No words are said, in this group hug, but, one can feel the joy in it.
Tabitha Tabitha blushes from neckline to hairline and tries to hide behind her coffee cup, eyes wide.. She immediately wonders what her hair must look like.. really wishes she'd had a shower and despirately wishes she was wearing something other than rumpled scrubs she's slept in.
Eve Eve blinks at her door and she steps back as a bunch of men walk into her office. She glances at Emma briefly and as she sees the resemblemce she gets out of the way and lets the reunion take place.
Emma The five of them are in this big, loooong group hug. It's a warm, moving reunion. There are bits heard in Gaelic, some english, and a few tears, yes, tears, even from her brothers. They are clearly secure enough men that they feel zero need to show how much their family means to them. It means everything. After the group hug is broke, Emma wipes a few tears away. "I - I can't believe yer all here." She says softly, and then realizes they are not alone.

"Oy, ah, here," She motions to Tabitha. "Th - these are my brothers. Hew, Kendric, Evander, and Lennon." The four of them go to give the doctor a shake of her head in greeting, though Evander, gives her this devilish stare while doing so.
Tabitha Tabitha just sits curled up in her chair, cup held in both hands before her.. Face still hot from her blush.. "..Hi..", she says in a small little voice.. She meets Evander's eyes, nibbling her bottom lip and clears her thoat a bit, looking away quickly.. "Nice to meet you", she offers with another little meet sound.
Esa Esa phone chirped and buzzed at a text message. Glancing at the cellphone, he blinked, and sighed. It was a text from Lennon. "Oh boy.." Quickly, he flagged down a cab and headed to TerraSave. He would arrive few minutes after the brothers did.

Heading up to Emma's office, Esa wraps his knuckles on the door as he enters and sees the brothers and the reunion hug. After Emma steps back and introduces, he gives a slight awkward, guilty look and says "Er, surprise?" to Emma.

Looking to the brothers, he pauses and hmm. "Well, damn. If I had known this was going to be a beard convention, I would've grown mine out." He said chuckling as he spots Lennon and proceeds over to him; hand extending his hand out "How have you been?"
Eve Eve moves to stand behind Tabitha, an amused look on her face. She reaches out and shakes hands with the small army of red-headed men in her office. She purses her lips and looks around at the various chairs that aren't there to hold the gentlemen. "Maybe we should go somewhere with more room?"
Emma Emma looks up as Esa enters, giving a smile and a wave to him, but there is a lot going on. Lennon goes to Esa, and gives his hand a firm shake. Lennon clearly has the stature of a military man, he is quiet, and less emotional than the rest, but still can be. "Good ta see ya again, Esa. Yer doin' well, I hope? Emma informed me of yer accident, I am sorry ta hear it, a good man such as yerself, didn't deserve to end that career in such a way."

Evander move to sit beside Tabitha, acting aloof, nodding a little. He did notice how red she is. "Yer a doctor, aye? Or a nurse, I'm bettin' a doctor, saw mama come home lookin' like that from work too." He sets his eyes on her, and leaves them unwavering.

Emma looks to Eve, having Hew and Kendric talking her ear off. "Good idea! Tha - tha lounge, maybe?"
Tabitha Tabitha gazes up to Evander.. realizing she should probably talk now instead of just staring and acting like a teenager.. "uh.. Yea.. ", offering her hand. "Dr. Marshall.. ..Tabitha.. Nice to meet you..", still flushed and clearly flustered..
Esa Esa smiles to Lennon "Well, it gets worse." He says to Lennon as he turns to look at Emma "Lounge sounds like a good idea." He replies thoughtfully as he turns, patting on Lennon's shoulder to have him walk with him.

There is a definite limp as he puts weight on his right leg as he walks. "I wasn't able to get out.. they've sort of revoked my request to leave the service... Both actually; Army and F.B.C. My role is now centered in a Command Operations facility.. overseeing combat operations." He sighs, head shaking "Guess it is for the best, no?" He says, looking back to Emma for a second before looking forward again as he heads out of the office.
Eve Eve darts into the kitchen facilities here at TerraSave before she joins the crowd in the lounge. She comes in with a tray of warm drinks, a carafe of scotch, and hors d'oeuvre's. She sets these out on the various tables and then dusts her hands off, nodding slowly to herself. "There we go. Everyone please help yourselves." She points at Emma with narrowed eyes and an impish grin. "No scotch, Missy." She says firmly, setting out little plates to go with the nibbles.
Emma Lennon looks over to his sister when Esa does, lifts a brow, and then looks to Esa, listening intently to what he is being told. "I see." He remarks, but seems to be considering something heavily. Patting him on the back, this military man would follow along. "Yer a strong guy, Esa, you'll make do with where they put you, I'm sure. Have those.. matters been delt with, below ground?" He is being subtle.

Emma follows along, with her brothers, arm in arm, but it's slow and sore movements. She looks to Esa, and Lennon, and smiles, and then spots Evander with Tabitha, and smirks. As they enter the lounge, and when she has sat, eyes fall on Eve. Cheeks go a bit red. "Un - understood." Says the lass, admitting perhaps in that simple word that, it may likely be a bad idea. "Wh - what would I do without ya."

Evander had stood, and he'd motion for Tabitha to take his arm, he's a fricken gentlemen. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Tabitha, I'm Evander." And he'd then lead her to the lounge with the rest.
Tabitha Tabitha stands and blushes even redder at the offered arm, but stands and takes it.. if a little awkwardly. she lets Evander lead her to the lounge, having trouble keeping her eyes of him. She seems to suddenly realize there are other sin the room.. feeling a bit sheepish.
Esa "Yeah..." Esa replies quietly as they walk into the lounge. "For the most part, I think." He replies calmly to Lennon. He does blink though as he sees Eve had beat him and Lennon to the lounge. "What.. when.. how.." His jaw gaps, then closes and shrugs, a glance given to Lennon "Never underestimate Eve. She is a firecracker and half, and has mad stealth skills." He notes teasingly. as he makes his way to a chair and sits down.
Emma Evander escorts Tabitha like a right and proper gentlemen, he'd even motion for her to sit first while giving her a devilish smile.

Emma rests back, and takes some tea, sipping at it, her brothers Kendric and Hew on either side of her, not in a protective way, but in a 'haven't seen you in ages' sort of way. She looks to Lennon, then Esa, and smiles a little, shyly. Lennon nods to Esa, and motions for him to follow him for a bit of a walk.
Esa Esa smiles warmly to Emma before catching the motion by Lennon and stands up. He walks quietly after Lennon, catching up with him after a moment due to the limp. His hands idly stuff into the black gabardine trench coat as he follows and says nothing; at least for now.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes never leave Evander.. settling into the offered seat.. though she doesn't sit ladylike.. instead curling legs beneath her, shoes landing on the floor with near-twin thumps.. A glance to Emma, eyes wide and eyebrows lifting once.. She looks back to Evander, and the moment he's not look at her, she rakes her hand through her hair and brushes at her scrubs.. which does not a whole lot of anything.
Emma Evander does step away, and grabs two drinks. He returns and hands one to her, sitting down in a chair beside her. His eyes now never leave hers. "Tell me 'bout yerself." He asks simply.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes linger on Evander as she turns his back, smirking as his form when he's not looking. As soon as his eyes meet hers, however, her blush is back and she's sporting a silly little grin.
Emma "So, Tabitha." Evander begins, with that devilish charming grin of his. "Are ya inta music at all? My entire family, includin' my sister, have a musical side."
Tabitha Tabitha blinks.. "Um.. ", shaking her head, "I.. dont play music.. cant carry a tune in a bucket.. sorta boring on that side', head cocking to the side. "what do you play?" shingting in her seat at that grin
Emma "Guitar." Evander says, simply, taking a sip of his drink. "Been playin' all my life." He seems more amused though. "Ya know, yer rather.. fascinating, can you cook?" He asks.
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head to Evander, a bemused expression on her face. "A bit of a nerd, sorry. Not even that good at dancing.. ", shruging her shoulders. "Boring, I know.."
Emma His head tilts, eyes studying the woman, taking in her clothes, hair. "You're raw." He states, in a pleased and observant way. "Just you. It's unique. Pleasantly so."
Tabitha Tabitha rakes her fingers back through her hair. "I'm.. I just got off shift at the hospital", blushing again as she looks down at her clothing. "been in school non-stop. No time for anything other than 'raw', I suppose", pausing for a sec.. "..nice beard..", then immediately wants to hide her face in her hands.. instead taking a deep sip of her drink..
Emma A hand runs through his beard, it's a lush thick red. "I see." He says, lifting his chin just a little. "It takes power to be that, a trueness to yourself." His chin lowers, eyes on her and leans forwrd. "Care to feel.. it?"
Tabitha Tabitha smiles a bit. "I dont know about power.. I vote laziness.. " A slim hand moves to lightly caress Evander's bear lightly.. short trimmed nails lacing through it.. "..nice..", she says with an embarassed giggle..
Emma "There is nothing," Evander says as her fingers run through his beard. "Lazy about it. In fact, it takes a great deal of confidence to not conform to the norm, that, is power."
Tabitha Tabitha pulls her hand back, taking another deep sip from her drink. "That, or utter and complete lack of understanding of how to put on make-up without looking like a clown, or knowing what shoes go with what outfit", she says with a shrug. "I never did the debutante thang. Simple Social Misfit..", she giggles..cheeks flushing a bit less from embarasment and more from the drink.
Emma "It is only one understanding of many. You can fix a leg, that is rarer than the common practice of makeup which is a society norm. No, society can be rather, boring."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles at Evander.. "You make a socially awkward girl feel a whole heap lots less awkward", taking another sip. "So, what do you do when you're not playing music, grooming your beard and making a Southern Girl feel all special?"
Emma Brows lift ever so slightly, again he is given that devilish grin her way. "I simply tell the truth."

When asked what he does, there is an easy, casual shrug. "Bladesmith." There is a slow sip of his drink. "And outdoorsman, I teach people to survive the wilds, the dangers, to rise above what they are into something greater. Self survival is pure, power."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "...Really..", quite surprised.. "I.. I guess that fits".. all sorts of images running through her head.. and most of them involve things that only make her blush again.. "I.. I ...see..""
Eve Eve walks back onto the patio, ready to gather up the dishes and put a way whatever is left of the food and drink. She notices then that some people are still here and speaks up. "We can always go and..get some food somewhere, you know, real food?" She grins a bit and continues to clear up things, walking them into the kitchen.
Emma Emma had stepped out, with two of her brothers, leaving Evander with Tabitha. "For me, nature is heaven, I like to work with my hands, feels human, to touch." Eyes don't leave her, even as Eve comes in. "Aye, real food sounds good." He then looks to his sisters assistant. "What are the good places here?"
Tabitha Tabitha only manages to hear Eve's words after Evander's eyes leave her.. "..real.. food..", then blushes and sits up a bit to look to Eve. "Oh! Hey Eve.." her face a bit flushed as ice rattles around in her empty glass. "Food sounds..", looking at her empty glass suddenly.."...a really really really good idea.."
Eve "There is..a bistro, a nightclub and a pastry shop. All of them have some food, the bistro is probably the best for what you're looking for." Eve explains, gesturing towards the door. She picks up her bag and slings it over her shoulder.
Emma Evander returns his attention to Tabitha, a hand going through his thick bear. Slowly, he stands, offering an arm to her, like a gentlemen should. "Aye, let us eat." He remarks, glancing to Eve. "Shall we get Emma on the way out? If I know my sista well 'nough, she will likely need to eat."
Eve "You go ahead and grab your sister, I'll finish up my work. Make sure she gets some rest though, because she has a habit of ..getting into trouble." Eve says, clearing her throat. She moves to walk back towards her office, offering the pair a wave. "Enjoy dinner!"
Tabitha Tabitha stands up slowly, taking the hands and is just unsteady enough be thankful for the hand. Feet wiggles into her dropped shoes. "Yea.. Emma needs to eat. she needs to keep her strength up", gazing up at Evander once more, taking his arm. "Eve? aren't yo going to join us? You need food too."
Emma Evander looks to Eve. "You should eat. Aye, I'll get my sister." He remarks as well, then looking to Tabitha, eyes unyielding. "Do you enjoy chocolate covered strawberries?"
Eve Eve glances at her bag and back to Evander, wrinkling her nose. "I'm..I should?" She looks bemused as she follows the couple from the lounge. When Evander mentions strawberries she singsongs softly, "Someone's getting laaid tonight." before she covers her mouth so that a giggle doesn't escape.
Tabitha Tabitha licks her lips.. chocolate.. strawberries.."I.. Yea.. I think I do..", she says as she blushes again.. then Eve's comment has her turning beet red, feeling her face grow hot. She's smack Eve if it wouldn't just draw more attention to the comment..
Emma Did Evander hear it? Yes, he did. But he doesn't remark to it, he doesn't need to. He simply regards Tabitha with that devilish grin. "With whip cream. Of course." He says in that thick, manly scottish accent.
Eve Eve and company walk out of the lounge to the main office and spotting Emma, Eve skirts the lovebirds and stands next to her boss. "We're going to go eat something, are you up for that?" She asks, glancing back towards Evander and Tabitha. "Also, I think your brother might be following us to Bolivar or something, just a hunch."
Tabitha Tabitha is still trying to get the image of whipped cream out of her head.. She looks to Evander.. blushes, and looks away.. "I suppose so." feeling most out of her element, but not really arguing about it.. nibbling her bottom lip
Emma Emma comes out of her office in time to see Eve and give her a smile. There is a curious look to Evander and Tabitha, her brows risen. "I - Interestin'." The lass saya softly.

Evander nods to his sister and looks to Tabitha. "Your cheeks are flattering that shade, like the rosey colour of a pink rose, run over smooth flesh."
Eve Eve glances back at Evander and Tabitha before she looks at Emma, her eyes wide. She mouthes the word 'Whoa', and stands off to the side, her cache held against her chest. "Where did you two want to eat again?"
Tabitha Tabitha looks up at Evander.. cheeks blushing still.. and feeling a bit warm all of a sudden, especially when Evander uses the word 'flesh'.. She looks away quickly, though still holds his arm. She looks to Emma and Eve with a completely lost and helpless look on her face. She starts to look up at Evander once more but cant bring herself to.. instead squeezing his arm tighter. "B-bistro?", she manages after clearing her throat.
Emma Emma facepalms at her brother, and gives a most helpless look to Eve. She mouths the words 'I don't know' because, no, she doesn't need to know of such things.

Evander grins to Tabitha, and looks to his sister Hew, Kendric, and Lennon seem to be gone at this moment. "Bistro. It be far? Yer needin' ta sit, should you be up even and workin'?" He knows the answer is no.
Eve Eve stands next to Emma, watching her brother and his shenanigans on the pretty Tabitha Marshall. She nods towards Evander and shrugs. "The Bistro is probably best, like I said, it's pub grub." She gives Emma a quick glance and clears her throat. "Can we sit far away from them?" She asks sotto voce.
Tabitha Tabitha continues to hold onto Evander's arm, and feeling more than a little self-conscious.. She risks a glance up to Evander, looking to see how he's taking it all in. She loosens her grip slightly, not worried about cutting off his circulation, but more trying not to look like a tick that's nestled in behind some dog's ear.
Isabel The door at the back of the lobby hisses open, admitting a dark-haired figure in well-worn denim and cotton. Isabel Welsh has evidently been working, as her hair is slightly mussed and she still wears the screen-printed white tee she's had made for her ZombieTown Journal broadcasts.
She blinks in surprise at the sight of the little group already in the lobby. "Oh... hi!" she says, managing an awkward smile and giving a casual two-fingered salute.
Emma Emma rolls her eyes at Evander, then looks at Eve. "Ya - ya get torn aparnt an ya get fussed over like a - a baby." She shakes her head in an amused way. "Aye we can." At seeing Isabel, she is given a smile, and an elbow nudges Eve.

Evander looks at Tabitha with a warm smile, and pats her hand, in a way that says he is like the stable oak, unwavering, and there. "Yes, food." He says looking to the rest.
Trixie Trixie walks into the lobby a dozen yards behind Isabel, dressed in her bike leathers and smiling her best smile as she anticipates another chat with Eve, or Emma.

But she wasn't expecting to see so many people in the lobby with her friends. "Oh, wow... nice crowd! Fundraiser tonight?" she asks curiously.
Eve Eve turns towards the door when she spots Isabel and Trixie and she claps her hands, excited. "My sleepover pals." She says, offering Trixie a wave and pulling Isabel in for a gentle hug. "We're on our way to get some food, would you two like to join us?" She asks, gazing between them before she chances another glance back at Evander and Tabitha.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles at Evander as he pats her hand. She glances to the newcomers, offering a smile as well as nosey curiosity
Isabel "...Sleepover pals?" Isabel muses aloud, looking at Trixie and Eve confusedly. But she doesn't shy away from that hug, slipping her arms around Eve to return it. "I think I could eat. I just need to get my coat."
Over Eve's shoulder, she notices Evander and Tabitha. "I don't think I've met everyone here..." she adds, returning Tabitha's smile.
Trixie "Wow, guess she didn't tell you about that conversation. No big." Trixie smiles at Isabel, then the others. "And I'm seeing a few unfamiliar faces, too." Shrugging, she approaches Tabitha and Evander first, offering her hand. "Nice to meet you... I'm Trixie. Emma knows me. So does Eve. Come to think of it, so does Isabel."
Emma Emma leans against the wall, she is tired, still recovering from the fight a day or so before. Eyes widen, did Eve suggest a sleepover with two girls? Lips press together, she looks down and smiles.

Evander keeps close to Tabitha, looking to her with that devilish smile. "Are ya able ta talk sense inta my sister?" He doesn't sound surprised, and nudges Tabitha a bit. "Use that wonderful.. power of yours."

Emma shakes her head, laughing will hurt, she waves to Isabel and Trixie. "I'm Evander, one of Emma's brothers." He says to the women in introduction, meanwhile, his sister pops -more- pills.
Eve We're going to get some food, and Emma here is going home to sleep." Eve says, giving Emma 'the stare'. She glances back at Isabel and gives her a grin. "This is Tabitha Marshall, she's another doctor working for us, and the gentleman with her is Evander O'Connal, Emma's brother."
Tabitha Tabitha extracts her hand from Evander's arm for a moment, perhaps to make sure she is still able to. "Nice to meet you!", offering her hand to Trixie and to Isabel if she can. "I just joined recently. Call be Tabitha.. or Tab, if you like" She seems to recover a bit, looking less like an adoring teen once Evander leaves her field of vision.
Benny Benny dropped by to check on Emma, since the last time he saw her was a few days ago after he dropped her off to the hospital right after the 'incident' where she got injured. He found out that Emma had checked been checked out so figuring she probably went to Terrasave, cause he knows that she's a workaholic like that sometimes and went looking for her there.

Benny is in the front lobby, choosing to get in the conventional way this time rather than sneaking in like he usually does. "Hi, I'm here to see Emma O'Connal. My name is Benny." He says to the front desk clerk who is flanked by a security guard nearby.
Isabel "Hi, Evander! Cool to meet you, Tabitha," Isabel says, smiling and bowing her head as she's released from the hug. She takes Tabitha's offered hand. "I'm Isabel Welsh."
Her shirt probably told them as much, if they've seen her videos.
She glances back at Trixie, giving her a quick hug of her own. "It's so good to see you. After what happened in the catacombs, I was worried you'd gone down there and..." She can't finish the sentence, swallowing hard.
The sound of the door brings her attention back to the front of the lobby. Wait... that guy looks a little familiar somehow. Where's she seen him before?
Trixie "Tab... okay. Sometimes people call me Trix or Trixiestix, so that's fine with me," Trixie replies, smiling at Tabitha and Evander. "Are you two dating? You're a pretty cute couple."
She giggles as Isabel hugs her, returning it in kind. "Awww, sweetie... thank you. I wasn't on that one. Never thought I'd be glad I didn't get picked for a job. But I'm hoping someone will set the record straight, so our people didn't die in vain," she says. "I was meaning to talk to you about that, actually."

Releasing Isabel, she moves over to speak to Emma, glancing back at Benny's entry to the lobby. "You look so tired, Doctor... is everything okay?" she asks, concern for the young doctor writ large on her face.
Emma Emma gives a most innocent look to Eve, with her big grey-green eyes. "I - I am restin', against this wall." The pill bottle is put in her back pocket.

Evander goes to greet everyone, with a warm smile. Emma looks to Trixie. "Just a - a mishap." Story of her life, that. When Benny announces himself, Evander looks to his sister. "-That- Benny?" He asks, and the reponse is her cheeks going a bit red and eyes arrowing, the siblings are are in a match of wits now, and eventually, Emma wins. She moves off the wall and stiffly, and sorely, walks to the desk. "'Ello, Benny." He is greeted with a smile. "Run be - before I'm embarassed, please?" To late, Evander has wondered over and goes to put an arm around Bennychu.
Eve Eve gives Emma a look and shakes her head. "You're not fooling anyone, you're about to fall over right now, I can tell." She waggles her fingers at her boss and smirks. "Go rest, I'll make sure your brother doesn't fly Tabitha off to Vegas." She jokes lightly.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles warmly, shaking hands, then casts a glance to benny, smiling to herself at his reaction to Evander. She folds her arms about herself, beaming quietly as she glances back over her shoulder to give Emma a once-over, making sure she's not about to pass-out, wet with sweat or is turning yellow or anything funky..
Benny Benny glances up from the front desk before the clerk can even make the phone call, then notices Emma walking over to him from the other side. "Oh hey Emma. Wow, that was fast. I just got here and...mmmppfhh" Then suddenly he gets one arm hugged by a bearded scotsman! He feels like he's in elementary school again, like he' been put in a headlock but he's trained for this. No, this isn't an attack so do not use Kungfu. "Oh...uh, hi. Benny, nice to finally meet you and you must be..." He takes a look up at Evander, then over to Emma and kinda notices the similiarities. "One of Emma's brothers. Hi." He gives the man a warm smile, winking at Emma.

"I'm glad to see you are up and about. I was worried and wanted to come check up on you." He extends a hand to Emma's brother to give him a firm, friendly hand shake. "Emma talks a lot about her family and of her brothers. I've heard of me? I hope it is mostly the good stuff?" He then takes a look past the front desk, noticing a whole group of super model looking ladies!? Emma, Eve, Isabel, Tabatha and Trix!

He suddenly feels very outnumbered and out of his element for sure. "So uh, looks like you are all heading out somewhere...and I don't want to keep your friends, we'll just catch up later then, Emma." He gives a wave to the ladies, smiling shyly and his cheeks start to flare up as per usual.
Isabel "I'm working on it now. The record will be set straight," Isabel promises Trixie, giving her an extra quick hug on top of the first one.
As she lets go, she notices the stranger suddenly getting a greeting from Evander and turning as red as a tomato being celebrity-roasted. But she hears his name among the ones being tossed around, and the memory comes back. "Oh! Hello again, Benny!" she calls, waving so he'll see her over the brother's arm.
Eve's attention to Emma draws Isabel's as well. "You do look rather peaked, Emma. You've been working so hard lately, and you haven't been out of the hospital that long. Maybe Eve has the right idea."
Trixie Trixie waves her hand and grins at Benny. "Hello, Benny! Didn't know you were hanging out here, too. And you're /not/ in the way... we'd love to have you come with us!' she calls. Then her attention returns to Emma, and she nods in agreement with Isabel. "Maybe she has the right idea... maybe you do need to get some rest. I can stay with you, if you like... or go with your friends and brother to protect them, if you'd rather."
Emma Emma can't fight these odds, the lass knows full well anything she says to dispute it will fail. There is a sigh, a tired one, and she rubs her head.

"Nice ta meet ya, Benny. Emma has told us all about you. IT, aye?" Benny gets a pat on the back. "We need to sit and chat, soon." He then looks over the women, and settles his gaze on Tabitha, and gives her a sly little wink? "Yes, I will treat all you lovely ladies to something to eat. My treat." What a gentlemen!

Emma yawns, and shifts, the bandage covering where her skin was ripped open peeking out above the hem of her top. "I - I am fine." She insists gently, in her shy sweet way, to them. "Eve ca - cancel my morning meetings." She gives a smile to Trixie and Isabel and Tabitha. "I - I am fine, Benny, ju - just tired. Walk home with me?" She asks, looking to the offers, with an apologetic smile.    
Eve Eve looks like she wishes she could cancel her morning as well, and after a few sleepy blinks she nods to Emma before turning an apologetic smile on the rest of the group. "You guys go eat, I'm gonna go collapse into bed myself." She says, following up her statement with a yawn. "We've got a party to plan." She reminds Tabitha. "So no eloping or staying out until eight in the morning."
Tabitha Tabitha blinks at Eve. "I work nights. I don't get off until Seven..".. then seems to realize what she's talking about.. mind rewinding. "Oh.. OH!.. ".. blushintg.. "I.. I have work .. I wont. I.. ", and just shuts up cuz definitely something she says is gonna undo everything she's said up until now..
Benny "Hey Isabel. Good to see you again. Have fun, hanging with the girls." Benny says to her after he see's her wave to him. The he replies to Trixie with shy smile, "Trix! Aww...thanks, but I'd just be a fifth or sixth wheel. We should catch up sometime soon though before I leave Paris. My contract is coming to an end." He makes the phone call gesture with his hand, to call him towards his former co-worker on S.T.A.R.S.

B enny then turns his attention to Evander. "Yup, that' me Benny the IT guy and sure, I should have some free time in the next couple of days if you want to meet for coffee or lunch. I know this great Thai food place if you like that kind of food." Yup, Benny sure is a foody!

When Emma actually admits to being tired and needs rest, he of course nods to her and replies. "Oh, yeah of course Em, but we aren't walking. I'm driving you back to the Chateau and then you can rest up." He glances towards Eve to see if she will object or not, but he doesn't mind being tailed by security if she wishes. He's just an IT guy after all.

He blinks when he hears what Eve says to Tabitha, then glances between her and Evander. "Oh...uh you two have fun then. Catch you all laters." He motions for Emma to follow him, then holds the door open for her and points to where his car is parked just in front on the street while watching his surroundings before letting him past her.
Isabel Isabel gives Emma a quick kiss on the cheek. "Hope you sleep well and come back rested up tomorrow," she says softly. "Good night."
Her attention returns to Benny, and she smiles. "I don't think fun will be a problem," she says, waving to him. "We'll talk sometime. Just get Emma home safe and sound."
Back to Trixie and Eve. "A party to plan? What kind of party? Can I help? If helping's just sitting quietly in a corner, I can do that, too. But I guess helping can wait 'til tomorrow. Sleep well, Eve."
And on to Tabitha and Evander. "Do you have a place in mind? I don't, I'm afraid. Anything'd be fine with me."
Trixie "That's a good idea... you should totally take him up on that, Emma. I can't remember the last time I got a lift from anyone outside the service," Trixie agrees, bending to give Emma a quick kiss on her cheek. "You be safe, hm? I'll be in touch."

She stifles a giggle, watching Tabitha struggle, and moves over to join the dining party. "I hope I'll be able to make that party, but the job is pretty demanding. If I can at all, I'll be there. Now I just need to remember some party games or something..." She takes Tabitha's free hand and gives it what she hopes is an encouraging squeeze.
Tabitha Tabitha heads off with Evander, in search of food and talk.. and a chance to get to know new people. She smiles as Benny takes care of Emma, feeling a bit relieved at that.