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Alejandro It's a rainy, stormy evening and a lot of people aren't choosing to go out tonight, instead preferring the comforts of home. This hasn't stopped a few people from assembling here at Jack's to get some food and/or drink, however. Amongst those enjoying the services of the bistro is Alejandro, a well dressed man in a dark suit. There's some food in front of him as well as glasses of water and whiskey, the better to enjoy his meal with.
Tabitha Tabitha slips in the door, sans umbrella. She doesn't even want to carry one these days. Navigating awnings only has her hair damp from the trip here. She shakes her large trenchcoat free from remaining droplets of water and rakes her fingers through damp hair to pull it out of her face before looking around the place. She searches for a table while folding her coat over her arm. She glances around the place once more for 'questionable' characters then seems to decide it's safe, or.. booze is that preferable.
Alejandro Being well dressed despite his character, Alejandro isn't likely to scare anybody off, especially when he's got food and drink in front of him. The sound of the door opening and someone entering catches his attention and he looks towards the lady entering and gives her a smile and a friendly sounding, though heavily South American accented, "Bonjour, madamoiselle." He gestures towards the chair across from his and speaks some of his heavily accented French, "You're welcome to join me if you need a place to sit."
Tabitha Tabitha blinks at the sound. "Um. Hey!", looing around "Dont mind if ah do".. her own voice far from french, her accent sounding as if it was dangling it's toes in a 'crick', fishing for crawdads.. deep southern U.S. "Thanks muchly.. ", offering a hand to her new table-mate. "Dr. Marshall. Tabitha, really.. " She's still getting used to Paris, and not speaking french has her orienting towards anyone speaking English
Alejandro "Encantada, senorita," Alejandro says smoothly as he gingerly pushes himself to his feet and takes her hand in his for a shake, never breaking eye contact. And then he's speaking English, "Alejandro Gutierrez, at your service." He waits for her to be seated before he does the same, playing the part of the gentleman, "Would you allow me to buy you a drink? It's nice for me to practice my English so far from home."
Tabitha Tabitha blushes, her cheeks flushing a bit.. "Um.. Okey..", a giggle on her lips.. "Vodka?", not exactly a southern drink, but, hey, she has a thing for vodka. "So, what kind of work do you do?", eyeing the suit, then happening to look down at her own lack of refined attire..
Alejandro "Stolinaya Elit, s'il vous plait," Alejandro smoothly tells the server with a friendly smile, seeming to quite enjoy the atmosphere of the bistro and the company. When his attention returns to Tabitha he purses his lips and thinks about how to reply. When he starts it's almost like he's reciting a story, "I come from the Bolivar Republic, a land where there is no law but what you can buy and where the government, not to mention other criminals, murders so many of it's own citizens they cannot be accurately counted. I am here to find aid for my people, if I can."
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyebrows lift.. "thats.. A tall order. I'm with Doctors Without Borders. If you have a need for Doctors, I might be able to help out. I've had some collegues travel to.. probably.. worse places. I've not traveled any.. well, other than here.. and that was.. sorta .. rushed", her words trailing off.. "but.. If you have a need, I can lend a hand, most likely." She rakes her fingers through her hair agian, a nervous habit that has stuck around even when not nervous. "have you had much luck aquiring supplies?"
Alejandro "I may have to take you up on that, Tabitha, but it would be dangerous," Alejandro explains, his food and drink forgotten temporarily forgotten as he's captivated by the conversation. "The supplies we can obtain. Mostly, I'm looking for personnel with specific skill sets. Doctors would be incredibly valuable to us, but I would not want to see you targeted by the minions of el presidente." He's quite serious. "And I fear some of the tactics that we're forced to use would offend the sensibilities of most healers."
Tabitha Tabitha waves her hand at the various warnings. "I dont know if I'd be in more danger there, or here. I'm still looking over my shoulder from time to time for.. ...assorted reasons, but nothing yet has come of my paranoia.. As far as danger, well, the more dangerous it is, the more you need good skilled help. The reason i'm in this field is to help. I just rely on others for my safety.. so would be on you to keep me safe.. or.. your staff."
Alejandro "You're in danger here?" Alejandro asks, shock in his face and on his voice. He actually looks around the bar for a moment as if looking out for any potential threats, then back at the young lady across the table from him. "I'm not certain how quickly I can get you out of the country. My recruitment drive will likely last for another few weeks, but if you were to come with me then I'd do everything in my power to keep you protected."
Tabitha Tabitha waves away Alejandro's concerns.. "Relative danger.. though I have allies that are giving me a bit of protection. So, is not as bad as it could be.. The Great Big Parasol organization may be looking for me.. maybe.. but hopefully i'm a small enough minnow to be not worth that much of their time.. And, I"d want to talk to my allies, in case they also have some dealings over there. I'm fine for now, I think..", offering a warm smile.. "I'm sure it's less dangerous here than where you're from." She finally notices the drink, tossing back a poured shot with one go.. and only a minor cough after doing so.
Alejandro "Should you need anything, do not hesitate to contact me," Alejandro says with a great deal of severity as he reaches into his coat and pulls out a business card, sliding it across the table. "I've met with some former employees of your nemesis and I have been left with the feeling that the organization has been entirely gutted." When she says that she needs to talk to her allies Alejandro nods to her, "It's a good thing to consult with people. To come to Bolivar would be a major decision and if you rushed into it on my account I would feel terrible." When she grabs her drink he picks up his, lifting it and saying "Salud" before taking a sip.