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Delia Delia is currently sittin at the bar with a strange mixed drink in front of her. It seems to be something called a Panama and is made of Cognac, white crme de cacao, cream and garnished with nutmeg. Her shoulders roll as she stares into the drink before she sips upon it.
Natalya Natalya walks back into the bistro, glancing around to see if the person she spoke with earlier is still here. Coming up empty she rolls her eyes and takes the seat at the bar, snapping to get the bartender's attention. She taps two fingers to her chest and then taps the bar, he puts down a tumbler and pours a bourbon, straight.
Ares Buchanan It's about this time Ares walks into the bistro as well. He's dressed sharply, a trench coat over a button-down and a pair of black slacks. The man takes the fedora from his head and places it on the bar. "Howdy, howdy." he greets with a tired sigh, settling down at a stool.

"Lord Calvert if ya don't mind."
Delia Delia looks over to Natalya when she catches the sign language. Her eyes lighting up as she knocks on the counter top and signs to Natalya 'Do you know American Sign language?'. Her attention then looks to Ares and she signs to him as well 'Do you know American Sign Language?' If the response is blank, she looks about for a pen and paper, beginning to write upon it before she shows it to them both and it reads 'I am Delia.' Though if the paper is not needed she signs what her name is.
Natalya Natalya gazes at Delia as if she has something on her face. She watches her for a moment or two and then nods to the question posed to her, signing. "I know sign language, but I'm not deaf. Just can't speak." She turns back to her burbon, only sparing a quick glance at Ares when he settles on his seat.
Ares Buchanan "Huh?" Ares looks over, eyebrows raised. "Oh." He signs out, "Some. It's been a long time since I've had to use it." When his drink comes around he takes a healthy sip from it, not bothering to chase it with anything. "Damn I needed that." that bit isn't signed, rather said to himself.
Delia Delia sighs back to Natalya "I can't speak either. Nor am I deaf." Hopefully before the bourbon is the attention once more. Her attention looks to Ares and she signs back "You can talk. And what are you drinking?"
Natalya Natalya spots Delia and what she's saying out of the corner of her peripheral vision but deigns not to comment. She swirls her tumbler around and takes another drink, placing some money on the bar and tapping her tumbler. She gives the bartender an easy smile and glances over at Ares again, watching to see how he's going to answer Delia's query.
Ares Buchanan "Lord Calvert. Canadian whiskey." Ares informs Delia. "It's kinda like drinkin' nail polish remover, ya know? But it helps, 'specially since they cracked down on me smokin' weed in my free time. Damn government jobs." The large man chuckles, clearly not too bothered by it.
Delia Delia smiles softly to Ares and sign back to him "I like girlie drinks. Not one for shots so more power to you. And sucks about cutting back. But everyone does need to cut the edge off somehow." Silent giggles emitting from her, or at least they could be given how she looks to be giggling some. She then signs "What is your name?"
Natalya Natalya tosses back her bourbon and after a few moments the bartender returns and fills her tumbler. She keeps her attention steadily on Ares, leaning over briefly to pick up his glass and sniff at it. She places his cup back in front of him and holds out her tumbler, one brow quirked in challenge. She glances back at Delia and gives her what might be a grin..or a grimace, it's hard to tell around the scars.
Ares Buchanan "Ares. Ares Buchanan." The man introduces himself with a slight nod. "Shoulda introduced myself first." He offers Delia a smile before looking past to Natalya. "How about you, you gotta name, or just don't feel like sharin'?" That smile turns into a mischievous sort of grin. He may have started drinking before he got to Jack's.
Delia Delia signs "It is nice to meet you Ares." Her attention then looks to Natalya, curious if she will tell a name or not. Her hand bringing her drink to her lips and sip some of it out of her glass.
Natalya Natalya is still holding the tumbler out to Ares, clearly looking as if she expects him to take it at some point. When he asks for her name there is a brief roll of her eyes and a shrug. She tilts the glass, and the ice clinks against the sides.
Ares Buchanan Ares looks down at the tumbler. "Heh, sorry about that." he takes the thing and gives it a quick sniff. "Oh damn." he takes a swig before offering it back over to Natalya. "Girl, you got damn good taste in liquor. I'll give ya that."
Delia Delia sips on her drink a bit more before her eyebrows raise at his response. A soft shrug of her shoulders is given before she signs "I'll take your word for it on the liquor. I am not fond of getting drunk. Long story."
Natalya Natalya takes the tumbler back and takes a drink, offering Ares a nod of acknowledgement and a brief grin. The movement with her lips pulls at scar tissue a bit, making the smile look almost painful. She spots Delia and watches her for a moment before she gestures for her to continue. She gives the woman her full attention, sipping occasionally at her glass.
Ares Buchanan "I reckon I like drinkin'. But the worst memory I got of it's that time I stole ah television from our neighbor. Apparently that shit's illegal." Ares just sort of shrugs, his attention moving from Natalya back to Delia so he doesn't miss what she's saying.
Delia Delia waits for Ares to finish his story and signs "Last time I got drunk. I don't remember much of it but it involved a lot of bad things. A lot. Things I would rather not get into."
Natalya Natalya studies Delia for a few minutes, and she nods along to her signed explanation. She opens up her mouth, revealing her missing tongue and scars, and then after a moment she holds up her hands to sign : 'Bad like that?' She turns to face the bar again, gazing down into her tumbler.
Ares Buchanan Ares whistles. Which might be kind of cruel in hindsight. "Damn girl." This is aimed at Natalya. "Worst scars I got are from gettin' shot. Other than where I got shanked ah few times." He didn't make too many friends in prison.
Delia Delia looks at Natayla and shakes her head no and then signs "Unable to speak now cause of it. Just for a different reason. I am sorry for what happened to you." Her attention then looks to Ares as he likes out the whistle. Then her eyebrows raise when he brings up the prison thing, more of her drink taken.
Natalya Natalya gives Delia a brief nod and then she laughs at Ares, the wheezy sound sounding a lot like a dry cough. She gives him a thumbs up and takes another drink of her glass before she gets to her feet. She empties the tumbler, offers a brief two finger salute to the bartender and makes her way towards the door, walking with a slight limp.
Ares Buchanan "Stay safe out there!" Ares calls out to Natalya with a salute. He takes another swig from his glass before looking over at Delia. "That prison thing was a long time ago. I'm working for tha government tracking down bioterrorists now. Besides, I ain't ever been violent unlessin I had to be."
Delia Delia offers a wave of bye to Natalya. Her attention is then back upon Ares as she signs "We all do things sometimes we regret them. Sometimes we regret not doing them. It is part of life. What organization are you with?"
Ares Buchanan "Federal Bioterrorism Commission. And before you ask, I wasn't with the group that shot those civilians. Even though they were infected. But ya can't really tell that from the clip." Ares sighs, rubbing at his bald spot. "Was ah shitty situation."
Delia Delia shrugs and signs "I work for Tricell. And things happen. The infected have to die."
Ares Buchanan "Worked at tha Flash Foods before that. Before that I worked at the Waffle House. Before that I was ah international arms smuggler. Funny how life works out sometimes." Ares lifts his shoulders in a shrug and finishes off the liquor in front of him. "Just glad ta be doin' something legal now."
Delia Delia blinks a bit and signs "I just like to shoot my pretty pistols really. But it sounds like you had an interesting past to say the least. I was in the military but some things happened and then more things happened. And now I can't speak. Even if I wanted to."
Ares Buchanan "I guess I'm technically in tha military now." Ares huhs a bit at that. "Not somethin' I thought I'd ever say. But I was in Raccoon when tha shit went down, so I reckon I'm about as qualified as anybody else."
Delia Delia ahs silently and signs to him "I suppose you are. I like working for Sir Archene Night. I have a lot of freedoms. And a lot of nice things. I am spoiled. I wonder what he is up to right now. I am use to being near his side most of the time but have the night off."
Ares Buchanan "That's that cologne guy, yeah?" Ares asks, propping his head up with his fist. "I ain't got much nice stuff. Got my car. But we're stationed on ah boat. Can't smoke. Can't drink too much on it. All sorts ah rules. Sure as hell can't have sex out there. Though that doesn't really affect me."
Delia Delia drops her glass at the very mention of sex, her cheeks flushed deeply as the sound of shattering glass echoes around her. After a moment she recovers and signs "Yeah cologne guy. I should go see what he is up to. Later." Then she is off making her way to the door and quickly.
Ares Buchanan Ares chuckles slightly. "Yeah, you stay safe." he turns to the bartender and nods, "I'll cover it. Know how Jack can be."