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Barry Burton Dismal Days.

    As implied, the city of Raccoon has seen much better days. In recent weeks, the city appears to have gained an ominous aura, as if something dark was heading their way. Nevertheless, the citizens of Raccoon, while frightened, continue to do their best to press on with living their daily lives.

    Presently, no one in the city knows this better than members of the Raccoon City Police Department. The RPD has been diligent in keeping operations and officers on the streets since the multitude of incidents have exponentially increased over the past few days. All officers, from rookie to top brass have been ordered to report in for duty, so things have certainly been hectic.
    Due to Chief Irons orders, officers are to be paired together in close proximity, S.T.A.R.S members with standing.

    Having been on shift for a few hours, Sergeant Burton has taken up a new route spanning the northeastern part of Raccoon. He proceeds in one of the standard RPD cruisers, keeping a diligent eye near the Raccoon Hospital as he turns on to Mission Street.
    However, some members of the RPD's elite team prefer to be paired up, especially to help rookies new to the game. Barry has teamed up with rookie, Trixie Mackenzie to help show her the ropes during these challenging times. The grizzled S.T.A.R.S. veteran smiles as he turns over to Trixie, nudging her lightly in the arm, "Wakey, wakey, rookie. Just because things have been quiet doesn't mean they won't change on a moment's notice.", then proceeds to return his view back to the road.
Trixie Trixie blinks from zoned-out to awake, glancing at Barry uncertainly. Then her brain seems to turn over a gear, and she nods slowly. "Oh... right. Sorry," she murmurs. "Must've spaced out for a while. Won't happen again. Promise."
She looks through the windshield and side window of the Crown Vic, trying to watch for potential trouble. "Hospital..." she murmurs. "Was there yesterday. Don't even like to think about that place."
Emma Emma had taken a break from work. A few hours away. Ate, got some rest, all that. But now, she is back. And even though she knows what's happening, knows what these people will become, there is still some she can help. This Scottish lash runs out of the hospital at the arrival of an ambulance. She is wearing dirty scrubs, ones covered in vomit, blood, all that fun stuff. There is little care for the cold, her mind is to far elsewhere to really think about it. The back of the doors fly open, and from it emerges a pregnant woman, crying loudly about a bite mark on her side. The woman is huge, and seems to be mid labour because she yells out during a contraction. Gripping a paramedics hand so hard he kneels down.

"Oy!" Says Emma, frowning a little. "We're outta beds." Eyes move to where the unborn child is, her mind races. Will the child come out infected? "Get her within,they'll find a spot!." Witch a quick peek over the wound, there is a shake of her head. "I'll tell them ta prepare a ER, she's in labour and the bite is infected."

From there, this redhead grabs the walkie-talkie on her hip - because there is so much chaos, people need to keep in touch, and calls in that an infected woman in labour is coming in.
Barry Burton     Barry slows a bit as the pair pass by the Raccoon Hospital, glancing over and considering the overflow that has been arriving there recently, both civilian and officer alike. The idea of it all makes him ill momentarily. All those people getting hurt, causing the RPD to tighten their borders, and even enact curfews as a result. Its just not right in his mind.
    As Trixie startled herself awake, Barry glances back to her for a moment. His bushy face forming a grin as the rookie reorients herself and nods, "Don't worry about it. Its been a rough few days as of late. We're all a little worn from it all.", then when she speaks about the Hospital, the sergeant returns his gaze over to it, once more confirming with a nod of his own, "There's a lot of people in there. Even more reason we need to do our job and do it well."
    Glancing over as they come to a nearby intersection, Barry recognizes their location and figures a short break is in order. He motions to a home across the street, "How about the two of us take a short break and grab a quick bite. Besides, I need to grab something I had forgotten."
    Barry pulls up in the RPD cruiser to the home in question, more specifically his home. Turning the car off, Barry motions to Trixie and says, "Welcome to Casa La Burton.", then proceeds to exit the vehicle towards the door.


    Meanwhile, at the hospital, Emma has returned to a rather chaotic time it appears. The paramedics nod to the intern-resident who proceed to try and comfort the patient in question, while the nurses continue to frantically move about in a mad attempt to make order out of the chaos they are amidst.
    Dr. Marv comes out from one of the nearby rooms, waving his hand as he motions to Emma, "O'Connal. Over here. I need to talk to you, stat!"
Silent Night People of Umbrella had their different orders, while some executives may have gotten quick assignments to simply elsewhere, an Intelligence member like Archene didn't get such offer, for a number of reasons, most unknown even to the agent.

Currently, Archene was simply on his way to the hospital on civilian clothes, jean pants, a black shirt and a leather jacket. On the side of his waist though, there was a hostered pistol for anyone with eyes to notice such thing.
Trixie "Except for maybe a healthy few who better get out of there real fast, those people in that hospital are already dead," Trixie says softly, flatly, staring at her boots and the floorboard of the car listlessly. "They just don't know it yet. The infected people are getting super violent... turning on everyone in sight, spreading the infection. No one's found a cure, and they probably can't." She shakes her head, trying to shake off her inner demons as well. It doesn't sit right with her to do nothing for the people in the hospital... yet what can she do?
She nods her mute affirmation of stopping by Barry's house, recalling it faintly from a few visits many years ago. "It's nice," she says, with a faint, weak smile, as she steps out of the cruiser. "What did you need to get, anyway?"
Emma At last, the pregnant lady is taken in, and Emma stands there for a second. She'd tired, worn, but won't stop. Her calm nature can be soothing, and being a doctor, or budding one, it's in one to not give up on the sick and injured. And in this case, most are both. A group of people hurry into the hospital, the ginger stepping back and watching them go. There are really no more beds, hell she slept on a desk earlier just to get a spot of sleep. Rubbing the back of her neck, there is a turn to head back in, but it's Dr. Marv that gathers all her attention, and when the word 'stat' is said, there isn't a moment of hesitation because the intern hurries over to him, the stethoscope around her meck held onto with a hand so it doesn't fly off her. "Aye, doctor! What'da need?"
Barry Burton     Barry simply listens to Trixie for a moment as he begins to depart the vehicle, not able to discount the truth in which the rookie speaks. People affected by the attacks are indeed becoming more aggressive and violent and with no direct cause being discovered, a cure isn't likely. However, the burly man will gladly accept the compliment, "Thanks. You can account this to Kathy's particular tastes.", then he chuckles opening the front door, "Unless you count the downstairs. Then that's all mine."

    The Burton home is quiet, not a soul in the house at present. Very little appears to be disturbed and things quite clean. Most unusual for a man with a family.

    Barry glances back at Trixie for a moment, "Just need to grab something I forgot from this morning.", then motions towards the kitchen, "Feel free to make yourself at home. There are some sandwiches and drinks in the fridge, if you'd like to get something. I won't be long.", then proceeds upstairs towards one of the bedrooms.

The burly man is gone for more than a few minutes.

    Hearing Emma's reply, Dr. Marv looks up from the charts in his hands, "O'Connal. I know you just got back and please understand that we really appreciate all the extra effort you are putting in here at the hospital but are you sure you are comfortable with sticking around? You after all just pulled a 10'er. Where are you at right now?", he asks rather compassionately.

    Archene will find himself outside of a very chaotic scene as he makes his way to the hospital. The ER in particular seems to be quite busy but somehow appears to be making the chaos work and is starting to get more of a handle on things. The wonders of the healthcare field!
Ashley Graham First, it was the police department that Ashley Graham went to. But no, the police say when she finally gets someone's attention. Trixie Mackenzie is not hear. Down by the hospital, they say. So that's where she goes. This time, however, there's no detail with her. It's just her, alone.

She's moving at a light jog, an easy but quick pace. But then something catches her eyes and she jerks her eyes to the side. The sight of a woman, it seems, entering a house, has brought her to a quick stop. "Trixie!" She calls, and begins jogging in that direction.

Ashley is dressed in black yoga pants, stylish yet edgy black boots, and an oversize off-white cashmere sweater. Her hair is pulled up in a bun. She has her purse over her shoulder and a BlackBerry in her hand. She looks tired, and her eyes are red from tears that have long since fallen.
Trixie "She's got nice tastes," Trixie observes, with a faint smile, as she steps through the door to the house. She's just moving to pull the door shut behind her when someone calls her name.
"Huh?" she murmurs cleverly, pausing and looking behind her. Spying Ashley, she needs only a moment to recognize her new friend from yesterday. "Ashley!" she calls back, not quite as loudly, stepping back onto the porch to meet the blonde girl jogging toward her. "Ohmigawd, you look like you've had The Day From Hell. What's the matter?"
Emma Emma regards the doctor quietly. If it wasn't for her meltdown yesterday, close to this spot actually, she'd likely break now. But that cry helped. And to add to that, she is a calm sort of presence. Good at keeping level, and steady. It's been a help, especiallytso the sick, to the children. Hell, she's soothed crying children with her wonderful voice, held the hands of the dyeing. So when presented with this, the intern, with scrubs covered in blood, vomit, and whatever else, this intern who looks tired, with slightly messy hair, turns to look over to a rush of people as they enter. Some are hurt, but they are all scared. "Nay," Says the Scottish lass softly, looking back to Dr. Marv with her big, sweet yet tired grey eyes. "Nay. I'll not let this win. This is takin' all from us, from tha sick, every inch, every bit, I won't let it take my humanity and willin'ness ta help, like it's doing ta so many. I'm here till tha bitter end." Words are slow, thoughtful, mixed with that shy sweetness of hers. Yet also strong as a undertone, because yes, she is scared, but she isn't going to give up. Turning away with a breath there is a small nod to people coming and going, the bandage on her neck, or rather the wound under, making her flinch a bit. "We got work ta do." Because, she'll give any sort of comfort to them she can until they turn!
Barry Burton     Barry seems to be taking a while longer but it appears Trixie has been more than occupied at this present time.

    Dr. Marv nods to Emma, figuring she would say that but still has a worried look about his face. He can't fault the woman's enthusiasm but he does wore about her self. The doctor pushes up his glasses and releases a heavy sigh before nodding, "Alright then, I'll authorize up to a half a shift but after that, you go home. Additionally, I am putting you on light duty for now. I want you to..", then he realizes that Emma has wondered off, "Oh, good grief! Nurse! Find me O'Connal and deliver the following message. Half a shift, no more and light duty! Doctor's orders!"
    A frantic nurse looks at Dr. Marv while rolling her eyes, "Yes, Doctor. When I am able too."
Ashley Graham Ashley is quick up the steps to the porch, stopping short just in front of Trixie and reaching for the other woman's hands. "No no, nothing like that," she says quickly. She gestures with the BlackBerry. "I've been trying all night to get ahold of Father. But no calls on the BlackBerry are going through. The last time anyone spoke to him was my security detail the day before, and they said there's a Secret Service evac coming in for me in the next day or two but now we can't get in touch with anyone. I can't ... tell Father anything for days now, at best." She shakes her head, and a little sniffle escapes. "I don't know what else to do." After all, she's the only one who can help now, right? Right?
Trixie "Oh, Ashley... that's... for once I totally don't have a clue what to say," Trixie replies, gently taking Ashley's hands. "So no help from that direction..." She feels numb inside, but squashes her sense of helplessness as best she can. She can't afford to lose it right now. "Here, come on in," she directs softly, moving to guide the girl through the door.
"My partner's upstairs, getting... dunno what," she adds as she passes through the door, her expression turning thoughtful. "Come to think of it, he said he'd only be a minute... he's been one /long/ minute. Maybe I better check on 'im." Closing the door, she beckons to Ashley to follow. "Or /we/ better. It would probably be better if I don't let you out of my sight, with things the way they are. No offense or anything."
Barry Burton     Barry makes his way down the stairs and glances around for Trixie. He quirks a brow, not seeing the young rookie in sight but then notices her outside talking with someone. The burly man begins to wander outside, noticing the two young ladies outside on his front porch. He chuckles lightly and smiles, "I apologize for being gone for so long though I see you appear to have found someone else to occupy your time, Rookie.", taking a moment to nod to Ashley then turns back to Trixie, "Friend of yours I imagine?"
Ashley Graham "Maybe, maybe not," Ashley says, still speaking a bit quickly. "Surely cops have a ... sat phone or something, right? My detail didn't bring anything like that, because they didn't think they'd need it. And really right now they don't care about getting me a phone so I can 'chit chat,' as one of them says." She wrinkles her nose in displeasure. As Trixie starts to lead her into the house she follows, though she argues all the way. "I can't stay long, I have to be ready to go when my evac gets here-oh," she stops suddenly at the sight of Barry, holding the BlackBerry gingerly between her hands. She blinks at him. "Hello," she says, solemnly but pleasantly.
Trixie Trixie turns back around and suddenly... Barry!
"Oh! Oh... there you are. Was starting to worry a little down here. Um, find what you were looking for?" she asks, hand fluttering to her chest, her voice slightly shaky, but recovering. "Um, yeah. Sergeant Barry Burton, meet Ashley Graham, um, First Daughter. I think that's the right term, anyway. There /is/ a such thing as a First Daughter, right? I hope?" she adds, looking at Ashley and blushing a little.
She shakes her head at the question. "There might be one at the station, but they're not exactly general issue. Maybe in a few years or so."
Barry Burton     As the young STARS member appears to be startled, Barry chuckles for a moment as she haphazardly attempts to introduce Ashley to him. He turns his gaze towards Ashley, quirking a brow at her title and inquires, "First daughter? Ashley Graham? As in daughter of President Graham?"
    The burly man smiles widely and extends his hand to Ashley, "It is a pleasure, Miss Graham."

    "I don't mean to pry but I couldn't help but overhear a part of your conversation. Something regarding some difficulty with cell signal and needing a phone perhaps. Am I hearing this correctly?"
Ashley Graham The introduction of her full name and title(?) earns a little cautious glance from Ashley to Trixie. But she's nothing if not polite and attentive, and that attention belongs on Barry for now. There's a hand to shake, and shake it she does. "Yes, sir. And yes, first daughter is a term technically," she says, blue eyes glancing back toward Trixie. "But people usually just refer to us as the First Family." And since there's only the President and the girl herself, that pretty much captures them all. She looks back to Barry though, and her eyes widen slightly. She nods a few times, enthusiastically. "Yes, sir. I'm trying to get ahold of Father and tell him what the Doctor at the hospital told us," she looks back to Trixie to bring her into the 'us' and then back to Barry. "Trixie thinks it might help, maybe he will bring in the CDC or someone to help before this virus gets worse."
Trixie "First Family... got it. And what the doctor told us is why the hospital is totally unsafe, and getting worse by the hour. No cure, patients turning on everyone and spreading the infection, and nobody is getting better," Trixie adds, still blushing a little, sobering as she continues. "This is spread through contaminated bodily fluids, like blood and saliva. Mostly through bites. He referred to it as a virus. This is way over our heads, and Ashley volunteered to convince her father to bring in the CDC. It may be the only chance this town has."
Barry Burton     Barry merely listens to the pair as they both explain their reasonings for Ashley's desperation to find a phone. He too has heard rumors about communications suddenly becoming difficult for people to contact outside of the city though he appears to have been able to make calls the night prior. As they conclude, Barry nods and replies, "I see. That has been happening a lot as of late. I wonder if the phone compaires are just having severe issues or the like.

    "However...", comments Barry before he smiles at Ashley, "I certainly can't see, let alone have a young lady be in distress, especially if its a daughter needing to get in touch with their father."
    The whole topic of Ashley needing to get in touch with President Graham and her rather disheleved appearance, light as that may, is enough to tear at Barry's heartstrings a bit, especially considering the circumstances he has been having with regards to his own daughter, which causes him to struggle a tad with keeping his smiling appearance.
    Barry moves back into the foyer of his home and motions both of the young ladies inside, "Come on in.", then proceeds to be leading the pair towards where his lan line rests. As he passes by, there appears to be a table where a portrait of his own rests quietly. In the photo resides Barry, a middle aged woman, and two younger females all standing together in close proximity. Barry moves to check the lan line for a dialtone in the interim, "Hmm.", then continues to tap the receiver for a bit longer, "Strange. It was working just awhile ago. I'm going to check the line. Stay here for a moment.", then proceeds to head outside to check the line.
Ashley Graham "Yes and ..." Ashley seems to be prepared to add on to Trixie's explination, but something brings her up short. So she just nods an assent, and repeats. "Yes."

Barry's soothing smile and calm words seem to be having their intended effect. Ashley nods a few times quickly again to what he says and then just stands there, awkward if not for her grace and beauty, with the BlackBerry between her hands. She nods again. "Thank you," she sighs to the man, and with a look to Trixie she moves to follow him inside.

Her eyes naturally move to the family photo while she waits for the phone to be given over to her, but lo, it is not. When Barry reports that it isn't working, her eyes flash quickly up to him, wide with both shock and a sad, sick knowledge. But she says nothing, and steps aside to allow the man to walk past. Only then does she turn to Trixie. "It won't work, none of them will work. Nothing's working, it's like Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile just decided to shut down their grids!" She energetically whispeprhisses to Trixie. "I can't get ahold of him. Not until Secret Service can get me out."
Trixie "I'm not sure it's just the phone companies having technical difficulties," Trixie murmurs, moving to follow Barry and Ashley, barely remembering to close the door behind them. "This totally feels like way too much of a coincidence, somehow."
She nods as Barry affirms the loss of the signal. "Be careful, Barry. This town's going to the dogs. The dead-looking dogs." As he steps outside, she looks to Ashley, wide-eyed at first, then more calmly, though her hands are shaking as she gently takes Ashley's hands. "Then we need to make sure you get out, and quick. When Barry gets back, I'll ask him if we can get you back to your apartment, or dorm room... whatever it is. He's a good one. I'm sure he'll understand."
Barry Burton     Barry smiles a bit as he pats Trixie on the shoulder, "You might have a point there.", then proceeds outside.
    As the pair continue to converse amongst themselves for a few minutes, Barry returns from outside and comments, "Well the line is intact, so there should be no interference or interruption.", spoken with confidence, as if he's done this kind of thing before.
    Sgt. Burton goes to check the phone again, still there remains no dialtone. A most unusual sight to have because unlike cell towers, Lan Lines are fairly reliable and do not experience must interruption in service.
    Barry scratches his head in confusion and then returns to the pair before him, "Well, I am sorry about that, Miss Graham. However, I still think I might have one more trick up my sleeve.", once more speaking with confidence.

    However, Barry's boast seems to be somewhat short-lived as he notices both Ashley and Trixie's unnerved demeanors and inquires, "Is everything alright, ladies? You both seem worried about something?" with a rather genuine tone, "Are you both worried about what's been going on or?"
Ashley Graham Once again, Ashley seems like she might say something to Trixie, but then there's Barry again and she's choking it back. The man is so cool! Ashley, usually a cool one herself, looks just a touch envious for his cucumberness. She also looks torn about something. She opens her mouth and makes a little disgruntled sound. Then again. Finally, she looks over at Trixie. "Does anyone else know the rest of what that .... man said? About the Arklay mountains and all of that?" She sighs again and looks back to Barry. "The virus isn't going to get any better. It'll keep getting worse and worse and worse until it burns itself out," she informs him, matter of factly. "I'm sure my Father doesn't know. And I'm likely the only one who can get his attention to it since we can't even call out for Chinese now. So...I need to get to my father." She wets her lips nervously. "Unless you have a Sat Phone."
Trixie Trixie sighs as Barry returns. "Not the lines, then... somehow totally not reassuring," she murmurs. "And I guess we have, yeah," she replies to Barry, softly. "I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but he said something about how that explosion a while back was a big hidden lab going up in smoke... that they were researching viruses there for use as weapons. And if there was a cure, I'm pretty sure it went up with the lab. I can't see a way out of this, except maybe raising Ashley's father on the phone or radio somehow. So I hope your trick up your sleeve can help us get to that point somehow, 'cause I'm totally lost on ideas to get us out of this."
Barry Burton     Barry watches curiously as Ashley and Trixie once again continue to converse amongst themselves, folding his arms as if becoming suspicious of the conversation at hand.
    As Ashley decides to break the mumbling silence, Barry continues to simply listen and keeping his attention on her, then trades it over to listen to Trixie's side of things.
    The matter continues to come back to 'The Virus' the pair are speaking of. Honestly, the topic of the 'rabid animals' and now expanding to 'rabid and aggressive humans', even has him a tad on edge. Then he hears about the pair discussing the explosions from the lab. Hmm. He can only imagine how a rookie and college student must be feeling about it all!
    Barry appears empathic to their plight, however and nods, "I see. Well to be fair, I can't say I blame you for being worried about it all and these outages, cell phones or otherwise, I imagine only worsens that fear."

    The whole thing causes Barry to smile weakly, he's not dumb and knows neither are the girls, so there is no sense in attempting to offer false reassurances if there is nothing to back it up. He exchanges a glance between the two for a moment, knowing he's got two girls without their fathers in front of him and lightly puts his hand on their shoulders as an offer of reassurance, "Look, I think the best thing we can do for now is to get Miss Ashley back home where she is safe, while Officer Mackenzie and I need to get back out to do our job and protect the citizens of this fair city. Additionally, seeing how this is an emergency, I have another phone that can used for situations like this. So.."

    Barry glances back to Ashley, "If you would be willing to do us the honor, Miss Graham, while I know its not exactly a Lincoln limo, would you allow us humble officers of the law to escort you back to your home?"
Ashley Graham Ashley listens, frowning in an unnatural look for her pretty face at Barry's words. But eventually she ends up nodding. "Yes, of course," she assures them, looking to Trixie and Barry and back again. "I've been briefed more times than I can count by Secret Service on the importance of following orders. Of course, I'm at your disposal."
Trixie "Of... of course, " Trixie says, nodding slowly at Barry's recommendations. "That's the absolute best thing we could do right now. Barry, you are a /lifesaver/. If you don't get a medal after this is over, then there is totally no justice in the world." She manages a small smile, looking up at him with hope in her eyes for the first time since nearly two days ago. Ashley's acquiescence is likewise met with a warm smile. "Guess it's official now. Um, I'll ride in the back, if that's okay. That way we don't make Miss Graham feel like a criminal or something."
Barry Burton     Barry smiles a bit at Ashley's willingness and enthusiasm, even managing a brief chuckle, "Ok, well I'm sorry, Trixie though I'll need you in the front. Its procedure after all." then smiles, "Let's hop to it ladies."
    The trio exit the Burton home and enter the RPD cruiser. Once inside, Barry hands Ashley a phone, a uPhone to be exact, with the RPD, S.T.A.R.S., and Umbrella logos all nicely etched into the casing. The phone is presently ready for calls and appears to have a full-bar of signal.

    "Go ahead and dial when ready. Also, please buckle up for safety purposes, everyone.", comments Barry as he puts on his own seat-belt and then fires the squad car up before proceeding off back towards Raccoon City University.
Ashley Graham The phone is taken with gingerly, gently by Ashley, as though it were the most precious thing in the world. She pauses at the steps to look up, blinking at Barry, and then she moves to follow them to the car. "I don't mind sitting in the back. Might be fun. I'm not really supposed to advertise who I am if people don't figure it out, so ... a nice cover. Underaged drinking, maybe." She blinks. "Not that I'd ever do that, of course." Of course.

Ash she slides into the back seat she looks down at the phone, and begins punching buttons from memory. Very quickly she lifts the phone to her ear, and her look of concern and fear breaks into a look of relief, breaks into a look of dissapointment. A familiar voice from the evening news pipes up over the line, and then Ashley is talking.

"Father?" she says, a tremor in her voice. "Father, it's Ashley. I'm okay, I'm alright. But you have to listen." She pauses to look forward at the two cops, and she takes a deep, calming breath. And then she speaks, calm and cool as a Barry cucumber. "I know the facility in the Arklay mountains was a viral research center. Whatever they were researching has spread to the city, Father. It's become a mass outbreak. Whatever research you still have ... I don't wish to tell you what to do, Father." Her voice starts to break. "But whatever research materials may still exist, the CDC needs to quarentine the city and work on a vaccine. Yesterday, a month ago." She closes her eyes, a tear trickles down her cheek. She swallows. "I'm okay, Father. And I understand from my detail that Secret Service will be pulling me in the next day or so. I'll do what they say, of course, so I'll see you soon. But please, Father. Please don't ignore this. I'm not over-reacting." She swallows again. "I love you, Father. I'll see you tomorrow." And she hangs up the call.