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Emma It's coming onto the evening now, and a call came into emergency. Yet again, it's Emma. She was, was nobody knows for sure, but brought into the hospital bleeding and badly hurt. There is a slice up her left arm, from naval to chest, a deep, horrid gash, along with some other stratches.

She looks dirty, like she had been some place, and got attacked.
Bob Sometimes Bob volunteers at the hospital, especially now that the FBC isn't allowed to operate in Europe any more. He's still in his hangover like haze, wearing sunglasses inside, but he's toughing it out to help people and to keep himself busy so he doesn't think about his own predicament too much. He's waiting in the ER for Emma to arrive and moves up to the side of her gurney when he sees her, "Hey sweetie. Don't make me lecture you on not getting fucked up." When the gurney gets wheeled into a room Bob's right there, already grabbing what the doctor's will need to clean her wounds. In this environment, now that he's working, he actually looks less affected by his migraines.
Emma She is a bit out of it. Having lost a decent amount of blood. Her eyes are wide, yet a bit dull, and her skin is pale. The slice down the chest looks bad. It needs stitches, likely some to reconnect muscle, and then some to reconnect flesh. It's not a clean slice, more like a rip. Slowly her head turns to Bob, eyes in and out of focus. "Huh?" Emma asks, blinking a few times. "I - I try," She mumbles, sadly. "The - the world wants me dead."
Bob "Well, I don't want you dead," Bob says to Emma with a smile before he pulls up a surgical mask to cover his nose and mouth. The first thing he does is to set her up with some IV liquids to keep her from going into hypovolemic shock. He does this smoothly, establishing an IV being a thing he's practiced a thousand times, "If you get dead then I'll be horribly depressed, so don't do it." After making sure the saline is dripping into her properly Bob gets to work on the wounds themselves while the anesthetist works on dealing with her pain.
Emma Emma doesn't fight a thing, she is in and out, borderline shock. "De - depressed?" She asks, rolling her head to look at him, and laughs some. "It - it had so many legs, so - so many legs." The lass mutters this, looking up, tiredly. The pain slowly tapers off, finally. "Is - is it bad?"
Bob On internal wounds, the kind that'll be inaccessible once properly treated, one uses sutures called catgut. This way the sutures can be absorbed by the body over a period of about three months. They're the first thing Bob goes for once Emma's wound is cleaned and debrided so that he can start reattaching internal tissue together after getting a physician's okay. Looking at Emma and smiling through his mask he replies, "Of course I'd be depressed." And there's a nod as he works, "Lots of legs, huh? Is it dead?" And then he squints at the wound, turning his head slightly to the side to get a different angle on it, "You'll make it, of course, but it's a gnarly injury. Pretty ragged. I'm going to take my sweet time on it to minimize scarring."
Emma "Oh." Emma says simply, to him being depressed, taking it simply, but her mind isn't fully focused on that he actually would be. Right now, after another round of hurt and pain, maybe death is the option she sort of wants?

"Ay - aye, dead." She musters up the energy to talk about that -thing-, it was horrid, it must of been, given the state of her injuries. "Legs, tongues, but - but it's dead, now. Under tha - tha ground, in the silo, all of tha - tha lickers, dead."

As for her wound, well, her mind is more of just coping with the injury then on the state of the future scar.
Bob "Good. The less of those things, the better, but next time you go... wherever it is you went, you try to bring me with you," says Bob as he works, the conversation not seeming to distract him at all. As the internal injuries are closed up he moves onto the external work. This time it's standard nylon sutures as they'll be accessible so that they can be removed normally. He keeps talking, hoping to distract her from any morose thoughts, "You still going to let me take you out dancing, like I said I was when you got me high and took advantage of me?"
Emma "I - I didn't go - go alone." Emma says, looking upwards. Bob is working on a deep wound that joins from naval to chest, it looks like her skin was ripped apart more than cut. Her left arm also has a slice on it. The lass has lost a lot of blood, her skin is pale, and eyes distant.

"Da - dancin'?" She asks, trying to recall this. "I - I've not danced in - in ages.. I use ta - ta sing, an' dance, and be so, so free.. now, look where I am." His lasst comment, gets a bit of a laugh.
Eve Things have been hectic at the TerraSave offices but as soon as Eve got the message about Emma she was out the door and on her way to the hospital. She keeps into the room now, pushing a strand of blonde hair behind her small ears. "I-is it okay to come in?" She asks, ready to duck back out of the room if necessary.
Bob "Yeah, but you didn't bring me," Bob replies to her without looking away from his work. His hands move smoothly, very little wasted movement. "I'm going to be displeased any time I hear about one of my friends getting to fight monsters without me to take care of them." There's a frown behind Bob's surgical mask, "You're going to go dancing and singing again. I'll make sure you take a break from work." When Eve comes in Bob looks at her, then looks at Emma, then nods his head towards a chair in the corner of the room, "Have a seat. Friend?"
Esa Esa's phone went off at his apartment. It was the call from the hospital and he frowned at as the nurse spoke to him. His head nodded slightly and within a few minutes he was gone.

Ten minutes later, Esa was in the hospital doors and instantly directed to Emma's room. A bit of an oddity to some perhaps.

He knocks lightly on the door as he steps inside her room, eyes immediately taking in everyone inside before closing the door behind him. Walking over to Eve, he asks "How is she?"
Emma "I --" Emma says, but stops and looks at the doorway, though, it's a little blury. Her not cut up arm is lifted in a small wave, the drugs are kicking in good and she laughs, for no good reason. "A - a break? From, from near dyin'? Can ya, ya do that?" She musters, while Bob works on her torn up skin, the wound going from naval to chest.
Eve Eve scoots into the room and takes a seat on a chair, her eyes wide as she watches Bob work with Emma. She crosses her legs at the ankle and hugs her cache close to her chest as her phones starts to beep incessently again. She pulls it out and powers it off and returns her attention to the hospital bed. "I don't know yet." She answers, glancing up at Esa.
Bob Now, Bob's on the downhill slope of this particular wound, being very careful about suturing it closed with lots of tiny stitches. The more little stitches, the better the skin tends to heal without scarring. His attention to detail prevents him from looking up, but he's more than capable of chattering on with Emma, "Well, you're not near dying now. You're definitely stable, but you're not going anywhere for a while. I was thinking about making you take a little break from work, sneak by some evening in a couple of weeks and drag you out to the club. You can be my wing man and watch me strike out and giggle about it." He cracks a smile at his joke. Then he spares a moment to look up towards Esa, "Yo, man." And then to encompass both the watchers, "She'll be okay, but she's pretty heavily medicated at the moment. I'm just closing up the big wound before moving onto the smaller one."
Esa Esa nods slightly to Eve as he looks toward Emma; a look of concern rests on his face. "Okay. I am going to help Bob keep her still." He replies quietly and takes his trench coat off. Moving to her side where the arm wasn't damaged, he takes her hand softly and places his other hand on her shoulder "Hey you, no moving around okay?" He replies sweetly to her, giving her hand a squeeze. Looking to bob, he nods "Hey Bob." He replies in kind before looking back to Emma with a soft, warm smile.
Emma "I -- I am not?" Emma asks, then laughs. "But - but Heaven was - was so nice, when I - I was there," That's an -odd- thing to say. When she was there? "It was.. was warm, quiet, I knew I was love an - an, at total peace, then I - I was ripped back here, to a broken body, not knowing who I was. Can I - I go back ta - ta that place? It was so nice."

So, essentialy, when she died on the OR table, this is where she figured she went. There is sadness in her tone, eyes move from Bob, and then to Esa, though not Eve (sorry!), because she can't look that way without messing up the stitching.
Eve Eve gazes down at her hands, not bothering to wipe away the few tears that drip down her cheeks. She slowly pulls out her laptop, powers it on, and begins to do some work. Obviously Emma can't work or attend meetings in this state, things will have to be rescheduled.
Bob "How you doing, brother?" Bob asks Esa while concentrating intently on his work. As he gets to a break, namely when it's time for a new suture kit, he looks up towards Eve and then waves a hand a little bit, "I'm Bob Delgado, by the way. Friend of Emma's and unlicensed physician slash medic." But a moment later he's got some new sutures and he's back to work. Emma's confession about peace and warmth and all that shit has Bob wide eyed and when she asks if she can go back... man, he has to look away from his work for a second to let out a deep sigh. When he returns to what he was doing he can't think of anything to say for once.
Esa "I've been better.. Just processing a lot of things lately." Esa replies to Bob quietly; his focus seems more on keep Emma from moving.

And then, Emma speaks.

Well, that exampled a lot. Esa knew something was bothering Emma since the accident and now he knows. Not the best way to find out, but at least he now understood. His eyes tear up at reveal and he closes them to blink away some before a few trickles down his face.

Taking in a slow, steady breath he releases it with a cool ease; though slightly fractured as he tries to hold back the tears and steel himself. It was hard knowing this and yet, at the same time a ease to finally understand what was bothering her.

He gave a sympathetic, loving smile and squeezes her hand oh so tenderly. "I am so sorry love.. He replies quietly.
Emma She doesn't understand the impact of her words on her friends, but Emma has been dealing with this emotion, this feeling, for a while, so it's not so breaking because she has been broken for so long. The drugs have her high as a kite, and froms side to side her head rolls, while being worked on. Looking to Bob, eyes are fixed on him, those grey-green orbs red. "Ya - ya tryin' ta keep my soul in? I - I think I lost it al - already." Says the lass, looking then to Esa, staring at him. He is given a simple, helpless look, not much she can say, but then looks around, spotting Eve briefly, then glances up.
Eve Eve makes quick eye contact with Bob when he introduces himself and she offers a nod. "Eve Magnusson, Emma's assistant..and friend." She replies before she settles back into her work. Her keystrokes aren't as fluid as they usually are, because she's occasionally keeping an eye on Emma.
Bob When Emma asks him about her soul, Bob turns to look Emma in the eyes. Damn, but he still has some trouble thinking up what to say next. Eventually, however, words do come out, "You've still got a soul in you. I can tell." There's a rather sad sounding sigh before he gives a little attention to Eve, "Nice to meet you. Next time I hope it's in a more normal social situation."
Esa For once Esa is at a loss for words. His mind just couldn't process the right words to say; his face showing sadness and sympathy for her. He squeezes her hand reassuringly, letting her know he wasn't going anywhere. He smiles fondly as he stood there.
Emma Emma doesn't say anything from here, just looks off, distantly, perhaps in a way that say she is searching for something she cannot find..
Eve Eve puts away her laptop and sits quietly, her hands folded on her lap. She keeps an eye on what is going on without getting in the way.
Bob The last of the sutures on Emma's torso are completed and Bob sets everything in his hands down for a moment to look over his work, carefully applying a little bit of pressure to make sure that everything is holding like it's supposed to. Then it's time to start closing the wound on her arm. Now that everyone else is quiet Bob can't seem to think of anything to say so instead he just focuses on his work.
Esa Esa just stands there by her side. He says nothing for the moment as he watches Emma carefully, quietly.
Emma As she lays there, being treated, looking off distantly into the whatever it is she is looking at, the lass sings, softly, something in Gaelic. And damn, the lass has a voice on her.
Bob The singing now filling the room seems to take a little bit out of stress out of Bob. His work is still efficient, treating Emma carefully to make sure that she'll heal as cleanly as possible. He makes as little noise as he can so as not to interfere with Emma's singing.
Esa Esa smiles fondly as Emma's voice cuts through the quiet air like an angel singing a blissful melody from heaven. Her voice was so soft, so filling as she sung the sweet lyrics of her song in Gaelic. His thumb gently rubs the backside of her hand as he listens, eyes upon her and focusing solely on her. Everything else for him was drowned out by the beauty of the voice.
Emma The singing slowly fades, Emma is getting tired, eventually, the singing stops, only to be met with silence, as she drifts off into a deep sleep.
Eve Eve gets to her feet and makes her way over to the bed. "Is she going to recover smoothly? I'm ..going to go get in touch with her family shortly. I'd like to be able to give them as much information as possible."
Bob As Emma passes out Bob finishes off the last of the sutures in her arm and sets everything in his hands down. After a second he starts rearranging her on the table so that she can be moved to a fresh bed. The heavy lifting accomplished, Bob strips off his mask and gloves and goes to wash his hands, turning to Esa to ask, "Your leg doing okay? You look like you're getting around pretty well." Then he looks at Eve and nods, "She'll be fine, just need to rest for a little while. I can call them if you want, I get along with Ramsay and Sarah pretty well."
Esa Esa sighs quietly as the singing stops and Emma drifts to sleep. He looks to Eve and bites his lip slightly, then as Bob speaks up his head shakes. "I ... I will give them a call. It is better if the call came from myself." He replies to both. Looking to Eve, he tells her quietly, "I'll let you know the minute I call them."
Eve "Well, then I'll go back to TerraSave and get to work, I'm not needed here." Eve states, slinging the strap to her bag over her shoulder. She gazes at Esa for a few moments and says. "Keep me updated." She turns then and walks out the door, pulling her phone free and dialing as she walks.
Bob "Take it easy," Bob tells Eve as she makes for the door, sighing a little bit before he grabs one of the chairs in the room and seats himself heavily in it. His hands rub at his eyes before he puts on a pair of sunglasses, looking super exhausted again.
Esa Esa pulls a chair around to the spot where he was standing and sits. Looking to Bob, he nods "Everything okay?" He asks, noting the exhaustion.
Bob "I'd had a migraine ever since the raid where we killed Marcus," Bob explains as a hand comes up to rub the back of his neck. "Never had one before in my life and it's hard as hell to cut through it. Been nauseous, light sensitive, the whole deal." In fact, he's starting to look like maybe he should be in bed. "Did that thing... That thing get in your head?"
Esa Esa nods quietly "It.. did, yes.. Though, I didn't get the migraines. Just.. occasional images of, well whatever the hell she was." He sighs and leans back. "And restless sleeping." He adds.
Bob "Guess it hit everybody differently, then," Bob says with a little nod, not moving his head very much now that he doesn't have to. "I'm glad you're not sucking so much, though. You went through enough shit down there, getting puked on and having to take out Molly. You okay with all that?"
Esa "No, not really. The leg is permanently scarred; required skin graphing. Also have a nice limb to step now.. and I'm no longer able to work in the field." Esa replies looking to him. "They revoked my request to leave the F.B.C. to boot." He frowns a little at that and sighs. "Otherwise.. peachy." He looks over to Emma quietly, hand reach through the bars to touch hers.
Bob "Holy shit," Bob says to Esa as he stares at the guy. His head slowly turns from side to side in a shake. "You can't work in the field and they won't let you leave? That's some straight up bullshit. You should turn gay, the Army'd kick you out for that."
Esa Esa chuckles as he looks back to Bob. "No, I need to be in... as much as I rather not. I will continue to oversee our Fire Team from Paris and we will continue to dig into F.B.C. There is more I need to bring you up to speed on Bob. We have two new Black Sword members; Trixie and Ares. The Three of you head to Argentina soon."
Bob "Just saying, this is France. If you find yourself making out with a dude in a hot tub I'll be there to take a picture and turn it in to Stadler," Bob offers, though it's clear that he's joking about it. And then he gets a more serious look on his face, giving a slow nod, "Argentina? Sounds good to me." There's even a little shrug, "And new guys in the squad is always good. I'm guessing you vetted them so I can trust 'em."